Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bloomin idiot is at it again

The Nanny statist nitwit of NYC and his council of clowns has upped the age for buying tobacco products to 21. You cannot discriminate based on sex. You can't do it over race, religion or skin color, but age discrimination is all right with these assholes.
I don't smoke. OK, I'm a smoker, but I have not had a cigarette in over thirty years. Its a filthy habit. Your cloths stink your breath stinks, its hell on your lungs. Your vehicle will reek from the odor, it will linger in your house. You risk emphysema, cancer, heart disease, and a ton of other ailments if you smoke. Guess what, its still your choice.
I think these idiots got their brain cell warped from too much Devo, "you have freedom of choice. You want freedom from choice". is their motto, and damn it, they are bound and determined to force you to obey.
We need to pack this asshole and all his gang of goofs up and ship them to Cuba. Bloomy, should have to live under authoritarian rule for a decade or three before he is allowed to tell anyone how to live.
Sure, Fidel has never imposed a smoking ban, and I do believe a cigar graced his face for many decades. All the horrors of smoking, and the guy who most needed to die cheated it. Oh well, we need to have a bad example to point to. Too bad we have so many, one is enough. The world would be a better place if control freaks like Bloomy, Rhambo, and Obambi were kept away from power like kids are kept away from candles.
Children are cute, but if the little bundle of wonder is anything, it is a tyrant. They are self centered, demanding, and if they were adult sized, they would be a serious problem. Consider children, then compare them to these statist nannies. Is there any difference?  Besides the fact you can confine an eighteen month old to his crib?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good for the students

Students at Brown University booed Storm Trooper goon Ray Kelly off the stage at a school event in which he was to lecture about how the government violating your rights is good for you.
Too bad the kids didn't have tar and feathers for bloomin idiots hand picked head thug.
The policy he was there to defend was recently struck down as unconstitutional because it targets minorities. On the one hand we have the FACT that most of the violence in our major cities is caused by marauding bands of black thugs.  On the other, we have the fact that the police are over reaching, New York is in gross violation of the Constitution even if the supreme injustices of the court have not got the gumption to defend it and make the feral government and the states abide by it. We the people have rights. Government is our servant, not our master, and cities are crappy corporations, not government agencies no matter how hard the elitists want to make them special.
Its time to make those who violate the Constitution pay. Flog em, castrate em or kill em based on how severe the violation, and how many times they have trampled on our rights.
Hats off to the kids, and the one finger salute to Bloomy and his pet hemorrhoid.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm back Sort of

Nothing bad happened to me, honest, I just crashed my computer last week. The delay in getting back on line was my browser. After I got all the files reloaded, I had to scrub my hard drive, I was stuck. My system is old, I got this thing in 2006. It uses Windows Vista, and ancient IE6. lot of compatibility issues to deal with. I couldn't get the updates to load right, and although I could get onto the web, I could not access any blogs. Not mine, not Denny, no one on my list of regulars, or even irregulars. The page would load, then a message would pop up saying unable to load the page. It didn't matter whether I hit ok, or the x, the page would then disappear.
Prior to the crash, I got a popup message saying I needed an urgent update to my browser to continue. I pulled the plug, literally, and rebooted. When I did, my system said there were corrupted files about ten seconds into the reboot. It went to command prompt, and when I checked my files, my C drive was vacant. To make matters worse, I was connected to my back up, and it was wiped as well. I got up and going using a five year old copy I had from another computer. Not great, but I'm back on line. redneck ingenuity strikes again. Like sticking a chevy bigblock in a VW....
Then all the headaches started with loading IE. I had been running on a midrange version of IE 8. I got sick of their upgrade fiasco quite a while back, and turned off updates. I'd had a few times where their updates were worse then the problems they wanted to fix. I guess we know where the O'bozocare websites were designed. Only the best and brightest.
Well, I gave up on IE, and loaded firefox.
I'm back in the saddle again.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Experts

The experts go to work on the Obozocare glitches features.

