Monday, November 7, 2016

The END is here

On the east coast it is now officially election day. The clock is ticking down the hours until the successor to One Big Assed Mistake America is finally known. Given the level of enthusiasm at Illary's rallys, Trump should win in a land slide that makes Reagan's reelection look close. Given the level of voter fraud for which the communist party err democrats are known, HiLlARy should win in nail biter that makes Truman's win over Dewey look like a land slide.
Will it be over 24 hours from now? By this time tomorrow the polls will be closed in all states but Hawaii and Alaska. They don't matter. One is predictably republican, the other is predictably stupid. I would say the same about California, but there are signs it may not be as demonic as it has been since 1984. People are fed up with Barry's foolishness. It's one thing to fawn over having the first female president, another to have to endure four years of her bitter antics, and even the folks who are perpetually communist have to draw the line some where. Vote for Trump? No, they would stay home and bitch like valley girls. The reality of Barry care is hitting home at just the right time. Rates which were supposed to be dropping are soaring like eagles on speed. Why his popularity remains high is any one's guess. My bet is fraud in the polling. They have spent over a year propping up Illary, what is to stop them from doing the same for the worst legislation in world history?
I spoke on Sunday with a man who predicted that neither candidate would be sworn in as president. I hope he is wrong, I fear he is right.
If the pig in a pantsuit wins it will only be by fraud. You know it, I know it. Whether the rank and file put up with it is any one's guess, They tolerated the intolerable for eight long painful years. Where do they draw the line?
If The Donald wins, will Barry allow him to be sworn in? Wikileaks has painted a horrifying picture of what his administration has done and allowed. He cannot pardon himself, and it is doubtful whether his pardon would cover the actions of cankles since he was a coconspirator in her pay for play scams. To what extent will they go? No one knows. Nothing is off the table, these people are globalists and evil on a scale that is unimaginable.

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