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The End Of The Innocence

Apparently there are no versions of this by Don Henley that are official on Youtube. Too bad, this was one of my favorite of his songs.

the M-60 machine gun

What? The trial of the century is over?

In a 51-49 vote, the U.S. Senate has decided not to call witnesses. I'm a bit shocked. My first thought was that a bunch of Senators escaped the plantation. Could it really be that their owners err donors would allow them to end this farce?
We are, after all, talking about the swamp. The hell hole where elected representatives go to sell their souls to the big money people who say how the nation is run.
Then it occurred to me what Sundance at CTH says, follow the money. Lets think about this. In  spite of the many push polls, support for President Trump is sky rocketing. The economy is growing, race relations are improving. nearly every measurable indicator shows that the people like the way our President is doing things. yes, the big money people don't like that they are losing control and they know that if President Trump were removed, it would spark backlash. Now they are prepared for a war. I've said it before, they want one so they can import the blue helmets and run us down.
The problem is, conservatives don't act like little children liberals. We don't riot, we don't loot, burn and rampage like the typical leftist protester. We have jobs, children, responsibilities that we cannot  ignore so going full retard is not an option. better for them if leftists take to the streets.
But what if the left doesn't riot over the acquittal? They will agitate still more.
No, they realized, probably a long time ago, that a Trump defeat was a big loser for them. We'd have reacted, but that reaction would have been at the ballot box. and they only control a hand full of poling places, not enough to thwart a voter revolt of the scale this impeachment would have sparked. Had they managed to pull this in early 2017, they might have succeeded, but not now.
That voter revolt would have cost them billions. Congress critters are not free. It takes big money to own a representative, and bigger money still to keep a Senator in a stable for life. They know full well the time and expense to purchase, tame and train every nose in Congress. yes, occasionally they get a halter broke colt like Anal Oral Cross-connect, but those script readers fresh out of the box are rare. Creating a ballot box champion like Mitch takes many years and millions of dollars, and they know full well that this impeachment fraud is going to set them back more years than any one of President Trump's policies did.
These people have invested billions in destroying our republic. Their progress has been continuous since Ronald Reagan left office. Sure, they had slow times, voters react negatively to some things, and they have had moderate set backs. Case in point ObamAA- care, one of their main rip offs, made a lot of people choke. They had managed to create a climate where people were angry about the state of health care, but we were not blinded enough to accept their solution. When that happened, they had to buy and train a whole bunch of new animals.
It is all about the Benjamins. Every thing clearly shows that this impeachment did not hurt the President, in fact, it boosted his numbers.
The metaphor of what we have just seen would be the Germans retreating at Stalingrad and saving their army, an act which would have spared thousands upon thousands of soldiers to fight. Men whom Hitler could have used to prolong the war. He, lucky for us, was a fool. The people who own our congress critters clearly are not as dumb.

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You Make My Dreams

Kobe Bryant dead in Helicopter crash

Love him or hate him, Kobe was a basketball legend. He and his thirteen year old daughter were killed when the helicopter in which they were riding crashed in California. According to the story, they were on their way to Thousand Oaks where Gianna was scheduled to play in a game. Seven other people were killed in the crash.
While I am not a bucketball fan, I respect Kobe in that he remained married to his wife through more than one hard time and was a father to his four daughters. He was also very intelignent, unlike many athletes who would be better served by remaining silent. Kobe was fluent in Italian and Spanish. Kobe also tried to steer clear of politics. His one mention of it was that he was raised conservative and believed in family values and small government. He was reported to be a practicing Catholic. May he rest in peace.

