Monday, November 21, 2016

Beyond sick

I just saw a link to a graphic and detailed account of Cankles and Worthless Willie's sexcapades.
CAUTION This is not for people with weak stomachs, those who are easily over come will not want to follow the link to this article, and especially not to the links in this article.
Quickly put, this details events and people surrounding the communist party candidate for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton and things that came to light as a result of the wikileaks trash dump from the John Podesta email hack. Also provided is a network map showing the entanglement of the various characters.  Many of the names are familliar, Huma Abadine, Anthony Weiner and Jeffery Epstein to name a few.
When a couple of women came forward and accused Donald Trump of being involved in Epstein's Pedo Island, the media was on it like stink on a skunk. This was 2004 all over in terms of credibility and less substance than a popcorn fart. At least with Bush they took the time to type up the fake memo.
One thing that has become standard in the dem play book, if they accuse a republican of it, you can bet dollars to donuts their candidate is the one who is really guilty. And their love affair with the mooslimes? It is one of the few religions to make child molestation part of their practice.
Now, having been warned, make your choice. If you have weak stomach, don't blame me.

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