Monday, August 31, 2015

The hunt is on!

7000 additional Clinton E-mails were released and thousands of over weight women pounced crashing the server. They all want answers to the same question; what yoga routines did cankles use? Its important to know which ones to avoid.

One a more serious note, the Russians are not the least bit concerned. They have known what she had for the last seven years.

Choose one

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Change I could believe in

Suicide, has to be suicide

Tobias Strebel was found dead in a Motel 6 room in San Fernando. Strebel reportedly spent in excess of $100,000 on surgery to make him look like Justin Bieber.
I cannot help but wonder, did the suicide happen in a moment of clarity? or did he have Bieber so much that this was his way of striking out?
Strebel has appeared on several shows including Botched. I guess if he looked like Bieber, the surgery was indeed botched.
In any case, Strebel is dead. The bad news is that Bieber is not.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Charlie said

Charlie Daniels pulled only a few punches in a scathing letter to congress. He was polite, or at least more polite than they deserve.
I wouldn't be that nice. Not that it matters, I won't ever get the audience Mr Daniels does.

Just a sample: The courageous politicians that once championed this nation have been replaced, for the most part, by a breed of milksop, politically correct, scared of their own shadow, pushover, pathetic excuses for public servants who are supposed to be representing a constituency of citizens who have to live with the circumstances of their timid folly.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Falling fast, where is the bottom?

Jeb the joker has been Trumped, and things are not looking good for the GOPe pick to be the next RINO to misrepresent the Republican party. Sundance at Conservative Tree House early on stated that the Chamber of Communists plan was to force Jeb down our throats in the same way McInsane and Mittens were during the last two election cycles. For that matter, ad W to their list of Republicans who were NOT conservative. If the road map Sundance outlined had been followed, they could have vominated Jeb with only 20% of registered republicans supporting him through the application of splitters.
Jeb has been in a nose dive though as voters learn about him and are repulsed by his sheer stupidity, and his lack of ANY conservative values. He is in favor of Oblowme care, happy with common core, and ecstatic about amnesty for illegals and doing every thing the demonics want to keepthe flow coming.
People are referring to them as the uniparty because there is no discernible difference between the establishment GOP and the communists.
I'm still not completely sold on Trump, but Cruz is getting shaky. He is not taking a firm stand on the issues that We the People hold near and dear. rather he is hemming and hawing and almost spitting out the CoC mantra verbatim.
People are hoping the GOP will have a come to Jesus moment. Don't hold your breath. These people are as evil as Planned Parenthood. They would rather burn a dollar then give you a nickel. All they care about is getting richer while making us poorer. Think the bet in the movie Trading Places. Kind of like that except they are not Murphy and Akroid, and we are not the Ameche or Bellamy. They are real, this is serious, and the stakes are the destruction of the experiment known as These United States.
Pray. Does the writing on the wall say Mene Mene Tekel Parsin?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Quite a make over.

Gaffer Joe, the bumbling incompetent who makes Obozo look sane, barely, and is also his insurance against an assassination attempt has come out of hiding. Not much has been seen of the Walter double for quite some time leading to speculation that neither brain cell was able to control his mouth any more.
There is no evidence one way or the other, but my guess is that Joe has been in Bethesda Naval Hospital getting some anatomical corrections in preparation for a White House bid. NO, not more plugs. Instead, I believe he was getting his ass retrofitted so that Soros could manipulate his mouth more readily. With the advances in digital television in the last eight years, The old wire controls would look jerky and robotic on a screen with 1080P or 1920P resolution. Its no longer the index finger moving the jaw, and the pinky moving the eyes. Liberals are dumb, but with all the Jeff Dunham shows out there, even the laziest low information voter wold catch on that it was all fake.
Hillary is imploding, and there is no guarantee she will be out of jail long enough to make the 2016 election.
Sanders is a dyed in the wool communist, and again, liberals are dumb, but they aint that dumb.
Then again, maybe they are.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Better a millstone

Another PP video has surfaced showing the dismemberment of a child. I cannot link to it. You can find it at Conservative tree house it may make you sick. How low have we as a nation gone? What kind of monster could do that to a child? an innocent precious child?
The GOD of heaven will judge them. How horrible might their eternal destiny be. What is wrong with us that we tolerate the intolerable?

Monday, August 17, 2015

A title song for Jeb Cram it.

Let me tell yall a story bout a man named Jeb
A poor electioneer, of deciept he wove a web
Then one day he took some pot shots at a Trump
And so the electorate saw he was just a chump.
Bought and paid for that is. Sold to the highest bidder.

Well sooner then ya know it Jebs suckin up to millionaires.
Wall Street said please be our boy so fair
They said the election trail is the place you need to be
So they made up a PAC and filled it with money
A pet RINO. Hillary with out the pant suit.

