Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Whatever happened to honor and integrity?

The Riley County Police Department, or RCPD is no longer releasing processing videos in DUI cases. They determined that they are detrimental to their case in most incidences.  I thought the courts had long ago ruled that exculpatory evidence MUST be turned over to the defense in all cases.
Commenter AdAstraKS asked the question I used for my title, but I pose it in a far different way, I ask it of the cops. You are public servants, YOU work for us. What boss would be tolerant of an employee that lied to them, cheated on them, or gave their organization a sullied reputation? Yet that is what we get when they are allowed to cherry pick what evidence they collect, and how they handle it.
If our courts had honor and integrity, they would toss out and over turn every conviction where processing video was not submitted to the defense.
Think I'm a whining lush? I don't drink. I'm not a teetotaler, I simply choose not to consume alcohol.
We have problems in the Manhattan community with poor police work. RCPD has long been understood to mean Really Cruddy Police Department. recently I became aware of an incident where a young girl is being molested by her step dad. He is Mexican, and the people who told me are part of the Hispanic community here. Some are illegals, some are not. After I passed this information on to the cops, They asked if I could encourage members of the Hispanic community to step forward. About the same time, one of their officers harassed One of my tenants, one who has a green card. That shut down any chance of helping this girl. She isn't seeking help, she is flattered that an older man is giving her attention. Still, this will effect her life and impact her future. One bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. In the case of the RCPD, it's a bunch of bad apples spoiling any good ones.

Risks of too much sex?

Well, yes, yes there are.
I follow links some times, and occasionally wander off into the abyss of garbage that accompanies them. So it happened when I followed a link at Angels, and wound up spotting an article titled 15 risks of too much sex. After reading through them, I concluded that all the risks they list are risks you take whether you have it once an hour, once a day, or once a month. They are risks ofsex, not risks of too much sex.
That's not to say too much sex doesn't have risks, it does. Especially when the wife finds out! I won't go into their article about why black women don't date white men.

What else would they say?

Obozo is out playing golf in Hawaii yet again. In so doing, he ruined the wedding of a couple of Army Captains. Their plans to be wed at the 16th hole had to be scrapped so the gaffer in chief could play his game of golf. I don't mind that he plays golf, in fact, I wish he would do it more often. As in full time, professional, to busy with his game to remain president.
So imagine what its like for a couple about to be wed. They have just finished their rehearsal when they are informed that their boss is gonna be playing instead. Its high stress, high emotion time, and now every thing has to change.
The news story says that Oblowme called them after he found out, and offered his apologies. A source claimed it "made their day". Right! What else do you say if you are an officer and want to remain one? Can't call a fickle boss a worthless piece of shit no matter how big a turd he is.
Did I just insult shit?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

I wish each and every one of you a Joyous and Merry Christmas. Remember, its not about the gifts you give, its about the one you received two thousand years ago, Emanuel! GOD with us! He is the reason for the season. Heck, he is the reason for our very existence.
Enjoy your time with family friends and those people most special to you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I disagree with Dietl

Bo Dietl is a former NYPD detective who released a statement that Oblowme should get off the golf course and attend the funerals of the slain officers.
I do not want their memory sullied by his dispicable presence, nor should Eric the Red attend either. It was in large part due to their run away mouths that these officers are dead.
Cops aren't perfect, they make mistakes. Some warrant trial and imprisonment, some a slap on the wrist. The shooting of Saint Swisher Sweets was a justified killing. that man chose his end. As for Saint Smoothies, he was selling illegal cigarettes on the street. Not in my opinion an offense worthy of police intervention. The cops should not be concerned with revenue crimes, let the state department of revenue handle those problems. The guy had a heart attack though. If he had been beaten to death, I might feel the officers deserved punishment.
As for these two officers, they were working to protect the black community, Eric the Red's people from Eric the Red's people.
And their killer? A black mooslime. Although he did not post any messages about it, this may have been his personal jihad fueled in [part by the BS spread by Obozo and Shittongue.


