Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The DOJ is intervening in the HiLlARy e-mail investigation that Commie reopened after the discovery of 650,000 e-mails on the computer Huma shared with her husband, pervert Anthony Weiner. Lynch has stepped aside in this since the publicity of her meeting with worthless Willie has drawn a ton of criticism. Instead the investigation will be led by none other than Peter J. Kadzik. Who is Kadzik? Well, he was involved in the pardon of Marc Rich. He also defended Podesta during the Lewinski whitewash.
To make matters worse, he has connections to the  campaign.
How many ways can you say conflict of interest? This is not having the coyotes investigate the chicken's demise, that would be merely criminal.
We are being force fed a crap sandwich... With out bread.  This administration is desperate. They have comitted a laundry list of criminal acts which make Richard Milhouse Nixon look like a choir boy, James Earl Carter look competent, and John Forbes Kerry look like a Patriot and I don't mean the New England kind. At what point will this criminal enterprise stop? I fear that they, like Hitler, would sooner destroy the nation completely than give up. Its not just the Obama's and Clinton's either. This spans across party lines and involves the Bush dynasty. Why else would a favored son stoop so low as to hamstring a presidential candidate from his own party? We have seven days. 172 hours until the vote results in places that could make a difference are counted. Alaska will swing republican and Hawaii communist, we all know that. Or so we? Be on high alert for voter fraud. Don't count on the poll watchers, some of them may be reliable establishment ie crooked as Hellary.
Ask not how your country can screw you, ask what you must do to take back our country.

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