Sunday, April 21, 2013


HOLY SHIT! The police found 250 rounds of ammunition when they searched the Boston Bombers Cache.

What did they expect to find? Knitting needles and macrome? These idiots were terrorists. They were mooslimes. 250 rounds is about what the average rifleman in an infantry unit carries as his basic load.  50 rounds is a drop in the hat. if these punks had baracaded themselves in their hidy hole, it would have been sufficient for only a few minutes of sustained combat. The average Kansan keeps 250 rounds in his glove box. If the average redneck had only 250 rounds of ammo in his home, he would consider him self UNARMED.
So while Bustonians freak out, the rest of the world looks on and shakes our heads. I guess if you are a libtard, this is important news. Coming up next, CNN, or is it (p)msnbc, will have an interview with the second cousin of the exbrother-in-law of the cashier at the Costco where they bought goat cheese last month. Should be some breaking news in that segment./sarc
If we want to stop the islamists, we need to accept that islam is a cult of hate, and its adherents form a culture of hate. We need to kick ass, and end lives. If we don't punish them, they will continue to act boldly. Deport the entire remaining family. Send every swinging dick back to Russia. Then take the mosque they attended, and do the same with every one in it who was not born on U. S. soil.

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Gregory said...

Yep. Its called destroy everything about them. Even their dog if they had one. You are 100% correct in your thinking . I have about 900 rounds here in my house, but I had to hock my guns.......... Oh well, at least I still have a pump 12 guage and a couple of 22 pistols...