Monday, November 14, 2016

A little historyand a lot of future

Set the way back machine to February of 2016. The primaries were just getting started. Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada had cast their votes. Jeb the turtle had taken his ball and slithered home, and released this map predicting the 2016 results.

That map predicted Trump the clear winner. With the exceptions of Colorado and Wisconsin, they hit it pretty much perfect, even calling New Hampshire's divided vote.
From the time I down loaded this pic on 28 Feb, we have been bombarded with enough drivel to fuel a cat 6 hurricane sweeping across the nation, all fifty states.
If this outfit could call it that exact, why were we so swamped with misinformation? The media was not working to inform us, but attempting to steer us. The whole thing was a massive effort to install HiLlARy as the successor to Barry.
You would think that after a smack down this massive, that they would get a clue and go home. Instead, we are still being bombarded with lies and distortions.
Keep the acronym CLAM in your head. Congressional Left, Academia and the Media.
Our kids are being bombarded by their professors at school. Mid term exams are being canceled in several schools so that the kids have time to cope with this unexpected outcome. Huh? Who wasn't expecting this? Did the media actually swallow their own shit? For the last eight years our institutions of "higher" learning have been blasting our kids with this dope about the SCoaMF.
The media is still doubling down on their narrative, feeding the uninformed masses this pure crap unfiltered. Why? So that the rest of the trifecta, the Congressional Left can work their wonders in undermining the Constitution and dismantling America.
But republicans held on to the majority in Congress! Not so fast. Republicans retained 90% of the same crew who did exactly nothing to fix the problems they were sent to Washington to fix in 2014.
The battle is far from over. 2018 is just around the corner, and congressional races will be kicking off with in the next three months.
Here in Kansas,we primaried away Huelskamp. That appears to have shaken him awake. While he was working fast and hard in 2015 for the GOPe leadership, the loss of his seat has brought forth the old Tim. Note to Roger Marshall, if you turn out to be a RINO or some other form of lower class shit, we will primary your ass out just as fast and search for another non liberal member of society who is not too busy to lend a hand in saving America. Every state needs to take this idea and run with it. Find the one candidate who is a strong conservative and get them in shape. Vet them, vet their kids, vet their dog, then vet their neighbors. This isn't about draining the swamp, it time to pump the septic tank.

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