Saturday, September 24, 2016

Washington State Hispanic shooter identified

Arcan Cetin from Turkey has been named as the hispanic male who shot and killed several women in the Cascade Mall Macy's yesterday. Apparently the woman whose name he was caling was Alice Achebar?
As has been noted so many times, malls like the ones in Washington are nearly always target rich environments and as such, should be avoided as much as possible. Last week in Minnesota it was a guy in a security guard uniform, another mooslime.
If this was any middle eastern country, and if there were allegations that a Christian or Jew had done something like this, the muzzies would be rioting, burning churches, beheading people, raping women... In other words the normal every day bullshit way they treat us in their third world.
So much for civilization.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Looking forward to November

A dreary day
On the 9th of November
I am a liberal
Gazing from my window
at the streets below
Where lies an avalanche of fresh Trump votes.
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

I’ll build walls
A safe space neat and tidy
That reason cannot penetrate
I have no need of Donald
Vulgarians are insane
They work they laugh and love, Oh! I’m in pain
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

Don’t talk of Jobs
I’ve heard those horrible words before
I erased them with my liberal studies degree
This election’s such a bummer
Hill Struggled, almost died!
I campaigned for her, tweeted til my I-phone fried
I am in shock!
I wanted Hillary!

I have CNN
And MSNBC to distract me
I am shielded by my twitter
Hiding in my room
Safe with my I-Phone
I only text with those who feel like me
I am in shock!
I’d settle for Bernie!

And I’m curled up in such pain
All I’ll do for now is cry.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Why no HiLlARy Stickers

As I drive around I have been noticing the number of Trump bumper stickers. I am still seeing a few Crud stickers on unwashed vehicles. McInsane/ Palin ones are more popular, at least in this neck of the tall grass.
HiLlARy stickers? Not. A. One. Lots of burn outs for Bernie! Even a few idiots still with Barry embarrassments on their vehicles.
Ir finally hit me why. Sure, Kansas is a red state, and She hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell of winning, so why campaign, but that is not the real reason. The real reason is simple, people that stupid are not allowed to drive in Kansas.

OK, that's a lie, we do allow them to drive. Darwin's law stops them before they get the backing peeled though.

The butterfly effect Clinton style

We can all look at events in the world and say what if. Here is mine.
What if HiLlARy Clinton had just one more abortion? With no ugly baby, would Worthless Willie have managed a second term as Governor in Arkansas? Would he have managed to swindle his way into the Nomination for President? Would HiLlARy, the social climber have been elected to any office? Would she have been given any serious consideration for the Presidency in 2008? Would she have gotten the Secretary of State Job as a consolation prize from Barry the Indonesian? Would operation Zero's footprint have happened in Libya? Would Mortermer kaDaffy still be alive? For that matter, would we have bombed Iraq so many times during the period that led to the 9-11-01 attacks?
I am prolife. To me, every abortion is murder. So is what HiLlARy has done to so many of the people who chanced to cross her path. She is a murderer, she is a sociopath.
I still can't help but wonder, What if???
And I wonder, does Chelsea ever lay awake at night wondering if her parent's deep desire, that unquenchable thirst for power kept her from being scraped away like so many of the siblings she might also have had?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2008 with a twist

In 2008 voters had to consider the very real possibility of which ever candidate was elected dropping dead. DemonicRATS had to think about how a black president, even one only 1/16th black would be received by their base, the Ku Klutz Klan, and all the other hate groups they silently accept but some times deplore. The other side of that coin was McInsane, a flaky fuck who might drop dead at any moment due to his age. Two very real possibilities, two different solutions.
Barry opted for a VP so clueless that even Hinkley would think twice about advancing him to be Presidunce. By contrast, The GOPe some how selected the most competent governor in the United States. Yes, I liked Palin, still do.
This election is seeing another form of uncertainty. Would HiLlARy be able to fulfill the duties of President for four years? Hell, would she remain competent for four months? She is sliding, and it's not into second. The collapse of her health is near free fall, and there is no parachute.
Speculation is that she has Parkinsons. If so, she deserves our sympathy, but certainly not our support. Her slithering mate is Kane. The guy has a creep factor between Freddy Kruger and the thing from Alien. People need to think long and hard about having him one heart beat away from any thing.
Yes, I know something equally bad could befall Trump, but right now his health is good, his stamina great, he is keeping a schedule that would put a twenty year old in the ER. He also has a running mate who appears to be the picture of health.
While it's bad enough to think about HiLlARy being president in good health, having her at the helm in poor health is even worse. That 3A.M. phone call? She missed the one from Benghazi, unless of course you believe she intended for Ambastardor Stevens to die a hideous death. What will Huma do when the whole nation is on the line? Can we risk it? You and I both know she will be the hand holding Hildabeast up, telling her what to say and do. I don't completely understand the power structure behind the communist who control the democrats.The Clinton foundation has taken bribes fees from so many groups and countries that there is a fight for control there. What i do know is that with Barry it goes through Val Jar, and with Cankles it will run through Huma.
What of Trump? I don't think even Melania controls him, just look at the hair. He is his own man, beholden to no power except GOD in Heaven.
This election is critical as far as preserving our nation. The globalists have us literally on the ropes. Debt is skyrocketing because we have not had a budget since Barry was elected. That Stimu-less? It has been spent and respent every time they pass another resolution. Our national debt is off the charts. $19.3 trillion and climbing. By the time Barry leaves office, it will be above $19.6 Trillion. That is nearly double the debt piled on under liberal spending Bush. Interest rates have been held down purposely by the fed. At some point though confidence in the dollar will falter and interest rates will spike. At that point our nation will be in total collapse. Say hello Venezuela.
That is what Soros wants,that is what the Saudi's want. The destruction of the last bastion of freedom.
Queen cankles would allow it, Kane would applaud it's arrival. The gimme crowd needs to think about it, their EBT bucks will be worthless, and the mooslime could care less.
Think about it.

