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Thoughts on Songbird

Back in 2007 the uniparty made the decision that the Republican candidate was going to be McStain. even though he lost Iowa by a huge margin, he managed to sneak out a win in New Hampshire garnering 37%. In Michigan he gave his "straight talk" speeches, telling the many unemployed that some jobs just weren't coming back. McRino got to see those jobs come back though when President Trump's stance convinced manufacturers that they could win and profit in America again.
The madprick went to CPAC and tooted his horn, claiming to have begun as a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution. Didn't tell em he was on the other side though.
After receiving the nomination, largely because the other candidates ran out of cash, He chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. Sarah was not well known in many circles. It was known she'd gone through a difficult pregnancy, giving birth to son Trig with Downs Syndrome and that she held strong conservative positions. When her candidacy energized the campaign, Johnny Reb had opposition research done and released that demeaned Mrs Palin. They did every thing in their power to lose with out making it too obvious, but it was obvious.
Johnny had been appointed the job of making sure Barry Soetoro was elected the first dark skinned President. Since he is only 1/16th African, I hesitate to call him an African-American President. The globalists had plans, major ones, and Johnny, like the Recon Platoon in Heartbreak Ridge, had the job of dying spectacularly.
Obozo's tenure ushered in many unconstitutional actions. When President Trump took office, he immediately set out to undo the damage. High on the list was the repeal of Oblow-me-care. It died when the RINO voted against republican interests.
Johnny was allowed to live another year as the cancer destroyed his meager brain offering. during that time he witnessed President Trump's many victories and the repeated defeat of positions he had championed at the behest of his owners in the various interests that form the swamp.
One story I heard this week regards his downing in North Vietnam. It is rumored, but not confirmed, that he was shot down by "friendly fire". By that, the teller did not mean his north Vietnamese buddies either. Again, we may never know the truth, and by now, it does not matter.

LA sucks now

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Twitter? Biased? Whodathunkit?

In yet another revelation about how the masters of the universe view us, it has been revealed that Twitter has even more shadow banning of conservatives including the VP, Mike Pense.
When people attempt to access the twitter app twitter moments and include conservative voices, the app, at least on desk top PCs gives an error message.
Well, how about that? Honesty! The error is in using twitter for anything. OK, granted, it is the medium our President uses to get the truth out since the lame stream media will not tell it, but still, it is just another communist infested means to control people.


Positive Masculinity??? At KU???

If Past is prologue, this is one course that you do not want to attend. Given the yearly performance of the KU football team, that is one university that has no clue what masculinity is or should be. All joking aside, the Socialist Just-Ass Whores  and their idea of what masculinity should be do not square with human nature, genetics or common sense. And you can be 100% certain they don't square with the Bible or with the traditional model of a family.

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I confess

I too failed in the survey to name Supreme Court Justices. The Dead Bitch Walking, Dumb Ass Latina, Braying uber jackass, and Bushy's pet Traitor are NOT acceptable names. They hung up! They hung up on me before I could list all eight since Kennedy is no longer giving the liberals a regular vote against humanity.
If they call next year maybe I'll start with the conservatives instead of the ones who give me heart burn.

Get rid of em

Back in the 60's the Catholic Church had a problem. Young men were not seeking the Priesthood. They had applications from a number of admitted homosexuals, and the church leaders reasoned that celibate is celibate so whether a man was strait of a homosexual, it would not matter.
That decision is coming back to haunt them. Those gay priests are getting older and some are now in positions of authority.
The church has had a longstanding problem of child molestation. It has tried to sweep some of it under the rug, but the bulge just got more and more noticeable.
Incidentally, they also accepted people who were atheists who were only looking for a way to avoid the draft. Does anybody see a serious problem developing??? These people were not preaching faith, they were injecting their own pogroms into the Catholic pulpits.
Some of the things coming out of the Vatican make me wonder if Pope Francis is the product of such evils. Has Satan taken over the Catholic Church?
Not completely. Some people are calling on Archbishop William Gregory to remove those who are part of that culture.
The Bible is clear on the subject. From the earliest writings, homosexuality has been condemned. Early Jews were told to execute those who were homosexuals. I am not calling for mass killing of queers. Christians should not be accepting of homosexual behavior. They should be treated in the same fashion as murderers robbers, rapists etc. By the way, adulterers should also be treated in like manner.
I'm not perfect, and I know I'm not perfect. Pal admonished the church to throw out sinners who refuse to change their ways. Instead, today, the church is accepting the LGBT life style and GOD's message is being polluted by them.

