Friday, November 25, 2016

Reach across the aisle? Fine

Every time republicans win we hear the mantra trotted out about how they need to reach across the aisle and work with the communists. However, when the commies get back in the majority do they reach across?  Look at Obozocare for the answer to that.
Reaching across the aisle is fine with me though if they do it my way. Here's how. First, position your hand thumb down. If you are holding it in front of you it will be palm out.  (use the arm closest to the aisle btw) Next, extend your arm fully to the side. clamp your hand firmly over the liberal's mouth taking care that they don't bite you unless of course you've had your rabies shot. Hold in place until the dumbass quits struggling, then remove.
Don't be surprised if the whining resumes as soon as they catch their breath, or regain consciousness. When that happens, do not repeat step one. Instead, close your fingers into a tight fist and hold it to your chest. Now rapidly extend your arm again with enough force  make mike Tyson stagger. Return the hand to the chest, and re-extend it. Do this several times. You will know it is time to stop when the cry baby has as many teeth as a new born baby.
Don't hold your breath though, what we have in congress are members of tt uniparty. Even though they call themselves republicans, they are owned in whole by the sort of people who want bad health care for us poor snots. They are property of the elitists, and whether they are funded by Soros, Koch, or any of the banks, they are all marching the same direction.
2018 is on it's way, we need to primary more of these globalist bastards, or hope that Trump finds an obscure posting for them in his administration. Ambassador to ISIS? Good job for Johnny McInsane.

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