Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Terror training camps in America?

It certainly looks like it. Why isn't the justice department doing anything about them? Why isn't Cujo? there is at least one in his state. Maybe ninny Blomberg can take his mad mayors and go after them. If reports are true, these men are felons, many are former convicts who converted to islam behind bars. They should not be allowed to congregate, they should not be allowed to have weapons, or conduct military style training.
Islam is not a religion. Its a sick perverted cult, and we need to stop coddling it. This is not 1930's Germany where attacks conducted by the nazi's were blamed on Jews. The democrats are bad, but they did not fly planes into the World trade center. They did not slaughter service members in Ft Hood, and they did not plant the explosives in Boston. Yes, their ineptitude emboldened the terrorists, but its like the guy who leaves his keys in the ignition complaining that kids stole his car and rammed it into a bridge. its not the bridges fault, its not the inept fools fault, the blame lies squarely with those who did it, militant islam.
You don't see radical Christians blowing up buildings. How many Amish terror groups are there? Even the Amish mafia is fake BS. How many of the conflicts currently being fought involve islam? Get a clue and crack down on it. We don't need it happening here any more.


Spartacus said...

The way I see it is that if you want to brink Liberals to their knees you really don't need guns. Liberals congregate in places where the only food supply is a Kroger or whole foods or similar. We in the midwest have the power of God over them, all it takes is cutting off farm shipments and waiting a few weeks for Kroger & whole foods warehouses to empty. A couple of days after that they'll surrender unconditionally.

Contrary to the beliefs of a few morons on MSNBC, the constitution doesn't guarantee a right to a food supply.

Gregory said...

Too many people in government in this world are just plumb scared of islam. They are afraid of another fight on American soil. Same with the Englanders over there in GB. And the muzz know it !!

Wraith said...

TPTB are scared of offending the Muslims because they know violence will follow.

They're scared of offending the ghetto Blacks, because they know violence will follow.

They're not scared of us. Wonder why? After all, us Conservatives are SO violent and intolerant, right?