Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Double down

Republicans in the House doubled down on stupid. Instead of getting a clue from the election of Donald Trump who won in spite of their vicious attacks, they, like the communists who are taking Ellison as the next DNC chair are completely out of tune with rank and file America.
In an effort to show just how idiotic they are, they in their infinite lack of wisdom ae following a leader who wants to renegotiate TPP instead of scrapping it. While often over looked in the larger message by Trump, he railed against TPP which wold be the death of industry in America.
Lyin Ryan wants to renegotiate it though. For now, Trump needs to signal his openness to considering such a deal in order to stop the Senate from ratifying it in the lame duck session. After Jan 20, it needs to go to the back burner and be left there to burn to ashes.
Thanks Wisconsin, you fucked up in not primarying that worthless POS when you had the chance, and a good challenger, Nehlen.

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