Sunday, September 30, 2018

nother meme

Lots of memes

The internet is getting a lot of good ones thanks to the insane actions of the communists claiming to be democrats. Figured it was high time to share a few.


Take a knee MY ASS

A clue?

A picture has surfaced purported to be of worthless Willie and Dr. Ford.
You can tell a man who boozes by the company he chooses....
(It's actually Gillibrand)

This will backfire on them

The communists got their pet RINO Flakey to demand a one week investigation of the allegations regarding Judge Kavanaugh. Immediately after it was announced, the children demanded that any investigation be open ended. The goal, so obvious, is to stonewall and delay the nomination.
I am not fooled, and neither are voters. Sure, the democrap ones are all for it, but there are many people who are swing voters. They don't like childish games. Those same people got in the way of HiLlARy's coronation as the first white female president.
After 2016 when the dumbs did their breakdown, instead of shifting to center and appealing to average voters, they decided to go hard left and be the anti-Trump party. Swing voters notice.
It isn't so much that some people decide to vote commie one time and conservative the next, it is that one side does a better job of getting people fired up. Mittens and McInsane failed to fire up swing voters, and they sat home and enjoyed a movie. Others in the middle got fired up over Barry, the first black Prez!!!.  Those same folks were not excited about elevating a crook to the white house no matter if she wore a Mao pantsuit.
President Trump got people excited. There were many people who had sat out a long string of elections who supported him. Those same folks are likely to come out in droves this November. It isn't necessarily that they like President Trump, it is that they are sick of the childishness from the democrats.
I have encountered several people since the circus in the Senate who are peeved. They look at Kavanaugh and like him. They do not for a minute believe that Dr Ford is recalling detail. As one guy put it, I drank plenty as a teen. I don't remember ever getting so drunk I couldn't remember anything.
Personally, I can remember every party I attended as a teen. I can tell you who I drove home after, who crept off into the bushes and got laid, who puked in the fire. There was nothing special about those parties, so why does Ford have difficulty remembering what didn't happen? Never mind. The voters get it.


Ted Turner, founder of the Communist Noise Nutworks, better known as Fake News Central, is unhappy with how the network has gone extreme far left.
Is he unhappy that people are not buying the BS, or, in a moment of clarity, is he realizing that communism is a dead end game? My bet is the money. Fewer viewers translates to less income. Advertisers pay for audience, and when you are not delivering, you don't get paid.
Since the man was married to traitor Jane Fonda, I have no sympathy for him. He is battling Lewy Body Dementia. It screws with the brain, if he had one, big time.
In any case, when a rabid communist like Ted says you are too far left, that might be a clue. CNN won't get it.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Feinstein should be booted from the Senate

The United States has a long standing tradition of never revealing the names of sexual assault victims. For as long as I can remember, they have been the sole class of victim protected from being revealed publicly. In a very few cases a victim has come forward publicly and therefore their name has become public.
Dianne Feinstein outed Christine Ford for pure political purposes. Now, to be clear, I do not for a minute believe that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted Christine Ford when she was a teenager, but it is a remote possibility that some one did assault her, and that over time she convoluted her memory to believe it was the good Judge. Her testimony sold me on her being a fake. She doctored it. She gave clinical explanations when she should have been speaking from the heart. Worse yet, her memory was vague and contradictory.
For all we know, she met Brett Kavanaugh when they were teens and developed a crush. That crush morphed into rape fantasy and became so ingrained that she began to think it was real. Not likely, but a possibility.
During my time in the military, I saw too many instances where a female subordinate filed charges against a superior of sexual assault. After I became an MP, I had two times where I dealt with victims of rape. The contrast between them and the women who leveled false charges was like night and day.
Regardless, Dr Ford deserved the respect of not having here name spread on every front page in the world. The only way that should happen is if she were proven a Tawana Brawley class liar.
Seeing her reaction when Senator Grassley informed her that the senate would gladly have conducted the interview in California in private was telling. She looked surprised. All I can say is what? Doesn't she ever watch the news? Then again, the fake media might not have reported that.
Regardless, the effects for women who come forward in the future has changed for the worse. How many women will want to risk the public humiliation?
Immediately after the November 6th results are known, the senate should vote to remove Feinstein regardless of whether she wins or is defeated. I would say do it now, but the voters in Mexifornia might take it as an affront and reelect her rather than putting her out to pasture.
For an encore, boot departicus.

