Monday, March 28, 2016

How are you at History?

Take a shot.
I got an A+.

In Washington today

A Bernie Sanders supporter, upset over Congress' failure to implement a higher minimum wage went to the Capitol Visitor Center and drew a pellet gun. He was immediately shot by Security Police, but not killed. A bystander was also hurt, but not shot. Reports say shrapnel, so possible debris from a bullet striking a wall or other structure.
Washington media immediately blamed it on a Trump supporter.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter. He is risen indeed.

Today we traveled to Wichita to join the family for Easter. Usually not much of a trip. I don't worry much about checking the weather. I can't change it, and if it is bad, I can change my plans as needed.
Last night we got a snow storm through the area. It passed to the south of Junction City. We first encountered snow about half way to Herrington. By the time we reached highway 50, it was getting pretty deep. Mind you, it had quit snowing, this was just the aftermath. The roads were mostly clear, so as we got close to highway 50, I was surprised to see vehicles in the ditch. More surprising, the first was occupied.
He had spun out, entered the ditch, hit a field approach, went air-born for about fifty feet, landed, spun around and pushed up a pile of snow as he stopped.
I flipped around and stopped. The driver put his window down and told me not to bother, his vehicle was dead and a wrecker was on its way. Before I had much chance to say anything, a wrecker did indeed arrive. The operator told us that he had several others to pull out and since they all ran, he was leaving this one for last.
As soon as he departed, I told the driver to pop his trunk. Sure enough, the inertia switch was tripped, and once reset, the car fired up and sounded fine. I pushed him back, pointed out the best route to take and had him out of the ditch in fifteen seconds flat.
BY the time I got back in my truck he was over the hill and out of sight. I caught up to him in about a mile. He was a little cautious after that excitement, and I don't blame him. As I caught up, he pulled to the shoulder and executed a U-turn. As he did, a tangled mass of barb wire came out from under his car.
I again stopped. he rolled down his window and said the car was sounding funny, and he'd decided it was best to head home rather than push his luck any more. I kinda wonder if that hunk of wire caused the sounds he interpreted as the vehicle not running right. In any case, I hope he is fine and sad taht it ruined an otherwise beautiful Easter Sunday.
We got to Wichita and had a wonderful time with the grand kids. All in all, a good weekend.

Friday, March 25, 2016

He cheaTED?

The blogosphere is awash in the stories that Rafael Cruz had multiple affairs. If these are indeed true, how will that affect the Mormon vote?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My heart goes out to the people of Brussels

It is not too early to say it, you were betrayed by your leaders. Globalism does not work. Efforts to be all inclusive only work when the people you seek to include want to be an equal part of your culture.
Learn from History. Europe was partially over run by islamists, and all muslims are islamists whether we want to admit it or not. It took brutal fighting to get rid of them. We call that era the crusades. It has been demonized by people rewriting history. Those crusades pale in brutality compared to the evil brutality that the invading muslims did. There mantra then as now was convert or die. Many people chose death.
Leaders in Europe have gone all in with accepting these muslim hordes. Why? What kind of leader throws their faithful followers under a bus like that? Does Angela Jeckle not see that? does she insanely believe that the islamists will vote for her? They want to kill her just as much as they want to kill any other nonmuslim.
I'm sure every one has seen the numerous videos about Nostradamus that depict Europe burning. For decades, we have been told that it was the Russians and nuclear war. It just may be the terror bombings from the jihadists. We are at the brink of another world war. The destabilization of the middle east known as the Arab Spring are bearing terrible fruit.
We are in for a bad spell here as well. many of these worthless scum have been imported by Barry Soetoro the closet muslim fag and his evil handler, George Soros. We can't boot them all out. We can try though. They came here to spread terror. Their fake moon god and the rantings of the syphilis infected child molester are all about to things, killing people who don't believe just exactly like they do, and raping women and children. It is the history of islam, it is the future of islam. It is all what islam is about.
Right now 230 families are sleepless with the reality of what islam offers. Their loved ones are victims, not martyrs. They were offered no choice of convert or suffer, they were only made to suffer.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Lets consider some implications.

