Tuesday, November 8, 2016

They just don't get it

Watching the Clinton News Network to get election results, I am shaking my head as I listen to them banter about how voters who went for Barry are now voting Trump. They seem to think it is about the change message.
I think they are wrong!
The sort of people who voted for the Indonesian are not voting for Trump. They are people looking for a free hand out, and they got it with the SCoaMF. What they are tonight is disgusted with HiLlARy. They are sitting home and watching the Weather Channel. They are the communist party equivalent of conservatives who were so sickened by the notion of Johnny RINO McInsane being the republican nominee that they stayed home in 2008.
Instead, today is being carried by folks who sat home in 2008 and 2012. Many in fact, never voted. I have met several people who out of disenchantment with the fake two party system and how republicans who ran as conservatives got to the swamp and become liberals, never bothered to vote until now. As one of those geezers put it to me, it's not about draining the swamp, its about cleaning the septic system.
Drudge has several reports about voter fraud, Philly is rife with it, who-da-thunk-it? It was thick with it in 2008, and Barry's refusal to do his sworn duty has led to a double down. I guess the only enthusiastic support she has is among the dead.

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