Friday, October 30, 2015

The duck has a name?

Yowza! the irritating insurance mascot we are forced to tolerate when we watch college football had access to Hitlery Clinton's E-mail when even Ambassador Stevens did not. What  the hell was going on at State?

Oops, got it wrong, Affleck, not AFLAC. he's even more irritating.

Whats this gonna do to the price of ham?

It used to be that when a worn out skank needed to tighten up to stay in business she went to the local market, got an 8 lb ham, shoved it in, then pulled out the bone. That's too old school though for the modern wimin, and surgery to improve the appearance is now the big fashion.
Women of all ages are opting for Labiaplasty so they can look good in a Bikini or yoga pants. Yoga pants? It would be easier to make politicians sound sane. This is good news for many as the operation has the ability to make Bruce Jenner look like a real female. As the operation is perfected, there may even be hope that Moochelle ObamAA- can be made to appear feminine. Just need to get rid of the dick.... and Barry as well.

I am a RINO

Today, I finally admit it. I am not a true republican. No, I have not gone all shit for brains and decided to embrace the tree hugging, lazy, global warming waste of flesh communist perverts that call themselves democrats, I left them in 1980.
Today I acknowledge that the goals of the RNC are not my goals and are in fact polar opposites of what I believe in and stand for.
I do not support amnesty. My wife came here illegally, but we are intent on following the rules to establish her citizenship.
I do not support TPTA, the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement that will destroy American industry as the globalists seek to send industry to countries where the government has suppressed innovation and destroyed creativity.
I do not support ObamAA- care. We threw out the demonicRAT extremists and installed a group we hoped would listen to us, the American people, and reverse the agenda from hell implemented in January of 2009.
I do not support the lies of global warming. It has been proven to be junk science, full of lies and deception, and a plot to enrich countries who have stifled innovation and technology.
Above all though I demand that my elected officials follow the Constitution and adopt a budget. That is their first and main job, not campaigning, not wining and dining with the lobbyists.
We d not need two political parties that adhere to the same failed principles. Right now the only thing that separates them is abortion and the republicans are giving it defacto support by not defunding Planned Parenthood.
I'm not leaving though. I intend to stay and fight. I will fight tooth and nail to get conservative ideas and ideals back as the primary planks of the Republican ticket.
Right now John McInsane and Linda Gramnasty represent all that is wrong with the republican party. They are the poster children, but too many of our elected representatives are just as bad, just as deplorable, and just as wrong for America as those two loathsome scumbags.
The republicans have selected Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House. He is a blue state republican, a liberal at heart. Wisconsin is shaping up. Here is hoping that in 2016 they primary his ass to the curb and nominate a true conservative. here is praying that the RNC attempts to derail that nomination result in a landslide victory for a true conservative instead of this tool of Wall Street and the Chamber of Communists.
Here is hoping the 79 republicans who voted in the House for this continuing disaster all get bounced, hard and far along with what ever leadership decided they were safe bets and allowed to torpedo America.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A boot stomping on a human face...Forever

Police in Scottsdale AZ responded to a report of an unruly crowd, and possible assault on the manager of the K O’Donnell’s. When Police arrived, accompanied by a Police chopper, they found many patrons of the resturant peacefully departing from a scheduled event that was cut short when the manager cut the mic and instead piped in the Mets Cubs game.
This is in all probability, the most violent riot by a group of conservatives, or conservative minded people in the recorded history of the United States. Seriously. This is text book behavior of conservatives. Nobody threw a punch, no one left with out paying their bill. The police arrested NO ONE.
All the reviews on Yelp that correctly pointed out just how bad this shit hole treated paying customers were taken down with in hours. Make sure you understand the message, if you are a pecker puffer, and want to harm a Christian business by posting a false report about how you were treated, Yelp will keep it up until the mooslime horde leads them off to behead them, but if you are a conservative, and want to report the truth, don't bother.
Note to young folks conservative or otherwise, if you are thinking of taking a job as a waitress, pick a joint that is friendly to conservatives. Liberals are lousy tippers, and will often stiff the waitresses.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Did we learn any thing today?

