Monday, April 15, 2013

What a bad day

For all those people out there who keep telling me I need to get more exercise, I say FUCK YOU, its dangerous!
For all you people living in Boston, or who had loved ones there, my heart goes out to you. It is things like that which make me firm in my belief that we as Americans need to remain armed and vigilant. We should never kowtow to terrorists, or any one. Its not too late to start, we should have, after 9-11-01, began taking terrorists and executing them with bullets dipped in pigs blood or bacon grease. The scum at gitmo should be on a strict diet of pork rinds, ham hocks, and pickled pigs feet.
Indications right now are that it was another Saudi national, ie an islamist scumbag, who did this. we should have bombed Mecca on 9-12-01. Its not too late, one cruise missle would do a world of good.

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Gregory said...

I would sure love to see that 'kabaa' blown to smithereens. Would do a lot to show the muslimes that their bullshit allah and worth spit. And their prophet is a liar too. But, cowards that our government is, they won't. Hell, come to think of it....maybe that is because of the power of their allah.