Long twin silver line

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Hard way everytime

Why socialist media is shutting down conservatives

I dumped Farcebook back in 2012. Every group I joined was shut down for "hate speech" within a few days. I quickly realized that Barry's influence stretched far. I never joined twitter, but heard about the same stuff happening there.
Conservative blogs have noted that well over 75% of news reports about President Trump are negative. Even Fox News has had reports critical of him. Then again, that is not really a surprise. While liberals view Fox as a far right outlet, the truth is they are merely the furthest right liberal news organization. FOX IS NOT RIGHT WING. on the net there are better sources, Daily wire, Breitbart, One America News, but even these are not 100% backing our President. Nor should they be. We need honest reporting and that means telling when the POTUS screws up.
The good news is, the average voter aint buyin it no more. The bad news is, the media, to compensate, are going further left in their extremism and that has hammered their credibility. Smart people are increasingly turning to social media to get the truth they seek. That is why the leftists are slamming us so hard.
This is all about mind control. In Orwell's 1984, you were under the watchful eye of big brother 24/7. It is physically impossible to do that. In Rollerball, they simply rewrote history. Every thing was digital, there were no longer paper books. When Johnathan went looking for a certain book, it was down for repair.
If they can control what we read, they can control our outputs.
Pitsnipes asked why he was linked by investment watch blog So I took a look. They have plenty of conservative content. So, one more source to add to the list of sites to consider when searching for the truth.
Google, who owns blowspot, is controlled by interests in Red China. Don't expect blogs here to be happily listed in the searches for the truth, we too will be suppressed when the big interests feel it is time to put the thumbs on us.
This is a war of information, and right now we are losing because we won't play dirty in the way the left has no problem with playing. Their goal is one world government, and they will stop at nothing to achieve it. They are systematically destroying Europe. Free speech is dead in nearly all of Europe. You cannot call islamic terrorism islamic terrorism. You cannot speak the truth there, and we here in the United States are on the same road marching the same direction and only a step or two behind.
We don't fight dirty, so we lose. The choice is stoop to their level and become them, or lose.  I am a believer in GOD, and accept the scripture as truth. When we stoop to their level, we become them. Knowing what is foretold in Daniel and Revelation as well as in the major prophets who wrote about end times things, I know that most of us will hold onto our morals and not go their route.
When we lose truth in media, when we are no longer able to access truth via the sources in the internet who successfully filter the mind numbing BS the media puts out, we need to access the OFF button and steer away from the lies and deception lest we too fall victim. Dr Tim Groseclose wrote about it several years ago. listening to the decepticons puts each of us at risk because we might begin to believe them. Not a good place to be.  The liars are smooth talking. They could deceive the very elect of GOD if allowed. Truth is dead. Lets not join it.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

No native Germans?

Actually, he may be right. Germany's President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier Said it to a group of Turkish residents meeting in Berlin.
World Wars one and two did a pretty good job of decimating the population of Germany. The young and able-bodied men went off to fight and ultimately die in far off lands while the women children and old folks remained home to be blown apart by daily and nightly bombing raids. When it all was over, Germany was occupied by American, British, French, Canadian and Russia troops, mostly horny young men, far from home, wives, girlfriends, with time to waste, money to blow, and enough dick to make prostitution the number one money maker. I exaggerate just a little.
That occupation continued for several generations, so if your great grandmother was a "pure German" in 1945, your grandmother was a half German half American girl who had fifteen "uncles" who stopped by to comfort mom and eventually her. Thus, your mother was 1/4 German, 1/4 American,  and half Canadian and you dear child are 1/8th German, 1/8th American, 1/4 Russian, and half Turk because they imported people to do the real work some years back... Just be glad you're not part French.

The traitor is gone

I have not had many kind words to say about John McInsane, and I am not about to start now. The obstructionist died today, good riddance.
The sad part is, the Governor of Arizona will likely appoint some one just as bad to take his place. One source several weeks ago said it would be Cindy, his trophy wife.
I understand a group of former POWs is forming to caravan to his funeral. Plans are for each member to pour a six pack of cheap Vietnamese beer on his grave. They will of course, drink it first.

