Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Who's to blame?

There are exactly three people most responsible for the defeat of HiLlARy Clinton. Many small players also contributed, but it was really three main ones.
1. Donald J. Trump. In 2013 the republican party did an autopsy to determine why they failed so miserably. Instead of looking for the real reasons, they decided on a cause and searched for evidence to confirm their diagnosis. As a result of that faulty research, the field for 2016 was full of dismal failures. The plan was to coronate Jeb Bush to be the loser to cankles. The field was over full of players designed to split the vote. Every one of them though was backed by the same set of money players whose plan was to splinter the vote so dramatically that no candidate would have a clear lead, then shut off funds to each player as they became unnecessary to the over all plan to force liberal Jeb down the throats of American conservatives.
Into that disarray stepped one Donald Trump who was no politician, told it like it was, counter punched every attacker, but always gave them the honor of throwing the first punch. Donald literally trumped their every effort. His rally's drew crowds of people like nothing seen in the primaries during elections past. So vast were the crowds that some were predicting a 75 million conservative turn out. Even in democrat strong holds, his attendance numbers were staggering. Attacks and protests by organized rabble failed to slow the flow. Lack luster support from party conservatives did nothing to lessen the enthusiasm that Trump generated.
No other candidate on the republican ticket could have done what Trump did. Not Jeb, not Ted, not Dr Ben.
2. Barry Soetoro the Indonesian poser. For eight miserable years The cirizens of the United States have endured the same policies that failed in Venezuela, that failed in Russia, that failed in Greece. Workers have seen the good jobs leave for cheap labor markets while at the same time our own neighborhoods have been flooded with the filth of civilization. They have endured funemployment and obamanomics and been helpless to stop it. When the election of 2012 rolled around, the big money makers, determined to maintain the misery that had been heaped on middle class Americans force fed conservatives the same shit in a different package, Mittens Romney. The republicans in congress meanwhile, padded their campaign chests and made excuses, all the while spending and re-spending the massive waste of money that was funded in the last budget and accompanying bills.
And all the while, Barry crowed, I won. Who lost? the American people.
Rubbing salt in to the wounds, the communist party chose for their next pick the slithering scum bag from Barry's failed policy band wagon, HiLlARy Rodent Clinton.
3. So, last but certainly not least in the cast of Characters responsible for the failure of George Soros march to madness, Illary herself.
Had she not been a mean spirited individual, more people would have turned out for her. Had she played fair in the primary debates and town halls instead of gouging Bernie Sanders, more people would have voted for her.
Is Comey to blame? Certainly not, he carried water for her like never before. Is Anthony Weiner to blame? If Mad Dumb suckerterairy had done her job and followed the law, there would have been nothing on his lap top except National Enquirer material. Is Julian Asange to blame? Certainly not. If there had been nothing to leak, he could not have touched her. In fact, he looked for things to throw at Trump, but every thing he found, Trump had already owned and moved on from. The problem is Hillary and her alone.
All the hand wringing, all the crying will not change the fact that the powers who really control the communist party called the democrats, chose the worst possible candidate once again. They hit rock bottom long ago, how do they manage to one up err down err up err what ever themselves? I dread to think what they will find for 2020.

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