Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lets do it.

North Korea is preparing to test their nuclear fall out shelters. Lil Kimmy has authorized his military to wage nuclear war on the USA.
My sincere hope is he has a little success and wipes San Franfreakshow off the face of the globe. He can hit Sacramental too for all I care. Pray that Blinky, Box-O-Rocks and Frankenstine are all there if it happens.
You know we will blast them back to the stone age. You know that China will be complaining about the glow for six to nine months coming from where Pyongyang used to be. You know Obozo hasn't got the balls to do it, and so does lil Kim.
We're screwed. Pass me an ugly drab pajama outfit and a bag of rice.


Bushwack said...

If NK hit Sac and Frisco I'd have a tough time containing my celebratory dance to just inside... Might even classify it as a holiday. It would improve this state by 100% the moment the glowing started.

Wraith said...

If they manage to hit DC, I'm putting them on my Christmas card list.

Gregory said...

I am with Wraith.And Bushwack. Glad that the norks won't be able to reach the midwest. G_Ds country.