Thursday, April 25, 2013

Something to start your day off right

Bubba always looked on the bright side.  He would constantly
irritate his friends with his eternal optimism. No matter how
horrible the circumstance, he would always reply, "It could
have been worse." To cure him of his annoying habit, his
friends decided to invent a situation so completely bad, so
terrible, that even Bubba could find no hope in it.

On the golf course one day, one of them said, "Bubba, did
you hear about Cletus? He came home last night, found his wife
in bed with another man, shot them both and then turned the
gun on himself!"

"That`s awful," said Bubba, "But it could have been worse."

"How in the hell," asked his bewildered friend, "Could it
have been worse?"

"Well," replied Bubba, "If it happened the night before, I`d
be dead now!"

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