Old man

Friday, September 28, 2018

Long Black Veil

Moving forward

Yesterday was not a win for the republicans. While the testimony made clear that Brett Kavanaugh did nothing wrong, that he never assaulted Ford, this is not a win. I believe Judge Kavanaugh will be elevated to the supreme court. Once he is there, every time there is a controversial case concerning sex, rape, pedophilia, you name it, the media will sully his name again in the headlines.
This is a win for the democrats. Yes, they lost the seat, but every future nominee now knows this will be played again and again. They know they will be subjected to lies and that their family will be harassed, and possibly even assaulted. Many good men and great choices will hesitate to accept a nomination now, and what they might put a woman nominee through is beyond imagination.
Yesterday was the lowest the democrats have gone. Tomorrow they will go lower still. you can rest assured on that. They hit rock bottom long ago. They continue to dig, searching now for the volcano.
Let's help them find it. On November 6, let we the people unleash a fury of devestation that comes from the bowels of the earth, consumes them in a fire of anti communist backlash, and sends them away in a cloud of ash.
I don't think DeLeon is any better than DiFi, in fact, I think he is far worse. I would like to see him beat the bitch and for the exit polls to make it clear to him that the people of the far leftist coast are even fed up with her shenanigans. That way, he might tread lightly instead of becoming an Ocassio Cortez psychotic.
Besides DiFi, there are a few more democrats I want to see get the boot. It would be awesome if shill Hirano was defeated in Hawaii, and if Liarwatha were defeated, that would be a true blessing, even if it would be challenged as racial prejudice.
A good trouncing at the polls would send a message to Amy Klobuchar. She too needs to go, and if Minnesota would kindly do so, replace Unfunnyman Franken's replacement with Karin Housley.
Missouri would do well without Claire McCaskill. New Jersey needs some one who is not caught up in serious ethics alegations like Menendez.
In all, there are 33 senate seats up for regular elections plus two, Minnesota and Mississippi holding special elections. Of those 35, 24 are held by communists, nine by republicans, and two by communist supporting "independents", Bernie Sanders, and Angus King.
Backlash from this could very well shift the balance strongly to the republicans. That will not deter the communist democrats from continuing to behave badly. A good election will not eliminate them from control of the media and Hollywood from which they will continue to spew bile.
Democrats know that Ginsberg is slowly spiraling away. If President Trump is forced to appoint a compromise candidate to the court, they will still have a win, one which I hope to see them denied.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Roll on

A new Graham

Lindsay Graham let loose on the crap storm from the communist party today.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rhinestone Cowboy

Why do we call them activists?

A group of  thugs funded by unrepentant nazi George Soros are making threats against Ted Cruz, Brett Kavanaugh, and President Trump. These people cannot win the argument with reasoned logic, so like the brownshirts of fame in Germany, they are resorting to bullying tactics. Again.
These thugs assaulted people attending campaign rallies in 2016, members of the TEA party in 2012, and people who opposed Barry's destruction of health care insurance in 2010. They are not exercising their rights to free speech, they are infringing on ours.
They see themselves as part of some great movement. What they are is cannon fodder for the socialists. You can be sure Barry won't attend their funeral if they get shot dead by the security people who may become necessary to protect our Senators and Supreme Court justices.
These people are not soldiers. There is no right wing army opposing their ideas, there is no right wing army attacking the liars of Hollywood. Pissy Chrissy Ford, the liar extraordinaire  is not in any danger of being beaten, shot or asaulted by mobs of people backing Kavanaugh. Now that her BS has been exposed for all the world to see, she can return to Stanford and her cushy professor role where she will continue to lie and mislead the students who step unknowingly into her class rooms. People on the right just don't act the same as the fools on the left, and that is why we are where we are today.
America is in a civil war. Long gone are the days when George Washington's staff calmly handed the reins of power to John Adams whose staff handed control to Thomas Jefferson. Instead we have the staff of worthless Willie destroying the offices and removing the W keys from the computer keyboards. You can bet Barry's bratts did the same or worse.
The angry resentment is strong. words have escalated to assaults. We on the right have not started shooting back. We are not organizing, rioting, or marching. We are going about our business in the hopes that government will work as intended and the rabble rousers on the left will be arrested for inciting violence. It is them who are baiting these children to criminal activities. It isn't the George Soros', Rob Reiners and Michael Moore's doing the crimes, they only motivate the people doing the deeds, or more accurately, misdeeds.
Lets call them what they are, terrorists.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The end of the world

What the Bible says

I will begin by telling you I am not a good Christian. I am a sinner. I need a Savior. I have a Savior. The Bible is the word of GOD. Jesus is called in John, the word of GOD made flesh. The Bible is History, it is His Story.
The Catholic Church is in a downward spiral. It is imploding over recent revelations about homosexual conduct by some Priests. Too many priests, and it was covered up by the church all the way up to the Pope. Is this the end of the Catholic Church? Saint Malachy's prophesy seems oddly accurate about now.
The last few years have seen a sudden extreme rise in homosexuals demanding equality. They want to marry, they want to be recognized as an equal family unit to a husband and wife. They want to be allowed to adopt children, and they are attacking Christianity as they do it.
Some Churches have caved to the homosexuals. Some have gone so far as to rewrite the Bible and make it genderless.
Some people still have the guts to stand up and tell the truth. Jim Goad isn't gonna be popular in some circles. Pretty soon his family will be treated like Sarah Sanders family was. GOD told us this was coming. We will be persecuted for his Name's sake.
GOD condemns many things, not just homosexuality. Do you like prostitutes? GOD condemns that. Are you greedy? GOD doesn't like that either. We are all sinners, non of us are perfect. That said, we all need to be reminded that GOD wants us to turn away from our sins and to Him. He wants the adulterer to quit just as much as he wants the homosexual to stop.
We should no more tell a homosexual that it is ok as to tell a child molester that assaulting kids is ok. Neither is ok, and neither will enter heaven with out repentance and a Savior. It's time to quit telling people that the things GOD calls abominations are OK.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Texan's are mad?

A suspicious organization named four square reported that In-n-Out Burger was the Texas favorite. Some Texans disagree. I took a look at their map of favorites, which is supposed to show what the favorite restaurants for all the states.
According to the map, Chick-fil-a is the top choice in at least thirty nine of the states. While that might be true, Culver's is top in Kansas. Seriously, what the heck??? The chain has a whole whopping five locations in Kansas, and they are clusted in the libtarded cluster fuck of Kansas Shitty and Lawrence. McNasty's has that many locations in Lawrence alone.
But wait! It gets better still! Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is tops in Hawaii with exactly ZERO locations in the state.
I'm guessing this is the same outfit who predicted HiLlARy's landslide.

Broke down south of Dallas

Why those three?