Making money is a SNAP

So you are a little down on your luck? Haven't had a job since you campaigned for the Oberdork? Have a resume that looks like a blank sheet of paper? Fear not, you can still make money. Just sell your EBT card on craigs list.
Nancy P Lousy said that the welfare benefits, and unemployment help stimulate the economy, and if yo ucan't use all your EBT payment, you are not doing your part. Sure, you tried, steak and lobster, only the best for your family, but you still had money left at the end of the month, and you heard that regular folks who do work are struggling, so in selling your benefits, you are just helping Barry's numbers.
Besides, you need dinero to get the things you want, and EBT cards can't be used to purchase big screen TVs. So get off your ass, start a fake email account, then go over to Craigs list, set up an account, and put your unearned benefits to work for you!
Crime? What crime? Its not like the government worked for that money, we all know they are stealing it from the inheritance of future generations. And besides, Barry is grooming Hitlery to run in 2016, and he can't afford to lose voters at this stage in hte game, a Turn arround in the 2014 election might make voter fraud harder even for a Chicago thug and his minions.
I'm against EBT cards in the first place, so you know my blood is boiling at the thought of these scum selling their benefits. When we catch em, the punishment should be six years in the military, stuck as a peace keeper in some hell hole that makes Afghanistan look like a vacation venue, and with out pay. Then, when your enlistment is up, we leave your ass their as a reminder.
"Mommy, when will Aunt Shaquanda be comming home?"
"Shaquanda caint come home. She afraid o the water, and the sharks would get high colesterol eatin her fugly ass. She stuck in Africa."

Friday, October 18, 2013

They are too long now

I am not a baseball fan. I quit watching and caring when the players went on strike, and I have no found a reason to go back now. That means that when a top story about basebawl catches my eye, its a slow news day which means the media laphogs are not reporting on the failings of the commie child in charge as usual.
Yahoo's top news story today is about instant replay for baseball, and the neighborhood rule. I guess diehard baseballers won't be happy until the games last as long as the strike did. BTW, is it over yet? Would I care if it wasn't? Yup, umpires make mistakes, but adding replay to a game bacause an official made a mistake because he fell asleep due to boredom is the wrong call.
I guess the only reason I care is because too much air time is spent on baseball as it is.At least college football pretty much limits themselves to one day a week. The pro's should follow suit.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another race case

Ben Crump, the race baiter who misrepresented the family of drug dealing thug St Skittles is back in the news. he will be misrepresenting a Georgia family in their quest to make money off the tragic death of their son whose death appears to be purely accidental.
When the body of Kendrick Johnson was found the day after he disappeared, there was no evidence of foul play, only of a kid who died doing something stupid.
His family wants a payday since he died on school grounds, and race baiter Ben Crump will get as much negative media attention as he can to ensure that.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Good news for GOC readers

Every Saturday Denny treats his loyal fans to Saturday boobage. ToeJam in turn treats them to a thorough examination of the assets with critical commentary. We all have our likes and dislikes, and most men say they prefer natural to enhanced. Well, enhanced may have another benefit besides a larger shade in th desert, researchers claim that women who get augmentation have better sex lives afterward.
As a guy who likes smaller breasts, thats no thrill. I like the women natural, and since smaller boobs tend to resist gravity longer, I go for small ones.
What I want to know though is not how the before and after compare, but how those wome nwho had esteem issues compare to women who are comfortable in their own skin. If augmentation leads to a better sex life, that speaks to those women having feelings of inadiquacy. Do women who are comfortable in their own skin have better sex drives?
I have to wonder. With out going into details, I will just say that my current wife has a sex drive that leaves the first two in the dust. She is content with her body, and knows I find it appealing as well. Is she a perfect 10? She is to me. My standards are relaxed, but I still want more then a pussy and a pulse. Personality matters more than looks, but looks do matter.
As for the women getting augmentation, when yo uhear of a gal going back for bigger and bigger, you know she has problems that no man would ever want to deal with, and all the silicon in california won't change that.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Its sad to me when a woman finds her appearance inadequate because of something she cannot help. Things like being a couch potato, or ten too many zingers are one thing, the size of your bust, the color of your hair, variety is there far a reason. every man sees true beauty a diffrent way. I know several fellows who like their women bigger, and by that, I mean their wives out weigh them by double, and those guys are happy. Crazy, but happy.
If only those women could grasp that there is a man out there who will love them for who they are, and not the crazy color of their hair or the size of their breasts. They won't know true love until then. You can just about bet the women surveyed were not sleeping with a husband either, so in hte end, their breast augmentation will only increse their chances of needing a doctor for other reasons.
hen again, I could be wrong, and some husband some where is glad he forked out the cash for his soul mate to get bigger funbags. If thats the case, well, you lucky guy!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

If Obama had a daughter

She would most likely be a model citizen like Lindsey Sparkles Lashayla of Cobb County Georgia. She acted just like St Skittles except she too a gun to the gun fight when she followed, then murdered Kim Kilgore. The enablers in the press and police are attempting to write this racist attack off as road rage. Sorry, I don't buy it. If the racial profile were reversed, you can bet that race baiters Al and Jesse would be all over it like stink on shit.
This all goes back to the absolute breakdown of the family in black society. The only upside to this is that even when the press refuses to identify the race of the perps, these black baby mama's pick utterly absurd names like Kwamie, Lashayla, and Sparkles. On the other hand, had Johnson not created the great disaster, we wouldn't be having these kinds of crimes to report.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Holy shit, what just happened?