The Supreme Court just tossed a suit brought by Oklahoma and Nebraska against Colorado over their legalization of Marijuana.
I have no dog in this fight, I don't use drugs except legal pain meds, namely Motrin and Tylenol. I do have an interest though because indirectly, it involves me. Kansas has the same problem as the Oakies and Huskers. Kansas is also very proactive in enforcement. Every time I journey to Topeka, I see several troopers hanging out along the interstate. They are on the prowl for drug runners. Since they folks smuggling dope don't put EPA or DOT placards on their vehicles, the KHP is having a crap shoot. Out of state and out of area vehicles are hooked on BS stops. Yes, BS. I got pulled over once because I had passed a semi but didn't immediately get back in the right lane. There was another truck a half mile ahead, and no one else on the road! But he pulled me over any way. he also bitched that I was going three over the posted limit. 78 in a 75? Come on man! The head of the Highway Patrol is complaining that they need more officers. WTF? The last trip I made, I saw six troopers between Mcfarland and Topeka. Three together by Mcfarland, one east of Paxico, and two more by the Dover exit. All wasting my tax dollars.
The legal challenges to the federal laws are winding their way through the courts. Whose right is it? Seriously, the Constitution, yes, that oft ignored piece of parchment that is supposed to control Congress says nothing about control of drugs alcohol, or any thing like that. IN fact, it says powers not granted to the federal government are prohibited to it and are the right of the state or the people.
It is entirely possible that the Supreme Court could strike federal enforcement and leave it to the states.
That is where it would get sticky. Colorado and Washington state legalized pot in 2012. They were followed by Oregon Alaska and DC in 2014. Now suppose that a dealer in Washington state sells pot to a customer in D.C. the drugs are transported via land courier and that guy gets stopped in Kansas. I'm talking about a UPS truck, but a personal vehicle could be it as well.
Would that stop be a violation of the commerce clause of the Constitution? By my reading, it would. We know the feral government has misused it for many things, and was part of how they forced O'bozo care down our throats.
Times are changing. Mostly for the worse. Illegal drug use is a small part of the problems this nation faces. Our society is in decline. We allow the murder of hundreds of children every day. We are told to tolerate the intolerable. The powers that have bought our elected officials want a one world government and they are determined to surrender us to a cabal of despots and dictators.
And while Rome burns, our courts fiddle like Nero.

My old tractor

Back about 1998 I purchased a Lull 400 tractor. If you are not familiar with it, its understandable. They are not a farm machine, they are an industrial all terrain fork lift. Mine was built in 1973. The power plant is a Dodge 225 slant six.
They were produced for the construction industry from about 1960 to 1979. After that, the shooting boom lifts began to appear and became popular.
When we first got it, we used it as a mobile scaffold. We were painting several houses, and it was so much simpler to work from a 4X8 platform than off a ladder or scaffold. NO climbing to speak of, just stick a kid at the controls and hang on for dear life.
Yes, my children all ran the machine.  My youngest was eight, and could handle it like a pro in about a week.
After my divorce, I was working for another contractor. One day I had it in town for some project, and after we were done for the day I parked it in the back yard of my girl friend. I got a call from her about an hour later. She said there was a huge jungle gym in her back yard, and did I know where it came from? The name stuck.
Due to its age, parts are becoming harder to find. Most of the stuff that was used can be replaced with similar equipment, but there are a few parts which are unique. I recently wore out the starter. NAPA, Auto Zone, Big A, all came up bust trying to locate one. The old one was a frankenstarter we built from several old ones. We all know MOPAR stands for mostly old parts and rust, but the starter isn't part of the engine, so Mopar starters don't work. They look close, but the bolt pattern is just enough off you can't use them, but too close to allow for drilling and tapping new holes.
I finally located one and made a road trip to fetch it. The jungle gym is no longer yard art.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

