Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Big man

A pair of jeans from an old steamer trunk has created a small ripple. The unworn trousers are a size 44X37. Clearly not standard fare. The jeans are believed to have belonged to Solomon Warner who was an early settler in Tucson. Warner passed in 1899. He was reported to be 6' 6", certainly a head above, and he did have a head on him. He was a business man, the first in Tucson to sell American goods.
Our history is full of rich stories about men like Wyatt Earp and Butch Cassify, and while they make interesting reading, they were not the men who made the west. It was solid hard working men AND women like Solomon Warner. We have many forgotten people like that. Only a mere hand full are known to us, the rest are known but to GOD.
To make matters worse, we have a revolution in our history classes and the people who accomplished a lot are being pushed aside like Solomon and names of lesser ones being placed in their spots simply because it is not fashionable to tell about people who were white and successful.
Most of us don't have much to pass down. We will be remembered for a generation or three, but our grand children's grandchildren won't remember our names unless they are bubba the 8th. Or leave a pair of pants none of them can fill.

A little more CW

This is the kind of country I like. The oldies stuff. Some of the new stuff reads like they have never been near a farm. At least Fries grew up in rural Iowa.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

They wouldn't make a comercial like that now

I remember the C.W. McCall commercials from when I was a kid.

So smart he's an idiot

Don Surber posted an article on Sunday about Be North Korea for an hour err Earth Hour. In his article he linked a tweet by Calestous Juma, a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. IN that tweet, it compared people five "developing" countries to five electrical appliances. Specifically their electric consumption. I went and checked out his twitter feed. I found a couple of graphics that run contrary to his Be North Korea message.
The first one I noted was this:
I'm sure that New York does indeed consume as much electricity as the bulk of Africa. New Yorkers also live more than twice as long. The median age for folks in the Big Apple, 35.5 years. New York state as a whole, 38.0 and upstate, 40.0. For most of Africa, the median age is in the late teens. Only seven of the nations in his swath had median ages over 20 years. You don't get to be old cooking over a cape buffalo dung fire now do you? People in New York waste a lot of electricity. Given the climate, a large chunk goes toward heating in winter and A/C in summer. Many folks there also rely on the subway system, powered by good old Edison, to get them to and from work. New York has a gross state product of $1.44 Trillion. Africa has a combined GDP of $2.26 Trillion, but when you factor out the countries not included in the graphic, it drops to a stumbling $1.21 Trillion. Thus their output per kwh is significantly less.
The next tweet that caught my attention was about median age. it had two pics, one for Africa and one for Europe.
 Again, note the media age disparity. Europeans live more than twice as long thanks to all the development brought on through the consumption of electricity. I wonder if Mr Juma thinks about that as he muses on life in his native Kenya. Juma has a love affair with China, praising all it is doing to expand influence in Africa. China has a GDP of $11.3 Trillion, nearly ten times New York, but with a population of 1.3 billion souls. China has a median age of 37.1 years. Not bad, but lacking by European standards.
Considering what little electricity has done for New York, aren't you glad you don't live in Kenya? Dor me this shows the radical disconnect which people on the left suffer from. They see all that is in the world as wrong, failing to see how drastically it has improved life for those who live in the United States and Europe. Bringing more people here won't help things in the developing world. Instead, it will be the spread of tech to those regions which will help pull them up by their shoe laces. The question then is are they better off to get that aid in development from the United States and Europe, or from China. who ever builds it will be their master because things break, and a part from a Chevy does not always fit on a Dongfeng.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Doing the Snoopy dance inside