Chrissy blatant liar Ford gave three names of people she claimed were at the party where she dreamed of being sexualized by Brett Kavanaugh. All three deny her story. That got me to wondering how she picked those names. As I understand it, there are sites that have old yearbooks archived. Did she just scan a list and pick them at random? Did she select people she believed would support her? Did she choose ones she thought would be impossible to find, dead, or who might not remember things? This isn't Three Days of the Condor and she isn't Joseph Turner. She sure didn't find Kathy Hale either.
The same is true with this latest accuser, Deborah Ramirez. The only thing they can do now is walk into the hearings and claim that after all these years, they made a mistake on who was there to witness.
Right now the count is 75 to 2. Seventy five women who have known Kavanaugh have come forward and stated on record that they can vouch for his character.
This rear guard action is insane. The scorched earth attacks as democrats shift ever further left  while most Americans are wanting to go right is on par with the last efforts of Germany in WW2 where they kept fighting long after all was lost simply because they felt a Germany that had lost did not deserve to live.

DiFi demands another delay

As if on cue, another rabble rouser stepped forward and accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual impropriety. As I noted earlier, this one also has witnesses who say she is wrong. Regardless, this prompted DiFI, communist, Californiastan to demand a delay in for the Kavanaugh smearing.
Why are we giving them so much rope? Clearly this is another liar. The only reason to allow such charades is to make the very strong case that democrats should not have a majority in either chamber.
We are less than six weeks from the midterm election, one which is shaping up to be a disaster for the communists. People were fed up with the uniparty BS in 2016. It showed in how well Donald Trump did in the republican primaries where he mopped the floor with deep state pick Jeb Bush. Then it was made even clearer by the thirty state thrashing HiLlARy got after rigging the primaries and squashing Bernie the Socialist.
The demonics doubled down on stupid. Instead of looking and realizing that they were creeping to far too fast, they bolted to the extreme left and are staking out a position that will eventually make Ocassio Cortez look like a moderate.
I don't believe a delay is the right thing. Ford's testimony will turn into a circus side show freak parade. Why make it a double dud feature? We have enough shows coming out of Hollywood that are vast disasters, so why give the ratings for them more competition? I already have more than enough reasons to keep the television OFF.

Deleware has a problem

The commie POS they elected to the Senate says he is voting no on Kavanaugh. Has the bearded commie heard one sentence of sworn testimony? Not yet. He, like every communist in Washington, and a lot of RINOs as well, are opposed to anyone and anything that supports and defends the Constitution. In the 2016 election, only New Castle county went for HiLlARy. the other two counties went for President Trump by small margins.
It used to be that Supreme Court nominees were voted on based on qualification, not party politics. At least, Republicans voted that way. Ruth bad-bitch Ginsberg was approved 96-3, and Braying  jackass was approved 87-9.
We have yet to hear one word of sworn testimony from Ford. We have yet to hear one question about why all the people she claimed were at the party deny it happening. The same is true for Deborah Ramirez, the second woman to falsely accuse Kavanaugh of sexual impropriety acting like a typical democrat. You would think that the people pulling the strings would be smart enough to get their witlesses on board with the lies and smear before going pubic. What are they thinking smoking?
When I saw the article reporting that a senator was voting no, I first checked to find out if it was a republican or a communist. When I saw it was a commie, I wondered why this was news. Coons isn't even up for reelection, won't be until 2020.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Movin on

If you remember the show, Claude Akins and  Frank Converse.

Up North

I'm on the road for a few days. I purchased a grain mill to grind feed for my chickens. The mill was in northern South Dakota. Being that close to barley country, I pushed a little further North and picked up a ton of feed grade grain.
When it comes to feeding chickens you can buy bags at Tractor Supply. At $8 a bag That works out to$400 a ton.  Barley sells for$2.95 a bushel, or about$185 a ton. Corn is a bit cheaper. Buying bulk has benefits
There are drawbacks to bulk though. One is storage. You need a place protected from weather and rodents. I use 55 gallon barrels with screw on lids, and keep them in a shed.
The other is that chickens fare a bit better on ground feed over whole grain. While the elevator can grind the corn for you, ground feed has some disadvantages. Mainly it attracts moisture and rots. That is why I was looking for a grinder.
The barley is another matter. What someone suggested was to take barley and soak it. Then put it on a damp cloth and let it germinate. It provides fresh greens for the birds in winter. I'm still learning.

Ford doesn't want to fly?

Why, suddenly, is Dr. Ford not wanting to fly? I know the weather is a little rough this time of year for transcontinental flights, but she could always just take a jet instead.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wipe out

Yes I'm an angry white man

And I'm darn proud of the fact. Angry white men got us into WW1 because they were fed up with Germany torpedoing ships costing Americans their lives. Angry white men got us into WW2 because they were pissed as all hell about the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor.
Angry white men have done a lot of good things in the world. So have angry black men, angry Indians, angry Latinos... You name it, people don't get off their duff and demand a course correction until they are good and mad.
In 2016 the uniparty was attempting to shove low energy Jeb on us to ensure that HiLlARy was coronated the next President. It was not that they wanted the lying skunk as president, it is that they wanted some one they could control, and they knew they had a handle on her called money.
Sometimes we have a right to be angry.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Democrats do not care about the truth