The Hildabeast again came before the congressional committee investigating the Benghazi fiasco. I for one could give two shits less about Ambastardwhore Stevens, he was as crooked as Hitlery and Barry, and was up to his neck in the gun running scam. The truth about this whole matter needs to be laid on the table, and no matter how high it goes, the players need to answer.
If three guys decided to rob a bank, and during the robbery, one of them go shot dead by the police, the other two would be on trial for murder. This crime though was a violation of several international agreements, and essentially was the imperialism that the communists err demonicRATS accuse the GOP of doing.
We armed the factions that over threw Mortamer Gadaffy. On 9-11-2012 Stevens and his entourage were in the process of reacquiring those weapons for distribution into Syria.
Today The demonicRAT front slitherer got in front of congress and lied her ass off, aided by Elijah Cummings and his caucus.
Over at CTH, Patriot Dreamer posted the bumper sticker of the day. Nice parody of a good movie sleeve, but they should have been in Russian uniforms.
A lot of us HOPE for an honest outcome for this investigation, I gave up hope a long time ago. The Clinton Crime Machine is working furiously behind the scenes. At some point the SCoaMF will pardon the bitch, and at that point, the media will drop the issue and tell their lofo viewers it was just another republican smear campaign.
We. Are. Screwed. We know it but we aren't doing a damn thing about it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Just damn

It looks like the clown show won't be getting Biden after all. Barry Soetoro's gaffing assassination prevention perversion decided that another run was out of the question.
That means the uniparty is hanging its hat on Hitlery Clinton, another sign that all the hearings in Washington about Benghazi are all for show, and not one damn thing will come out of them.
For years I wanted to believe we had two politican parties. At one time it appeared that one was for the common man and the other for greedy corporatists. As the years passed, they morphed just a little, and the mask on the face of the demonics slipped just a bit revealing that communism, purest evil lurked beneath the veneer. As they evolved, and gulped up every little anti America, anti GOD, anti civilization crumb, the republicans seemed to fight off efforts to sway them to the dark side.
As spring rolled in to summer, it was looking like the 2016 election was going to be just another clown show, extremist far left candidates trying to convince the electorate that they were moderate or even conservative all the while making it clear to their corporate masters that they were just as far to the left as Barry Soetoro had been in 2008.
Two monkey wrenches got thrown into the works though, one an aging hippie socialist wanting to look respectable, but just a bunch of BS, the other a successful businessman who had gone from millionaire to bankrupt to billionaire as he worked the art of the deal.
The uniparty picks, Bush and Clinton are both running into problems. Nobody sane wants another Bush, and nobody honest wants another Clinton. Jeb's poll numbers are hovering around the 5% mark while Clinton battles with Bernie as they both make excuses for her past.
My favorite is still Cruz, but I acknowledge that he has no chance. Maybe a shot at the VP position, a cabinet position, or even a supreme court appointment, but he is not inspiring enough people at this point to make it to the convention.
Carson looks good, but there are many chinks in his coat as well.
Barring some crazy maneuver by the corporatists, Trump is going to be the republican candidate.
As for the wicked witch of the east, maneuvers in Washington will stall then derail the attempts to bring light to the festering dung pile that is her 45 years of crime masquerading as politics. Then it will be a decision for the lowfo votes whether they want an admitted socialist, or something more evil.
Remember though, even if Trump wins, we still have a congress controlled by big money interests that will not answer to the electorate.
When in doubt, throw them out. Today though there is no doubt, they all need to be put out to pasture.
I take comfort in knowing that GOD is in control. Having read the book though, these are the worst of times for all man kind.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Blood is thicker than water

George W Bush launched an attack on behalf of his bumbling idiot brother, but it was not directed against Trump. Instead the former President launched his tirade against Ted Cruz. For the last six years the former President has not spoken once to condemn the SCoaMF that occupies the Oval Office. He has not criticized one policy, not even the ones that upended every thing he tried to accomplish, yet when it comes to his former aid, Ted Cruz, the man has nothing but venom. What. The. FUCK?
I had a lot of admiration for #43. He took us through some tough times, and while he was anything BUT a fiscal conservative, he was a likable and decent person.
Bush will not go down as the best President of the century. best president of the first decade? Well, since Barry is the worst pResident of all time (pending Hitlery stealing the election) I guess he is a lock.
The more I look, the less I like. I see more Rovian strings than a mountain of marionettes. Maybe the Skull and Cross Bones story is true. Certainly he was a GOPe operative.
My respect for the man shrinks with each new day.

Just a thought

Early to rise
Early to bed
Makes a man healthy
But socially dead.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

They've made a come back

"the vanishing liberal: A beast which once thundered across the American scene in mighty herds. Recently hunted to near extinction."
If only!
If liberals ever become extinct it will be because they are so utterly stupid. They have no work ethic, are parasitic, and self destructive. They kill their young, and encourage their diverse members to kill each other.
Those are their good points.

