Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It doesn't fit the narative.

Once again a person with serious issues has gone on a rampage. Fourteen people were slashed by a crazy with an exacto knife. Guns are forbidden on campus as are knives with blades longer then2.25 inches. This little blade was legal. What it did was horrific. Had there been one person with a CCW on that school campus, it could have been stopped. If GOD was allowed in our schools, it would not have started. This story is on a fast track to being swept under the rug. Since it doesn't fit the liberal narrative, its not important. Doesn't matter that it fits the pattern.
Pray for the victims.


Spartacus said...

I saw somewhere that the local Fox affiliate had video of one of the students lamenting that if they were allowed to carry concealed weapons the rampage would have been over much sooner.

I bet that kid is expelled before the end of the week.

Gregory said...

Yep. Not one damn thing in the news about it. Bring G_D back in!!