Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Was Sandy Hook a false flag?

I was asked to look at and comment on Alex Jones’ Infowars video about the Sanfy Hook Massacre. I did, and here are my observations.
1. While the police may have chased one or two men at the scene, its most probable they were onlookers, drawn by the noise and confusion, and possibly alerted by Police scanners. That happens. Its only places like Chicago and detroit where gun fire does not draw attention. When cops respond to such an incident, they treat every person there like they are a criminal until they know otherwise. Keeps the bad guys from darting away in the confusion.
2 The weapon removed from the trunk is not an AR-15. Clearly NOT. Its a side handle. Ars are top handle. This was either an auto shotgun as reported, but clearly not an AR.
3. Kids, moving targets? Not at that age. These kids were at the developmental age where if they close their eyes, the bad guys can’t see them. That is how five year olds think. The children would ball up, maybe clasp thier hands over their ears or eyes, and freeze in fear. You see the same thing in animal young, the juvenile becomes still and the mother makes a racjet as she escapes to lure the predator away. Its nature. Lanza could then shoot them at point blank range. Even a liberal can hit targets at that distance, AND Adam had been to the range with his mother. Numerous times, I might add.
4. No one said the ID of Ryan was valid, or exactly what it was.
5. The interviewed witnesses amy or may not have been actors. It gets done, and people get paid to let some one impersonate them.
6. The Autopsies of Adam and his mother were done last becasue at the crime scene, they would have required the most in depth examination prior to being taken away. They would also get autopsied last so that you can have the most people involved for the most thorough examination and TAKE YOUR TIME on it.
The videos of the family members and the web pages created before the shooting, if real, are serious flags.
Could the government pull something like this off? You bet they could! But it would be hard to do, and would require several years of planning. They would need several good actors, families of them for each victim, and they would need to build a cover for them just like you do with spies. I would not put something like this past the powers that pull the strings that make ObamAA-s gums flap for the teleprompter.
Did they though? Thats the real question. I don't think there is any one calouse enough to kill twenty kids, but faking twenty deaths is a possibility. Some people think that 9-11-01 was a false flag. I do not believe that for an instant. It would have taken too long and too many ptople to pull it off, and all in plain site. 100 actors is doable though, and no one would have a clue it was staged if they didn't make mistakes.
Are we seeing mistakes? or glitches? There are plausible explanations. Doesn't matter to me either way. I don't trust them any less then I did which was not at all.


Gregory said...

Thanks. I didn't see the gun in the trunk. What got me was that "coroner". What a non-professional. It all pisses me off. This country is in deep trouble.

JeremyR said...

Greg, he actually acted like some one who is a coroner. You have to be a bit loony in order to work with accident and murder victims. if not, it will drive you over the edge. That is why you see so few ever on TV.

Pappy said...

I thought from the beginning there was something wrong with this scene. Would take too long to go into all things that I suspect. One of the bggest is the lack of information after the fact, months went by with nothing new, then last week when the big push for O's gun control we get some new info. Using kids to push his agenda. I still think this was a "false flag" event. Too many unanswered questions.....Pappy