Yesterday's big news was the total collapse of efforts to repeal and replace the Unconstitutional Obama Care. This was a big plank in the platform which got Donald Trump elected President. Popular with the people, but it is toxic as far as the moneyed class, those who buy sell and trade congress critters is concerned. Here we are, 65 days into Trumps presidency, and instead of coming up with a bill even a tenth of what We the People want, they created a travesty dubbed Ryan Care, then shit canned it with out voting.
All the news stories showed Lyin Ryan with a dejected look on his face. If you are not sure what that look is, I will try to paint the picture for you using football. It is the fourth quarter of the championship game. Your team is down by four points and you are fifty yards from the goal line with six seconds on the clock. You've used your last time out and this is fourth down. No worries, you have a great arm, and four of the best receivers in the nation in your package. They have good coverage, but you have a trick play you have never shown until now.
The ball is snapped, you only need the pocket to hold for four seconds until you can put the ball in the air. It holds for three and a half. You see the safety coming on a delayed blitz, but it is too late to scramble. You move and the play breaks down. You hold most of that half second, then hurtle your best shot knowing that the end zone has three defenders and four receivers. As the ball leaves your fingers you feel the impact of 230 pounds of screaming steel and hear the solid unmistakable sound of a bone snapping. It is season over for you, but it was season over no matter what. You can't really see anything, but you can hear the stadium erupt in parts that were dead silent ten seconds ago and know that one of your guys climbed the ladder and made that catch.
Lyin Ryan took one for the team. It is rare for a quarter back to have to take the hard hit, but every once in a while, he has to. Lyin Ryan may be dead meat. The hit he took for Donahue may have ended his career as Speaker Louse of the House, but if the out cry back home spells the end for him, he will have a job for life with some lobby group, or maybe a Wall Street bank. The apparatus in Wisconsin will have time to select a suitable replacement that meets the criteria for the power brokers. It won't be Paul Nehlen. That is not to say he won't win, it means that they will pick their Jeb Bush to run and back. Whom ever that is will be lavished with campaign contributions far above what any other candidate could ever hope to raise. It may very well be a communist err democrat. That K Street selection will also be the one appointed by the Governor if that were to happen.
Lyin Ryan can't dance a jig in public. He wants to. Instead, he is doing the Snoop Dance in his heart.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

F'ing squatters

I rented an apartment last month to a couple of older ladies. Lets call them Ann and Bev. Kids grown, but too young for social security. Ann had a new boy friend, Chuck, who promptly moved in which created tension, and Bev began wanting out. When her husband, Dave, appeared, they rented another place from me, and Ann and her bf kept place one.
Things didn't go smoothly, and in short order, I was contracted to change the locks, and the bf was now another ex. Ann got a restraining order and the whole shebang. That lasted about a week, and by the first of March, Chuck was back. Ann didn't have the whole months rent, but after discussion, I agreed to let her split the month and pay the second half late.
Later I heard through the rumor mill that Chuck had gotten ahold of her money and blew a big chunk on dope.
The agreed on date came and went. I checked by the place, and no sign of Ann. A couple days later I was over to do some yard cleaning There were several people going in and our, but no sign of Ann.
A couple of the neighbors approached me. They said that late night traffic in and out of the apartment was creating quite a nuisance. I've known many of them for years, I used to live in another house in on the block. I called Ann. Some guy answered, and after a bit passed the phone to Ann. he asked a lot of questions and was very protective.
Finally I got her on the phone and asked what was going on. Ann said that Chuck had beat her again, and she had decided to leave town. Said she packed only a small bag and left every thing else.
Did she give any one permission to move in?
No, she did not.
Was she abandoning the lease?
Yes she was.
Good luck collecting. Sigh.
I went by this morning and my lock was gone from the place. There was also a security camera mounted above the door. I beat on the door but got no answer. I called the police, and after an officer arrived, drilled the lock. Just my luck, first I shelled a bit, then the battery went dead. Finally, after I got another battery, a gal opened the door wondering what all the noise was. Never seen her before, and she claimed she was from Junction City. Told us she had come to town because she had a couple days off and wanted to party, but got stranded when her ride ditched.
We entered the apartment, and lo and behold, there was a guy in there. Not Chuck though, we'll call him Ed. There was also drug paraphernalia. Officer asked for ID, and Ed came back with a warrant for his arrest. Several of them in fact.
What was he doing there? When we first entered, he was all "You can't just barge into my apartment." but as soon as the officer noted the drugs, it became the girl's place. We got a lot of song and dance, but the long and short of it was that after Ann left, Chuck came by, realized she had split, and offered his drug dealer use of the place in exchange for dope.
By the time I got a lock smith out, it was noon. I needed a few things and headed to Home Depot. They were having contractor appreciation day, Free food, so I grabbed a plate. I sat down with several local contractors who also have apartments. I mentioned the incident, and dang if they all hadn't had similar experiences with Chuck. One had taken four months to get him gone because that apartment was leased to a gal who ended up in jail. She gave the key to a friend who let Ed in. They couldn't just get him tossed as a squatter and had to evict him, and he managed to make issues that caused it to drag out.
Did he learn anything? I will bet you that he will continue to be a problem for the community until he either gets killed by a rival drug dealer, or goes to prison.
BTW, guess the race.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

