Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A re-re-redoubled effort

Over the last two decades, the demonicRAT party has devolved into a patchwork of single issue polarized groups advocating a policy of anti-Americanism. Most of the hogs at the communist trough are there only to feed, its about what they can steal and nothing else. They contribute their vote though, and that is the trade off.
Women's rights! Gay rights! and both of them are harnessed into a team that is hauling muslim values to America. Never mind that the muslims want to oppress women and kill gays, it is all about team.
Lemmings! Your cliff awaits.
Thanks to republicans who spent like democrats and were tone deaf to the voters, the communist party got handed near total control in 2006, and unstoppable control in 2008. They went hog wild with it, and we haven't had a budget since. It didn't take the voters long to say enough is enough!
the elections of 2010,2012, 2014 and now saw the turning of the tide in terms of voter support. After 2008, republicans saw the light, sort of, and started to pretend to be conservative even thought they attacked the conservative tea party movement like they were rattlers.
Democrats? BWAHAHAHAHA! When Debbie does Dallas err whats-her-name-sluts got caught rigging the primary, whom did they select to head the party interim? Donna Brazzle, a co-conspirator.
Who are they having for their next party chair? Keith muslim brotherhood Ellison. Who is their choice for minority leader in the House? Nancy P. Lousy? Did they learn one thing from 2010 to now? Apparently not.
I'm not complaining though, I am laughing my ass off.

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