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It's called the lug nuts rule

Two pedestrians are dead in Manhattan Kansas after attempting to share space with a county snow plow truck. According to reports, the two were attempting to cross the four lane road and ran in front of the truck. The driver attempted to avoid them but was not able to do so.
We are creating a class of fools. What happened to the era where you taught your kids to not play in the road? We used to teach them to walk facing traffic and get their asses well away from the lane of travel when ever a vehicle approached.
We had a couple of warm days back in November that drew out the idiots. I was driving to work just after six one morning. I rounded a corner and there was a jogger in the middle of my lane less than thirty feet from the intersection. Luckily the on coming vehicle was far enough away I managed to swerve and avoid making them into a chalk outline.
There was a sidewalk but no, they had to jog in the middle of the road.
Isolated? Not hardly. Nearly every decent day there will be people out walking on the road. I have seen families strung out across the road, parents and three small kids. Another time it was a woman with a double stroller.
Why do people not get it? The roads are constructed so motor vehicles can get places. We make sidewalks for the pedestrian and bike traffic. The best Huffy is no match for even a feeble Smart Car. The clunker I drive would kill them just as dead.
Nope, now days drivers are told to share the road with these fools. Who are the bigger fools? the lawmakers who pass legislation allowing this, or the people who think they can survive a collision with a lumber truck? As for Jayden and Anthony, a couple of nuts, but neither were lug nuts.

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Sometimes a Fantasy

How screwed up is the CDC?

The CDC has released their report of what they call the laziest states. Physical inactivity was determined if they responded “no” to the question: “During the past month, other than your regular job, did you participate in any physical activities or exercises such as running, calisthenics, golf, gardening, or walking for exercise?” Think about that for a moment. Okay, if all you have are office workers, that might be right. Might not is also a possibility.
Where I currently work, we are on four ten hour days and two eight hour days. That accounts for fifty six hours we are on our feet and active each week. Sure, it's not strenuous, all we do is install conduit, strut, and lights over head, things which weigh a paltry forty pounds a piece or so, not really physical. Then of course there is pulling in wire to those lights through that conduit. Not a strain. On one recent pull I literally made a loop of the wire and stood in that stirrup. The wire did not budge. I'm slightly north of 250#. It took two of us to haul that wire through, and we were tuckered out at the end to be sure.
Now, of course, we only work ten hours, that means we have fourteen left to get some exercise. Yup, sure do, Most of the guys on this job are commuting an hour or more each way. Many of us have families and community involvement. Some are farmers and have animals who require attention.
Maybe the CDC should take another look at their ideal profile. There are many people who get far more exercise in their average day than they seem to realize. If we get enough cardio at work, what is the point of more at home?
If our government really wanted to save us, they could start by strangling each other.
Benefit one, lower taxes.
Benefit two, less frustration with the government.
Benefit three, it would curb mythical carbon pollution.

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If You Don't Know Me By Now

A no win situation for the democrats?

