Thursday, April 11, 2013

Note to Hanoi Jane

I have a life. I don't spend all my time being angry at you, but when your face appears on my TV, I automatically flip you the bird. Same for your comrade in arms John Forgery Kerry. I'm not going to waste one dollar seeng a movie with you in it, even if it is about the wife of the best President ever.
The movie will be a bust. The communists err democrat aren't gonna go see it because its about the reagans and about loving America, something they aren't in to. Conservatives won't go see it because its got you in it. That leaves America's disconnected youth. Well, they are too busy Occupying moms basement. Guess they won't make it either. but that is what teh fools in Hollyweird want, so they can say "Nobody cares about Reagan, on to socialism!"
So fuck ya bitch.

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Johan Galt said...

A movie made by a leftist director and with leftist actors.