Sunday, November 27, 2016

The cure for the common liberal

Nothing upsets the best laid plans like a solid dose of reality. Whether we are talking about military operations or football plays, the fact is they usually work just fine until you actually try them. The same is true for liberalism. Kids who get stuffed full of dogma hit the real world full of utopian dreams and get hit hard with reality. Most recover rather quickly, adapt and move on. Some learn from the experience and become conservatives or even libertarians. others suffer shell shock and retreat mentally into a surreal world where the ideas of socialism taught by their marxist professors still dominate their world view.
Communism has a utopia, Cuba, and thanks to Barry Soetoro, it now has semi normalized relations with the Unites States. That means people desiring to vacation in Cuba can now do so with out costly round about travel through Venezuela or Europe.
Spring break will arrive less than sixty days after Donald Trump takes office, and at that point, the little dears will need an escape from the nasty nasty world of conservatism he is about to unleash, jobs, production......
What better place for them to recuperate than a socialist enclave only ninety miles from America's shores? What a more fitting punishment for those nasty conservatives in Florida who voted for gasp, Donald?
The time to act, kids, is now! Travel to Cuba still requires a passport, unless you don't plan to return. There may also be visas, travel papers, currency as well as hotel and restaurant accommodations to reserve. Most kids learned some Spanish in high school, but it is imperative that if you want to go there and have a good time you learn a little of the dialect. Best start  now and don't be an ugly American.
Cuba has lots for you kids to do, but the tax on your presence is 13%. You can find things on the black market in Cuba free from the government interventionism and if you slip away quietly, you can experience first hand a socialist utopia unlike any place in the world except Detroit, and it can all be yours. Folks in Cuba make only $20 a month. That seems harsh, but health care is free as is housing and education.
If you combine your socialist aspirations with a life of medicine, you can make a whopping $30 a month. That is almost as much as shirt makers earn in Vietnam.
OK, you won't be staying, so don't worry about the job prospects. But go, see for your self what socialism brings. You will find reality only if you get off the beaten path.

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