How about a little more Cash?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Drip Drip Drip

For quite some time now, nearly every conservative site has had tidbits of information regarding the working inside the swamp. Much data has been unearthed by FOIA requests, and while the DOJ and FBI strenuously fight to withhold information, enough of it is getting leaked that a picture is being painted, a map drawn, an organizational chart discovered of the inner working of the derp state. The monster is being revealed. It is menacing, it is leviathan, it has many heads, many tentacles, and it is rooted deep inside much of our government. Don Surber posted a little bit about that. Do you think we had any say in what the last four presidents did to this nation? Four fingers of the same hand, and to think, I actually liked Bush for a while after 9-11.
Drip drip.
It wasn't that long ago we saw corrupt Strzok removed from the Mueller team. Now he has been removed from the FBI. Sad to say, he wasn't the only one and he probably wasn't the worst one either. His departure took a painfully long time. Why?
Drip drip.
Comey was a known bad actor for many years. he was appointed to the director of the FBI. His ties to Mueller's FBI while he was at Lockheed Martin, and the various no bid contracts that flowed along with mega amounts of cash, are now part of the unearthed workings.
Drip drip.
Ask yourself, how many people can become millionaires on a government check, then look at how the bank accounts of so many of the Washington establishment have swollen over the years. Public service has become plundering.
Drip drip.
With all the names that have been posted by Sundance at TCH, Stacy at the other McCain, Doug Ross @ Journal, and so many of the other bloggers as well as legitimate news sites like Daily Wire, Breitbart, One America News, and others, you would think the end was in sight. SOme how, I get the feeling we are a long way from knowing the depth of the depravity.
Drip drip.
President Trump called out AG sessions yesterday in a series of tweets. Is he really doing nothing? Is he one of the deep state, is he owned? is he compromised? All the while known criminal Mueller is running around Washington running his mouth and attacking any one and every one who might help the President fight the corruption. He is covering his ass and that of Clinton as well as Barry and his host of dirty players. Some of this may go back to Bush 41 and possibly even to the Reagan years.
Mueller got his start in 1989 during the first Bush era. To be clear, I am not attempting to imply that Reagan was in any way connected, but to note that during his administration, Ted the Turd Kennedy, murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne, slithered off to Russia and colluded with them to oppose Reagan's initiatives which eventually toppled the evil empire and freed millions. Yup, Russian collusion, and a democrat. Whoda thunk it?
Two groups oppose President Trump and his mission to drain he swamp. First of course are the liberal communists we affectionately call democrats, and the second is the military industrial complex who would be out of money with out an evil empire to oppose. Remember the Comey - Lockheed Martin / Mueller - FBI contracts? Yeah, THAT military industrial complex.
Drip drip.
So who is controlling Sessions? I don't see him as owned by the commie Democrats, but do others in the deep state have dirt, enough serious dirt to keep him on the porch? At some point we should have seen criminal charges. Names like Lisa Page and Pete Strzok should be headlines along with arrests, bond hearings, plea deals, naming handlers, but you are not seeing it, and you won't see it if you only read the main stream media.
I wish I could tell you the delays are part of President Trump's plan to further expose the workings of the deep state and drain the swamp. They may be, or they may be resistance from people with in his administration who are controlled by the deep state and on whom Mueller and fiends have dirt or are holding something to control their actions.
Drip drip.
Do you feel my frustration? This is like watching a master play chess. You see what looks like an easy path to victory, but the master passively ignores it. you want to point and shout. You wonder, does he not see it? But maybe he does, and maybe he knows a trap you do not see. Remember, masters don't usually play anything but other masters. President Trump is a master. is he the ultimate master? With Lil Kim falling, and China failing, who will be left for the deep state to use to hold us hostage? They too are at heart socialists, waiting for the day that we run ou of other people's money.
GOD, bless President Trump. May he indeed be the Master we need as our nation divides between those who would follow you and those led off by other masters.

Sink the Bismark

The Bismark was comissioned 24 August 1940 Her one and only voyage began on 19 May 1941. On 24 May 1941 the Bismark was engaged by the Prince of Wales and HMS Hood. Hood was sunk in mere minutes taking all but three of her 1,419 men with her to the bottom.

The British had their back to the wall. The United States was not yet in the war, so England mobilized every possible fighting ship to find and sink the Bismark. The final battle commenced on 27 May. The Royal Navy had King George V, Rodney, Norfolk and Dorsetshire. Between these four ships, they fired more than 2,800 shells from their main guns scoring 400 hits. The Rodney also fired two torpedo's, one of which is believed to have hit. If so, this is the only know engagement in which a battleship torpedoed another battleship.
In 1941 the Nazi's had reached the pinnacle of their power. Shortly after the loss of the Bismark, Germany invaded Russia setting the stage for their eventual defeat. It would not be until 2009 that the Nazi's would again hold any semblance of power, this when George Soros' puppet Barry was elected pResident of the United States. Had the bumbling nincompoop been even half competent, this praticular breed of socialism would again be rearing it's ugly head in  the form of HiLlARy.
Just as the fool Carter gave way to Reagan, this jug eared nitwit gave way to President Trump.