There is no path to victory for Kasich

In order to secure the republican nomination for President a candidate must secure 1237 delegates. As of today, Kasich has exactly 144. There are 918 delegates left to win. Even if Kasich swept the remaining primaries, he cannot get over 1062, and while he is scheduled to be on the Pennsylvania ballot, he did not get enough signatures to legally be on it. He can only be removed if a law suit is filed to take his name off. If Trump or Cruz were to file such a challenge, he cannot win, and he misses out on another 71 in that winner take all contest.
So why is he still running? It was pointed out early on that his roll was that of a splitter, some one intended to strip votes and delegates from a movement candidate. The republican race is a stacked game of cards. Had Trump not entered the race, any movement candidate would have been stifled by now. Ben Carson was one movement candidate they wanted to stop.
The republican hierarchy believes it is their right to decide who gets to run and who gets nominated. They have picked the liberal light weights we have endured since 1984 when Reagan was reelected.
We have endured the turd sandwichs of Reject Romney aka obamAA-care failure beta boy, and McInsane the North Vietnamese air ace from Arizona.
We sat silently while liberal spender George W Bush force fed us the PaTraitor Act that expanded big brother and our national debt in a way that made liberals yellow with envy. The same can be said about his daddy Mr. I know new taxes.
That said, let me be clear that Kasich is not their crown prince. He is the sacrificial Judas goat leading voters astray. The crown prince, for now, is still the beclowned low energy punk John Edwards Bush, and if the voters rebell, they may try reject Romney again.
If Trump secures the needed 1237, and I believe he will, Kasich is just another bank rolled failure they can report on their 1040's. If by some strange chance Cruz pulls off a win, we can expect to see a challenge to his constitutional eligibility which he cannot win. Hillary's challenge to Barry Soetoro was stopped by the liberal machine. They did not want deer reader challenged, he was Soros' pick and the left bows down when their moneyed con men bellar. So for that matter do the republicans.
Or should I say the establishment republicans? These people are any thing but conservative. They are the moneyed elite and they want control.
Cruz is attempting to paint himself as an outsider, and in a small way, he is. He is the least liked member of the Senate. Other than that, he is a bought and paid for vassal of the big banks. Establishment to the core, but his lack of popularity means they don't want him in the oval office.
As for Kasich, the only reason he has survived this long is that no one paid attention to him. In the debates he has been almost a wall flower as splitter after splitter attacked Trump. Think of the fight scenes from the movie Road House. Each leader in the dynamic had his pawns, expendables who were sent charging in to the fray with little purpose but to cause harm before they died, and hopefully reveal a weakness. First it was snarley Carly. after Trump demolished Mehgyn's sloppy attempt to derail him, she was there to launch the war on women attack. It fell like a spit ball in a blizzard.
The candidates mostly did not debate the issues. Trump stated a position that they sought to undermine, and it was all about attacking him. If they found his stance was popular, they would then claim it for a plank in their platform. If they were honest and true, we would have had sixteen Trump clones going into Iowa.
Kasich had a set purpose, to derail any Surge in Ohio. He succeeded, and that is why he is politically alive today. He was held in reserve for a specific part of the fight. That he remains is only because the rest have failed so miserably.He is like the carrier Hōshō in the battle of Midway, alive and ready to continue the fight. The Japanese were a bit smarter, or maybe inaccurately informed. They chose to not continue the fight.
Make no mistake, they intend to fight to the bitter last. Trump to date has 693 delegates. The thing to understand is that those delegates are not necessarily Trump supporters, many would rather be voting for Jeb, but because of party laws they are required to cast a vote for Trump. Only one though, after the first round they are free  to support whom ever they want. These people are die hard republican small fish. they are either the also rans, the wanna be's, or the climbers of the party. They are not rank and file conservatives if they are conservatives at all.
In all likelyhood, if Trump does not have the needed majority, the first round would see 1200 votes cast for him, the second would see 900 for Cruz, then they would nominate Jeb or mittens and it would be 2472 votes for the turtle. End result? Hillary wins.
So friend, if you are in the 20 remaining states or territories yet to primary, Please oh please, don't waste your vote on Kasich.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