I would have said clown shoes but.....

Ted Cruz delivered a zinger about the demonicRAT soap on the Communist Nutroots Network. I did not waste my time viewing it, I had paint drying, it was much more interesting.
The GOPe is in the tank with the handlers who manipulate the communist puppets, and their plan is a Bush Clinton show for 2016. Burnout Slanders and Trump are the monkey wrench in the mechanics of a well planned screwing of the electorate Part 8.
I like Cruz a lot. The GOPe road map was designed to marginalize him and ultimately defeat him so that Wall Street could have their choice instead of America's choice. I sincerely hope that Ted has a place in Trump's plan for America.
I also must acknowledge that if Biden had been on stage, I would have tuned in. Jeff Dunham's dummies are good, but they are not as life like as Gaffer Joe.
Seriously though, the worst part is that there are people dumb enough to vote for these cretins.

Get yours now

Sunday, October 11, 2015

What I learned

I heard this week that a large percentage of female college hoopsters were in fact lesbians, and I'm like WTF, they have no ball handling skills what so ever.

That was quick

I got a call from a pollster. Their lead off question was "If the election was held today, and the choices were Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, whom would you choose?"
I said, "Let me see if I have this right, if my choices were Stalin with out a mustache, or Hitler with a vagina, Who would I pick?"
The call ended abruptly, but not before I heard volley of laughter.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Whats in your closet?

You found your piece of heaven, a quaint house in a small town that is a short drive from the "big city" where you work. It is close enough that you don't mind the commute, but far enough that the riff raff don't make it out there. You know the neighbors, they are a great bunch. You volunteer for neighborhood projects, and go to the high school ball games on Friday night.
All is well.
Then, one day as you are leaving work, you flip on the radio, and your world collapses around you. The elderly widow who live two houses down has been attacked in her home. She has been beaten and robbed. No broken bones, no life threatening injuries, she will recover in due time.
Her attacker is another matter. You recognize his name immediately. He was a promising running back in junior high, used to mow lawns in the neighborhood, but got into drugs, dropped out of school and into a life of petty crime.
The local constable happened by as he was exiting Mrs McGinty's house, and instead of surrendering and gong to jail, he opted to fight, and was killed on the spot with Mr McGinty's old pistol clutched in his fist. Neither he nor the officer knew it was a replica incapable of firing, but now he is dead, and the vultures are swooping in.
In short, he was black, his victim and the officer were white, and your humble town is now the latest Ferguson. Don't think it could happen? Think again. We are living in a nation turned upside down by the lack of substance and ailed policy that permeates Washington today.
Are you ready? You don't have a bug out location, this was your bug out location. Now it is set to become the scene of epic riots, looting and mayhem. Are you ready?
AR-15? Check. Shotgun? Check. a Glock for you and the Missus? Check and Check. Enough ammo to fight and win the battle of Khe Sanh? Yes, and a pile for the reenactment of Bastogne as well. When the rioters storm your block intent on burning it to the ground, you will be ready.
Unfortunately, you are NOT. What you have is over kill. When your block becomes a killing field, the houses arround you will not protect your neighbors from your fire, and assuming they are equally armed, you will be in mortal danger from them.
What? Abandon ship? No, not in the game plan. Fighting smart is though.
Behold the humble .22. Yes, that .22, the one at the back of the closet, the one you used to take hunting squirrel and rabbit, and the mighty tin can. That 22.
Don't under rate the rimfire, it claims more lives each year than any other caliber excluding war. Used properly, it can stop a man in his tracks with out killing him.
Better off dead? Not always. In the confusion of a riot, the bark of a .22 rifle might go unnoticed. The screams of some one who has just been shot in the groin will grab every ones attention, and they will be all too happy to take their social(ist) justice to some other venue. The odds of the next rioters being armored like the Umpqua shooter are a real possibility. Most body armor covers vital organs, the head, heart lungs, and upper torso. Arms legs, and often the family jewels are exposed, and easy picking for a rifle that fells rabbits at 150.
A .22 is lethal beyond its effective range. With a little practice, that effective range can stretch beyond what you might imagine. A mile? No! but 250 to 300 yards against a human size target is possible and easy. A soda bolle and duct tape will quite it down to a throaty cough, and when the rioters don't have a clue where the shots come from, they will not want to remain in the duck gallery for long.
Back before Obomunism swept the ammo off the shelves, I advocated having a good .22 for training. If you still have it, it can be a great supplement to your battle plan as well.
So dust it off, clean it up, site it in, and be ready to defend your castle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The rest of the story

When I first saw this, details were sketchy. No name, little info, just a report about a kid getting a Darwin award nomination.
The thing that got me was  the claim that he was about to start community college. September 2? Almost every college started in mid August. What school would start in September? None I can think of.
All I could say was he has got to be black.
Turns out I was right. Deleon Alonzo Smith supposedly "found" the gun earlier that day.