The recent BS bath regarding Judge Kavanaugh is only a glimpse as to how low they will go. Karen Monahan, the woman accusing Islamist Keith Ellison of sexual impropriety is being attacked and smeared for coming forward. So much for believing female accusers. As far as Karen is concerned, I really don't care one way or the other. Ellison is a POS either way in my book. That Monahan is being smeared rather than believed is the only real issue.
When she came forward, it was not at the last moment of a critical election. Ellison is not running for reelection, instead he is running to become the Minnesota Attorney General. If you go look at his wiki page, there is no highlighting of the accusations against him. Yawn, democrat who is a sexual deviant. Dime a dozen, not news worthy. It is mentioned as an accusation by Monahan's adult son. Ok, the average mooslime treats women a heck of a lot worse.
Now we have Christine Blasey Ford accusing Brett Kavenaugh of sexual assault. If it happened, it was thirty years ago. She never told any of her friends. She can't remember critical details. If she testifies before the Senate, it will only be after heavy coaching. The woman has never held a real job. she graduated college at age 21, and went immediately to work in the communist halls of academia.
She is just one more name in the long list of women to accuse republicans of acting like democrats.
We need to put an end to this abuse. Lets start with Judge Moore's accuser. get her under oath, no pleading the fifth, but if she refuses to talk, simply charge her with election fraud and send her to jail for a very long time.
Anita Hill would be another one who needs to spend time in prison for her attacks on Justice Thomas. That she continues to this day makes it so much worse.
The thing about this is when you fight with a pig you are gonna get covered in filth, and the pig aint gonna care.

More Cash

Monday, September 17, 2018

Sunglasses at night

Wanna play guess the race?

A woman is dead after she and two companions went on a shoplifting spree in Elkton Maryland. When a security guard followed them out of the store and attempted to take photos of the vehicle tag, Kaneesha Cunningham jumped on the trunk and tried to use her body to cover the tag. The driver of the vehicle, Chermain Mayo, reversed the vehicle and hit a curb causing Cunningham to become trapped under the vehicle.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I always thought Mayo was supposed to be white?

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Let me tell you about Mary

By the time I was sixteen, my father had retired from farming and decided to move into town. The folks purchased a small house and we moved in. The neighbor two houses down was a kid named Vince. Vince was a bit younger than me and his dad was one of my teachers, so I knew him well. While we were getting the house ready, Vince stopped by, and when the folks were out of earshot asked me to pick up some condoms for him. The druggist in town was a Catholic straight laced sort, and the kids generally avoided the place for such purchases.
No problem, I was dating a gal in a nearby town so it was a stop at the gas station for him. Turned out that Vince had a date with The pharmacist's daughter, Mary.
It was a busy summer for me. I was working construction 50-60 hours a week plus moving plus seeing Marjean, so I didn't talk to Vince but maybe twice the rest of the summer, and then just a hi.
When school started back up in the fall, one of the first things to hit the gossip mill was that Mary was pregnant. when I saw her at lunch, sure enough, a swollen belly.
I found Vince and ripped him good. "Dude, I got rubbers for you, what happened?"
Well, Mary was a some what twisted Catholic, and when Vince produced the condoms, she dumped him. No Birth Control!
Now to put matters into a little perspective, let me back up a year. I was fifteen and had a farm permit. I could drive to school, but I couldn't park on school property, nor on the street by the school, so I parked three blocks away by the retirement village where my grandma lived.
The school was a k-12. No separate grade school or middle school.
In the afternoons I would walk back to my car and Vince and Andy who live close to him would walk with me to the corner where I went straight and they went left. Some times Mary would be in the group, she lived just past the retirement village.
One day Vince and Andy headed their way, and we were waiting to cross the highway. Mary reached over and grabbed my crotch and said "I could put that to use right now."
Sorry, no dice, I was already chasing gals a couple towns over and had no interest in her. She was also younger. MUCH younger.
When She got pregnant, she was going into sixth grade, and Vince was in seventh.
Just so you understand, My current wife is the only woman I have dated who was younger than me. Marjean was two years ahead of me, and the woman I lost my virginity to was six years older. Yup, a seventeen year old dating a twenty three year old who had a kid.. who look like me.  Many people including classmates thought I was Peg's father.
Back to Mary. once people at school got to comparing notes, it came out that she was a mega man eater. When Vince was going out with her, she was not a virgin, and when she grabbed my crotch, was about the time she lost it. the girl was a hormone driven maniac. No one ever admitted to knocking Mary up, and as far as I know, she never named a semen source. It could have been any of a number of kids, or men from the community, it could have been some one who stayed at the resort on the lake or the nearby park, or a guy taking a break from a day of fishing.
Don Surber's post about Kyrsten Sinema got me thinking about all this. We want to draw a line in the sand, fifteen for ten gets you twenty, but what about Mary? Yes, she was eleven going on twenty one, but she wanted sex and didn't care except that condoms were B.A.D. If an older guy had gone to bed with her, they most likely would have made dang sure they used some kind of birth control even if Mary objected. Most guys know that getting a girl like her pregnant would mean a long stay at a prison where child molesters tend to get beaten up, gang raped and killed.
What about me? I was seventeen, and peg's mom could have gotten in trouble for sleeping with me. It did not matter that I looked 25. It did not matter that she looked sixteen. I was seventeen and horny, she was twenty three. She didn't know I was under age until long after we'd slept together, but then, neither did the bartenders.
In Biblical times, the parents decided when it was time for the wedding. a girl might be betrothed as early as five, but no parent who loves his child is going to send her to bed with a horny husband before she is ready. Noting the many stories about girls in islam who die from sex too early, Remember, I said a father who LOVES his daughter.
Likewise, a father is not going to keep a hormone driven maniac locked up in the house either. Typically girls got married somewhere between thirteen and eighteen depending on how they developed.
The flip side of that is no father was going to send his daughter to live with a man who could not support a family. A guy didn't usually get to marry until he was established, usually not younger than 25.
There are guys out there who prey on young children. They should be shot. There are also guys who are stupid and decide what the heck when the neighbor's daughter is all over them like chocolate on a sundae. We would hope they would be smart enough to walk away, but some make the mistake of sticking their dick in under age crazy.
Those cases should be handled in a different way. There was one case several years back where the defense in a case planned to call an expert witness. the prosecutor did a little research and found the witness had been in prison for sex with a minor.
When it came time for cross examination, rather than impeaching his testimony, the prosecutor attacked his character.
Have you ever been convicted of any crime?
Yes I have.
You were convicted of child molestation were you not?
That is correct.
Have you ever thought about the impact that had on your victim?
No sir.
Have you ever considered...
Why don't you ask her yourself? she drove me here this morning.