Not me, Heather Cagle, a teacher from Catoosa Oklahoma who stuffed eleven students into her Honda Accord for a candy run to Walmart. The campaign to remove her was funded by Audi Who said in a statement that this is the kind of thing that should only be done in a bug.
I wish Heather the best, teachers who care about their students in a nonsexual way are a rare commodity.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It didn't work anyway

Little Hugo has announced that trade restrictions with Cuba are being lifted. He has declared that the embargo didn't work, and its true. Their 59 Chevys are still running just fine. They are able to get parts from China, and J.C. Whitney isn't getting a cut.
Cuba is a liberal wet dream. All the peasants are happy whether they want to be or not. They have free medical care for every one. Just not very much of it for the common folks. Frankly, I'd be more than happy to pack up all the fools who voted for Obozo and send them to Cuba for six months, and six years for the ones who donated to his campaign. Let them see that communism does not work.
Of course, when they get back they will still claim its because the wrong people were in charge.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

of course they caved

Is any one surprised that Sony Pictures has pulled their offering about Kim Jong Un? They are after all dyed in the wool leftards, Who would expect them to have  spine?
So North Korea goes down as the winner after they hacked into the Sony web site and gleened personal information on  the producers.
As an encore, CAIR will be sending them a strongly worded letter, and all the women who work at Sony will be ordered to wear hijabs, while the male employees boink goats.
Are they French owned?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An experiment

How can we know that dog is man's best friend?
try this simple test. Lock your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car, then drive around for an hour. When you open it up, see which one of them is glad to see you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Here's another fine mess you've gotten us into Obie

The closest parallel I can think of for today's big story is the waning days of Germany in WW2. Three outcomes awaited the German soldiers, death, defeat, or surrender. Hitler demanded that his units fight to the death. Since they could not whip the Russians and allied forces, to him, they were unworthy of life.
That same mentality is present in the communists who make up the demoncrap party. Since they cannot win, they will bring destruction.
There was no point in releasing the "report" on the CIA. If the information contained in it is true, there is a time to report it. Now, while we are still fighting an emboldened mooslime horde is NOT that time.
If they had half a brain, they would seek to work with the republicans and do the will of the voters. Instead, they are so dogma driven that they will take this nation down for thwarting them.
Is there another explanation?I don't know of one. American lives will be lost thanks to this. The people who will die will be members of our military, and people who volunteer to work in those regions where danger abounds and the brave tread lightly. Those people are mostly conservatives and Christians. The two groups whom the communist infestation hate.
I know Oblowme didn't personally release this pile of garbage, it was his minions in the senate who did this. You can bet though that 100% of this misinformation came from his administration and at his direction.
Who am I kidding? Not him, its who ever has there hand up his ass manipulating his mouth.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Why be afraid?

