Sunday, April 21, 2013

What do we want?

Hindsight is supposed to be 20/20, but that‘s not always the case. As we look through the lens of history, it is now clear that FDR knew well in advance that the Japanese planned to attack Pearl Harbor. Between his delay of the Imperial Ambassador, and his decision to move the carriers away from Hawaii, There is an abundance of evidence that shows the Sneak attack wasn’t as secret as we were led to believe.

That‘s not to say we encouraged it, I’m saying FDR had choices to make as to whether he should order a preemptive strike, strong counter measures, or a host of other choices. America was decidedly isolationist at that time. Very few people wanted into the wars raging in Asia and Europe. They didn’t even want us helping England, France and Russia. Don’t believe me? What percentage of troops in WW2 were volunteers? Less than half. Over two thirds of the men in uniform were drafted. There was a huge campaign to sell the war effort at home. Most Americans wanted no part of it.

Fast forward to 2013, and the events of April. We have another terror attack by muslims. I won’t call them extremists, its what their book of lies tells them to do, jihad. Some people are screaming that ObamAA- knew in advance about the attack. Those same people, in almost the same breath criticize the government for the many thwarted plans by other groups.

I have news for you. This is not Minority Report. Tom Cruise is not in charge of a precrimes unit. While its likely that there was evidence of a possible impending attack, its also clear that these guys had not committed any crimes that would get them on the FBI radar before April 14th.

Its a hard pill to swallow. The government cannot keep us safe with out endangering our liberty, something we all should hold dear. I’m not happy they succeeded. I am sad that nearly 200 people got killed and maimed. I am angry that a city was living in terror for four days because of this. I don’t blame ObamAA-, I don’t blame Holder, I don’t blame the CIA, FBI, DHS, NHS, bad breath or genital warts. I BLAME ISLAM. Its right there in black and white on the pages of the satanic verses. They are to kill the infidels. They are to steal our possessions, rape our women, enslave our children, and make war upon us. Read it!

You want protection? Don’t phone the FBI. The I stands for INVESTIGATION. Hey are there to pick up the pieces and sort out the body parts.

Some folks are claiming, already, that this was an inside job. GMAFB! If this government was going to create a false flag operation, they would find a way to blame patriots, TEA party members, not Adolph of Africa’s religion of choice. So point to video footage and claim it was Blackwater. Snort! Yes, BULLSHIT! Events like this require security. Boston does not have enough cops on their staff to provide security, conduct routine business, and deal with the crimes that are happening with the influx of people for this grand event. They need to have help. That‘s fact, that‘s life.

Do you want Paul Blart, Mall Cop doing the security? Not on your life. Firms like Black Water have a staff of trained professionals read for things like this. We here in Kansas see it every year for the Party on the Prairie. The event security are hired for the job. When I had my business running full tilt, I lost people every year for the Country Stampede. They weren’t going for the entertainment. My employees were upstanding men. They had the moral character needed for this type of work, and every year they marched off to protect the party goers.

Blackwater does not have a building full of rent a cops sitting around playing cards. They have a list of men who can meet the needs of the job. Did we see Blackwater men running after the bombs went off? You bet we did. They knew their job. They knew what they had to do to complete the task they were assigned which was to filter the people running to and fro in the aftermath of the blast. If they did their job right, we will never hear about it. Failure for them is not that the bombs went off, the enormity of screening that many people going into an open event is astronomical. On the other hand, I’m sure they don’t consider this a success either.

So when you are looking around for some one to point a finger at, remember that three are pointed back a you.

Life is full of lessons. Some of them can kill you. When you are at any event. Remain alert. You are your own best defense. See something suspicious? Alert others, and move away from it. See a threat? Be prepared to take it out. The Government does not have your best interests at heart. If they did, we wouldn’t have ObamAA-care, nor a huge national debt. Decide what you want, intrusive government, or a life of risks and rewards. I’ll take the life of risk. I know the government can’t protect me from the evils of islam.

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