Looking at it another way, if a ten year old managed to get his hands on a set of car keys and took it for a spin, then was involved in a collision, would we say the other driver was at fault because the kids was too young to drive thus automatically exempt?

We need to treat every case as a unique event. We need to stop with the notion that the children are automatically the victim when in many cases they instigate this. We have been treating sex as a one way street. there are classes where they MUST be the victim. Another example would be sex among college students. If she has a beer, and later regrets the sex, the guy's life will become a living hell even if she initiated the whole thing, even if he was too drunk to consent, if she claims rape, the college treats her as a victim and him as a criminal.
I am not saying that every person who has sex with a kid should be exonerated. Most of them are sickos who prey on kids.

Drifting along

Friday, September 14, 2018

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

About time

Serena Williams, the fading women's tennis star threw a fit that would do justice to a two year old after losing Saturday in the U.S. Women's Open finals. The ITF waited until Monday to acknowledge that the Umpire, Carlos Ramos was in the right. This after being condemned by the USTA and the Women's tennis Association. They were joined by many feminazi organizations as well.
For the record, tennis stars fall into the category of people I have no need for. Williams has made more than $88 million swatting balls. Not bad for an entertainer. Earlier this year Williams trashed fellow American Tennys Sandgren for his remarks about the LGBT community, something that has nothing to do with tennis, but Tennys did comment about Williams on court antics calling them disgusting. Williams responded by tweeting her displeasure, saying, "@TennysSandgren I don't need or want one. But there is a entire group of people that deserves an apology. I cant look at my daughter and tell her I sat back and was quiet. No! she will know how to stand up for herself and others- through my example." Additionally, she attached an image that read, "Maturity is being able to apologize and admit when you're wrong because you know that your mistakes don't define you". (Source)
SO, Serena, we are waiting for you to grow up. 

Heart of Gold

The former worst laddie is still grating

Barry isn't the only one hitting the campaign trail for communist candidates. His cohort in slime, he one with balls, is also working to get out the vote. I guess they are worried that too much of their fake voting is getting exposed.
snip) The former first lady asks women to assist with registering their friends and family so they may be eligible to vote on Election Day. “Women of color know how to get things done for our families, our communities, and our country,” she says. “When we use our voices, people listen. When we lead mislead, people follow sheeple swallow it.”
No, I don't have any respect for the classless and clueless skank that the media tried to convince us was the reincarnation of Jackie O. Blackie O lacks good looks, not her fault, we can't all be Melania. She also lacks class, talent, and a law license.
Yes, I know, I'm being RACIST. Just like the cartoonist mocking Serena Williams. Speaking of which, some one please as JK Rowling, "Are we supposed to give her a pass because she is black or because she is female? Which characteristic makes it ok to act like an ass in public? For my part, I would not want some one acting like that to be a role model for my worst enemies kids.
Or the Mooche for that matter.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Today marks the 17th anniversary of the new day of infamy. It is also the sixth anniversary of Benghazi.
We now know that back in 1941, our leaders, democrats, knew about the coming Japanese attack. They sent the carriers out to safety, and counted on the fledgling radar to alert the defenders who were unaware of the pending attack.
Some people contend that 9-11-01 was an inside job. variations of it claim the WTC was packed with explosives prior to the day, and that the jets were remotely flown. Some claims are that the aircraft were empty, others claim the passengers were unwitting hostages and that the perpetrators had no regard for human life.
I doubt those claims. If there had been a conspiracy to draw us into a war, by now some one who knew would have spilled the beans. To this day, no one has released such an expose. Further, the number of people required to place enough explosives to accurately bring down a building such as the WTC in such a controlled manner would be staggering. I do not believe it would be humanly possible to accomplish such a feat in absolute secrecy. The possibility that members of our government knew about a pending attack is another matter, or that they knew of a planned hijacking but did not realize the full intent is remotely possible. More likely, ineptitude among the members of the intel community, left overs from the worthless Willie era, is a possibility.
For my part, I believe that the attack was planned and carried out by islamofascists from Saudi Arabia led by their fortunate son Osama bin fishbait. Or is he really dead? I think he is.