Race hustler and professional grievance claimant Cornell Brooks asked "why be afraid" as his merry band marched from Ferguson Missouri, to the capital at Jefferson. I'll tell you.
St Swisher Sweets was killed for the content of his character, not the color of his skin. He shoplifted from a convenience store, strong armed the clerk, then assaulted a uniformed law enforcement officer. Had he been white, the result would have been the same.
You are wanting us to believe it was the color of his skin, because of the content of your character. How can the citizens of Rosebud, or of any town in America, be unafraid when your merry band of thugs may well contain people who participated in the riots and looting that happened after the grand jury arrived at the correct decision?
You claim that there was a man dressed in a KKK clown suit along your route. Did anybody shoot video? with all the Obama phones in the parade, I'm sure some one got a selfie with him in the back ground. All those racial slurs? I'd like to see some evidence.
What did they shout? Get a job? Put your hands down and get to work?
I am not racist, I do not hate you for the color of your skin. Mine is nearly as dark, and in the summer, often darker. I despise you for your laziness. I have worked almost every day since I turned fifteen. Prior to that, I did chores on the family farm. My vacations are few because I am self employed. I am tired of "your people" being loud and obnoxious near where I work. I am tied of them partying in the street, blocking traffic, and being rude to those of us who hold the jobs that pay the taxes that the government gives to lazy breeders who mother children with out fathers, who turn into the Michael Browns of the world.
You say that the lives of black men matter, yet where are you when 500 of them were killed in Chiraq in 2012? How many died this year in senseless gang violence that is the result of the failed polices the proposed termination of which you call racist? Why didn't you march from Chicago to Springfield?
People say that NAACP stands for Niggers Are Actually Colored Polacks. I don't like that. I'm part Polish, and we are better than that. You don't see Polish mothers raising kids in homes without fathers. yes, many Polish moms are divorced, but their children are supported by the fathers, not Uncle Sam. How many of those families have six kids by five different fathers? Not very many unless the fathers are black!
People often joke, "I have nothing against blacks, Matter of fact, I'd like to own a few." Its a bad joke, its mean, not to mention the fact that it would be like owning a milk cow with mastitis in all four udders. Totally worthless. Give me an Italian, Irishman, or German, someone with a work ethic.
Slavery would have ended with out a (un)Civil war because of those people. They were poor, hard working, and when they came to America, they brought that ethic with them. Northern industry thrived on their backs. It would have been only a few generations, and those people would have flocked to the southern plantations. Warmer climate, cleaner air, out door rather then in a stuffy factory. The big pluses would have been no need for guards to keep them in the fields, no need to house and feed them, and if one ran away, there would have been a dozen lined up to take his spot.
I don't want to see a return to slavery, and I am tired of hearing about it. My grandmother's uncle was fresh off the boat from Europe when he was drafted to fight to free your ancestors asses which by the way were enslaved by others of your ancestors at the command of arab mooslimes. If anything, the southern plantation owners saved them. What would have been their fate had they not been sold as slaves? Remember, the first slaves where white Europeans who were endentured to pay their debts. No bankruptcy back then. Most of the black slaves were captured in the many tribal and religious wars that still rage on the dark continent. Many of them were sent to Arabia as slaves, but the ones who were big and muscular, those who showed fighting spirit, were considered a threat. For many decades, they were butchered for sport. Did that make slavery right? No, it did not. This is not a perfect world. In a perfect world, there would have been no islam spreading their false religion by the sword. Should the blacks have been left in Africa to die then? Again, no. Those who were brought here should have been given their freedom, but should have still been required to reimburse the people who bought them from their enslavers.
Every one of those people is long dead. Its time to live in the here and now. No one owes you a damn thing, and its time you quit trying to collect. Get a job,support your children, both financially, and morally. Become productive members of society, and quit leaching off that part of America that works hard and pays taxes.
As long as black America continues to act like thugs, we will continue to fear you. When was the last time a mob of Polacks rioted and burned down their town? Or Italians?  I can't remember it ever happening. Blacks have rioted and carried on for my entire life! The Watts riots, the Rodney King riots, the St Skittles riots, and now for a robber and thug Whom you have enshrined.
Long die St Swisher Sweets, and may his followers soon join him.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weird thoughts

I came across an article at Fox tonight about how male sperm declines with age. We have all heard about the risks for women who bear children in their later years. Some of the stats get rather frightening, and many women are counseled to abort those babies rather than risk a downs child.
Now we find out that problems come from the fathers side as well. Ok, I can live with that. I have no choice. You see, I am just such a child. Spare me, I will not pose for the pictures to be the poster child for abortions later in life. My mom was 42 when I was born, dad was 52. Life hasn't been easy, I'm extremely dyslexic. Hell, with out spell check, I spell it dislexic. If you look at some of my earliest posts, they contain a ton of spelling errors, and read just a tad funny. I don't talk the same way I write. When writing, I steer away from words I am unsure of unless I have spell check. Then I have to remember to look up from the keyboard and see if there are words underlined in red. Yup, I'm a huntin pecker. err hunt'n pecker.
The title of the article though reads "Older guys' sperm really is worse, study says" Which brings the question, does it really taste that bad honey? I mean worse than it did when I was 20?
Yeah, weird is an understatement.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Great uniter, my ass