Monday, September 5, 2016

She needs more Gia Pan in her diet.

IN case you missed it, the Helldabeast slithered out from under her rock again and flew her broom to Cleveland for a speaking enragement. Yes, she actually showed her face, at least we assume it was her face , in public. Right in the middle of her antics, she had a coughing episode. We have witnessed several of these, uncontrolable coughing, and it has people wondering what in the heck is wrong with her, besides the evil oozing from every pore.
Well, I have my own idea of what is wrong, she needs more Gia Pan in her diet.
I’m not a doctor, I’m just an old country boy. Pull up a stump and let me explain because I know exactly whence I speak. I grew up on a small farm in Minnesota, a 90 acre dairy spread. I was the last of nine kids. My youngest brother departed for greener pastures ie a job in the city when I was eight. The weight of farm chores fell square on my puny shoulders right then and there, he didn’t take the milk cows with him.
We were poor. Most of my cloths were hand me downs from several generations including cousins. Shoes were a luxury, boots didn’t fare well in the muck of the barn lot simply because we couldn’t afford good ones, so mostly I went bare foot as weather allowed. I picked and scraped a lot of that goo off my feet and out from under my nails as a boy and a teen.
We all know about Chinese cooking, they are masters, the stuff is awesome, and they can make anything taste like chicken be it cat, dog, rattle snake or frog. They have a dish I have heard about, read about, but aint no way I will ever try! It is called Moo Goo Gia Pan.
As I stated above, I am a farm boy and I know exactly what Moo Goo is, and HiLlARy spouts more of it than a herd of Holsteins. So, If the Fine folks at the Peking Moon can make Moo Goo, aka Bovine Excrement palpable with a little sauce, HiLlARy should try a cup of it before every speech.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shake rattle and roll

I dropped my wife off at her work this morning just before 7. While I was sitting at the light waiting to make a left, I felt the truck shake like some one was bouncing on the bumper. Earth Quake? Most likely.
Couple hours later my son called from Wichita. They had it a little bit harder. No damage to speak of, but unsettling. People were running out of buildings.
The quake was a 5er situated down in Oklahoma. They are blaming this on fracking. I say bull shit. Fracking did not cause the fault line that runs through Oklahoma and Kansas. Fracking does not cause the plates to move, occasionally bind and then release.
If fracking did cause the release of energy, that is a good thing. Those plate move and build pressure regardless of what man does on the surface or even a mile underground. If fracking caused it, it prevented a larger quake in the future.
That these faux environmentalists scream every time we have any event be it a quake, a Hurricane, a drought, they immediately blame some thing that man has done. News flash, we have had quakes, floods, hurricanes and all sorts of disasters since the earth was formed. we have also had man made disasters like ObamAA-, leaders too stupid to be trusted with taking out garbage let alone making decisions which impact humanity. History is full of those stories.
Well, no damage here, better luck next time, and yes, there sill be a next time. That fault aint gonna glue itself together this week end, or next.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

TRUMP could destroy local economies

Illegal immigrants
are boycotting Arizona by the thousands and
moving elsewhere – showing
their outrage with Donald Trump’s
proposed law of sending illegal
immigrants back to their native countries.

In the small town
of Guadalupe, AZ, south of Phoenix, Manuel Renaldo
is one of those who are
vowing to punish Arizona by leaving.
As he loaded his
stolen car with his taxpayer-furnished belongings and
family of ten,
Renaldo told this reporter through an interpreter:
“It’s a matter of
principle; I refuse to be supported by a state that treats
me like a

The effects of the
exodus are already being felt by some Arizona
retailers, who are reporting
dwindling thefts & sales of beer, tequila,
spray paint, and ammunition.
Also hit hard are the state hospitals,
which have reported a dramatic
decline in births and emergency room

State welfare
agencies are preparing to lay off staffs that distribute
food stamps and
unemployment benefits.
Tattoo parlors are in an absolute state of

Renaldo told a
reporter, through an interpreter, that he and his
family are moving to
Canada, with a new Liberal government under
Justin Trudeau and new higher
taxes, hardworking people will better
support him and his family with

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