Thursday, November 10, 2016

Time to dig out the work boots

Funemployment is almost over. If you have not needed your work cloths for the past eight years, a word of caution. Your feet change over time, and walking around in flip flops has possibly allowed them to widen in critical areas. start off by taking a short hike down to the mail box If after that your feet feel fine, pick it up a notch. You don't want to start your second day off with blisters. Also, there is a good chance you've put on weight so before you head down to the employment office, head over to good will and swap your old stuff for ones that fit.
Now is the time to get cracking. January 20 is just around the corner, and you will want to be back in shape when you show up for the job interviews. You have the know how, you speak English, so that is two big steps up on the new kids who have never had an opportunity to work.
Yes, there is a touch of sarcasm in all that, but the hard truth is working class Americans have suffered through eight years of liberal hell and while Barry has proven to be an uber liberal duffus, the up side of that is had he been competent, the Nation would be ruined. Critical on life support aint much better, but to quote Miracle Max, "all you can do when they're dead is go through the pocket for loose change.
Speaking of change, will it get changed back? Trump promised the moon, but to deliver we need some rino's to step up and be stars. Wall Street and the Chamber of Communists will have a cow and you can bet George Soros and Tom Donohue will be fit to be tied.
People need to set up and take notes. Do NOT trust the media in the coming months. for that matter don't trust them ever, but the following months will be critical, and they will be working over time to distract and deflect.
Remember 2014? We the electorate handed the republicans the largest turn around in modern history with which they were supposed to repeal Barry Care as well as undo a laundry list of other liberal wet dreams AKA human nightmares. The cheated us! 2016 should have been pay back in spades, but too many voters are lofo and scum like Lyin Ryan and North Vietnamese Air Ace Mcinsane for back in.
In Kansas we at least managed to get rid of foolskamp before the voters hit snooze.
Keep track of every thing critical. Demand a budget, and not one based on the obamanation we have endured for eight years. Demand repeal of Barry care and demand conservative judges especially in the Supreme Court. Ruth badbitch Grinchberg decide not to flee to New Zealand much to the relief of the kiwi's. We are stuck with her until she vapor locks which could happen at any time. The media is going to be feeding their base. If you haven't noticed, we don't have an independent press any longer. They are corporate owned and do the bidding of their masters. The globalists want a certain narrative, and they will have it and nothing else. The riots last night were bout as spontaneous as a rusted bolt. How much money do you think it cost nazi war criminal George to fund those lazy ass holes? My earnest hope is that President Trump extradites his ass to Russia where they want to have a long discussion with him. A massive stroke would be a nice alternative, I am sure GOD will treat him more justly than the Rooskies any way.
Mark my words though, the march to globalism is not over. They are taking a break and chomping at the bit, but they are not going home. Neither should we. This battle is far from over.

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