These are not conservatives

As Donald Trump continues what appears to be an unstoppable march to the republican nomination, establishment rats with in the party are plotting to give the presidency to Hillary Clinton. They plan a third party run with a palpable candidate who will be massively funded by the Wall Street crowd that launched Jeb Bush, Marko Rubio, and the rest of the gaggle that became the republican field in 2015. Their plans to nominate another lackluster republican insider were derailed when Trump entered the fray. They are now scrambling, like rats in a room full of smoke.
A meeting scheduled for Thursday is being organized by Bill Wichterman, Bob Fischer, and Eric the red Erickson. Erickson has been exposed as just another liberal owned hack. For those of you who remember the days of Little Green Footballs prior to the 2008 elections, you understand what I mean.
Trump is not perfect. He is supportive of eminent domain for private development as well as other things that shift him to the left on the conservative scale. Make no mistake, he is not a Reagan. He is still to the right of all the other "conservative" candidates this cycle, and decidedly to the right of Mittens and McInsane.
Many true conservative sites are not fond of Trump because of his New York brand of liberal conservatism. While I might agree with them regarding his credentials, I also know and understand the dangers posed by Inside outsider Cruz who is funded by the big banks and whose wife is part of the problem given her association with the CFR.
Kasich has no national organization. He was set up to be a splitter, and remains in the race only to siphon voted from Trump, and ensure that Cruz does not have enough votes going in to the convention.
America is in trouble. We have the leaders we deserve. We have tollerated many evils from Abortion to Homosexual marriage and not raised a significant finger to stop the agenda put forth by the power brokers who want a global rather than national economy.
What does it matter? We were the last bastion of freedom. America in the twentieth century was the only bulwark against totalitarian rule. Human rights abusers now control the UN, not that it was ever a stellar group. England and France have long been socialist. Germany still has delusions of world domination.
Governments pandering to social unrest have given hand outs to lazy folks for generations. The hard work of American labor has been siphoned off and passed to third world countries at the expense of our hard work.
We did not become  the center of industrial development by accident. I have no problem with helping other countries develop, but we must require them to have republican rule rather than dictators. If we fund development in nations with repressive governments, they will not flourish and grow. Its like planting an apple tree on top of a rock, then wondering why it didn't grow.
America has led in innovation, not because we are smarter than other nations, test score clearly show we are not. Our lack luster education system guarantees that our youth are squandered. Intelligence across the globe is pretty much static. Except for places where starvation is rampant, well nourished children from any nation could develop the things that happened here. There is not a reason from a genetic perspective why an Asian or African child did not become the Bill Gates of computer software. Instead, it was that the leadership in those nations quashes growth like that.
The atmosphere here is what created Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and every other inventor. It wasn't the water, it wasn't the corn, the cows or the bacon. It was a climate where a person with vision could attempt the unbelievable and take it to unbelievable heights.
The globals thought want to take American innovation and hand it free of charge to those third world countries where individual talent is squashed like June bugs on a side walk. Why? so money can be hoarded instead of shared.
There is so much that goes into the globalist agenda. To better understand it, read the Bible. The last days are not far off. One world government, one money, shared wealth, except the elites won't share theirs. Its all about control and the desire to lord it over others.
Trump is a monkey wrench in their plans, or so it would appear. Whether they succeed depends on us remaining vigilant and not being deceived by the lies they spin.
Bear in mind, their end goal was Hillary in the White House from day one. Just like they managed to stick us with the SCoaMF by running candidates who were as palpable as a dog turd on moldy rye. Now, they my be able to hang that albatross on Trump.
That's my two cents, and if you feel cheated, well, I don't give change.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Reap it baby

The poor decisions made by the University of Missouri are coming back to haunt them. Black Lies Matter, and the blacktivists who raged on campus with the aid of idiot Assholeciate professor Melissa Click created a media sensation with their B.S.
Melissa got handed her ass and shown the door only after the legislature got involved and drew a line in the sand. It does not end there.
Enrollment there is 76.4% white and while many whites have fallen for the lies, many more are disgusted by them. The school is bracing for a 25% drop in enrollment. What does that mean? Melissa just cost the school more than $1 million bucks. You go Girl! Oh right, you already went.
I'm sure a lot of those numbers are blacks who won't go to a raciiiiiiiist institution. the other 24.9% are white parents who don't want their kids caught up in an explosive atmosphere. Lets hope other institutions take note. Even parents with a fifth grade education can see through the crap.In other words, Harvard and Yale won't get the hint.
Things got out of hand there when the football team threatened to strike. Let em. Put uniforms on a bunch of walk ons and do a reality TV version of The Replacements. Play your required games, take it on the chin like a real man, then hand every striking player his papers, show him the door. Do it in such a way that no other school can pick them up though. End their NFL aspirations once and for all.
Lets hope the NFL is wise to these clowns. The draft of the daft is only a few short weeks away. May none of them get drafted. Then when the walk on game starts, let none of them get interviews.
This is not the end of black lies. It will morph, grow, and continue to be parasitic to the world.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I thought it was funny as all get out

