Saturday, November 12, 2016

I'm tired of the blather

People are chattering about President elect Trump having a mandate. We can debate that for days. As I see it, in a national sense, he does not. He won the electoral battle, but did not carry the popular vote. While he is the clear winner as defined by the Constitution, he is not as popular as the liberal policies which are destroying freedom and our nation. As far as the Republican party goes, he has a clear mandate. He is the first true conservative to win since Ronald W Reagan won in 1980. While we have had two Bush dynasty Presidents in the 28 years since Reagan left office, neither is a true conservative. Don't believe me? Both announced they were voting for grifter criminal and traitor Hillary Clinton, a woman who has sold access to Various world despots for contributions to her global initiatives. We call that bribery.
Further more, look at their fiscal policies, both Bush Sr and Jr  were more liberal spenders than Worthless Willie. Bush senior increased the nation debt by almost as much in four years as the cheater in chief did in eight. And Jr? over three times that! Reagan had a significant increase, but he also brought the cold war to a close which should have drastically slowed spending since we down sized the military.
Republicans have been pressured by the donor class to be more like the communists. The globalists have been wanting that for decades. They are not patriots, but instead citizens of the world. When George Jr won reelection in 2004 after three years of liberal spending, they got the wrong message from the voters. They thought that increasing debt was immaterial to us. People were willing to accept more debt for a clear cause, stopping islamic terrorism.
On that subject, the communists may very well select muslim brotherhood congressmaniac Ellis from Minnesota to take the reins of the democrap party. And you thought Dumbass Brassile was scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Republicans made a shift to the left with McInsane in 2008. Voters were so unimpressed that many conservatives couldn't bite their tongue and pull the lever, so they sat home instead. For 2012 they attempted to get further left than even the demoncraps with the selection of mittens the moron who was the choice of the donor class and not rank and file conservatives. After that they performed an autopsy. Surprise! Conservatism is not dead. The pack of rats who signed on for the coronation of Jebito Bush to be runner up to HiLlARy were about as inspiring as stale beer. That all went out the window when Donald Trump tossed his hat in the ring.
The message from rank and file working Americans is we are tired of the liberal bull shit flowing from both parties. People who for decades have sat home in despair got out and voted even while the blathering class sat home.
Trump is the most vilified, most attacked President since Lincoln. Lincoln won because the democrats split their vote between a northern and a southern candidate. Trump won because people said enough!
Trump had a clear message for the American people, and the American people sent a clear message to the republican leadership. Will they listen? Don't bank on it.

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