If it had been any good....

Archaeologists in Israel have found hundreds of liquor bottles abandoned by British troops in WW1. The recent find near the city of Ramle also uncovered old buttons, belt buckles, and other uniform items left by members of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force commanded by General Edmund Allenby.
While hundred year old Scotch sounds awesome,  hundred year old muscatel does  not. Given that the alcohol was for the enlisted,it was most likely stuff from the bottom of the scale if not "off" it.
Why am I covering this? Because all the other blogs have done a great job of reporting on the bad news, the terror attack in London, and the vindication news, confirmation that Barry the socialist spied on Trump during the election and after. Once again President trump is proven right after the jackasses in the media discounted his tweets which are now proven true.

BULL fighting coming to San Franfreakshow?

A matador in Mexico was horribly injured when the bull he was fighting got the edge. Felipe Sánchez was knocked to the ground during the ritual and then rammed by the critter. This resulted in one of the bull's horns traveling about eleven inches up Felipe's #2 with detrimental results.
Felipe now knows how Conservatives in the United States have felt for the last eight years. He, like our economy is expected to make a full recovery.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Money talks bullshit walks

As the NFL season kicked off in 2016, San Franfreakshow quarterback, Colon Kapernick decided to make a social justice statement about black lies matter, and not stand for the National Anthem. We are all familiar with the story, many of us opted to not watch the games, and the team owners took a hit.
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell lacked the spine to do anything, and since we had a pResident who wouldn't wear a flag lapel pin, it looked like we were screwed.
The 69ers didn't franchise the social justice whore and he is floating in the market like a turd in a swimming pool. That all may change as teams scramble ahead of the draft to snatch up any prospective trade material, but CK has more baggage than Imelda Marcos and teams don't like baggage, especially when it detracts from the game.
So it looks like Krapper might be a fan this season. Racist film director Spike Lee is upset by this, Boo f'n Hoo. Maybe he can get a gig in Canada. All the liberals would be green with envy as he would get a work visa while they struggled with out argula in the great white north. Hey! they said they would leave and I'm holding out hope they do.
Is this racist? (I don't mean my rant) I don't see this as racist. Too many of the NFL players are black. The league has gone from racially divided in it's early days to being essentially the black leagues. Many players have adopted causes associated with race issues. What set this idiot apart was his total lack of patriotism when the nation had a pResident who was black, if only in appearance. Don't whine about it, Barry was 7/16 arab, half white, 1/16th black and 100% worthless. The unemployment issues to me have nothing to do with racism and everything to do with his being a drama queen. Folks will barely tolerate a drama queen in politics until it hits them in the wallet. Kapernick cost not only his home team, but the other 31 as well. remeber when you are pointing the finger that three are pointing right back at you.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The CLAMs are manuvering