Since this whole impeachment fiasco began, most conservatives have been openly mocking the farce including me. In the view of many people this is a mockery that will turn voters against the democrat hopefuls and the donks in swing districts. It may even put traditionally safe districts in play as what happened in Massachusetts in the run up to Obamacare. That could see the democrat party swept from Congress for ten or even twenty years, and their globalist plans thwarted for a century.
Is it possible that this is a win win for the democrats? It occurred to me that many republicans in Washington are growing weary of the constant fighting. We know there will be one faithless deserter, Mittens will in all likelihood vote with the communists . We now know we dodged a bullet when Barry got reelected. Mitt would have shit on us big time. What happens if enough RINO's vote to remove OUR President? There would be a voter revolt at the polls. the Democrats would secure a strong majority in the Senate and likely hang on to the House. It would not matter if we had a republican President at that point, they would craft rule changes and make the executive irrelevant. After that, they would use fraud and voter intimidation to remain in power. Don't bet it couldn't happen, The swamp critters are owned and they know it.
But what if Cocaine Mitch manages to whip the base and the President is acquitted? Our nation is now more divided than at any point since the Civil War. If you think about it, that war did not happen because of Lincoln. He was not yet President when the Confederate states ceded. No executive order had been given, no presidential decree, no legislation signed or even submitted. In all his speeches he said his task was first and foremost to preserve the union. Had the south not rebelled, slavery would have lingered on for many years. it might be here today. Scary  thought.
No, what set the south aflame was democrat agitation in the form of a free press who felt they were free to lie, slander, and inflame the anger of their readers. What else could it be? None of them rode from Birmingham to Springfield to hear one of Lincoln's speeches. The northern press treated him no better. At the height of the Civil War , after the battle of Gettysburg, they mocked his address. That it became so famous was not because of the reporters of his day. In the 1850's most people had a poor education and reading skills were weak at best for many. They counted on reliable people to tell them the news. In some cases, a town crier would read the national news  in the town square. There was no radio, no television, no internet.
The press has not improved. President Reagan, and now President Trump are regularly mocked and lied about in all the forms of media. Does anyone believe the President will get fair treatment in this, the most crucial to date event in his Presidency? I have no faith in the media at all. When Sekulow or Cipollone speak, they might very well be muted and some commietator give analysis of their presentation rather than report the words they utter.
We. Know. Not. To. believe. A. Word. Of. It.
Unfortunately, the average liberal voter will buy it all. What happens if the media lie but the Senate acquits? Outrage.
Lets face facts. the dems have wanted a civil war for the past twelve years. Every act they performed under Barry was in your face. They wanted us to rise up and revolt. When people marched on Washington but did not riot, they were mad and disappointed. Did anyone call them racist names when they strolled through the crowd? They claimed it happened,yet video of the entire incident cannot find on utterance of a disparaging word. The dems want to transform this country into a communist utopia. Forget reeducation camps, they want you dead. Think South Africa and what is happening there now. If they shoot you, they can gift your possessions to some inner city poor person who has never had a good job, knows nothing about what you did or how. Also think about Russia. Stalin himself upped the ante when he signed a decree that made families liable for the crimes committed by their husband or father. Children aged 12 could also be executed under this decree. Basically no one was safe. 
Would they do it here? Why wouldn't they?
Yes, I believe they want you dead rather than reeducated. That is the history of communism, and these people are communists. Socialist is just a moniker, like progressive or liberal. Whether you review the history of Russia, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, or any other country where communism has been implemented. the story is the same.
We have already heard  one of the top Berniebots proclaim how they want to start internment camps if they win, and civil war if they lose. That he still has a job says much. That no other democrat candidate has called him out speaks volumes.
They want war, and they want you and me dead. There is not other solution in their plan. There never was. They intend to push one side or the other to start shooting so they can call in the U.N.
As it was in 1858, we are already in a civil war. We just have not had our Ft Sumner yet.

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Turning to lego's to relax?

Welllll Okay. It seems like a million years ago when I was in the military stationed in Germany. It was at the height of the cold war. Ronald Reagan was president, and all the noise nutworks were proclaiming that he would start WWIII. Germany and the Fulda gap were the predicted route by which Russian troops would slice through western Europe and wipe the force of NATO off the planet.
I was stationed right in the middle of the biggest community of Americans in Europe near Kaiserslautern at the tip of the aviation spear, Ramstein Air Base. Ours was the ADA unit assigned the job of stopping Russian forces from closing that important base.
Stress? Nah. Stress was worry that your wife would find your stash of Playboy mags. Stress was having an unreliable vehicle and needing to drive twenty miles to base at breakneck speeds on a road shared with horse drawn wagons of cattle feed. Stress was having a boot that hated polish like the democrats hate the Constitution.
In other words, we'd have loved to have only a little stress in our lives. What we did have was Legos. And we, supposed adults, played with them.
I confess, that as a kid I never had them. I mean, who had time for them? There were too many things to do in a day to waste precious time sitting at home building with colored blocks.
We'd have a group of guys over. After supper, the cards would come out, and after a few rounds of Pinochle or Spades, some one would get ahold of the boxof Legos and we would all soon be making a space ship or a house, or something wild.
I guess we weren't crazy and abnormal after all. I left my pile of Legos in Germany. I'd like to think that some GI there still plays with them when things get tough and they need an escape from reality that does not involve a courts martial for being AWOL.