Moonbeam vetoed gun control legislation? Did I really read that? OK, come get me and put me on the funny farm, either this is a vicious prank and some one hacked my computer, or I've lost my marbles. citizens in Mexifornia are still screwed, the draconian laws are still on the books, and he didn;t veto all the trash, just a few tidbits.

My sympathy to Adrian Peterson

His son has become the victim of domestic violence having been beaten to death by the boyfiend of his mother. If stuff like ths does not make you sick, well, you need help. Joseph Robert Patterson needs to be taken out some where and shot once it is confirmed that he did this. I have little doubt, I just want an official seal on his carcass.

It disgusts me when pravda refers to the child as being a victim of an alleged assault. Like the child did something to deserve this? Thanks to abortion, we no longer place value on human life. Yes, I support the death penalty, for those who forfeit their right by deeds such as this. Our society is becoming increasingly violent. Why? because we tollerate stuff like this, and in the rare cases where we punish the criminal, we take decades to do it. In the wild west, life was safer then it is in modern America. Back then justice was served up cold with a tight noose from the back of a spooked horse.  No formality, just cleansing the gene pool.

you know you have too much government when

They ticket  you because your wheel chair bound crippled cat is not on a leash. Seriously. If there was one person in that gocvernment with any common sense, this would not have happened. This is what uninformed voters get you.
Stupid stupid stupid. What else can I say?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One more for Texas

Texas is set to execute killer scumbag Michael Yowell for the slaughter of his parents. I detest lethal injection. The scum don't fear it like they would a semi dull blade, or a long drawn out air dance at the end of a good stout rope, but it gets them off th face of the earth and into hell for eternity. Texas was forced to seek new sources for the meds they use to rid the world of parasites like these because the wishy washes at the drug companies refuse to sell if the drug is to be used to improve the human gene pool.
Instead, they have turned to compounding pharmacies who can mix teh stuff, but with out official FDA approval. Some rat bastard commie in Texas let slip the name of the compounding pharmacy, and now he is in a shit storm of threats and protests. he wants his stuff back. Can't say as I blame him, whom ever let slip his name should be delivered to his office door, hog tied, beaten bloody, and on the verge of death.
As for the big Pharma who refuse to sell, simple solution, strip their license. If you are unwilling to sell to a state the needed drugs for official executions, you should not be allowed to sell to the residents of that state either. Not even generic aspirin.
That would leave the lilly livered crime enablers with a still vast market consisting of Alaska, Conneticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. So if you live in any of these states, remember, the criminals are not nearly as detered as they would be in Texas. Don't be a victim.
As for Yeller, err Yowell, Your death won't be nearly as cruel as what you did to your parents and grandmother.

Two down eighteen to go

Colorado gun owners are set to follow up on their ouster of ratbastard communists Giron and Morse. The next fool in their sites is Westminster politbureau member, Evie Hudak.
The problem for them is Westminster is an infestation of ratbastard commies. A previous effort failed to garner the needed signatures.
Colorado as a whole is plagued with california refugees who after destroying the West coast, sought a new home free of the problems liberalism creates. Unfortunately, they brought the problem with htem.
What is needed is for the Supreme injustices of the court to step in, tell Stinkinblooper and his ilk the question has been asked and answered, and stick his sorry ass in a federal prison for criminal contempt.
Contempt of the Constitution should carry a penalty of not less then death by hanging. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Its a simple sentence. People who cannot understand it do not deserve to be in office.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Truckers Protest

In case you have not yet heard, a bunch of truckers are planning a protest for the 11th through the 13th. I see little impact, since this is a week end, and we will resume our purchases after, or stock up before, but it does send a message.
Count on DiFi, box-o-rocks, and the rest of the communist bastards to stick their fingers in their ears, scream lalala at the top of their lungs, and then tell us it was minor and means nothing.
A three day jolt though lets America, especially our waivering political leader wannabes see that we the people mean business.
Join the truckers and screw the fuckers in Washington.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Suck it greenies

Aw da poor bibbies. They are suffering so bad in their Russian jail cells. I almost feel sorry for them. But, alas, I don't. When you dosomething as stupid as attack a state owned oil rig i nthe artic sea, you get what you get, and deserve worse.
Lets hope the Russians wrap this up quickly, say by January? Of 2034? Actually, the Rooskies should reposition the ship deep in the artic sea, then once winter sets in hard, fly them back to it. Make sure all the fuel is removed, batteries are dead, and food wasted. I for one won't waste a tear.

