Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What would happen

What would happen if the media outlets were run like major league sports?

Picture this, Rupert Murdock and Jeff Zucker on the phone,
Zucker; "I'm willing to trade Cooper for Kelly, but you gotta throw in a make up allowance. Hair color don't come cheap"
Murdock; "Fine, fine, I have just the spot for Anderson. We got an ace cub up in Fargo we are itching to bring up from the farm team, and Anderson will make a great replacement for him. How many years did you say he has left on his contract? Two?"
In the end the media is all one big team though. It does not matter if you watch CNN, MSNBC or CNN, they were all team Hillary right down to the wire. The media is no longer trusted. They were never trust worthy. This election was over the top, but in elections past, since I started paying attention to the news media, they have always seemed to me to be in the tank for the communists.
People hunger for the truth. Instead we get fed crap sandwich after crap sandwich. Until now it has been mostly small bites.
Don Surber noted this morning how none of the media were fired for getting it wrong on this election, but why should they be? It is not their fault we quit believing their garbage, and a younger bobble head with bigger tits aint gonna get people believing faux any more tomorrow than they do right now. Its not that they were wrong, its that we caught them lying.

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