Obambi was supposed to be the great uniter. He was supposed to bring this country to a post racial era. What have we got? Race baiting after race baiting. Dear reader has created the seeds that wrought Ferguson.
He didn't do it alone though. He couldn't do it alone. Hell, he can't do anything with out the hand holding his strings making him move( or is that hand up his ass?). It took all the efforts of Nancy P Lousy, Dingy Harry, Tom Trashole, Swimmer, and every other elected communist to get us to this sad day. He is the ultimate wet dream of the racists who run the democrat party, an afirmative action figure head, a bozo that is so incompetent, that people will not look at black candidates the same way again.
Saint Swisher Sweet's death did not happen in a vacuum. He is the product of the culture designed by the leftists who claim to be uniters while forcing every one into a small niche group. He grew up in a broken home. One likely engineered by communist pogroms ie, welfare. What kind of role models did he have? How often did he see his real dad? what kind of example was he able to be?
A child should be raised in a home with a father and mother. each parent has separate and distinct roles to fulfill. Neither is easily replaced. The welfare state, created by LBJ and the democrats, destroyed families. fathers were removed from the home. The first generation of kids fared fairly well. Dad was usually still close by. often he spent a lot of time in the house unless the welfare office found out and threatened mom with a loss of"benefits". Gen two fared a bit worse. The kids still had a male figure, but often it was grandpa or great grandpa and he was seventy or better. The break down of the family also brought a break down in discipline. The lack of discipline means several problems. First, increased crime, 2% of America account for 50% of the homicides. Second, it meant decline in schools. Mom is on easy street. She gets her money every month from Unka Sugar and often she is a high school drop out. What incentive is there in that for junior to get an education? What incentive is there for mom to make him? Most of the males who crawl out of that hell hole of a box do so because of athletics. Thus the spiral continues.
We have lost multiple generations because of liberalism. Because so many black are getting in trouble because of failed liberal ideas, it is now racist to punish criminals.
That brings us right back to Ferguson and St Swisher Sweets. He is probably the only black in town to get justice for his crimes in the last ten years. According to a news report I heard on the radio Sunday night, 31 blacks have been shot by police in St Louis County in the last ten years. 21 of those by non black officers, ten by black officers. in the same ten years, 1200 homicides took place in St Louis County. Approximately 90% of them were black on black crime. This from a group that comprises only only 2% of the population of the nation, black males ages 16 to 35.
That group is angry. Content people don't go out and slaughter their neighbors. They don't go polar bear hunting, and they don't riot when one of them is brought to justice.
Whites are over their racism. At least they were in 2008. Blacks? Not so much. If anything, the election of Obozo has made them angrier. They are not getting the results they wanted, and they are blaming his failures on white America.
Partly, they are right. We never should have elected such an unqualified unparalleled idiot. There are plenty of blacks who are eminently qualified to lead this country. Deer reader isn't one of them. Neither is the guy who has his hand up Barry's ass. Thanks liberals. Whats your encore gonna be? The worst woman possible to lead? can you find one worse than Hillary? Oblowme is gonna be a tough act to follow. Rock bottom has been surpassed.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Does it matter?

The IRS has "found" thousands of Lois Lerner"s E-mails. She has retired. her future is secure unless they can get enough for a criminal conviction, in which case Oblowme will pardon her.
She served her purpose, she did enough to throw the 2012 election, and that is all the communists wanted, to keep le Incompetent in the oval office for four more years.
They kept it under wraps until now for fear it would alter the results of the elections. It might have made a difference in a few races, but I think the results would be just about what they are now. Commiefornia is a lock for them as is the north east. For the rest of the world, communism is no longer trendy. Maybe one or two senate races might have changes, but we all know that in two years, it will be old news. The communist infiltration of the democrats will not destroy the party. Yes, sensible folks will jump ship, but they will climb back on what ever piece of BS the dems trot out next. Even if the democrat party folded, communism would rear its head again. We would not be a one party nation. The best that would happen is that libertarians would split from commie lite, and the hapless wanderers would take it over just as they did the demoncraps. Moderate conservatives would bail to the libertarian party, and we would be back where we started but with different names.
Gruber is right, There are a lot of really stupid voters out there. 53% to be precise in 2012. I doubt the numbers actually changed much, most likely they sat home in November. I blame our modern, democrat crafted and controlled education system, the same one that created an ass like Gruber.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A little morning humor

The only difference between Black Friday and a zombie apocalypse is that zombies don't care if you get the last iPad Mini.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Love the weather . . Or NOT

Polar Vortex my ass! What we are experiencing is the result of man made global warming. I shit you not. All through the campaign season the temperatures remained relatively mild. Now that they are done, WHAM! We are freezing our asses off and its all because the candidates are no longer spewing humungous quantities of HOT AIR. Personally, I'll take the cold over political lies and bull crap.

Theory #2, Obambi said it would be a cold day in hell before he would work with republicans, and GOD is obliging him.

