Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's all in how you raise em

Millennials are getting a ton of crap right now as they run to their safe spaces to hide out from the tsunami of empowered conservatives raging around the nation in the wake of Trump's overpowering victory. One problem with that notion, The folks who supported President Trump have to get up for work in the morning. They don't have time to run around campus and mock the snowflakes.
Not all millennials are like that though. As with every generation, they graduate school with out a clue about politics. True that modern grads are in a worse predicament since Civics is no longer taught in school, but even when it was, it was spooned out by leftist waste products of the bovine family of critters. I was indoctrinated to be a good little commie right up to the day I enlisted in the military. I was a product of Minnesota which is the most liberal state bar none.
The calendar has changed, not much else has. eighteen years olds with no clue in life march off from the door step. Those that go to college get four years of liberal brain destruction before being turned loose and receiving a mega dose of reality in the form of jobs, expectations, having to make ends meet, rigors of family, well, you get the picture. As a refresher, watch the opening scenes of Head office. Cue it to 6:40 and you get the idea.

Oh, and Permalax? We need that for congress. We send them things which are raw and fresh which get turned to shit and just seem to stick there forever.
As for the kids, my generation produced plenty of liberals, earlier ones produced ILLary and worthless Willie, and the greatest generation hatched LBJ who gifted us perpetual welfare. Yes, they are kinda irritating, but that is more to do with modern media which beams their arrogant stupidity into our homes where as past generations did not have that option.
Plenty of the millennials are already stalwart conservatives. Others will get their great awakening when that gender studies degree doesn't qualify them for anything but Burger King. Eventually chickens will dome home  to roost. Many of the ones that were raised right will get back on track, get jobs and become productive people. The ones raised by liberals never stood a chance. Still, a few will by the grace of GOD emerge from the zombie trance.
Don't write em all off, its too late to kill em all and start over.


Bob Tamewitz said...

I can't believe that you posted "Head Office". That is one of my favorite comedy movies. I used to tell people at work about it and no one ever heard of it.

I wonder if the democrats finally understand the message from the electorate. "Beware the furniture movers......"

JeremyR said...

I loved head office. It pokes fun at every aspect of corporate life.

Dan O. said...

I don't recall the movie but I plan on looking into it. As far as millenials, I reckon my sons fall into that generation. In the early 2000's my youngest was in high school and was anti-Bush and anti-war. I never tried to directly influence him other than one time I told him he needed to start getting his news & politics from other sources than MTV & Rolling Stone. Today at 30, he is a fervent conservative. I am very proud knowing he came into it in his own time. Much the same as I.