President Trump issued a Constitutional Executive Order suspending immigration. This second one, in response to the unconstitutional actions of the 9th Circus has now been put on hold by another activist Barry Appointee in His "home" of Hawaii. A lot of people are calling on Presicent Trump to go Jackson, and ignore the judge. Maybe he should, but there is danger in the water.
We all know Lyin Ryan is about as conservative as Stalin who btw was slightly to the right of FDR, and we also know that most of the republicans in congress are also fully lacking in conservative creds. They are looking for an excuse to rid the White House of the monkey wrench we threw in the works. They want to obey their masters, Soros, Wall Street, and the Chamber of Communists and march America into globalism. Judas Goats! They should all hang. They won't. These CLAMs, the Congressional Left, Academia, and the Media are all working tirelessly to stop Trump, and thwart the will of We the People.
I hate to say it, but most likely they will succeed. Most true conservatives are not the type to take physical action outside the system designed by the Constitution. Remember the show Dark Justice? We desperately want to believe in the "system" even though all the evidence shows it is broken. We do not want to see the tree of liberty watered with the blood of Patriots.
The last year has seen the masks removed from the faces of many RINOs. We already knew what the communists were made of, their antics, especially those during the coronation of Cankles were only theater.They are as childish as the southern democrats of 1860 who, after decades of proslavery control in the White House, faced their first ever Republican and could not handle it. Prior to the formation of the republican party, the anti to the democrats was the Whig party, and their last elected President was Zachary Taylor, a slave owner from Louisiana. His successor, Millard Fillmore, while a northerner, was in favor of compromise on the issue of slavery, and enforced the Fugitive Slave Act to the best of his ability. They, along with Pierce and Buchanan represented the succession to Lincoln. All were proslavery.
The last twenty eight years have seen a succession of liberal Presidents. While both Bush Sr and Jr were republicans in name, both showed a tendency to spend like democrats and both helped undermine the progress made by conservatives under Reagan.
If you believe the Bible, and I do, you know that one world government is coming. Whether we die fighting it, or meekly accept it, the united nut-cases will eventually have total control. Then, instead of building a great world version of this great nation, they will build a large scale version of either Cuba or North Korea, take your pick, with undertones of Iran and Zimbabwe to make it all the gloomier. The Bible does not say that is what GOD wants, it says it is what man will create and which he will put an end to.
It has been said before, and I have said it also, We get the Government we deserve. When we choose to sit home and be busy with other things, the leftists who live on the government dime take control and make the decisions. That is how we ended up with Barry vs McInsane, that is how we ended up with Mittens. We got mad, got active, and got Trump. Now it is up to us to make sure he stays there and do every thing in our power to stop the CLAMs. Saddle up or shut up? No, saddle up or speak up. Even if they don't hear your boots, your shouts of anger can fill the halls of Washington.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The battle between islam and Christianity has been going on for 1400 years

Recep Erodorgan, Hitler of Turkey, has his boxers in a wad over the decision by European countries to ban the head scarfs which the satanists use to mark their women so they are not targeted by rapefugees. Complaining about the ban, he stated that it "started a clash between the cross and the crescent". Never mind that his buddies in ISIS have been beheading, burning, raping and committing just about every imaginable assault on Christians in regions of Syria and Iraq which they control. Ignore the fact that hundreds of women have been assaulted in European nations since the flood of rapefugees began. Lets not even mention all the terror attacks committed in the name of a false god and the pedophile with a small dick who hallucinated the garbage called the koran.
Mind you, I'm just fine with them wearing the hijab, if it keeps their fugly in check. The problem is that their "men" might use female garb to camouflage homicide vests.
Six out of ten frogs, right now, do not feel safe because of islam. Not that that is news, six out of ten aren't comfortable with Germany being on the same continent, and the US of A being on the same planet. What is important is that 93% believe there is a significant threat of more islamic terror attacks and 71% correctly admit that the security situation in France has deteriorated in the last five years. 88% believe that foreigners convicted of major crimes should be deported. (In Texas 88% believe in deportation as well, but want to use a gargantuan version of a blue rock chucker with corresponding shotguns and standard trap park rules.)
All insults aside, France is in deep trouble. large portions of major cities, especially Paris are no-go zones where law enforcement and emergency service risk life and health to provide emergency services. Liberal judges in Hawaii and Maryland want to bring that sort of trouble to our shores and are impeding the President in his efforts to restore security to America. Impeaching them is not enough. Our congress is led by Lyin Ryan, and is in full opposition to our President. They will not act, it is up to us. we desperately need people who are willing to contest these rino scum before the general election. we need choices that are not commie and socialist RATs. I know we are screwed, you know we are screwed. That does not mean we go silently to the guillotines. There is no where we can run to any more.