In 1895, a man was murdered in Groesbeck Texas. A suspect was soon apprehended, and after a trial, found guilty and publicly hanged,  and as was the custom of the times, photographs were taken. The suspect was black, and whether he was in fact guilty or was scapegoated is a matter known only to GOD. Every one else has long since died.
Fast forward 120 years, and a copy of that old photograph was selected as part of the decor for a Joe's Crab Shack in Roseville, Liberal bastion of stupidity, Minnesota. In wander two black men who were seated at the table adorned with the age old photo of that long forgotten hanging, now captioned "ALL I SAID WAS I DON"T LIKE THE GUMBO" They, unlike me,didn't see humor, or if they did see humor, they also saw dollar signs. They voiced their dislike.
OK, lets face reality. many blacks were lynched in Texas as well as other southern, and a few northern states. This guy was not, he was convicted of a crime, murder. The rewrite implies maybe, just maybe he was lynched, and for an all together different reason. I doubt any blacks in the south got lynched because they didn't like the cooking. Most never got to sample it.  Those are facts, and though they are ugly, we cannot undo history, and glossing it over dooms us to repeat it.
Now, had the guy being hung been a Yankee, one of those hated Kansans, then the caption would have been correct. For a Carpet Bagger to dis anything southern in that era would have been a hanging offense, and the trial record would have shown, Hung for dissing on granny Parker's Chili fixins.
The Chicken shits in Minnesota won't even hang murderers which is why they have the problems they do. Polar Bear hunting is popular there.
Lnychings are a part of our history that we don't ever want to repeat. We also don't want to forget them lest we wander down that road again. We can have humor about it though. To me, even a picture of a lynching, at dark of night , by a swamp, under a tree, can be made a little humorous.
That photo, with that caption, serves to remind folks about how seriously some folks take their local cuisine, and Joe's is all about the cuisine. I know because the last time I went, the service sucked.

Can we do it too?

Supporters of Socialist Bernie Slanders shut down a Trump Campaign appearance in Chicago. The mob of thugs conducted themselves just exactly like Hitlers brown shirts, or the marxists who followed Lenin in Russia's revolution.
What stops conservatives from doing the same thing? Surely there are enough patriots to swamp any Bernie event and out number his scumbags five to one. The thing is this is the trademark of evil, and we are not evil. We tolerate much and are often asked made to tolerate the intolerable.
I have stated that I am supporting Trump. That does not mean I am all in and all done for him. He has faults, and he is untested in the political arena. He has been on message from day one, and while his views prior to him entering the race have evolved, they did not do it over night. As far as I can tell, there is no hidden backer. He is primarily self funding, but is accepting individual contributions. The far left media, and even rabid Faux news are giving him tons of free air time as they attack the positions we believe in! Look at every other one of the candidates and you will find big money backers. People who will call the card when the guy is in office.
Now look at their voting records in Congress and you see them doing things they claim to oppose. They have been pandering to the big money interests that ply their trade in Washington.
Money  talks, bull shit walks. Its time for us the voters to tell the people like Rubisho and busTED to take a long hike on a short pier, and not just those two. Every representative who took money from the special interests, who got a lucrative "book deal". Tell them that they are not going back to Washington, so don't bother renewing the lease.
So now is the time to protest folks. Don't do it at a Bernie rally though, do it at the ballot box. Send the George Soros and Koch funded fucktards packing.
We've sent the message in 2010, 2012 and 2014. They don't get it! How many deaths will it take till they know? one term wonders will it take till they are broke? Keep sending the message. If we give up, they win and it is 1939 in Europe all over again but on this side of the Atlantic.

