Monday, November 21, 2016

Too kind

Trump began by filleting Jeff Sucker err Zucker, head of the Communist News Network, and thing continued from there. With no kind words, he let the enimedia know how people like me feel about them. He let them off easy. These socialists marched in lock step like so many brownshirts to the tune called by the people who pull the strings in corporate America.
We have an independent media in this country, none of them work for the networks or dead tree media players. True journalism is dead in that respect, has been for a very long time. The fact was confirmed when the journolist affair was made public. This election cycle outed FOX, and we see now how conservatives were hoodwinked by them.
Back in 2000, I got all my information from sites like Yahoo or the CNN website. That does not mean I trusted them, they simply were the easiest source for news. I understood that they were leftist, I grew up understanding what CLAMs are and knowing how to filter the jnk so as not to become polluted by it.
Lots of folks use Drudge, but it is important to remember it is still articles written by liberal journalism majors. Breitbart is better, but still must contend with the liberal slant of reporters today.
We have had eight years of the most transparent administration in history. Don't believe me? ask Barry, he'll tell you it is so. According to the enimedia, we will now have eight years of administration where every thing will be done in secret. Trump won't even take them to dinner. Yes means no, up is down, good is evil, need I say more?
Trump dressed them down. He should have punched their teeth out. Will power, he has it. We will have eight more years of the media lying to us. Russia had Pravda and TASS. I have no respect for the media. Lets hope the American people say enough is enough and give these communist bastards both barrels.

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