The electorate though is say'n Eeeewww to Jeb and his bullshit
Seems the common voters have had enough of it.
Common Core Obama Care and debt goin Crazy.
Its time to elect some one who loves this country.
We can Trump that. Cruz to easy street. Walker our way to better times.
Send the GOPe n CoC packin now ya hear?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gonna stick with Kansas

Kansas is far from perfect. Our taxes are too high, our courts are WAY too liberal. Our Governor? If you judge based on the media, he must be the worst in the world, and from their perspective, he is actually #49. The only one they would, hate worse, could hate worse, is Butch Otter in Idaho. He is ranked as the most conservative Governor in the U.S.A.
Iwas less surprised by the ten most conservative than I was by the most worthless err liberal five. I would have expected Governor Goofy aka Jerry Brown to lead the pack with McAweful and Cujo hot on his slithering tail. Cuomo at 46 chased Jerry out of the bottom five, but only by a nose. Krispy Kreme ranked 30, and he is running for President as a Republican? Shows the state of the party right there. If there was 1% conservatism in the entire GOP establishment, they would have laughed him off the stage in Dayton.
So suck it Joisey, Mexifornia too, Our goal is to be conservative. Since your is to escape the hell holes your liberal ideology created, we are at odds.
Brownback is hated by even the GOP. They launched an all out attack on him when he ran, and it has not stopped. If you want to know where some one sits politically in the midwest, just mention Sam. For that matter, Pete Ricketts name will send them over the edge as well.

Do conservatives want fair and balanced?

That is the way Bernie Goldberg has framed the backlash on Faux regarding Megyno's rabit skunk attack during the first debate. The over the top attacks on Trump have turned out to be a nightmare for Roger Ailes. His pandering to the money has conservatives pissed off! News Flash! We aint all stoopid, and none of us are as dumb as you must be to think we are.
Today the establishment GOP are the limosine liberals who aren't cut and dried communists. They want their socialism run through a filter, on the ice, and with a splash of water. They are not conservative in any way. in some cases, they ditched the demonics because the cost of a satanical congress critter was just too high whereas, the GOP could be had for a song. Every politician in Washington has his hand out 90% of the time. The other 10 is stuffing the collections in his pocket. WEhen they see challengers getting backers with deep pockets, they get scared. They then go looking for a deep pocket so they can post attack ads to match. People like Buffet and Soros know that and bank on it. While Rick Perry might not accept a contribution from Soros, he likely would from some smaller fish a couple layers down the food chain of Wall Street even knowing the zipperhead has his mouth firmly planted on George's ass.
In 1775 3% of the people who had had enough of the bullshit from the ruling class rose up and sent that low class pack packing. Today the elitists, worried about turning their millions into billions, want to short change the American people. Other countries compete with us in the manufacturing market because they have low cost (and barely worth it) health care. Ours is the finest in the world, but thanks to litigation and liars err lawyers, we pay through the nose for it. Their answer to rising health care costs is hellcare, the PPACA which does nothing to protect patients, or make it affordable.  The Wall streeters want it though, and since Bitch McConnell is bought and paid for, they will keep it.
Its not really a question of fair and balanced. Give people the truth. Yes, we can handle it. It's you who cannot handle how we might handle it that is your biggest concern.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Disgust (is putting it mildly)

