Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spain's Horses

The financial problems here are nothing compared to what is happening in Europe. We have  long slide ahead of us, but that is where we are heading. Spain had a boom a few years ago, and part of that affluence was people buying horses. To many of us, a horse is a hay burner. if you don't have a need, such as a ranch that needs tending, they are just a pet.
When times are good, pets are nice. Times are not good any more in Spain, and their vast herds of Pura Raza Espanola are now a burdon for many owners. Spain had over 748,000 horses in 2011. The herds are down to arround 661,000 now. Many of those are destined for the slaughter house. Hey, the French have to eat too!
I know this will piss off a lot of horse lovers. Sorry, but we have had over population numbers here as well. They are nice if you can afford them, a serious drag when you cannot. In the USa its illegal to kill them for meat. Too bad, they are edible, and some say as good as steak. If yo uhave a horse, take note. If you are buying feed, plan ahead. if you ahve range, great, but cattle will feed you better.
These economic hardships are not an accident. Some one is engineering this, controling the Euro, controling hte dollar and undermining capitalism. Take note of what things are luxuries, and which are necessities. Deal with them accordingly. Plan ahead, the next few years are gonna get worse. Just like Denny advises people starting families, don't have it if you can't afford it.

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Gregory said...

I don't understand this crap of it being against the law to kill a horse for food. Too damned many laws in this country.