Friday, March 11, 2016

I'm with Bernie... Oh wait, I'm not

Cankles the Criminal has jumped on Slanders the Socialists band wagon regarding college education. Much like Cruz and Rubio mimicking Trump on immigration and other planks that won instant popularity with us "unwashed masses", the Hildabeast is attempting to make inroads wiht the young and gullible.
College has become a scam. Kids absolutely must go to college even if its for a meaningless degree. It used to be that a college education meant something. Today they are participation ribbons at the Special Olympics. Every body gets one! warm or not.
Why should I or any one pay for your education? we don't get a say in what classes you take, nor do we get to hold you to a standard. We get pick pocketed, and you get to sit on your ass for four years, maybe eight and birch that you don't get free contraceptives at the student dispensary.
Can we all see the problem here? We have kids spending $50,000 or more and walking out with a degree that has zero meaning. Those kids got loans from an institution, backed by the feral government, and since Burger King is the only one who needs 300 gender studies majors, they are making minimum wage and can't repay the loan let alone their monthly utilities, rent and car payment.
Yes, you and me, Joe average and mister tax payer now get to pay the bill because no one got the kid on the right track. Mom and dad fucked up, they didn't check to see what a gender studies major can do, what positions are available, what it pays, or what it entails. You'd think that parents who loved their kid would help them be successful. You would think that a bank would demand a plan before they dole out dollars. if you want to build a house, they want detailed drawings. A Jed Clampet shack won't sell for a million. Again, Burger King wages don't go far. You would think that a University would want its graduates to be successful, to make millions, to be proud of their Alma Matter.
Here is one suggestion, tie payment for the degree to the recipient finding a job in the field that pays enough to cover the loan payments. If the University of Chicago churns out 5000 grads with degrees in Afrocentric studies, and only four of them find jobs in fields related to the course of study, then 4,996 kids get a free ride, and that means the profs get a no pay due too.
What would that do for our education system? Think about it.

Monday, March 7, 2016

I won't hold my breath

I'm waiting for Saturday Night's Losers to lampoon a communist candidate the way they do Conservatives. No, I don't waste my time watching the dumb asses cavort. I have more important things to do like play solitaire. Or watch dust gather on my counters.
When it premered on Nothing But Crap, I watched about half an episode. Too. Stupid. To. Stomach. That one of their idiots, Frickin Franken managed to steal an election speaks volumes about the quality of viewers on the left. Half of America is below the academic average, they vote democrat.
That said, do they ever go after one of their arch hero's in the way they attacked Palin or Trump? Or is it that outfits like the Communist News Network rehash it when the vial affront is against a conservative?
If you don't think their stupidity reaches the bottom, consider this, Tina Fey's line about being able to see Russia from her door is quoted by libtards as though Sarah actually said it.
Their latest was featured by pravda, racists for Trump? Well, certainly there are some, but the KKK are still an arm of the DemonicRAT party, as are the black lies matter. Yes, Don, I'm calling you a racist.

Rubio wins south Cuba

It should come as no surprise that Marko Rubisho took Puerto Rico in a land slide. The ineligible contender for POTUS was the only one to campaign in the state coupled with his Cuban heritage made him the best option for an island full of Cubans who swam the wrong way.
A lot has come up lately about Puerto Rico. The same rehashed question about its status. Should we make it a state, grant it independence, or just leave it as is?
I am all for giving it independence. Its a liberal hell hole paradise. high unemployment, massive debt, a population dependent on hand outs. If we cut them loose, the worst that happens is they align with Cuba. Let Castro deal with their free spending ways. We don't need to support them.
Hell, we'll even let them keep Marko since nobody but Minnesota wants him.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


What do you call a Hillary supporter with two brain cells?

What is she doing since she wasn't at the rally?
Getting an abortion.

She thinks its not hers.

But no nukes.....