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Dumber and Dumber

Deranged actor Jim Carrey has reached yet another new low, and it doesn't involve his poor acting skills. Once again though it is his hobby as a painter that should have the left groaning. Unfortunately, they are not. Considering that they nominated HiLlARy, and still have Nancy P. Lousy as House minority leader, should we expect them to be concerned that prominent members of their party have a persistent death fantasy regarding the man who is destroying Barry's legacy of government encroachment and over reach?
Carrey is probably best known for his role in which he had to up his game significantly in order to play a character several orders of magnitude smarter than him, Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber. Then again, gravel is several orders of magnitude smarter than Jim is.
I fear that some day we will read that Jimbo did an attempt at a John Hinkley impersonation. Hopefully the Secret Service will put him down in a humane manner before that, or at least put him in a sanitarium where they can use sufficient high voltage and drugs to get his brain back to some semblance of normal.
Or he could just move to Oregon and get on their assisted suicide program.

You may talk of Gin and beer

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Another "D" lister dissing Trump

Michael Shannon, an under educated actor from a broken home made the news by claiming that President Trumps only thoughts are "I want some pussy and a cheeseburger." Mike shows his cognitive abilities there, let me tell you. This guy whose claim to fame is playing second rate bad guys in films no one should waste their time viewing, imagines he knows what a man who has made billions is thinking. To his credit, I recognized several of the films he is reported to have been in. Have not bothered wasting time watching any of them. Pearl Harbor??? Why bother with a remake when the original was so grand? Heck, the names alone are enough to make me not want to see them. Eight mile? Was eight miles too hard to spell? The shape of water? dude, it is a fluid.
Mike, if being President is so dang easy, why did Barry and friends tell us not long after he was elected that it was too big for one man? (Hint: It's because the one you all elected was the one man who could not handle it.)
Did Barry bring home jobs? No. In fact, he intentionally killed many jobs.
What did Barry get in return for the millions in cash he gave the Iranians? More world terrorism, we know what they spent it on.
President Trump has shown clearly that he is the Master of The Art of the Deal. He has clowns like you and DeZero chasing his tweets like a cat chasing a laser pointer. And he artfully makes fools of you and the media every day.
It is possible you are right though, he may only think about Pussy and Cheeseburgers. All the rest of the winning seems to come second nature to him.
Oh, and Mike, Where is your star on the walk of fame? Right next to Kathy Griffin? BWAHAHAHAHA

Even in the 80's the news was not worthy of respect

Today in History

August 20, 1986, Patrick Sherrill guns down fourteen of his coworkers, then commits suicide, giving us the term; going postal. The correct term should have been; Fuckin Okies.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Some Cash Gospel

Trump is wrong

I hate to do it, but I must call out the President for his tweet. The President lashed out at the New York Slimes, and rightly so over their mischaracterizations regarding People cooperating with the Mueller Sedition. In doing so though, he called it McCarthyism.
NO. IT. IS. NOT. Senator McCarthy went after real communists who were infesting, and still do infest our government, the media, and Hollywood. There were real traitors, real criminals, real bad actors attempting to over throw or undermine the government. Mueller's probe is not McCarthyism and Mueller is not McCarthy. Mueller is the sort of scum that McCarthy set out to get rid of.
While McCarthy was ridiculed and given a bad name, his was a noble attempt to save our Nation from the Evil that today pervades the democrat party, the media, Hollywood, and too many of the lobbyists in Washington.

Anti-American Airlines is at it again... Still?

A church youth group bound for Mexico made the mistake of booking their flight on American. True to their style of being the worst thing flying, American screwed them bigly. The group arrived arrived at the airport at 5:58 am nearly two hours ahead of their scheduled 7:54 departure time. The fine folks who make American the worst brand in aviation today turned the processing into a fiasco.
To Americans credit, none of the kids were beaten senseless, nor killed for that matter, they just were not allowed on their flight.
Lets think about this, The airline spent more time offloading the baggage that they would have spent in allowing the kids and their pastor to board. Instead, the group was forced to spend more money to book a hotel for the night and breakfast in the morning. Thank GOD they only managed to loose three bags... And no kids.
American Airlines, the CNN of aviation.


