Sunday, October 30, 2016

More BS than usual

Since Illary can't muster the strength to go to Cincinnati and campaign, the Democrat office in Warren County had a few ton of her rhetoric delivered. Local shrew Bethe Goldenfield is blaming the republicans, but the county is solidly Republican, and they would see no need to pull a stunt like that. Add in the fact that it has happened before, and the smell becomes under whelming. The democrats have a small play book, and when the tricks repeat cycle after cycle, it tends to be false flags and desperation. Just look at how HiLlARy is constantly blaming the Russians and a vast right wing conspiracy. Heck, she is even trying to hang her attacks on Barry known as the birther movement on Trump.
In this day and age, the chances of a person pulling something like this and not having it recorded on a camera some where are smaller than Jill Steins chances of getting elected. Will we hear the last of this? or will it be swept under the rug?
Besides, I can't see a republican wasting fertilized like that.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Check out the wikileaks stuff

As of today, over 36,000 e-mails have been released from HiLlARy's campaign advisor John Podesta. Only a small percentage, maybe between 1 and 2% contain potentially damning evidence. The rest are pure treason. They were cagey though, although many of her co-conspirators are named up front, the biggest fish are only referred to by their initials. If any one can help in identifying who CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS are, the FBI, also coincidentally the initials of a co-conspirator, can get started on arrests.
There is a list of the top 100, keep an eye on them as with each revelation, the ranking changes. Kinda like college football once conference play begins.
I was intrigued by one revelation, that HiLlARy tampered with the primary campaign of John McInsane, the NVAF flying ace. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought he was a democrat.
Our nation is in serious trouble. We do not have a congress that represents the people. We do not have a press that fairly reports and accurately describes the events of the day. We have people both inside government and outside our nation colluding to destroy The United States and reduce us to third world status. We are the last bastion of freedom, and we are being attacked from within. GOD, help us.

First one

I finally saw a Clinton Kaine bumper sticker today. A friend of mine wanted to pilot his boat to the North end of Tuttle Creek for duck hunting. When the lake levels are low, it is hard to launch a boat up there, so putting in at the southern end and running it north seemed to him the easiest way to get it done. He offered to buy lunch if I would meet him up there and bring him back. Its a beautiful day, so I took him up on the offer.
We'd calculated his arrival time, and to be safe I got there a touch early. Well, nature called, lunch wanted out, so I headed to the public toilets they have there. Modern versions of the old farmer's out house, bring your own paper usually.
As I pulled up, there was a Prius with a Hillary sticker prominently displayed in front and a guy frantically rumaging under the seat. Looking for a napkin, I thought. As I exited my truck, he dashed back in with a hand full of change, screaming, give me a few minutes. I watched in wonder as he then tossed all those coins down the hole.
Staring in wonder, I asked, why did you do that?
I dropped a nickel while I was going potty he said.
Well, why are you throwing more money down there?
Seriously, would you climb down in that for just a nickel?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Something to behold

Saturday, October 22, 2016

This may not end well

I am all in for Trump, there is no doubt about it. He may have said the wrong thing though. Looking back to the second debate, during remarks by the hildabeast, Trump quipped, "You'd be in jail", to the bitch of Benghazi. Those words have bothered me since he said them.
Don't get me wrong, I am in full agreement as are a huge number of Americans who Vote! Video of that moment is all over the intertubes, and people love the heck out of it. The problem there is that it put Barry Soetoro and George Soros on official notice. Barry knew full well about HiLlARy's private server and all the risks that go with tit. They didn't care in 2008 when he anointed her official bribe recipient and they didn't care in 2013 when she slithered aside and John Forgery Ketchup began hos intercontinental bumbling. They didn't care if Russia, Iran, or ISIS got into her server because destroying the United States is their ultimate goal.
They care now because legitimate polling and rally attendance shows that Trump is likely to win in a land slide, and they might not have enough fraudulent votes set up to "fix" it. Barry is not going to hand over the reins easily. He is a beta male, but he is also power hungry, and Soros wants his one world government ASAP.
Barry has made noise about not accepting results that don't compare to the Polls, but we all know the polls a are fixed, and the wikileaks dumps have shown a lot of light on the illegality happening in the executive branch as well as the media collusion. It will be hard for him to hold on to the reins of power in our current climate. an attempt to do so would result in a march on Washington and tar feathers and a rail out of town.
The fighting in Syria has resulted in a lot of head butting between Barry and the Kremlin. Don't rule out a strike against Moscow by the SCoaMF. If he can figure a way to survive a retaliation and keep power, he would do it rather than face prison and eventual deportation once every thing is done. Assuming he does not get a death sentence.
The maneuvering the last few years has also primed us for a civil war. The Socialist Just ASS crowd that supports Barry, and by extension Illary would fight in the streets to help her. Hell, they fight in the streets over a nickel, and value life less than George "Killer" Tiller did. They mat be small in number, but they have government assistance in organizing, and most likely government provided weapons.
Barry has also imported a huge number of islamists who value life less, if it is possible, than the leftards do. The constitute a 100,000 strong army of splodydopes who are so desperate for pussy they are willing to die for a chance at some.
Are we screwed or what? It's time to get our shit together. Don't expect fire works at one minute after midnight on November 9th, although it is possible, expect it to happen at a moment in time when it would be least expected, and hardest to defend from. November through January bring a lot of holiday events and celebration. Watch your step in any crowd. If as HiLlARy says, our nukes can fly in four minutes, that means you have about eight to protect your ass from the moment the Indonesian realizes his ass is grass and Trump has a greens mower with his name on it. Bath house Barry might want to be careful on the links.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Real change