Friday, October 4, 2013

More of Barry's buds.

Just took the time to read up on the motorcycle incident in New York. The media hero in this mess had a suspended drivers license. He hadn't had a permit since 1999, and had never had a motorcycle permit. He was arrested in Massiveclueless less then six months ago. Now he is possible confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. On our dime.
It looks to me like this was a roving band of thugs who happened to be on crotch rockets instead of Nikes. If New Hoark had reasonable firearms laws, the man who was beaten would have had a gun to defend himself and his family, and you can bet your ass, or bloomin idiots last nickel, those thugs would have thought twice about doing their little side show of stupid stunts.
Way to go MAIG, creating a new victim every minute while the criminals rove at will in the rotten Apple.

Any thing you do can get you killed

Attention yesterday was riveted on the woman who rammed a barricade near the White House, and was subsequently shot dead after a brief police chase. Every thing I have heard indicates this was a woman who did something stupid and panicked

She had her daughter in the car, the child was well cared for. This does not fit the profile of a suicide attack unless she is a mooslime.

My guess is that she got screwed up on directions. Or maybe hit the gas instead of the brake. When she crashed the barricade, she went into Oh Shit mode. Lots of heavily armed Storm Trooper thugs will instill that reaction, and too many police today act and appear that way. She had no chance of escaping. Its not like in the movies, life is not Gone in Sixty Seconds where one guy can dodge a hundred trained well equipped cops.

Then again, she may have been going to the White House to volunteer during the shut down. She did kinda resemble Monica, only black. Barry wouldn’t have been interested. He prefers ones who look .like Reggie Love.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lead Follow

Or get the HELL out of the way. Guess which the toddler in chief chose.
While the leaders from both the capitalist (haha) and communist factions, or is that communist and commie lite, square off for budget talks and rhetoric, dear reader is off on another tour.
The republicans are attempting to lead, the rat bastard commies are playing hte blame game, and bath house Barry is on a preaching tour. They shoulda defunded the military except for pay.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On the Bus

I was having lunch with one of my neighbors when we got interupted by his wife. There was a school emergency involving their daughter. She called my phone because he'd shut his off.
She was a witness to a possible sex crime on the bus. A girl who is fifteen propositioned a boy on the bus and offered him a blow job. He refused. She offered again, he refused again. She offered a third time, and made a belittling remark. To prove his manhood, he let her suck him off, and my neighbors daughter witnessed it. The bus drive did not see it, the adult monitor on the bus did not see it, and the bus video camera may or may not have caught it. The boy who got blown is sixteen. They are wanting to prosecute him for sexual assault because the girl is fifteen. Some other kids reported it, and claimed to be traumatized by it.
Apparently, my neighbors daughter was not traumatized by it, she is however in trouble for not reporting it, and for some horse play that showed up when they inspected the video. The cops coerced my friends daughter into texting the girl who gave the blow job and got her to admit she gave it. They wanted the girk to say that the boy demanded it.
To me, this is fucked up. I do not think the boy should be in trouble for getting a BJ on the bus. OK, a little trouble, but not a crime. Kick both kids off the bus for the rest of the year and end it. As for the girl, she has a carreer ahead of her in porn or politics, maybe both. She will be a democrat, they are all dirty cocksuckers.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

No compromise

House republicans need to stand their ground. No backing down. That means no compromise. Our government is on the wrong track. The legislators need to remember that they work for us, the people, and we are sick and tired of the government craziness.

I worked for sixteen years in manufacturing and spent most of my time maintaining the machines. If a machine is producing scrap because it is broke, you don't keep running scrap just to keep it going and an operator busy. You shut it down, find something else for the operator to do, or if he is the problem, fire him, and fix the machine. Even if its producing some good product in with the scrap, you weigh your options. If its still profitable, and of immediate necessity, you might keep running depending on how long the fix will take. We get some good, but very little from our government. Right now, the benefit is not worth the cost of the waste.

In the Army, we had a saying GYHOYA. It means Get Your head Outa Your Ass. Call congress and tell them GYHOYA.

Seventeen years ago under the leaderlessness of worthless Willie, we had a shut down, and congressional republicans got the blame thanks to the lame stream media and their unending Clinton Fellatio. What, you thought Monica was the only one sucking his dick? Today, thanks to the blogosphere, more Americans know the truth.

If republicans compromise, they need to be thrown out. If they won't represent us, we need new representation. To take a phrase from the men who served gallantly at Okinowa, "Hold the line or die." Compromise equals capitulation. If you won't fight to win, we want another fighter. We will get them in 2014 if necessary.