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Would Warren lie?

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you that Bernie Sanders, Communist Verminont has not closed down his campaign and resigned from the Senate after Warren revealed that he told her a woman cannot win the Presidency.
Okay, I'm not. Liarwatha has a long running reputation for stretching the lie. Her track record is so bad that only a fool would believe anything that comes from her mouth, and if evidence supports it, the wise person wonders if the evidence is a fraud as  well.
This woman's whole career has been built on lies stacked on lies. The Princess of the Wahknobian Indian tribe advanced her career by claiming Indian heritage. Ms 1/1024 has a possible connection to a south American band. I do too since we are all descended from Adam and have Noah as a father.
Lyin Lizzie claimed the statement was made back in December of 2018. Thirteen months and she now mentions this? Right. *cough*
Do the donks have even one candidate that loves America and can tell the TRUTH? I won't hold my breath.

Always Something There To Remind Me

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Advice for my readers

Okay, I'm going out on a limb and betting that most of us cannot afford to buy a Gwyneth Paltrow This stinks like my nasty vagina candle.
Here is how to make your own DIY version, and it won't gross you out like a forty seven year old pair of briefs that missed the washer.
First, get a can of tuna in oil and a cotton string.
Next, using a small screw driver, punch a hole in the top of the can. Be careful not to punch all the way through.
Then insert the cotton string into the hole making sure you get enough into the can to wick up the vegetable oil. Trim the string and light.
When the oil is burnt out you can open the can and make a tuna fish sandwich.


Monday, January 13, 2020

Electric Avenue

Warning graphic images

Rather than post the pictures here, I'll just link to bare naked islam where they have put together a good piece on the POS. General blew eyes is really most sincerely dead.

Booker is out

For those of you unaware that Cory Booker was running for President, you missed little, he is dropping out of the race having run out of money.
Some are atributing his failure to his decision to embrace the platform of the far left wing of Idiot Omar and Anal-Oral-Crossconnected. If that were a liability, Burnout Sanders would be off the stage as well. his positions were much the same as those of Booker. In fact, all the me too candidates offered little in the way of diversity beyond skin tone.
Does anyone find it crazy that the party of Kennedy, the man who once faced down Khrushchev, now make the communist leader appear conservative? We live in strange times don't we?
It's no surprise Booker is out. After the poor showing from ObamAA- the bloom is off the rose, and the next affirmative action figure will need to be a different stereo type. Our efforts to prove we weren't racist by electing a dark complexioned Arab accomplished nothing. As all his poor decisions are tossed in the waste heap, we are again called racist for not wanting to repeat that mistake so soon by electing another political lightweight with nada for experience, a big mouth and a bad attitude.
Buhbye Departicus.


After Bill Clinton found out about Gwyneth Paltrow's new line of candles he announced he is going to market a line of cigars called "This Cigar still smells like my intern's vagina".
Thinking of Monica, It's hard to imagine she is now 46. Why, it seems like only yesterday she was crawling around the oral office sticking things in her mouth.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Safety Dance

Hey the Gretard's back

Look who is back in the news, the news messiah of the church of global warming, the under age whore of Sweden.
I guess it should be no surprise that the moment world events force the cameras away from he she throws a fit and demands attention. It was this behavior which prompted her parents to give in to her mental illness rather than treat it. Now it is getting worse.
Some one needs to point out to her that the media attention requires the burning of even more fossil fuels to put her face out there. If she really wants to save the polar bears, she should make a meal for them.

Accident? What if?