The Air Force will be deploying B-52s to help in the fight against ISIS. What caught me was their description of Nuclear capable. Yes, the B-52  can carry nukes, and while the bomber has been involved in fights since the early days of Vietnam, it has never deployed a nuclear weapon in anger.
Another tidbit, even the F-16 can carry nukes. So why bring it up? We are not going to nuke Syria. It is too close to Israel, too close to Saudi Arabia, and too well backed by Russia. Maybe we should.
The B-52 has been the backbone of our Air Force for 60 years. 85 of them remain on active duty with another eight in reserve from an original 744 built. While the B-52 is projected to remain in front line service until at least 2040, the Air Force has retired several replacements and contemporaries.
So why does the media make the point of it being a nuke carrier? Is this fear mongering? Do people think ISIS fears nukes? Are we really fighting against ISIS? Lets remember that Hillary helped found ISIS after the over throw of K-Daffy, and it was during the transfer of weapons from Benghazi that Her cocriminal Stevens was kidnapped, ass raped and then murdered.
In the meantime, we will be using a sledge hammer on thumbtacks. Maybe we should nuke the bastards.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

No one to blame but my self

Today was caucus day in Kansas. This morning I went to the official state site to check times. I knew I was supposed to go to the Columbian in Wamego. There was no time listed on the official state site. I don't get a cage liner, and don't listen to the squawking heads on the loco stations.
I did a google search, and it had a time listed of 3 p.m. so I went to Wamego at 3.
It was then I learned that the democraps were cacaing at 3, and the repubs finished at 2. My goof.
Cruz carried the day here. Not a real surprise, we have a strong evangelical base who listen to the alphabet media and while conservative, believe them. It would be better if he was a natural born citizen of the United States. At this point he's not even qualified to serve in Ottawa.

Word a day

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hey Romney!

Dear Mittens,
I do not understand why you continue to stick your nose into American politics. in 2012 the Establishment GOP forced you down our throats. Many people like me held out noses and voted for you even though we could discern no difference between you and the miserable failure communist incumbent. You are a slightly less liberal democrat who hides behind an R. So you can win in a democrat state? You must not be much in the conservative department, and you made it clear as glass that is what you are. A K Street hack, shit in a sack.
So your buddy boy Ryan is speaker? That says volumes. Yes, we are as disgusted with him as we were with you. That translates that we are disgusted as hell and M.A.D. as hell at our elected representatives who are representing the interests of Wall street instead of the voters who sent them to Washington.
Now you are crawling out from under your rock to vent your blow hole. Do the world a favor, shut the hell up! The only people who give a rats ass about the lies you are about to spew are the scum with more money than brains who by the way, would still have more money than brains if all they had were two pennies.
Speaking of pennies, you know the old saying, "a penny for your thoughts?" If they give you that tomorrow, you will have cheated them!
Do you hope to convince us rubes, us vulgarians, the fly over country crowd that your Harvard education is some how superior? That it makes you special? I have no respect for it. It is not fit to use as a snot rag. Why? Because you are nothing but a vulgar liberal wearing a cloak of conservatism when you lack any conservative credentials. You have a jurist doctorate. All you know is how to exploit loop hole in the perceived interpretation of the Constitution. You are the political version of the Snake in the Garden of Eden questioning the meaning of the intent. You are the political equivelent of Worthless Willie Clinton stating that it depends on what the meaning of is is.
You and your crowd do not speak for us, you do not represent us. Your version of conservatism is to take this once great nation over the cliff in low gear while the the like of Hillary, Bernie and Barry want to do it in over drive.
The voters thus far have soundly rejected you mini-me Jeb Bush and his mini-me Marko Rubio. GET. A. CLUE! Your buddies in New York wasted a boat load of money funding those two losers, and btw, funding you.
If you really want to do us a favor, it is this, Don't go away mad, just go away. Take your rejected ass some where it will be appreciated. Pringle South Dakota comes to mind. The FLDS sect there might find a use for you. the rest of us in "fly over " Country have none.
I would say have a nice day, but I pray to GOD you don't.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Its super Tuesday and the fraudsters are out in force.

Already there have been reports of strange goings on in Texas at several polling places. People who cast their vote for Trump, when they double checked, found that the machine was reporting Rubisho.

To paraphrase from the old joke, The duck (Rubisho) won.

Made me think of Barry

My choice would be the democrat primary