Communist CNN and a number of other extreme left news altering organizations demanded to know the names and home addresses of the Jury in the Manafort show trial. What began as a desperate act of intimidation by Mulears and his goon squad of HiLlARy loyalists is sinking fast as the enormous lack of facts has been laid out. The Propaganda wing of the Communist party has kicked it in the rear out of desperation.
The jury is not sequestered. Let that sink in. Every member is home for the weekend, and you can bet your last dollar that they have all heard what CNN and the enimedia are pulling. Wives, children, friends, take your pick, each of them have seen and heard about it. They all know CNN doxed the Obama Clown, and went after the guy who made the video mocking them. Every one of them is aware they live in a region populated with the lowest form of liberal scum, and every one of them is certain to be aware of how conservative speakers have been targeted by the fascist brownshirts who call themselves antifa.
My bet is the jury returns Monday and informs the judge that they feel threaten and intimidated by this set of events and then declares they cannot render a verdict in good conscience out of fear for their family members or neighbors.
Now, if I was Manafort, and that happened, I'd probably gamble and ask for a bench trial based on the evidence as presented and bet that T.S. Ellis renders a not guilty on all counts.
As for CNN, their actions to intimidate the jury are about as low as you can go. Yes, we have freedom of the press, But there needs to be something done when they use the power of the news room to alter outcomes rather than reporting in a fair and balanced manner. Some of them should be jailed, and if there is any evidence that Mueller or a member of his cabal had anything to do with them making this bad decision, shut them down, disband them, jerk their security clearances, then direct Session to appoint a new task force and special counsel.
Yes, I want the Russian interference probe done. I want the world to know whether HiLlARy and her team colluded with foreign powers in an attempt to thwart the will of the American people. And then I want Mueller in Jail for aiding and abetting her.

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Thousands of college students may die

A gang of thieves has reportedly stolen $100,000 worth of Ramen noodles. I am flabbergasted! How big a truck does it take to haul $100,000 worth of Ramen noodles? Is such a rig legal to operate on American roads? I know they have land trains in Australia, but would they be large enough?
I suppose the flip side of this is it could be a group of millennials, tired of playing grand theft auto, and having worked up an appetite, decided to get extra of their favorite meal. Then again, are millennials ambitious enough? Do they have the attention span to pull it off?
In the mean time, If you have extra Ramen noodles laying about, consider donating them to a nearby college. If you don't, simply put a few old shoe laces in a bag, they won't know the difference.


Jay Austin, a delusional millennial who mistakenly believe that there is no such thing as evil met it face to face in Shitholistan. Jay and his girlfriend Lauren Geoghegan were in a group of four bicycling in Tajikistan who were run down then stabbed and shot by moderate muslims.
Austin had blogged:
“You read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place,” Austin wrote.
“People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil.”
“I don’t buy it,” he continued. “Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own… By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind.”
Surprise!!! Mooslimes believe every one who does not believe EXACTLY like them is evil. That includes pedophile worshipers from different sects. Four other members of the cyclist group survived, three with injuries.
When was the last time you heard of an Amish doing something like this? Okay, okay, how about a militant Lutheran? Yet these are the people the democraps want to import in greater numbers, and these are also part of what is flowing over our southern border.
None of that though will matter to Jay and Lauren who won't be able to accept their Darwin awards in person.

Against the Wind

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What the heck???

Liberal New Mexico judge, Sarah Backus, has decided that the people who were possibly training small children to launch attacks in schools should be released on minimal bail, $20,000 each.
When you consider that the body of a small child, possibly Ibn Wahhij's 3 year old son, and the cause of death is either neglect, or abuse, you have to wonder if Sarah Backus should even be practicing law. maybe a stint as a garbage collector wold suit her and protect the public.
Lets think about this for a moment, training future terrorists, associated with a suspicious death, accused of abducting the deceased child, and they are letting him out? Any bets he is gone in two weeks?
This is as bad as the judge in California who let professor bike lock walk with probation. Yes boys and girls, liberals are the enemy of humanity, not merely their mouth PiecesOS' in the press.

He may not be, but I sure am

Celebrating another year with a wonderful woman. Six so far.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Fire Lake

We need to take them seriously

Communist Ocasio Cortez and Socialist Sanders were dealt a stunning defeat in ultra liberal Hawaii. The democrat electorate there passed over Ryan Saavedra whom Alexandria went to Hawaii to endorse, and then forgot to introduce and instead chose a fiscally conservative democrat. Seriously, Fox News says Ed Case is a fiscal conservative. We have republicans who are not fiscal conservatives, too many in fact.
In 1921, the fledgling NSDAP the predecessors to the Socialist democrats of Cortez and Sanders, were nothing but a bunch of disorganized agitators constantly running afoul of the law. Twelve years later, they were ruling Germany. Germany had many political parties, and in 1933, while the Nazis did not have a majority, they were the dominant group of  thugs.
During the 2016 election we saw the same style of thuggish behavior coming from the sanders wing of the democrat party. It was his supporters out beating people up, smashing windows, burning cars and being common terrorists. HiLlARy's people were busy stuffing ballot boxes, bribing officials with funds from Russia, and stealing primaries while her foreign supporters were creating the conFusion GP(o)S dossier.
In Nazi Germany, the riffraff were disaffected former soldiers. Today it is college kids who have been fed a pack of lies in school from the time they hit kindergarten to the day they found out their degree in gender or race studies was worthless.
Academia is set in destroying the United States because we are so evil. Seriously, they believe that. Never mind that the majority of people who would like to move from their present locality want to come here, a clear sign we are not the evil empire. How many boats of dreamers landed in Venezuela this week? Heck, how many this year? Same number, zero. The only people I see wanting to go to Cuba are the Hollywood elite and child molesters. Yes, Cuba is a prime destination for people who crave kids.
Right now the criminal element are a small lot, but like in Germany, a small change of events could easily catapult them to power. All it would take is a shift in congress like we saw in 2006 when the dems gained control and crashed the economy which led to Barry and the eight years of hell we are now recovering from.
We need to take them as seriously as they take themselves. They are a threat, and they have no morals.