If Joy Behar was as dumb as Trump

Jackass Joy opened the Few err the View with some smartass remarks about the President's budget ".... He wants to stop helping old people and public education so we can all be as dumb as he is!”
OK, Joy, since you are so soooo smart, how much wealth have you created in your life time? I do believe the Donald started with a LOAN of a hundred million or so, or correctly put, a hundred million in the hole, and turned it into a measly couple billion give or take a few million. Pretty good for an idiot.
All You do, Joy, is suck profit away from companies who are foolish enough to advertise on your network. To your credit though, there are plenty of folks who shut the telly off rather than listen to your blather and get out and accomplish something, even if it is bathing a worm or three.
We need to get back to a Constitutional government. There is nothing in that document about clean water or health care for any one. Those are things left to the People, or the States, and if it is given to the states, it will be by choice of the people.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stick him in the cage instead

Hemorrhoid with ears Steven (un)Wise is suing in a New York appeals court to gain human rights for a couple of chimps.
I can see his argument, the chimps clearly are smarter than the average liberal as are garden slugs, but where should we draw the line.
For my part, animals are property, and the control of them is solely the responsibility and choice of their owner. I am sick of groups like PETA who interfere with property rights.
Steven Wise should be ordered to pay all the legal costs that the owners of the Chimps have incurred he should then be taken out to his "sanctuary" island, stuck in a cage and left for the buzzards.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to bathe a cat

In a word, DON'T! Sure, they will keep you in stitches, 83 to be exact.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lyin Ryan strikes again

Tom Donahue's puppet is attacking republican freedom caucus members over the bill he has put forth to repeal and replace Obozo care. Lyin Ryan's bill does nothing of the sort. Already dubbed obamacare lite, it fails FULLY to remove the portions of the unconstitutional Unaffordable Hell Care Act that the communists rammed through after taking control of the government in 2008.
If you had any doubts about Paul Ryan, this should make it painfully obvious that he is as owned by the uniparty establishment as Nancy P. Lousy.
If the adds are playing in your neighbrood, get on the line to your congress critter and tell them to hold strong against Lyin Ryan. If they are not, get on the horn to your congress critter and tell him sell outs to communism don' get your vote. And if your congress critter is a commie err democrat, call em up and laugh at em.
2018 can't come soon enough.


Last week I was driving down Ft Riley Blvd and there was a guy walking toward me on the side walk. This guy had a blue beer bottle in his hand which he was tossing, catching, and as vehicles would approach, he would fake a throw at them. He causes several cars to swerve, and nearly created an accident.
I was in the process of calling the police when they arrived, two of them. The one patrol vehicle went pat, flipped on his lights and executed a U-turn. The jerk with the bottle, looked around, realized he had no where to run, set his stuff down, then placed his hands behind his back to be cuffed, all while the patrol was still a block away. He knew he was in trouble for sure.
I stopped long enough to offer witness information and left. As I got back on the main road, I noted they were putting him in a patrol car. His stuff, consisting of the empty beer bottle, a tree branch walking stick, and a half full bottle of Jack Daniels, was still on the sidewalk.
Three days later, I drove by again. His stuff was still there, Jack and all. I don't know about you, but to me, the whiskey should have been taken along by the officers. Leaving it on the side walk where a kid could get it is not, in my opinion, smart at all.