Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The first step

Yesterdays election was not the end of the campaign. The political campaign, yes, the real one, NO! Make that HELL NO! Yesterday was not VEA day nor was it even Normandy. comparing i to various military campaigns, it was at best, Torch, when American forces first faced the might of the Axis Army in Africa.
When we landed in Africa, we were an ill equipped, under trained outfit of misfits with more guts than smarts, courage out weighed experience, and the only thing that was certain was tomorrow. whether our troops would live to see it was a question that most were afraid to think about let alone ask.
Yesterday, conservatism made a beachhead. This is not republican vs democrat, most elected republicans are rino's and as bad as their communist counterparts in the democrat party. Yesterdays win was nationalism against globalism, and don't believe for a second that globalism is dead. It did not die when the Axis was subdued, nor when the Berlin wall came down. The players change, but that is about it.
Yesterday was a first step, a baby step in terms of what needs to be done, a monumental step in terms of what has been happening, but a first step none the less. Don't expect running any time soon, we are not talking about a new born child, but instead a 240 year old cratchety republic where things have been going down hill for 239 of them.
Nothing made lasts forever. the Pyramids in Egypt have held on longer than most any other thing, and the effects of weather sun and time show on their faces. Every government created by man has eventually failed and perished. The last few decades have been a series of strokes for us. We can recover though. Whether we will remains to be seen. We have had many years of bad decisions. If this were a body, a living organism, it would be akin to a person who smoked, drank too much, did all manner of drugs, engaged in illicit sex, and had suicidal tendencies on top of that.
Our founding fathers gave us a republic if we can keep it. Well, 50% of our population want anything but. Globalism won't be anything resembling what we have here. It may be "democracy", but when you consider that the vast majority of the world has no clue as to how that operates, you begin to see what we would be facing. We are 350 million people plus a few. That is out of a world population of 6 billion. We are 5% of the world population, and the other 95% are mostly totalitarian regimes where voting against dear leader is signing your own death certificate, and predating it. Human rights in most of the world are a joke, and that is especially true among the nations who sit on the UN human rights council. If globalism become the rule, we will swiftly descend to the levels enjoyed by women in Saudi Arabia, gays in Iran, and Christians in Syria. That is a best case scenario.
Trump promised the moon while he was campaigning, don't hold your breath. Congress won't willingly deliver. Beginning now we must ramp up the pressure on the elected representatives in Washington to act. Believe me, the opposition is already doing that. This election could have put them on notice, it didn't. Some pundits were predicting a 75 million voter turn out for Trump. The numbers fell far short, and as far as popular vote, the piap actually won that. Down ticket numbers are good, the rino's retained majorities in both houses. What this all portends is that while many Americans are disgusted with the politicians, they don't want to change their share of the pond scum.
We have a lot of steps ahead. If Trump leads like he says, he is going to be butting his head against a firm wall. Members of congress on both sides are funded by the same money pool, and they want globalism. That we the people do not is of no concern to them. Congressional campaigning for 2018 began this morning. We need to keep pressure on the people we sent to Washington to be bribed so that they fear for their jobs enough to listen to us.
Whats gonna happen, Same thing as this morning, people went to work and bitched about the do nothing congress and the pieces of shit that float in it. Trump said drain the swamp, but he is wrong. We need to drain the septic tank. That is what our congress has become.

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