Lost a friend

I worked with Dale Duncan for sixteen years. When I started at Parker, he was an auxiliary. His job was to know every job in the place and be able to fill in when and where needed. Dale and I were together on second shift, and when I moved to the mill department, He would sometimes assist, especially when we had over time which was often.
I got caught in the mill one night. We'd stayed over to finish a run. I was feeding remill into the machine, and part of the rubber snagged the knee safety, then pulled tight on my hand, spinning it into the rollers. That night, dale was running a panner on the far side of the plant. When the siren sounded, something sparked in him, and while most of the other people stood and looked on, he sprinted across the building, immediately applied pressure to slow the blood squirting from my destroyed fingers, then got me down on the floor and monitored me for signs of shock.
I was in serious pain, but Dale kept with me, talking to me and distracting me from the grievous damage to my hand. When medics arrived, he continued to assist, and was one of the hands that lifted the gurney into the ambulance.
I learned later, that after the doors closed, one of the other workers commented, "Well, that's the last we'll see of him."
Dale would have nothing of that, and told the guy flat out that I would be back, and three months later, I was. When I heard the story, I went and asked him why he was so confident. He said it was simple, I never got mad, I didn't cuss and scream about my injuries, I kept a sense of humor through the whole incident, and he sensed determination in me.
After returning to work, I did a stint as a material handler, then advanced to running extrusion equipment. about that time, they had an opening for foreman, and Dale was one of many in the running. As the field narrowed, he stayed in the pack, and when the position was announced, it went to Dale.
Dale was a great foreman. He would listen to people, and after I became a maintenance man, he and I worked closely on many projects suggested by the employees which improved product and operations, and made life easier for every one.
Dale was also homophobic, not that that is a bad thing, but in his position, it made it easy and fun to mess with him. The first time I saw him having a bad night, I patted him on the shoulder, and he nearly went through the roof. Yes, I capitalized on that. One night though, he was showing signs of a very bad time, so I sat down and asked what was wrong. It turned out his young daughter had been playing in the yard a few days prior, and had encountered a rabid skunk. She wasn't bitten, but still had to endure the rounds of shots which are miserable. Dale was struggling and feeling like he'd failed her. When I patted his shoulder that night, He looked me in the eye and told me that for once, the kindness was appreciated. He said he felt like I cared, and I did.
Dale always enjoyed a good joke, and I had a ton of em. He in turn had many stories about life and living in Kansas. Dale enjoyed hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. He always seemed to take life in stride.
Dale passed in his sleep Thursday night or Friday morning. No cause of death reported yet, I would speculate a heart attack. He was just shy of his 58th Birthday.

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Conway That's my Job

Hollywood loves you

The uneducated and uneducatable elitists of the left coast bubble are taking to twitter again to mock ridicule and condemn people who didn't vote the way they wanted them to vote. They were especially hard on the green party people who are liberal at heart, but obviously want nothing to do with the hate fest of communism.
Remember all this in the weeks and month ahead. These people are going to up the game. You are going to see more anger coming from this crowd as support for their openly communist agenda is turned away by common people, us deplorables, in swing states, and frankly in swing counties through out the nation.
I'm not the only one fed up with these leftards. It is easy to send them a message that will get through though, quit going to movies, quit watching their drivel on TV and the internet, and quit buying from he companies who actively support left wing causes like Frito Lay and Budweiser.
My television is switched OFF. If I watch anything, it is OANN, One America News Network.