The slippery slope applies to the flags as well as ,087.000marriage and other things the leftards want to attack. If you have not seen this, you need to take a moment and let it sink in. When they started on the democrat party flag circa 1861, I really had no opinion. The southern cross means nothing to me. The history rewrite to justify its resurgence was laughable to me. I know its history, but like bikers who want to have the German Iron Cross on their helmets, or a swastika, I don't give a hoot.
The POW MIA flag is an entirely different matter. I was too young to serve in Vietnam, but brothers, brothers in laws, cousins and some cousin's spouses did serve. My older siblings lost class mates, friends, a few enemies, and 58,148 of their generation in the fight to stop communist oppression. When I did join the Army, I served with many men who were veterans of that conflict, and a few who were vets of earlier ones.
Vietnam was a dirty war. Not to imply that earlier conflicts were any better, but with Vietnam, we experienced it in our living rooms for the first time ever. It was a golden age. We had no idea that the liberal press was a communist infested hell hole of lies and deception. We believed Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather, ignoring that we personally knew the sons daughters, neighbors and friends whom they slandered with their lies and Soviet inspired propaganda.
The dirt on our side was reported and magnified. The dirt on our ally, South Vietnam was distorted and magnified. The atroscities of the NVA, Viet Cong, Pathet Lao, and Khemer Rouge were completely ignored, or reported as retaliation or false flags. My Lai was presented to us as proof that every American boy who went in the military, all 9,087,000 of them were deranged.
Disinformationist Rick Perlstein likes to claim that the term MIA was invented by Nixon during the Vietnam war to Bolster support. IN fact, the term was in common usage during WW1 when modern battle techniques made it difficult to recover the dead in the heat of battles that raged for days or weeks, and seesawed back and forth over disputed territory. The Memorial to the missingof the Somme contains the names of 72,090 British and commonwealth troops who were never recovered, and are presumed dead. The Menin Gate in Belgium contains the names of 54,896 MIAs, and the Douaumont Ossuary contains 130,000 sets of unidentifiable German and French remains from the battle of Verdun.
MIAs are a real issue, one that holds entire families in its grasp.
POWs are another story. In Korea, the North Korean and Chinese Armies did not care one bit about the welfare of their prisoners. They did not submit lists to the International Red Cross, and as peace talks began, they changed the lists multiple times. at one point, 944 Americans, and 2460 Allied troops were believed to be POWs due to their names having been on lists submitted by the NorKs or ChiComs, but not on the later lists submitted at Panmunjon.
The 1627still missing from Vietnam is a small number compared to World Wars 1 and 2. They are never the less loved and missed by their families. People in Vietnam complain that much effort is spent on finding and returning the bodies of the American dead while none is spent on the missing of Vietnam. That is the choice their government made. They could, if they wanted, search for their missing. They might also search for the missing of the ARVN, but they choose not to. We care, they do not. We fought to keep them free, they did not care one bit until their freedom was gone.
Our MIA, KIA, and POWs are heros whom we want to remember and honor. The leftards want to continue to vilify them in their revisionist history as monsters when they are not.
Drop by News of the weakminded and let sick Rick know how you feel.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Candidate rankings

This is how I feel about the lessers we have running for high office.
My ranking of them will likely change as the months roll on to election 2016. For now, in order:
1. Ted Cruz
2.Ben Carson
3. Scott Walker
4. Donald Trump
5. Rick Perry
6. Bobby Jindal
7. Rand Paul
8. John Kasich
9. Rick Santorum
10. Mike Huckabee
11. Jim Gilmore
12.Krispy Kreme
13. Marko Rubio
14. George Pataki
15. Carly Fiorino
16. Lindsay Gramnasty 
17. Jim Webb
18. Lincoln Chaffee
19. Martin OMally
20. Bernie Sanders
21. Hillary Clinton

If any of this pack remain, my vote will be cast based on the survivors positions. If all of the above are eliminated, I still will not vote for:

Jeb Bush

Whats not to like about her?

Carly Fiorino entered the Race in May after previous failures including Hewlett Packard, and the U.S. Senate from California, Prior to the first debates, she was polling near the bottom. Her campaign PAC was being funded from one of the super PACs formed to champion Ted Cruz.
After The faux debate, she rose markedly in the polls in part because of her performance in the debate, but also for coming to the rescue of Megyn Kelly after Trumps blood remark which is being twisted like a pretzel and fed to the unwashed masses by the Chamber of Communists. You can do that with a dogturd as well, but it will still taste like shit which by the way, is how this whole blood kerfluffel is tasting.
Ever watch the movie Road House? remember the fight scene where Swayze orders each of the bouncers into the battle only to see them get obliterated by the henchmen of Brad Wesley. That is what we are going to see in the coming months as the RINO forces are sent into the fray at the behest of the Chamber of Communists and Wall Street.
That is Carly's marching orders now, it appears.
She is a bottom rung candidate. Most people know little to nothing about her, or where she stands on issues. Important issues.
Fiorino is part and parcel with the climate change ruse that is sending America's industries to third world countries and destroying our energy sector.
She is all for illegal immigration. She might as well be Oblowme's minime there.
She is also strongly propervert even though she supported prop 8.
She also appears to be a strong supporter of the destruction of health care in America, Oblowme care.
And the biggest WTF, She thinks fucking goats and subjurgating women is the greatest thing in the world. If that's the case, how in the HELL does she justify her moronic comments in support of Queen Nasty of Faux?
So whats not to like about her? Damn near everything. She is no Palin. She is not Bachmann. She is a bought and paid for pawn of the establishment GOP, the GOPe.
Russia made a serious mistake, they only allowed one party. the communist take over of America involves the taking of both political parties and creating the appearance that they oppose each other on ideological grounds. Were that the case, we would not have had the batshit crazy spending brought to us by the Bush administration.
In handsite, the evidence goes all the way back to 1980 when Reagan KOed the establishment pick George HW Bush. It did not matter to them that he, Bush. lost to Clinton in 1992, They had a course mapped out and it was well under way even as Americans went ignorantly about their business. Lets face it, most people care less about the day to day machinations of government until it hits them had in their pocket book. People do not care about perverts gaining rights, there are bigger fist to fry when your take home pay won't take you home. They are being equally distracted away from what is many peoples most important issue, hellcare, because the GOPe don't want to fight that fight because they want it as bad as the communists do. So, instead, we get al these side issues. Oblowme care is here to stay unless we MAKE it go away.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Disgust (as usual)

