Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fertility help for perverts

This article got me. Fertility rights for something as incapable of repruduction as homosexuality? It disgusts me. The have chosen, yes, CHOSEN a life style that is incapable of producing off spring. No child has two gay parents. They had a mother and a father. one of them might be a sicko, but it was a natural sex act, the mixing of sperm and an egg that led to fertilization. two egg cells did not combine, nor did two sperm cells unite. No child deserves to be subjected to that kind of mistreatment. Now they want to procreate on our dollar. GOD help us, we are going down the tubes like a lead raft over Niagra.
Between perverts rites, and the slaughter of our children, its amazing that the GOD of Heaven has not removed this blight from the face of the earth. Then again, considering that most other nations have sunk just as far, its a wonder the planet is still here.


Gregory said...

Its because of behavior like that that I figure G_D let obungler get to be president. He is either punishing this nation, or He has given this nation over to the devil.

JeremyR said...

Well put. I will not stop praying for our nation though, nor will I cease to fight for what is right.