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Today in History

IN honor of the day, I will be preparing supper in the microwave. The bombing of Hiroshima killed between 90,000 and 126,000 people. A horrific number, but keep in mind, the fire bombing of Tokyo on March 9-10 killed 100,000 people in a single night. That raid, followed closely by the bombing of Nagasaki brought about the surrender of Japan and likely spared millions of Japanese lives and the estimated million soldiers and Marines it would have taken to invade the Japanese mainland.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Celebrating Barrack ObamAA- Day the Chicago way

The good folks of Chi-congo celebrated Barry the Kenyan born Indonesian's 57th Birthday in a spectacular way. Between 5PM on Friday and Noon on Sunday, at least 57 people were shot to commemorate the 57th birthday of the worst President ever, which none of the other 57 states seemed all too interested in celebrating. Forty were shot of which four were killed on Sunday mourning alone.
Yup, the people in Chiraq know how to throw a party. I'm surprised they have not run out of ammo.

Flying Purple People Eater

We dodged a bullet make that a needle

With President Trump effectively gutting Obozo Care, The Patient Protection (removal) and (un)afordable Care Act we are no longer on track to become like the Netherlands where a woman was recently forcibly euthanized. The woman had dementia and was past the point of being able to make rational decisions, so her doctor made it for her, forcing her  relatives to assist in holding her down while she was given lethal injection for the crime of being old and having dementia. The drug companies won't sell the pharmaceuticals needed for a lethal injection execution of a criminal, but seem to have no problem letting a doctor do the same thing to an innocent elderly woman.
If you hadn't realized, you are trapped in the galactic insane asylum. Good luck escaping with your life.

PLease don't tell them

Vegan diets are not healthy. Humans were designed to be omnivores, not herbivores. From our teeth on down, our system is designed to process meat, something that goes with being on TOP of the food chain.
One thing vegans and vegetarians don't get is enough vitamin B-12. A lack of B-12 leads to numerous problems, among them are, fatigue, irritability and other mood changes, memory loss, and pale skin. But these symptoms can escalate to more serious issues such as vision loss and even psychosis, imbalance, and paralysis. B-12 deficiency is also known to raise the risk of developing depression, dementia, cardiovascular disease, stroke and even cancer.
Fatigue? Irritability? Psychosis? Sounds like the average democrat to me. You can be sure the vast majority of vegans and vegetarians are left of center politically.
For infants a lack of B-12 puts them at risk for brain and spinal deformities and damage. Whereas, a study just out from the Harvard School of Public Health reports that the children of women given B-12 supplements during pregnancy and in the weeks immediately after birth score higher on expressive language tests at age 2 ½. I can't help but wonder if there is a tie to the rise in cases of ADHD and Autism.
The problems associated with a B-12 deficiency are made worse when folic acid is increased. The government mandates folic acid be added to grains and cereals.
So, the next time some lefty gets all in your face, rather than taking it personal, offer to set down with them over a hamburger and a milkshake, and they can explain why they are right. The B-12 might restore their sanity.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Can we deport her?

The radical POS who was arrested for climbing the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day is another import. Therese Okoumou slithered out of the Congo about ten years ago. Yesterday, she stood outside the Manhattan Court House and spewed more anti America Rhetoric. If America is so bad, why doesn't she hop on a plane and go back to the Congo?
Well, part of the problem is that she is using the Courts to make a living here. She has sued several employers or organizations for racial discrimination. In other words, she is a Professional con-artist. The type of person who would be an ultra liberal.
I would be willing to bet that when she actually does to trial that she will again play the worn out race card. If she doesn't like America, she should leave. The Congo really isn't that bad of a place. I'd bet Joseph  Kabila would welcome her with open arms... Or open Fire.
I am not anti immigration. All I ask is that people coming here respect our laws, Constitution, and adopt our culture.
If they want to be criminals, they are not welcome.
If they want to be political activists, they are not welcome.
If they want to change our society, they are not welcome.
If they expect a hand out, they are not welcome.
Therese needs to work on making her native home a better place and leave America to us.

Big Sweet John

 I worked for a while with a guy whom everyone called Big Bad John. He was a big fellow, strong, and not given to much BS. He trained me to run a mill, and on the last day of my training, we pushed hard and set a new process record for an eight hour shift. John's official title was auxiliary 1, and he was shifted around through departments to cover when people were sick, or when there was a bottle neck.
While I said John wasn't given to much BS, I'm not saying he didn't have a sense of humor. He had that twinkle in his eye that just let you know he could deal a joke as good as anyone. He was a stickler for following the rules and believed in safety.
Well, one day, I opined that he wasn't big bad John, but big sweet John... He also had a heart of gold. John had never heard of Ben Colder, so I found a recording and brought it to work for him. Well, he took it home.
The next morning he walked in  to the lunch room, right up to me, and told me the only reason I still had teeth was because the company couldn't afford to lose both of us on the same day.
John was running fork lift that day. I typically went through 4,000 lbs of rubber in a shift which equated to five or more boxes of raw compound, and John was the one delivering it.
Somewhere around box three, he stopped his truck and began laughing at me. "I had you going..."
Sorry John, you didn't. You had so much laughter in your eyes you weren't sputtering from anger, but from laughter. His girlfriend told me he listened to the dang song about ten times and was laughing all night about it.
People took John seriously though, and the next time he was running the mill with me every eye was watching to see if I got stuffed bodily through the machine.
This is a video of a 60" rubber mill. Bigger than the one we ran, but very similar operation.

