Tuesday, January 22, 2019

In the summertime

Midnight meme

A dog may be man's best friend, but cats never tell where you hid your drugs.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Evil woman

Making an idiot out of Nancy

President Trump said on Friday that he would be making an important announcement at 3P.M. on Saturday. Some how that morphed into a 4P.M. announcement. In the mean time, details of his statement were leaked or given to Botox Babe San Fran Nan, and she made ready a reply and set it to post at 3:30P.M. or a half hour after the originally scheduled time.
So her official statement was aired a full half hour before the President gave his speech and the American people knew what he was offering. What he offered wasn't really much, it was essentially a continuation of the status quo for the many illegals who are here and working, and for the minor children who were brought here.
Nana had a ready reply given to his points. for dems, it was not necessary to take time off from their red bull and malt liqueur to know what was there. For almost every one else, it made her look even more like  a dolt. How would you feel if you were furloughed, and the person responsible for getting your job back walked into the negotiations and said flat out we are rejecting your deal no matter what? Of course most of the career government folks are hard line dems who would cut off their nose if it had a row of zits that spelled MAGA. These are people who would rather starve than do their jobs for a republican. I don't honestly feel sorry for them. At the end of this shut down, they will receive six years of back pay provided they have not starved to death before  20 January 2025.
Wishful thinking, sorry.
At some point the dems are going to have to negotiate. Yes, they have sent several completely unacceptable bills to the senate, but there is no attempt at compromise. President Trump offered a nothing burger to them. He knew they would turn it down, and his gambit showed them for what they are, petty.
The President could declare a national emergency and order the military to build the wall. The moment he does, it will be challenged by the leftists most likely in a California court that does not have jurisdiction over the place where President Trump might choose to build it, but they will get their injunction. Then it will be a series of court battles all the way up to SCOTUS, then back down with several more trips to Washington to hash out details down to the color of the paint that is applied to the thing when it's done. Consideration will be demanded for every creature that might possibly be impacted except of course, American citizens. Whether this is settled in six months or six years will depend on whether the dems think they can win. If they sense victory they will press on quickly, but since they know it is a dead end battle, they will find every possible way to delay. Anti nationalism and globalism run deep in their DNA.
At any rate, Nancy didn't merely trip over the flaming box of dog crap, she did a monster stomp dance with encore on top of it.
The reality is that to make an idiot of Nancy P. Lousy, one would need to find a way to raise her IQ by at least 40 points. ON the plus side, it means she can never be prosecuted in California.