Take a moment and really listen to the start of this video. Where is the hope? Our hope is in the power of GOD working through the hearts of People!
It does not matter if we elect Donald Trump if the heart of we the people are not yearning for GOD. Trump can only change the course of this nation if the people are willing to change. With out fundamental change at street level, this will be all for nothing.
In 1775 the men who would become our nation's fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to create this nation. Donald Trump is doing the same thing. If he loses, he will surely be destroyed. The Clinton Crime Family will not allow him to go on and be a future threat. If they don't kill him, they will bankrupt him, arrest him, and not only him but his family.
The nation we live in today has radically changed from the nation our fathers built, and not for the good. Human life has no value. In places like Chiraq, the black youth kill each other over drugs. Turf wars have claimed several thousand young men there during the reign of Barry Soetoro. Other democrat strong holds are just as bad, just as volatile, just as crazy and they cannot see that they are committing mass suicide by proxy.
Abortion which was to make every baby born a baby wanted has devalued their lives. It has had the opposite effect.
We are seeing a march toward globalism, a march to Armageddon, and not the stupid movie version. The literal final battle.
How far off is it? Will it happen in our lives? I do not know. The flow toward it is relentless. Actions today may slow the progression for a decade or three, but the event is inevitable. The building toward it has been astonishing in the last few years.  Europe is on the brink of collapse as hordes of invaders posing as rapfugees have flooded the countries more thoroughly than the armies of WW2. That caldron of humanity is about to erupt as the flames continue to be fanned by believers in radical islam.
Our nation too is in crisis. Our survival is not guaranteed because the globalists want one world government and they want it now! I do not see them sitting back and idly allowing Trump to thwart them. George Soros is an old man. He want to be king of the world, and knows that eight years of Trump could spell doom for him instead.
Just think about the course our nation is on,  free fall would be slower. We are in a full throttle power dive with Barry at the helm. Switching to HiLlARy won't change a dang thing. Trump will pull us out of the full throttle portion of this, will he pull us out of the dive though? We can only hope.
Hope won't do it though, we must make fundamental change if our nation is to continue. If not, One nation under GOD will become one nation feeling his wrath. GOD, Help us.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Unchained and unchanged

The debate last night was mind blowing. The punditry, the media talking heads and the Washington uniparty establishment all bailed on Trump after the revelations about his locker room talk. Stuff that while bad for a Christian man to say, is soft stuff compared to the verbal sewage that comes out of the HiLlARy camp.
Trump won the nomination not because of the political class, but in spite of them. Yes, we the people are fed up to our eye brows with the politicians especially those who claim to be republicans but act like communists once they get inside the beltway. As soon as he was the clear winner, they all clambered on board. From Mittens to Rancid, they endorsed Trump. Those endorsements came with a price though, control. They started putting their two cents in the pot. Or more correctly, the loaded all their baggage on the Trump train.
That changed with Billy Bushes leak of a tape made nearly a dozen years ago. And thank GOD for that! Republican political scum are now on notice. Trump is coming to town to clean House and Senate.
You can bet your bottom dollar that they will do every thing in their power to stop him. The uniparty will stop at nothing. If they can't impeach him, they will assassinate him, or try. The uniparty has shown their hand. Now it is up to We the People to put a stop to them.
We are in a political cold war. It is not democrat vs republican, it is nationalist vs globalist. The globalists are bent on destroying America. That is why no budget. That is why the various bailouts of the Bush era are repeated year after year and the money squandered. Who has controlled the purse for the last six? Republicans. Who has done nothing to rein in Barry Soetoro? Republicans. Ask your self why. There is only one answer, we have been betrayed by our elected representatives, the courts and president.
Decide what you are going to do, fight or surrender. Standing idly by is surrender. We are not at the point of arms, do not interpret this as a call to arms or a demand for murder. Organize and prepare. Be ready to stand arm in arm with your neighbor and tell Washington we want our country back, if you want socialism, move to Cuba.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Nice try RINOs

A video has surfaced of Donald Trump using salty language regarding women, and quick as a flash the RINOs are jumping ship. Mittens the lackluster says he can never support Trump because of this. He should go back to the communist party where he belongs, girl panties and all. Rancid Prepus and McInsane both jumped as well. After using Trump to survive his primary, he no longer needs to be nice. My hope is that the citizens of Arizona choose commie lite Kirkpatrick over NVA flying ace McInsane on November 8. Yes, it means six years of a worthless demonicRAT in the Senate, but what is different then having John RINO there? Vote AZ, vote him gone.
Same for Wisconsin and Rancid's buttboy Lyin Ryan.
Meanwhile the LSM, the RINO's and all the shills are pointedly ignoring that HiLlARy spent decades demeaning women who were the victims of Worthless Willie.
A lawsuit filed and dumped in California alleging that Trump acted like a Clinton has been refiled in New York. We can be certain there is no meat to this, if there had been, it wold still be alive in California. What is important to note is that allegations regarding Worthless Willie are mirrored in this suit which creates the scenario that It is only a distraction to draw attention away from the truth about ILLary and her blockade running, stamping out the "bimbo eruptions" aka rapes committed by her husband.
So, Rancid, Mittens and McInsane, go voter for ILLary. We know you never planned on supporting an America First Candidate. Take your globalist asses and go away. We the People see you for what you are, disgusting scum.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Even a Hurricane won't do it

Seriously, is clam chowder that bad?