The 2008 election cycle saw the GOPe foist McInsane on us and a choice, the democrat with a D, or the democrat with an R. A lot of conservatives sat it out, and we got the evil of two lessers in the oval Office. Would McRINO have been any better? Seriously? Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. A shit sandwic is shit no matter how it is force fed to you.
2012 was more of the same, the GOPe force fed us mittens. Whether it was to assure a Soetoro 2nd term, or whether they wanted the Rino to win is beyond me. Again, a shit sandwich, this time with out bread.
Sundance at Conservative Tree House has done Yeoman's duty in laying out what the GOPe is up to in 2016 and why Jeb Bush is their anointed pick. More shit, worse shit, and they are not pretending any of the shit is bread this time.
I am not a Trump fan. No strong dislike, but no love either. My picks would be Cruz, Carson, or Walker. The overwhelming GOP field is there to divide the base. Split up the TEA party vote,  fracture the religious right, splinter away minority and feminist voters, and leave Jeb with the Nomination with 15% or less of the primary vote.
Trump is the monkey wrench in the gears. He is the thorn in Tom Donohue's side. Trump has the opportunity to be this generations Reagan. IF he gets the nomination, he will have to contend with the GOPe attempts to force him to accept their choices for Cabinet positions and VP.
If. some how, they cheat him out of the nomination, My hope, for now, is a third party run. That will probably assure a Bernie Sanders Presidency which would be awful if the communists win control of either chamber. BUT, if Trump did run AND pulled a margin of voters greater than the GOPe anointee aka Jeb, that might send a message to the elitist scumbags that We the People are FED UP with their crap. Do they care? Probably not. They own almost everyone in Washouttown. including the garbage collectors.
The first debate showed the colors of a lot of folks on the right. Fox news is indeed Faux. They are as committed socialist as CNN or SeeBS. It will be an up cliff battle. Hills are too easy by far for this fight. America's survival depends on whether the communists, socialists, liberals, progressives, or what ever the rat bastards want to call themselves this month, can be stopped. Slowing them is not enough. We must reverse course, and put the engine to full steam.
Do I have hope? Sorry, no. I read the book, I know how this ends. Babalon the great will fall.

Friday, August 7, 2015


A ROPMA living in Texas purchased a tract of land. He wanted to have a place in the country to practice his religion of piss, build a mosque and invite his fellow jihadists over for a piece of goat tail.
The tract though was located right next to a hog farm. In an attempt to be neighborly, the ROPMA asked the farmer if he would care to relocate the swine operation. Now, if it was me, I'd have moved. the neighbor hood is going to hell on a rocket sled.
This farmer though had other plans. he organized pig races, and other festivities there right next door to satan's temple. Is this childish? is this the wrong approach? As far as I'm concerned, the splodydope can build his mosque elsewhere.
If I were the farmer though, I'd be worried about my fences. I'd hate for some swine to become contaminated because they got through the wire and wandered around the mosque.
Next up, he needs to get a good portable BBQ stand over there. Guess whats for dinner? Last weeks loser. Survival of the fittest, need a giant fan to keep the air circulating, wouldn't want the savory smell of BBQ to be wasted.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

TCU needs to change its name..... and MOVE

The C is supposed to stand for Christian. Being a Christian does not mean tolerating the intolerable, and in my book, islame is something we should NOT TOLERATE! I'm not the only one who feels this way, TCU student Harry Vincent tweeted about it, and the Communists who run the join came down on him like a ton of bricks. Initially he was punished with four years of probation, ordered to undergo diversity (all hail diversity) training, and perform 60 hours of  community [service]. He was also banned from his fraternity, football games and most university student facilities. He also called the scum in Baltimore hood rats, and mocked Mexicans. Well, maybe that part was wrong, we need the Mexicans. With out them, liberals would not be able to get their meds, and we would wind up with  more Holmes' and Montanos.
Chancellor Mussolini err Boschini  had a slight change of heart though and rescinded all but one year of the probation. I guess he has never heard of the Constitution. First Amendment rights anyone?
TCU needs to change their name. Texas Communist University sound about right. The Disciples of Christ needs to disown them. They also need to relocate 500 miles south. Mexico needs a good commie campus to teach future lawn and garden care specialists how to speak english.
Maybe they could take their uber liberal ways west and become Transgender California University. Bruce could become an honorary professor.
I'm not saying KSU is any better. Heck, they are a statist run liberal infested den of disgust. TCU was supposed to be run by a church, a Christian Church.