With ours, we were feeding a calender which would run the rubber out in a continuous strip like toilet paper. It was then cooled and rolled up, sliced, and used in making hose.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Time after time

Baker street

Beyond twisted

Stan Zimmerman is directing a modernized version of the Diary of Anne Frank. Make that perversion. His play is about a family of illegals in Los Angeles. The father is arrested and deported. A Jewish woman with misplaced loyalties decides to hide and shelter the wife and two daughters.
Supposedly a true story.
Lets compare, shall we?
Anne Frank was born in Germany, but became stateless after Hitler rose to power. The Frank family then moved legally to the Netherlands.
Zipper's family are Mexicans who entered the United States illegally.
Germany invaded the Netherlands.
The United States has not invaded Mexico although a huge contingent of Mexicans has invaded the United States.
Jews arrested by the early 20th century version of the democrat party were sent to slave labor camps where those fit to work were forced to slave long hours, fed unsuitable rations and basically worked to death while those deems to young or unfit to work were sent to gas chambers, execution pits, or killed by other various and cruel means.
Mexicans arrested in the United States under immigration laws are given fair trials, allowed numerous appeals, and barring a successful appeal, returned to their country of origin from which they usually return in a matter of weeks.
Jews who could, fled Germany and occupied Europe.
Mexicans are fleeing to the United States in spite of these supposed nazi like atrocities.
Anne Frank's father was the only survivor of the family.
Zimmerman's brood are free to rejoin dad anytime they want back home in Mexico.
Of the approximately 107,000 Jews deported from the Netherlands, only about 5,000 survived. An estimated 30,000 Jews remained in the Netherlands.
Of the Approximately 107,000 Mexican illegals who cross our borders monthly, ICE has killed fewer than 1,000 and then only when physically threatened and assaulted. OK, those numbers are a little over the top. How many times in the last year have you heard of border jumpers being shot? I can just about guarantee that we've killed exactly zero who were heading SOUTH.

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Loved this video.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tell me this isn't a mental disorder

Clueless Chloe Wright, an enraged HiLlARy supporter, rammed a vehicle because it had a Trump sticker displayed on it. The psychotic woman then sped off, unconcerned that she had caused physical damage and possibly injured some one.
With idiot leftards like Mad Maxipad Waters and Retard Rob Whiner increasingly calling for violence against Conservatives, things are going to continue to spiral to real shooting in this ongoing civil war.
Contrast how the left reacts with how conservatives react after an election. When Bush won, we were treated to eight years of "Not my President", and complaining about everything he did, and he wasn't even a conservative,  just a liberal spender with an "R" next to his name because he is pro-life.
Did you see Conservatives acting like that when Kenyan born Barry Soetoro of Indonesia was elected? No, we had to be to work in the morning, and even after he was reelected, we gritted our teeth and moved on. What choice was there? The two candidates the establishment of the party force fed us were nearly  as disgusting as Barry.
Now, after eight years of the most inept communist the nation has ever seen, we get a true conservative, and the left is going batshit crazy. Remember your history? the democrats acted the same way the last time a real conservative won the White House. No, Not Reagan, Lincoln.
OK, a bit over the top, but the people who are liberals cannot grasp the concept of fairness and equality. Sure, they lend it lisp service, but they do not mean a word of it. They call us dolts, idiots, and every name in the book. Sure, I treat them the same way when I type here, but I don't throw feces at them in public, don't slash tires on their vehicles nor ram the car of some loser who still has a Barry bumper sticker from 2008. Yes, they can, too bad they didn't.
Correction, than GOD they didn't. Had Barry been competent, he'd have crushed candidate Trump with his withering attacks from the FBI and DOJ. He failed, and we now have a real conservative making real conservative changes and getting real America strong results. Along with that, we get crazies like Clueless Chloe, is she related to the nutty Reverend by chance??? Wright.
Right now I am grateful that Massive-clue-less has strict gun laws instead of the ones like we enjoy here in Kansas. As I've noted before, we base our stance on gun ownership on the people we know. Most conservatives don't rub elbows with liberals and thus don't know anyone they would not trust with a gun. By contrast, most liberals are folks like Chloe, and nobody wants a ditsy bitch like that to have even a sharp knife.

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