Friday, April 19, 2013

religion of peace my ass

I am sick and tired of people telling me that islam is a religion of peace. it is the most hateful destructive influence in the world today. Communism and liberalism are close, but Like Kathleen wiley said, "No Cigar." Two Chechnian mooslimes who were raised in the United States, carried out the Boston bombing. we have been concerned about an attack on a sporting event for years. We have had added security at football games, baseball games, even the Masters. The Boston marathon has more participants then some MLB games have viewers. Its was a big target.
Is more security the answer? I don't think so. We are not a police state, and when we become one, we have lost. We need to come up with a punishment that is so horrible, they won't want to try attacking us. Lets start with the assholes in GITMO. Start with their diet. make them eat pork. Force feed them bacon. Castrate every last one of them, then put a catheter in their penis, and a stout rubber band arround it. It how sheep are castrated. Tie them so they cannot get the band off their penis, and let it fall off.
Next step, lets bomb a few arab cities. We need to make an example of Libya, lets drop a MOAB on one or two of their cities. But first, lets rap the sucker with pork. The bomb will atomize the pork, and the residents will have no choice but to breathe it. Hey camel fuckers, you are on a one way trip to hell, and now you know it.
Step three, modify our ammunition. Switch our round to jacket hollow point, and pack the tip with bacon grease. yes muzzies, when you get shot, you will touch pork, and you will go to hell.
They want their seventy two virgins. They dream of their supple young boys. Lets put a price tag on it for em so high that the religion of pedophiles will become indeed a peaceful bunch of scumbuckets.

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