Monday, February 25, 2013

I am a racist for posting this

Found this intersting link on one of the gun forums and thought it was worth sharing with the redneck world. Most of the killings in places like Chicago, Philidelphia, and almost any urban sprawl have been black on black crime. Its almost all gang related violence. That also means it is likely drug related violence. I am not advocating for making drugs legal. With the exception of pot about which I could care less, I want all of the drugs kept illegal.
The upside of all the drug killing is that it mostly stays within the turf. They don't go out killing noncombatants. The down side is that other violence stems from it, robberies, theft, property crimes all seem to flow of from these problem areas.
 The other upside is that they eliminate mostly fellow criminals who did not learn from incarcerations past. I guess putting them back on the street gets them off the street permanently a lot faster the na death row sentence would.
Maybe a smart way to do it would be to arrest a couple of nasty goons, then do a grug raid on their turf, then turn them loose immediately after the raid. Make sure people know, then pray no civilians get caught in the cross fire. /sarc
The problem is clear, its not about guns, its about gangs, a failed societal experiment, and a culture that hails as heros people who are lazy thugs.
In our small town, I see too often how good girls are attracted to very bad guys.  It sets the stage for them to have no future, no chance at a normal life, and places their own families at risk of violence.
So keep in mind, most victims are not truly victims, they are dead soldiers in the other side of hte war on drugs.

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