Iran has been in a perpetual state of war against the United States for forty years now. For the most part the U.S.A. has placed them on ignore. Jimmy Who? chose to not support an ally in the Shah because of allegations of human rights abuses and instead allowed a regime change to one that makes the Shah look like a piker. President Reagan at first took a hard line stance on Iran, but because of the instability of the region opted to not retaliate on their previous acts of war.
Saddam Insane used the situation to his advantage and invaded our former ally. The resulting war ground to a stalemate.Russia was mired down in Afghanistan, and while they postured as strong, they were weak and on the verge of collapse. They were not going to support the Mad Mullahs, they were backing Iraq. Iran was not going to beg us for help, they'd just tossed our puppet regime in the trash in favor of one allied with Satan.
Caught between a rock and a hard place, and knowing that if Iran's mullah's were toppled that a more sinister lot would take their place, we supported Iran under the table and got caught in the Iran Contra affair.
The hard line government in Iran has held the line for forty years. Our efforts to reach out to them have been rebuffed as Satan's friends call us the great Satan. Kinda like donks calling conservatives Hitler.
Barry Soetoro reached out to them and gave them billions. While some claim that it was Iran's money, Iran's money had long ago been given, by court order, to the victims of their terror campaigns. That was American taxpayer dollars,or rather Chinese money borrowed on a credit line against American taxpayers which China would have approved of as long as we continued to allow them to steal us blind.
Instead of welcoming the token gift from the Toking president, Iran treated it as extorted money and doubled down on the behavior they had exhibited for decades. They funded terror and destabilized the region which helped ISIS to get a foot hold even as Barry kneecapped our efforts to stop them from our side.
For the last forty years Iran has been beset with unrest. back in the 80's they outlawed fast motorcycles because dissidents would use them for driveby shootings on imams. The bikes made escape much easier and guaranteed the escape in nearly all cases. Many of the young embraced radical islam,but there were also many who wanted to embrace peace and prosperity, to live in a world not dominated by the rantings of a pedophile with tertiary syphilis.
I wrote yesterday that President Trump likely spoke with many world leaders prior to eliminating Iran's hard liner, General Blew Eyes. Is it in the realm of possibility that he communicated with the Ayatollah? We know that after  General Nuisance was turned to ashes that close to a hundred of his close associates were detained.
That could have been in a search for a mole, or it may have been that The Iranian government wants to begin real dialog about ending their forty year isolation from prosperity. Canada has over 200,000 Iranian expatriates. the United States has many more. Many of them have relatives in Iran whom they go visit on occasion. Many of those families are Persian Jews and Coptic Christians. many others are people who were raised muslim and rejected  the satanic verses but do not embrace GOD now in any way. It was a plane load of those relatives who perished, a plane load of poster children for ending the islamist theocracy.
So, what really happened? Ocam's Razor says the simple explanation is that a crew of semi-literate, poorly trained gunners simply screwed the pooch.
It is also possible that some one saw the death of the terror king and the subsequent impotent response as a sign that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was shifting to a softer stance and ordered the shoot down to derail any such move.
Let's remember that senator drunkard Ted reached out to Russia to thwart Reagan's efforts to end the cold war even though it was a Russia trained sniper who killed his brother. So anything is possible. When people act to fulfill the demands of satan rather than GOD they will behave in the most bizarre manor and do unimaginable evil.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Major Tom

Accident no accident?