Benghazi is another story. As I view the incident at Benghazi, my take away is that a small party of the Soetoro administration conspired with the rebels in Libya with the intention that Ambassador Stevens would be captured by the rebels and then "exchanged" possibly for the blind sheik, possibly in dealings with Barry's most favored nation, Iran. As evidence that there was complicity, every attempt by the military to send assistance was stopped and told to stand down. The only ones who did not stand down were the men at the CIA annex two of whom perished in the attacks.
At the time of the attack, there were only seven people in the compound. Most of them were not armed. Ambassador Stevens had supposedly requested reinforcements prior to the events, but was denied them. If that is true, why did he remain at the Benghazi compound after dark knowing there were hostile groups in the area capable of overwhelming his contingent, and especially, why were they not well arms let alone unarmed?
The swift response in the United States also shows this had to have been preplanned. They claimed the attack was the result of an obscure video, one that had been seen by only a few hundred people and was mild in comparison to what people like me posted about Satan's loyal followers on a regular basis. If you read the wiki link about this movie, it is full of BS and still claims the movie was the cause of riots in Egypt.
We know there was a weapons running scheme afoot in Libya with arms being supplied to terrorists in Syria. Those weapons were being funneled through Turkey. Clinton??? Anything to make a buck HiLlARy probably got a charity donation from some one.
We have a lot to be angry about today. Saudi Arabia likely will never be punished, and it was a bunch of Saudi's who flew the planes, and it was their satanic verses which originated in Mecca that led to tall this destruction. And we have yet to make them pay.
All that was needed on the American side for conspirators would have been Barry, HiLlARy, Val Jar, possibly Susan Rice, and probably, but not necessarily Ambassador Stevens. Since the gun running was happening in his play pen, I tend to think he would have been in on the whole thing, and I tend to think Rice because she was the main mouthPOS after the events. Stevens is dead, and I don't expect the SCoaMF or the slinky to ever squeal. ValJar is the controller and Rice is loyal. We won't get a book.

Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace


Monday, September 10, 2018

Sunday, September 9, 2018

What a wonderful world

Signs of improvement

One measure of the economy is the transportation sector. Below is a mislabeled video of STORED locomotives belonging to the UP. If you view it in Youtube, you can scroll down and red the comments. Moswt are stupid, but the teeth is those locomotives are NOT THERE!
As the Obomunism is going the way of black and white television and silent movies, those units are returning to service. From a high of close to 500 units, it is now in the 50 range.

Update, link to evil google earth map of those locos.

If HiLlARy had won

Some one, some where , ten years from now would be telling these about America.

nother one

Barry is out stummpin

The SCoaMF is out campaigning against candidates who support President Trump. How about a reminder of what Barry has done for the country?

Something for a Sunday morning

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Ballots in Spanish

A misguided judge in Floriduh has ordered that the State offer ballots printed in Spanish. Florida has experienced a flood of Puerto Ricans after their island was decimated by Hurricane Maria and democrat incompetence.
We screw up a long time back when we didn't make English the official language for the nation.
The judge cited the Voting Rights Act of 1965. I cannot help but wonder if there are actually places in Florida where the number of people who cannot understand English exceeds 5% of the population?

Phantom vs Crusader

A couple of icons of the Navy.

Friday, September 7, 2018

NFL hits bottom continues digging

So last night was the treason opener for athletes without audiences. My wife and I went out for supper. The place she selected had two TV's going, both on the game. NO ONE was watching. There were about twenty people in the place plus staff. One couple was close to the screen by the door, and not once did either of them glance at the screen. The other TV was situated closer to me. There was a table of gals having a ladies night out, but they were more interested in their conversations, and judging by appearance, they wouldn't have been interested in 2014 either. The rest of the costomers didn't have an angle to see the screens.
In spite of there being many televisions tuned in in sports bars and other venues, the ratings were still in the toilet. I didn't see the Nike add, We finished and left before half time. too bad they didn't save energy and switch the sets off.

Next up on CNN, Judge Kavenaugh will arm wrestle a two year old

CNN had to admit, Judge Kavanaugh bested Cory Booker during questioning today on Capitol Hill. There are few democrats communists better at making an ass of themselves than Booker, and he was in form this week. I guess the dems are not too worried about his seat, where they can stuff the ballot boxes, they do and we get people like Cory in Washington playing politician instead of begging on a street corner in Atlantic City.
The bottom line is the dems have NOTHING to throw at Kavanaugh, so all they can do is perform theatrical tomfoolery and hope the koolaide drinkers don't see through the emotionalism.
In other news about the Supreme Court, Vegas continues to make book on when Ruth the Grinch's life support fails. How many people believe in the zombie apocalypse only because they saw RBG and thought it moved? Ruth wanted her seat to be filled by a HiLlARy the slinky appointee. That is why she did not retire while Barry was occupying the Oval Office.

Anything for Love

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Just do it for $0.23 an hour

Found on Daily Wire:

Good Bye Burt

Burt was a character in more ways than I can count. I enjoyed many of his films, and that is something coming from a guy who now won't watch anything that Hollywood produces.
Burt was a friend of President Trump. He once stated he had misgivings about The Donald running the country because President Trump is a ruthless businessman. Nice to see that His fears have been allayed.
Back then, Burt said he'd like to see Jon Voight run for President. Voight btw endorsed Trump.
Burt was a playboy in so many ways. He wanted to have fun, and he did it.

Nope not watching

As the NFL begins yet another season of losing fans, Nike will air it's first and hopefully last commercial with Colon Krappy-Q-back. The useless socialist just-ass whore is the reason I switched the TV off, and their decisions to continue alienating Americans who are proud of this country pisses me off all the more.
If this is a lame attempt on the part of the NFL to lure SJWs to watch the game, it is likely doomed to fail. The dumbest of the SJWs, and they are all dumb, know about the NFL and the players history of violence especially toward women. They are not gonna virtue signal support for the NFL... Then again, they may be that stupid.
In any case, Nike can fail, the NFL can fail, the SJWs can fail and we will continue Making America Great Again.

