Friday, November 16, 2018

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

They should have some fun

Back when I was a child I did a lot of reading. One book I remember was about a revolution in an islamic shithole led by hard line mooslimes. Think Iran. The book was long before the Iranian Revultion, so the parallels are eerie.
The climax of the book was when the mullah led his band out to confront the British forces that occupied the land and took the oil. They came out to do battle riding camels. The Brits responded by sending aircraft to play chicken with them.
The twist was that the pilots broke mach 1 at elevations of about 100 feet right over the band of pedophile worshipers.
I was thinking today about the caravans of invaders trekking through Latin shithole Mexico, and that part of the long forgotten book came to mind. What if our Air Force were to patrol the border with F-15s and every time they saw a group crossing into the United States, they buzzed them and did that? A jet going supersonic right over your head is pure hell. I can remember as a kid having Air Force jets do that near our farm. They were up a lot higher, and not nearly that close, but the sonic boom was heard and felt
Can you imagine the effect? Not just one jet performing, a whole series of them timing their maneuver so that one breaks the sound barrier right on top of these fine people every thirty seconds or so for several minutes. Hell, they could do it for an hour for all I care.
I would advocate doing it over the caravans deep in Mexico, but that is sovereign territory and even though Mexico is facilitating this attack, we are not at war with them... Yet.

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Midnight meme

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

They have arrived

Approximately 400 advance troops of the central American invasion force arrived in Tijuana today, escorted by Mexican Policia. The group was reportedly intentionally delayed for a week out of concern that they would vote for left wing candidate DeLeon instead of center right veteran Dianne Feinstein.
The group reportedly immediately began scaling the border fence into Mexifornia.
In related news, the NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angles Rams scheduled to be played in Mexico City has been changed to LA after it was determined that all the ticket holders were in route to California. The stated purpose for the change was field conditions in Mexico City, but if it's good enough to play soccer, what more do they need?