Today's news is full of stories regarding Iran's admission that it was their air defense that shot down the Ukrainian jet. Many are saying "unintentional" or "accidental". Well, we know it was not unintentional, the unit responsible for operating that Air Defense Battery did not "accidentally" fire the missile. Unless they were practicing tracking targets with a live battery, they intended to fire the missile.
We now know that with the exception of the crew and four of the Canadians, every person on the ill-fated flight was of Iranian decent. Many of them were people who visited Iran over the Holiday season and were returning to their lives in Canada and Europe, while several were  students heading back to college.
Is it possible that the plane was specifically targeted? Is it within the realm of reason to believe that possibly the accident story is to cover an intended mass assassination of a person or group of people on the flight?
Iran is in an uproar right now. the death of their terrorist general has thrown the regime into chaos. There have been numerous arrests, and whether that is a long knives sort of deal, or a Reinhard type of search for collaborators in the removal of their terror chief, is hard to say at this point.
The loss of life has sparked protests in the streets and calls for the head demon to resign. Unrest is nothing new there, the unarmed population has been revolting for several years,but unable to rid the world of this curse.
This is crazy talk now. We know President Trump spoke with world leaders prior to the drone strike that killed General Blew Eyes. He spoke with Israel, probably Saudi Arabia, and likely Russia and China. Lets face reality, if Russia, Iran's present Ally, were to take this seriously, the retaliatory strikes would have come from Russia and hit the United States.
Instead, Iran fired a few dozen missiles at two bases in Iraq,and promptly begged for a truce. How many casualties? ZERO How much damage? Not much. What was happening here at home? The Pentagon went home early, and as near as we can tell were not summoned back in the middle of an attack.
Is it possible that President Trump spoke with people high up the food chain in Iran and that they green lighted the removal of their general? Are people in the Iranian Government tiring of the continuous turmoil and wanting to bring an end with out seeming to capitulate? Was the retaliation against our bases that accomplished nothing merely for show?  Then what of the downing of this plane?
Accident? Intentional? Some one on the plane specifically targeted and the rest collateral? Did they anticipate a U.S. response and calculate the timing and destroy 176 lives in misplaced anticipation of a counter strike that never came? A sort of Jusie Smollet type false flag? In the games of spy vs spy, the lives of ordinary people never matter. At this point, I don't believe the shooting down was any kind of accident.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Where is this country heading

Some things are just too weird to have been made up. Gywneth Paltrow is now marketing a candle she claims smells like her vagina. Supposedly a test run of these sold out within hours. My guess would be to old lesbians who haven't douched in a decade or longer or retired fishermen who don't want to have a carp rotting on the coffee table to remember the good old days.
I can just imagine lighting one, being interrupted by an unannounced visitor, and later finding a note on my windshield saying. your wife needs to clean her nether regions...
Gywneth's previous strike at fame was in gifting herself a boy friend. battery operated of course, Possibly because Brad Falchuk doesn't like to smell her coochie?
I'm not trying to be a prude, I enjoy the smell of my wife's pussy, and the taste. I simply find this amusing in a disgusting sort of way. Of course, if you are an incel who is desperate for the odor of a woman, don't let me hold you back. Same thing if you are an imbecile...
I just see this as another sign of the wrong direction our country is heading. It seems we have found a worse course than merely straight down.

Sultans Of Swing

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Nice shooting

As everyone is now aware, Iran shot down a plane that had just departed Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran. The plane, carrying 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians, 10 Swedes, three Germans, three British nationals, and 85 suspected terrorists bound for our northern border was blown from the sky only minutes after departure.
The loss of innocent lives is deplorable and I extend my condolences to the families in Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany and England.
Initially there was good cause to believe the plane was destroyed by actors not of Iranian origin given the accuracy with which they had earlier that night fired upon U.S. installations in Iraq. Mounting evidence though clearly shows that Iran and only Iran was responsible for the loss of  82 innocent souls. The only remaining question is whether they were shooting at the plane, or some other target including imaginary ones.
I guess I could also ask if any of the Germans, Brits and Swedes were actual Germans, Brits or Swedes, or invaders taking a holiday from the havoc now being wreaked across Europe. Maybe I shouldn't.... Guess I did though. Yup, I'm an asshole, but you knew that didn't ya?


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Sunglasses At Night

B-52's? So?

