Thursday, April 4, 2013

What else have they got?

Jihadists in Syria have what appears to be an AS-50. The AS-50 is one of the top sniper rifles today. It is a British designed battle changer. Produced and sold by Accuracy International, it is a favorite tool of Seals and others whose life depends on having the best possible gear in the worst possible scenarios.The AS-50 hold the current record for successive sniper kills at distance, dropping two Taliban with successive shots at well over 1.5 miles.
This weapon is a concern for us and for Israel. You can bet the islamist movement isn't stopping in Syria. They want to rule the world.
So my question is, if these taliban buddies have this equipment, what else has Obozo let slip through the cracks?
Update: The rifle in the video is a Chinese type 99. Its rated for 2MOA accuracy, so beyond 600 Meters, its not ,much good for human targets. Thats the claim any way. No one has field tested a copy to confirm the intel predictions. Would be nice to see a few on the US market to get barretts price in line with where it needs to be.


Bushwack said...

After further review the rifle in question isn't the AS-50. It's the Chicom version or russian equivalent. It's far less superior in design but let me tell ya this. A highly skilled shooter with the right 30-06 can be just as deadly. Maybe not a mile away but the skill set isn't only in the shot.

This weapon is a problem for those without air assets/thermal imaging/infrared etc. For us or Israel? Not much of an issue. The IED/Rockets etc are much more of a hazzard.

JeremyR said...

Bushwack, You are right, its the Chinese 99. Looked at the video yesterday. Didn't see anybody IDing it then.
the 30-06 is good out to 1000, maybe 1200 for the right operator and rifle. I shot a Tubb2000 and it was good for that distance. Good glass helps.

Spartacus said...

If you think Barrett's prices are up there look at McMillans. I compared prices a couple of days ago, my sphincter is still clinched