The story going around right now is that the Zit for brains at 4chan got a bunch of feminazis to piss themselves under the hashtag #pissforequality.
I'm not buying it. I personally think it all happened when they saw Hitleries latest poll numbers.
That, or it is something they do naturally, and some one pranked them into posting pics of them with out their depends.
What can you say? Liberals stand for nothing, so they fall for everything.

Monday, October 5, 2015

We tollerate the intollerable.

Three stories caught my attention tonight. All three are sick, and signs of the evil that pervades our dead culture.
First up is the revelation that Barry's administration is making our soldiers ignore the rape culture in Afghanistan. Young boys molested by older men and they call it boy play? Hey! they are just trying to be like their false prophet. He molested a little girl and called her his favorite wife. He also proclaimed that men who die in jihad will have the libido to screw 72 virgins and 24 supple young boys. Yes, it is part of their perverse culture and we tolerate it. We. Tolerate. The. INTOLERABLE!
Can it get worse? why yes it can. The Church of Stockholm has its first lesbian Bishop. I know some people say live and let die, and some times I feel like it as well. This carpet muncher though has the gall to proclaim that one of the churches in her Diocese remove all symbols of Christianity and welcome mooslimes, the child molesters mentioned above, and go so far as to put marking indicating the direction of Mecca. The ignorant bitch, yes, I'm equating her with Hiltery the traitor, should pack up her "spouse" and head on down to Syria. Lets see how well she does when they want to martyr her like they have the Syrian Church where 11,000 have been slaughtered.
In Revelation John tells about the souls of the Martyrs, beneath the Alter crying "How long oh LORD until you avenge us?" That day is here.  Christians are being beheaded, tortured, crucified, raped and worse by the slithering animals that Evil Brunne want the Church of Sweden to accommodate. When you lose your moral compass, you are lost indeed.
Don't worry though Evil, the mooslime hoards are coming your way at full gallop. the mass of invaders swarming over the borders and shores of southern Europe have you in their sights. The only way to stop them is to kill them. With Bacon packed hollow point bullets.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Is gaffer Joe about to run?

Sources close to Barry's assassination prevention measure are indicating that a decision by Soros' version of Walter is coming in the next few days. At present he is polling high among demonicRATs voters aka the gimme free stuff crowd.
Clinton is crashing because of the E-mail scandals and the Benghazi fiasco, but these need to be put on Biden as well. As VP there is no conceivable way he could not have known about her use of a private server, and the why behind it. He is part of the nightmare team, and if he has a brain, he should know what is going on in the inner circles of Barry's abuses of power.
Right now all Biden has is name recognition. He has not been on the stump so to speak, and it has been eight years since the voters have had the displeasure of listening to him speak. Us old folks remember his stupidity, but the new generation of voters have yet to see him at his "finest". There is a reason he polled as low as Jeb Bush is, and its not about lack of exposure. Exposure is his enemy, and Soros and the Oracle know it full well.
The name of the game is that the puppet masters want to switch from Sweet Daddy Dee to Walter when in fact its time to drop the curtain, close the show and start handing out refunds to the people who paid for this eight year embarrassment.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oblowme, just another mooslime terrorist

Not to be outdone, our mooslime marxist in chief one upped the Umpqua shooter and killed 19 people today. A Doctors without borders clinic in Afghanistan was bombed resulting in at least 19 dead, among them, three children. That should help our standing in the world community! This week sees Russia actually doing something about  the situation in Syria caused by Barry and Hitlery's foolish foreign policy, something that might stem the flow of terrorists into Europe. Followed by this. The world has turned upside down.

The Ranger handbook

There are many survival guides out there, but getting them can cost a few pennies. Some are good, some are a total waste of time. One that is time tested and free is the Ranger Handbook available here. read it now. If and when shit hits the fan, you may not be able to get to it.