The war on women continues

A link at Fox news caught my eye, What are the worst states for working women? On Fox? Seriously? I guess being fair and balanced means you have to have a few unhinged loonies allowed in.
Equal pay for equal work has been the law for almost all of my life! How is it that companies are getting away with this? They aren't, you know it and I know it. It takes a special kind of stupid to think that is the case. The liberals progressives, rat bastard commies,won't be happy until every one, but them, is paid the same wage for every job. It doesn't matter if its waitress, or brain surgeon, every one but them should be paid equally.
Take a look at their numbers, Kansas and Alabama have the same gender wage gap, 79 cents, but one is ranked 25th best, the other 12th worst. Then we have lowly Wyoming, second worst, but their wage gap is only 69 cents! What the Heck are they smoking?
I believe in equal pay for equal work. Most companies pay workers the same regardless of gender as long as they meet production quotas. Yes, there are variations in the average pay for men and women in most states. The fact of the matter is there are some jobs the average woman cannot do. They simply are not physically capable of doing them with out risk of serious injury or death, and they would have to be dumber than a box of hammers to want to get into those fields. By the way, in many cases, the men who do those jobs make hammers look brilliant.
In contrast, there are some jobs that are better suited for women. No, not waitresses, Strippers is another story though. It has been my personal experience that women provide better medical care. Certainly in certain fields of surgery, women with their smaller hands have a distinct advantage.
As for the poverty rate among women, that is a decision they make. Instead of getting an education and a good job, they opt for alcohol, drugs, drop out of school, or get pregnant with a loser for a sperm donor. Personal choices, they do have consequences. As Denny is fond of saying, Get an education, get a job, and wait to have kids until you are settled.
So ladies, I feel for you. Growing up poor sucks. I know. I chose not to stay poor. You can do it too. No one owes you a damn thing.
Nothing is going to eliminate the gaps in pay. Low pay jobs will always exist. Jobs with high risk merit high reward. Jobs that demand greater skills will always get greater returns. If we paid the workers at Burger King the same as we pay the ones in the mine, well, the mine will not have many workers, and soon we all will be with out power.
OK, now I understand what liberals really want.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dead candidate leads in california race

The truth is out about Nancy P Lousy! Oh wait, different candidate. Easy mistake, one look at her face can turn any skeptic into a zombie believer. Is it the plastic? No, I believe its a glimpse into her soul.
Any way, California voters are set to elect a guy who was killed in a plane crash. If he wins, the seat remains vacant until the board decides whether to appoint a replacement, or hold a special election.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you veterans

To each of you who served our country, and to those who lost family members in our many wars, I extend my thanks and praise.
I couldn't get youtube to work today on my computer, So instead of a video, I can only share the words from Barry Sadlers song,

I'm going home, my tour is done
I'm going home, I'm a lucky one
But I've left friends behind me
Who won't come home no more
Yes many friends remain forever on that bloody shore

But at night when I sleep, I know my dreams will be
About my friends I left across the sea
I'll hear Vrba Young and Horn laugh again out loud
We'll all be together in a happy crowd

But then I hear the sound of bullets whining overhead
Feel the crash of mortars and all my friens are dead
My friends they fought and gave their all
My friends they died for freedoms cause

As my dream is ending
They'll come and say goodbye
Though I'm sound asleep, a tear I'll cry
And they say something that fills my heart with pain
Tell them about us Sadler, don't let us die in vain

I'm going home, my tour is done
I'm going home,I'm a lucky one.

My friends, don't let them die in vain. not the ones who died in Vietnam, nor the ones who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The 2016 campaign is in full swing already

I don't watch much TV, so imagine my suprise when I was flipping stations searching for local race results, and I saw an add for the new (S)hit show on the Communist Bull Shit network, a fluff piece about Hitlery called Mad Dumb Secretary.
The sad part is that so many people get their news from garbage like that. They will believe that its a documentary about her time in office. Benghazi? Wasn't he the Prime Minister of Israel?
Yes, folks on the socialist tit, sucking our hard earned dollars, are indeed that dumb.

Whada Maroon

What else can you call it when the head donk gets handed his ass, and thinks its there to support him and his failed policies?
With ears that big, you'd think he would get the message. The problem is that he is at least as dumb, maybe dumber than gaffmaster Joe.

