Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another reason to boycott pro football

POS Mike Evans of the Bucks is refusing to stand for the national anthem because Trump won. The only thing these children understand is starvation. If we the working folks quit supporting their antics, then the companies who no longer have customers will eventually get a clue. Macy's is on a tremendous slide since they trashed Trump.
Pepsico needs to be added to the list of insufferable corporations who have not earned our business. George Soros better have deep pockets if he want to keep this up. We are tired of his clown show. He can move back to Hungary and leave America alone. Or better yet, go to Russia and face the music for all the chaos he stirred there.
I watch a lot of football. Lets examine it rationally though. Many of those star players would not get on campus except as janitors were it not for athletics. Many of them get full ride scholarships fro the universities on top of that. How many doctors or engineers get full free rides? How many lawyers? Ok, scratch lawyers.
What is the placement rate? Seriously, if the Kansas State University veterinarian program had the same placement success rate as Bill Snyders team, they would shutter the programs and allocate the buildings to gender studies. Still, it is fun to watch guys with single digit IQ's make and waste paychecks that most fans can only dream of.
As for Evans, here is hoping he screws up on a post route, collides with the goal post and it wins. Might knock a little sense in to the asshole. Which is where his nearly empty head is.

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