Can't help but wonder

Yesterday I noted about the POS who sent an anonymous op-ed to the New York Slimes, and I've been thinking about that a lot since. My thought has been maybe the leaker is the President? I guess I'm not the only one. The piece in itself does not hurt President Trump one bit. The shallow backstabbing that we all have witnessed from day one as staff have been appointed then fired like they are on a new Political Apprentice show is a serious concern. President Trump got Rancid Prepuse out of the republican hierarchy by making him chief of staff. when he showed he was a back stabber, he got shown the door. Had president Trump left him as head of the RNC, he'd still be stabbing the President in the back. Others have been legitimate hires intended to do the job and failed, but so many have been Washington swamp scum who set out from the moment President Trump won to undermine him.
The letter could just as easily have been written by President Trump, he is past master at playing the press, especially the Slimes like a fiddle. It is though, possible that it was done by a staffer. We might never know, but if it was the President, all I can say is he has a red laser pointer to torture the press called Twitter, and he has a green one to torture them even more called leaks.
And to be clear, the firing is not something I hold against President Trump, it is something I hold against the people whom he appointed to do a job who failed to do the job assigned thus making the termination necessary and appropriate.
In any case, President Trump loves to torture the Washington Press Corpse. BWAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

No thanks?

When The Meg was running her mouth over her dead daddy, taking cheap shots at the President Who had been disinvited, she made no mention about what President Trump had done for the family. McStain's body was returned to Washington on Air Force 2 courtesy of The President.
Typical behavior for the classless co-host of The Eew err The View. She is supposed to be "the Conservative" on the show, but from what I can gather, Joyless Bear or Whoopsie Goldbrick would serve the position just as well.
Abby Huntsman will be in for the fight of her life.
As for Shitstain's daughter, she got more than just a chip from her daddy.


Billy Long putting down a spectator speaking out of turn was amazing to watch. The sad part is, while Laura Loomer was out of turn, she was voicing a very real concern that Jackass Dorcey the CEO of twitter is shutting down conservative voices at an alarming rate.
I just hope Billy Long gets with the program and we see something done about this. Here is an important thing to take away from all the things happening here and now. Back in 1933, the industrialists in Germany were backing Hitler and his version of socialism. While th revolution in Russia turn the rich barons into wind chimes and Swiss cheese, in Germany they were backing Hitler because the military industrial complex wanted the militarization that Hitler was bringing. They knew that with out an Army to back Hitler's grand schemes, The French and English would put him down like a rowdy two year old. The limousine liberals of yesteryear gave us WW2. Their modern grandbrats will give us WW3.

Puttin on the Ritz


Some POS wrote an anonymous Op-Ed in the New Hoark Slimes claiming to be a White House burro crap working "diligently" to undermine President Trump.
We did not elect Donald Trump President to continue the failed policies and positions espoused by the republican leadership, we elected him to fix the problems in Washington, and not just the ones caused by the SCoaMF.
This gutless bastard is committing treason! Buddy, do the right thing and resign kill yourself.


SHOCK! The replacement for McStain is as close to an anti-McStain as possible to get. The only problem I see with him is he is emphatic he will not stay beyond 2020.
Best of luck to Arizona and Jon Kyl. How one state could have two polar opposites as Senators is beyond me.
I expect Communist and traitor DiFi will be screaming that he MUST abstain from a vote on Kavenaugh  because he was part of the prep team for the Judge.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Dueling Banjos from Hee Haw!

Believe in something

Colonoscopy has no idea what Sacrifice is.
The leftards have their silly little memes. I have a few ideas of my own.

Slow motion suicice week

Orville Redenbacher must be rolling in the dough. Popcorn sales are about to spike. by now every one knows about Nike and their decision to commit suicide in a very public way by making Colonoscopy krappy-Q-back the ass err face of their product. Americans seem to have turned a blind eye to them using foreign sweatshop labor to produce their products. People have largely ignored them laying off American workers in favor of ultra low wage foreign ones, so they decided to go it one lower with the Kneeling scum sucker who has made the NFL unfit to watch.
Not to be out done, Levi Strauss just said "Hold my beer". When you have a product as synonymous with the out doors as Levi jeans, why would you risk it? Limousine liberals wouldn't be caught dead in blue jeans, and the rank and file welfare kids just steal theirs. But, some idiots gotta signal virtue. Virtue they do not possess.
It will be interesting to see if their bad decision will make Dicks look petty by comparison. Best of luck Chip Bergh. Hope there is a soup kitchen close to what ever bridge you move under.
I don't have any Nike shoes to burn. Since learning LONG ago about how they take advantage of child labor in Vietnam, I have not purchase anything that has the swoop. As for Levis, got a stack lined up and ready to torch tomorrow.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Time after Tme

Blessed with just a little more rain

We've had a dry summer. Now that the wheat crop is in and the corn is turning, we are finally getting rain. I've had a container sitting on my picnic table for several weeks. Friday it was about half full. This morning it was over flowing. The west side of Manhattan got it pretty hard, 8.9 inches. A number of businesses are under water as are several apartment buildings, at least their first floors. Several highways are shut down including the main drag around town, Ft Riley Blvd.
I got a call from a friend this morning. One of his rentals took water, about six inches over the floor. He needed me to do the safety inspection so the tenants could get back in. back in 2011 this area flooded. My friend's house had some serious damage, the foundation partially collapsed. He had the house jacked and they completely relaid the foundation. When they did, they eliminated the stairs and installed flood gates where once had been windows.
The house next door had suffered similar damage. They rebuilt to the original standard. The foundation collapsed AGAIN.
The house on the other side didn't risk it. When they rebuilt after 2011, they raised the entire thing eight feet. After they had poured, I told them they screwed up. They should have made it a mega garage. Instead, it is just a giant pool. The sewer lines backed up, and water is inside. Don't know how much, but water was coming out of a hole about a foot off the ground when I was there today.
I don't remember this area flooding back in either 1993 or 1995. There has been a lot of building down stream from these older homes in the last twenty years, and that may be the problem. IN any case, I am high and dry. If the floods get to me, Manhattan is S!C!R!E!W!E!D!!!