Thanks Joe

It was almost too late, but the gaff master let the cat out of the bag about Greg Orman. The midcontinent communists were banking on Roberts' unpopularity to slide the manwhore in. The Kansas race this year has been all about Roberts rather than Oblowme. It started out with the long time republican being primaried by a tea party conservative. After squeaking out a victory there, Roberts found himself in a three way race along with communist nominee Chad Taylor. Taylor quickly bowed out, and it was a two way race with Orman never answering questions about where he stood on issues.
As late as Sunday, a lot of conservatives were talking about how an Orman win would spell the end of Bitch McConnell's rein as leader of the commie lite spendaholics party, aka republicans because Orman would not caucus with him as leader. Then along came Joe, and pulled his head out of his ass long enough to get a foot in his mouth, and the truth was out! A lot of us folks knew that Greg was a blood red commie to the depth of his soul. He had first run as a demoncrap, then made another try on a republican ticket. When he talked about his ideas and ideals though, it was clear that he was still a communist, and would all but caucus with them. A rino to the max, one that would make the worst rino seem like a conservative.
The problem was, not every one believed that. I saw Orman stickers on many conservatives vehicles, and when I tried to warn them, the anti Roberts schtick was up front. I don't like Roberts, I want a true conservative to represent Kansas, not some guy who bows down to the establishment masters who want the republicans to be democrat lite instead of true conservatives. I'll take a moderate over a commie any day though.
Thanks Joe, with out you, Kansas might have an Obozo butt kisser in Washington for the next six years.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beware on line sales

I'm checking Craigslist, and see they have a spot to buy and sell tickets. So I advertise one, Two speeding tickets to trade for just about anything. First three texters had KU Football tickets they wanted to dump.
Bad mistake, now I am in a quandry. Do I ignore their offers, or go out and actually get pulled over?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mother passed on Saturday

She was 94. Her health had been been declining for several years, and she was easily confused. The last time I was to see her, in August, she did not know me. That did not stop her from visiting, and joking. She tired easily.
Mom was born in 1920. She was the second of five kids, four girls, and a baby bother. Grandma was mad at her for not being a boy. She wanted a small family. Mom was a tomboy at a time when it was not in style. She began to drive at ten. She could crank grandpa's model T, and so she was allowed to drive it. When our home town got a motorized fire truck, she was the first to drive it. Being the daughter of the fire chief, and local car dealer has its perks.
I was on the phone with her about fifteen years ago, and my teen aged daughters were bickering about the younger prepping for her behind the wheel exam. She was adamant that she would get a perfect score. Mom, hearing the argument, chimed in that a perfect behind the wheel score meant no tickets or accidents. She had been driving for over seventy years at that point, and when I repeated to my daughters what she had just said, they immediately replied, "That's impossible".
I handed my daughter the pone, and said "ask her".
She was flaberghasted that grandma, who was a lead foot. like me, had never gotten a moving violation, or been in any accidents. Mom surrendered her drivers license around her 85th birthday.
Mom liked to travel, but she suffered from diverticulosis, and it made travel hard. Too much strange water would set it off, and several times she nearly bled to death.
Mom was a tiny gal. She claimed to be 5 feet, but I had to stoop to rest my chin on her head. More like 4-10, but she had a giant's heart.
Grandma lived to be 101. Mom swore she did not want to live that long. She smoked almost all her life. Maybe if she hadn't, she'd have surpassed her mother. The doctors said she had great lungs. Hers were better than many non smokers. Good genetics, but I didn't get them. I've had a chronic cough since I was a child, and thirty years ago was told it was the early stages of COPD.
Mom was always in good shape though. About a year before she moved in to a nursing home, one of her neighbors had a heart attack. Doctors advised her to rest with her feet elevated above her heart. Mom made a comment about that, then, seated in a straight back chair, swung her feet up over her head with no effort. She could turn cheer leaders green with envy, she was that limber.
I've often joked about my looks. I aint got any. That's part of why I kept a beard. The last time I was to see her, I asked if she recognized me, and after a bit, she said no. When I told her, she looked at me with one eye, and said, "well, you've certainly gotten better looking with age. Ugly tree? I found the forest.
Do I miss her? I've been missing her for six years. We used to talk two or three times a week, but as her mind went, she quit answering the phone. I only called her once after she went into the nursing home. She was so preoccupied with stuff around her that it was impossible to have a conversation. She hated the food there, but even at 94, the path to her heart was still candy coated. She loved jelly beans. That and straw berries were among her favorites. She got hives from the strawberries, but some how never got fat from the candy. I asked her once if all the itching was worth a bowl of fresh berries. She said yes, and sent me to the store for benadryl.
GOD blessed her in life. She got her three score and ten, and almost tacked another 25 on to it.
Mom loved the LORD. She had a little jingle she often said. I found a version of it on the internet, and I will leave you with that.