The Daily Wire reported yesterday that President Trump and the Pentagon are moving six B-52 bombers to Diego Garcia in an attempt to communicate to Iran that they need to play nice for once since they over threw the Shah.
As today's events show, that was a waste of time. While the B-52 has proven, over it's nearly 70 year service span that it is a formidable foe, it is not the weapon for this occasion.
In our last attempt to get the attention of Saddam Insane, we dispatched B-2's from Missouri, and stealth Fighters to put on a show in Baghdad that even CNN was shocked by. Sad to say, those kinds of displays of power are wasted on people who believe the moon god spoke to a pedophile thug in the deserts of Arabia, conveying a message that is so convoluted and contradictory as to be laughable.
These people actually believe the satanic verses are a Revelation of GOD and call him a prophet, as if he were the same as Isaiah or Daniel. Sorry, no prophesy in the satanic verses.
They believe it though because they get promised 72 virgins and 24 supply young boys when they die.
If we want to grab their attention, we need to start by eliminating their military power. Target all of their 500 or so military aircraft. blow them to bits.
Next we need to reduce all their nuclear sites to rubble. Make that sand, leave no stone unsmashed. Set their atomic program back eighty years, back to the time before the atom was split.
Then target their boats. With nearly 400 watercraft, their numbers rival our own. Of course, their biggest is an aging frigate, and ours are nuclear powered carriers. We just need to leave them a glass bottomed rowboat so Salami can review the fleet.
The B-52's would send a message if those people used their brains in the same way we do. They don't, sad to say. War with Iran may be inevitable. If that is the case, we need to set simple goals, reduce their ability to make anything, then pack up, go home, and target anything that leaves the country for a decade.
We could, we won't. We will pay the price for not stopping them now.
Today they are firing missiles into Iraq,aimed at our bases. what ever we do will have the donks up in arms. This threatens to cut into Kerry's conduit of money and possibly that of a few other bottom dwellers.
As for the B-52's. we can reduce Iran to rubble with so many different kinds of weapons which would place zero Americans in the line of fire and reduce Iran below third world status that we don't need to put them in the air.
For that matter, we could send in teams of CIA agents and make the chaos of the Iraq insurgency come home to roost. Make Tehran an unconventional war zone for a few years.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Highway Star

One down

A few thoughts on Soleimani. I wanted to learn a little more about ObamAA's little buddy before I talked much trash. I looked him up on wikipedia, and they have a long article on him. As is typical of leftism, it heaped tons of praise on this enemy of all things good. The one thing that jumped out at me though were all the pictures in the articles regarding him, in nearly every one he was either reading the Satanic Verses, or on his prayer rug beseeching the devil.
That puzzled me just a bit. Were the folks at Wiki wanting to convince s that this work of evil was somehow a great religious leader like Al-Baghdadi? Then it occurred to me, he really was that prayerful. He knew full well that his ass was the richest target in the world and that every government not infested with progressive muslim ass kissers wanted him dead in the worst way... It was either that or drink, and alcohol makes you vulnerable, not invincible.
Well, Satan welcomed him home in perfect style, one hell of a fireball. Good riddance.
You can rest assured, his replacement was on the job before the last bits of wreckage from the blast stopped raining down.
To bad we couldn't get another Al-Bigdeadie moment, "and his replacement is.... Dead too."
Don yesterday posted a graphic in his morning highlights of the news. Scroll down to item #4. While essentially correct, we need to keep in mind that Iran is allied with Russia now just as they will be on the end times battle field. We need to remain prepared for the worst outcomes always.
The donks were screaming how this was the start of WWIII. Seriously?  What about their attack on OUR embassy? They were okay with that? Well, the last time Iran attacked an American embassy, we let them have it and keep fifty two Americans as hostages for an incredible 444 days of shame under the leadershit of Jimmy Who? So why should this latest affront be taken so seriously? Carter set precedent after all..... The only good to come from his years in office was that he was replaced by Ronald W. Reagan. Today, in the aftermath of teh won who makes him look competent, we have a new great leader.
So, Soleimani lived forty years longer than he should have. He joined the revolutionary guard after the Shah was overthrown in 1979. Maybe if Carter had done his job back then, thousands of people who Soleimani was responsible for killing would be alive.
One more down, many more yet to go.
Last thing, about Baghdadi, we now know he had a dandruff problem. They found his Head & Shoulders at the other end of the tunnel.

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