Monday, April 22, 2013


Thats all I have to say for the people who write this shit. It does not take ties to a radical group to make a terrorist these days. all they need to do is read, and believe the satanic verses aka the koran.
Personally, this kid is too dumb to know whether or not his brother had ties. he is a tool and a fool. Glen Beck released photos of the Saudi person of interest accompanied by two other middle easterners, so that makes me really wonder. We had initial reports on the 15th of more bombs. Who planted them?
I seriously believe though that these guys had ties. Some one taught them how to make the bombs. They did not learn it on wiki leaks. We must decide if we are going to tollerate continued attacks, or take action. The war in Afghanistan is a waste of time. the terrorists run and hide, so we are just spinning our wheels. We need to cut the head off the snake and bomb Saudi Arabia. drop a moab on Mecca. Piss off more muslims? hardly. They already hate us, its in their stupid book.

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