Just a thought

Sunday, September 2, 2018


An observation from McStain's funeral

During the over the top remarks praising the Madprick for his bipartisanship and others aimed directly at President Trump, Ivanka was seen to have whispered briefly to Jared. Speculation was that she was considering walking out of the Uniparty rally.
A friend who is deaf assures me that is not the case, All the praise had Ivanka confused and she asked Jared to check the casket, thinking they were some how at the wrong funeral.

In other news, the New York Post couldn't resist a cheap shot at McInsane's daughter labeling her "The Meg" on it's front cover. There is a resemblance.

Guess the Race

A shooting at Club X-Rated in Cleveland has left one person dead and seven wounded. Supposedly this was an after party for another event hosted by 101 entertainment and featuring Mz, Bj and RGM.

Word of advice

Wesley got Crushed

If you were ever into Star Trek, You'll remember the supposedly uber smart kid from Next -Gen, Wil Wheaton who played a mature beyond his years (Hollywood idea) Wesley Crusher. If you remember, you probably wondered how the Federation existed if they had to rely on eleven year olds to staff Star Cruisers.
Well, willy has grown up. Sorta. He is older and oh-so-not wiser. The little socialist Just-be-an ASS Whore got all bent out of shape that Twitter did not ban Alex Jones when all the other socialist media did. Wil suspended his account and fled to an even more socialist enclave, Mastodon. I've never heard of Mastodon before today other than as a reference to an extinct beast resembling an elephant, and references to liberals wishing republicans would adopt it as their symbol and like it, become extinct.
Well, Wil got his ass handed to him there because apparently he isn't loony liberal enough for them and doesn't know his place. Just like Star Trek where he, a snot nosed kid, wanted to play an adult. Socialist media has a pecking order, and straight white liberals are next to the bottom which is where conservatives of all classes are banished.
The left eating their own. Aint it grand? They've been doing it though since 1917 when Communism took over Russia and began their purges.
Cheer up Wesley, getting Crushed on the left is a hundred year old tradition.

Distract distract distract

Borrowing a page from the Worthless Willie play book of what to do when caught, Pope Francis is calling on the church to fight the serious crisis of oceanic trash!
The church needs to tackle the far more serious problem of pulpit trash threatening young members of the church with sexual assault. This problem has been in the public eye for decades now. The catholic church is playing it like a bitter game of wack a mole, it rears it's head, they smack it down and it pops up some where else. And by smack it, I mean they slap the offending priest on his ass and send him to a new set of victims.
How many people have been driven from the church because of this abuse? How many children have lost faith in GOD because the person who was supposed to be his servant turned out to be a self serving son of Satan?
Jesus said," It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin." Maybe the Pope should consider taking a few of these sickos and dumping them in the middle of the Mediterranean. Better still, dump them in the middle of the oceanic trash heap and they can clean it up.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

A better report of McStain's life.

Just found this. H/T to West coast deplorable over at Wire cutters blog for the link.
There’s a real John Sidney McCain III and there’s a fake one, manufactured for the public relations of US empire. Imperial PR needs to justify, even sanctify the ecocidal and genocidal rule of the rich by portraying its servants not as the venal and bloodthirsty thieves they are, but as the brightest, the best, the most noble and deserving among us. The Manufactured McCain whom the corporate media will spend another week on top of the previous one lifting up to the heavens bears only passing resemblance to the real John McCain. The real McCain was no hero. He was a lying, bribe taking, neo-nazi sympathizing politician and war criminal, who served the US empire and himself for all of his long life.

Not a web page I would link, they are all over as far as I'm concerned, but close to spot on about Mcinsane.  

Why me LORD

Worthless Willie's taste is improving

The philanderer in chief has a very long history of picking the fugly girls. Even in 1971 Cankles wasn't much to look at. Fast forward a few decades, and Clinton was porking a chubby intern. By then he had a pretty long list of women he'd taken advantage of, some so far as rape. None are on parr with Melania Trump.
Fast forward to 2018. The scumbag attended the funeral of the queen of soul. Ariana Grande performed, and there is a lot of video of the scoundrel leering at her posterior. If you go to funerals to meet chicks, ya might be a redneck. Worthless Willie brings a new low to that substandard.
I'll give him credit though, if Ariana has a zit on her ass, it ranks several thousand levels above the slinky on her best day. Hell, I'd do her if her taste in men ever got that bad.....

Yet another Wellstone funeral

Letting Barry Soetoro speak at McStain's funeral is proving to be the mistake we all expected. The Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure, unable to help himself, stated the grim obvious; “John McCain understood that if we get in the habit of bending the truth to suit political expediency, or party orthodoxy, our democracy will not work.”.
How true. The madprick didn't give two shits about our country. He spent his career toeing the uniparty line and consistently bent the truth, often completely obliterating it. Johnny was the least respected Senator for a reason.
I'll give Barry a break, he wasn't the only one to make snide remarks aimed at the POTUS who is decimating his legacy as the worst president ever by removing all the bad he can, with or without Congressional  help. McInsane did his level best to make sure President Trump's agenda was delayed and obstructed to the detriment of Americans every day, refusing to resign even when it was clear he would never return to Washington alive.
Two Americas. I wish these people who hate our Republic would pick the nation that they want us to become and spend a few years living there.