Friday, November 11, 2016

Protests? Nothing new

Riots have broken out in several liberal bastions, spoiled children upset that a republican has been elected President. Trump has yet to take office, make one executive decision, sign one bill in to law or veto it, and the liberals are acting like there is no tomorrow.
If that doesn't sound familiar, it means one of two things, you are too young, or you don't know history. The same kind of utter bullshit coming from the left happened with the very first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. Does anything ever change? After the elections of 1860 the democrats would have still maintained enough control to have thwarted any of the dooms day predictions they were making which eventually led to session and war.
People today like to claim that the Civil war was about state's rights and rant about how the election of Lincoln marked the end of state's rights. How wrong you are! State's rights did not end with the election of Lincoln. The democrats pulled a majority of the votes in the 1860 election, but they divided their party between two candidates, Douglas and Breckinridge. The waters were further weakened by the rise of the Constitutional Union party which was a very weak conservative party that reached out to the proslavery south and won Tennessee Virginia and Kentucky.
No, the end of state's rights happened in 1913 when the 17th amendment to the Constitution made the election of Senators by common vote rather than appointment by the State.  If you do not understand, Prior to 1913, Senators were appointed by the state and answered to the legislatures there. If  Senator got owned, and began to cast votes which were not in the interest of his home state, he got axed real quick. What changed? Lets be honest, most voters pay little or no attention to what their individual congress critter is doing in the swamp. When election time rolls around, many people vote name recognition. Primary elections are legion for low turn out. People just do not pay enough attention, and they actually believe when an incumbent says he is not part of the problem he helped create. That end of accountability is what ended state's rights.
So, what is to prevent another civil war from happening? Well, even if HiLlARy had won, conservatives weren't going to start one, they all have jobs they need to be at in the morning. As for the left, the few who own guns are too busy killing other lefties. Just look at Chiraq where 31 people have perished at the hands of fellow liberals this month.
I could very well be wrong though. The snap of violence that has erupted is being funded by the usual suspects. You can be sure that these are not spontaneous any more than a hockey game is. Cankles and Obozo know full well that they are in serious trouble, and by extension the hand that manipulates them both. Boys throw rocks at frogs in sport. These folks are fighting for their freedom and lives. who they hurt and how they hurt them does not matter. Truth does not matter. Illary was in this for money, how much she could reap in bribes mattered, but as the dam of information about her misconduct and how she had used the office of Secretary of State for personal gain and sold out the people of America has flooded the information super highway, it has become clear to the world that Comey's remarks not withstanding, she is a dirty rotten crook with out honor. Hillary for Prison needs to become reality, but she and Barry will fight to prevent that.
An epic civil war may be in our near future. Maybe it has been happening for a few years and we just didn't realize it. For the time being, keep a weather eye on your surroundings. Even in Red State Kansas, we have liberals who would not hesitate to do others harm. If you live some place more liberal, that Trump sticker may now be a bulls eye target for some radical who is too stupid to understand that Obamunism is communism's retarded brother, and thinks utopia is government controlled and he can live with out working if he just kills some one who has a job that provides the means to his laziness. Parasites often kill their host to their own demise. They just don't understand it.
Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but don't expect sunshine and roses until the fog clears.

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