Make the decision

Make the decision to not be a victim. None of the students at Umpqua Community College got up Thursday morning and decided to be a victim. Unfortunately, it is our default condition. Deciding to not be a victim is a process, and its one you must make every time you go out the door, every time you step out of the shower, every time you get out of bed.
The Air Force has an acronym, the OODA loop. Orient, Observe, Decide, Act, repeat. Orient, know where you are at any given moment. Observe, be intentionally aware of your surroundings, every person, every object. If it is familiar territory, look for the unfamiliar. The new face, the package left unguarded, the vehicle that does not belong. Decide whether to continue your chosen path, or detour based on what you see. Make a plan, but make it fast. Act, then orient again.
When I am driving, I rarely have the radio on. I know the news times for my stations, and I switch it on to catch up on events, or if there are signs of a pending event such as a storm. Otherwise, it is a distraction I do not want. I also keep my window open especially in town. Problems usually announce themselves in a big way and with plenty of fanfare.
The second step is be prepared. Do you own a gun? Do you know how to use it? Really use it? If you were blind folded, could you disassemble it, reassemble it, load it and orient it toward a noise? Do this, pick a target. With  the gun unloaded, repeat, UNLOADED, select a target such as a tree, or picture if inside. Close your eyes, draw the gun and point it toward the target. Open your eyes and see how close your aim is. Work on this drill. It will matter. How much range time do you spend? You should shoot at least once a month.
Do you have a concealed carry permit? A lot of people open carry. I do NOT recommend it unless it is popular where you are. All open carry does is advertise. It makes you the number one target of a perp with a plan.
 Many businesses do not allow firearms. Avoid them if you can. Umpqua College was not a gun free zone by law, it was a defacto one in large part because most students are 18-20 years old and cannot own a hand gun let alone carry it. If you have a kid in college, make sure they are prepared. There are many ranges available, take your kid to one when you go visit them. Here at Kansas State in Manhattan, we do not have a range in town, but there are two close by. Ogden's Best seven miles to the west, and Godfrey's in Junction City.
What about a knife? I'm not into knife fighting, but they are a useful tool in an emergency situation. Keep it sharp and keep it handy.
The next step is maintain situational awareness. Your car has a review mirror, use it, and when you exit the vehicle, put your head on a swivel. look around you constantly, become a tourist and take it in, take it ALL in. trouble has a habit of sneaking up on us, so check your six on a regular basis.
When you enter a building, know where the alternate exits are. Part of your plan needs to be a hasty exit. plan a route back to your vehicle, but also have a second route in mind. have an alternate means of departure planned in case your vehicle is compromised. Shrapnel from a splodydope might wipe out your vehicle. It hasn't happened much here yet. YET. Barry is importing them by the plane load and scattering them to the four winds.
A small first aid kit can make a huge difference. It need not be complicated, a couple of bandaids, some alcohol wipes and a safety pin can go a long way in many situations.
The Army acronym is SURVIVAL. Size up the situation. Undue haste makes waste. Remember where you are. Vanquish fear and panic. Improvise! Value life. Act like the natives. Live by your wits. It is what you  use when you are out of your element. Something has just caused you to deviate from your plans. It could be a fire, and accident, or any interruption that life throws at us at mach 2.
The decision to not become a victim is one you must make, and you must make it regularly. You could still be shot dead by a Malvo type sneak attack, but the odds diminish when you maintain situational awareness. The same is true driving down the road. Its not the one you see that will hit you, its the one you didn't see in time.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

As stupid as it gets

At least ten people are dead and another 13-20 injured after a jihadist attacked Umpqua Community College in Roseberg Oregon today. The school is the Alma Mater of Alek Scarlatos one of the hero's of the recent train terror attempt in France. The school is a designated easy victims area.
Stupid is as stupid does, Barry the mooslime is using this attack to call for more gun control, more unarmed victims for his religion of piss to attack, as he imports jihadists by the thousands.
Trust me on this Barry, your buddy is in hell right now, and some day you WILL join him. Most likely it will be from the cancer sticks you love to shove in your face, no one is going to waste a bullet turning you into a martyr. The blood of those ten dead is on your hands Barry. and on the hands of your foolish minions in congress and the courts who violate the Constitution following your edicts and orders.
Note to conservatives, keep your gun close and your ammo ready. Avoid target rich environments as much as possible. Maintain situational awareness, know where the nearest exit is, and an alternate as well. Know the best route to your vehicle and artillery keeping in mind the essentials of cover and concealment.