Sunday, April 5, 2020

Shadows Of The Night

Saturday, April 4, 2020

What a dumb ass

The navy fired Capt. Brett Crozier, C.O. of the U.S.S. Roosevelt. If you are not familiar with the details, Crozier made a port call in Vietnam. It was in the middle of the Corona Virus "Pandemic" at the time.
That is a mistake. Not a really bad one, a mistake none the less. Yes, I take the Wuhan Flu seriously. It kills people. something close to 99% of those who die from it are elderly or have serious health issues. There should be exactly ZERO of them on the Roosevelt.
So, okay, a bunch of healthy hormone driven Sailors cut loose in Vietnam and some of them got infected. Many of them will get over it with no need for hospitalization or medical intervention. Where are they at? On a floating city with some of the best medical equipment available on the planet right there with them. Cruise ships packed with old folks are being denied port calls. Why is Crozier making port in Guam?
In my estimation his men are better served remaining on the ship. Granted, I'm not a doctor. I don't play one on the internet either. facts are facts though, the Roosevelt has a 53 bed hospital with three additional ICU beds staffed by eleven medical officers and thirty corpsmen.. Yes, more than 100 Sailors tested positive for China syndrome. That does not mean all of them need to be in the hospital does it?
To top off the stupidity, Crozier sent a five page letter by an unsecure channel. Think about that gem. This fool broadcast to the world that his ship has crew sick. That readily translates to 10% of our carrier arsenal being unavailable for duty.
The Navy did the second best thing and fired Crozier. Too bad we don't have  a weather station on Pluto for him to man for his next assignment. His actions did nothing to help his crew and instead placed the people of Guam in danger. Kinda like spring breakers hauling the virus home from Florida. More importantly, his actions may embolden some crazy like lil Kimmy to do something dumb.

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