1 “What a Friend we have in Jesus,”
Sang a little child one day;
And a weary woman listened
To the darling’s happy lay;
All her life seemed dark and gloomy,
And her heart was sad with care,
Sweetly rang our baby’s treble,
“Take it to the Lord in prayer.”

2 “Are we weak and heavy laden,”
He will carry ev’ry woe,
And the one who sadly listened,
Needed that dear helper so;
Sin and grief are heavy burdens,
For a fainting soul to bear,
But the baby singing bade her
“Take it all to Him in prayer.”

3 “Jesus knows our ev’ry weakness,”
Weak and worn she turned to God,
Asking Christ to take her burden,
As He is the sinner’s Lord;
Jesus was the only refuge,
He could take her sin and care,
And He blessed the weary woman,
“When she came to Him in prayer.”

4 And the happy child still singing,
Little knew she had a part,
In God’s wondrous work in bringing,
Peace unto the troubled heart;
So may we who love the Saviour,
Say to those bowed down with care,
That the Saviour is their refuge,
They will find a solace there.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Congrats Peyton

Farve's record has finally fallen. The icing on the cake is doing it against the San Franfreakshow 69ers.
Given their new stadium, maybe they should change their name to the Silicon Valley 49ers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time for a redneck bird feeder

I was standing in line at Walmart, and swapping jokes with the lady behind me. She said she was a little redneck, so I asked her how redneck she was, had she ever mowed her lawn and found a vehicle?
She said "No, and I've never had an engine hanging from a tree in my front yard either."
That got me to laughing, and I told her we should patent a red neck bird feeder, make it look like an engine block hanging on a chain. Imagine how that would fly with the loco HOA NAZI!
Yeah, I can get real weird.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I may be crazy

The first time I heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge. I was thinking this is stupid. I have seen video of people getting seriously hurt doing this idiocy, and yet it still goes on.
Today, I read this. Don't get me wrong, I support research for ALS, cancer, heart disease, and a host of other maladies of the human condition. Lets be smart about it though. with this, every idiot out there is wanting to one up his buddies. I guess that is why we have Darwin Awards.
At the rate the stupidity is increasing, its possible that in 2015, more people will die from failed ice bucket fiasco's then from ALS. So if you are going to get a wild hair, put me in your will first.

More of that religion of piss

The moderate mooslimes of Iran are up to their usual garbage. A woman who was sentenced to death for protecting herself from rape received a stay. Yet our feminazi's and libtards continue to tell us that it is a religion of peace. Are these people going to wake up? NO, I'm afraid not. They are following the king who has no cloths as he proclaims that most followers of the pedophile want peace.
We screwed up on Iran in 1979. We should have bombed the place back to the stone age. We should have sprayed every city with pig blood, and dipped our bullets in their manure. Instead, we have Carturd telling us that Israel is the problem.
Sorry Jimmuh, its your fiends who bow to Mecaca.
Srtill waiting for liberals to organize protests outside the Iranian UN mission.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We have enough arab participation

The Kenyan village idiot wants more arab participation in the global war on terror. WTF, they are already supplying 100% of the splodydopes, jihadists, and 98% of the human shields, the rest coming from the world press corps. Or is that press corpses?
The only good thing we are getting from the arab participants is plenty of target practice for our men in uniform.
Screw the arab assistance. If we put them on our side of the wire, they kill main or kidnap our brave fighters as soon as they get a chance. We have lost too many lives to keep doing that.
The pResident screwed up when he pulled our forces out of Iraq. Now it is going to cost more lives to straighten out this mess. For some its tempting to say screw it, and let them have it. The problem is, oil. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are dependent on the stuff. Even the envirofriendly Prius, pronounce pre-ass, relies on plastics to achieve it performance. And BTW, a H1 Hummer has less enviromental impact than the batteries of the ecotards favorite ride, unless they opt for a bike.
ISIS is a distraction in my humble opinion. They have taken our focus off of Iran and their nuclear ambitions. People are also not focusing on Russia and Putin's insanity. Gog and Magog. Watch Out Israel!

Monday, September 22, 2014


What do mooslimes do on a sleepless night? Picture it. They try counting sheep, get horny, and have to go looking for one to molest. Could be a long night behind the fold.

Just wondering

As I was watching some of the NFL highlights last night, one shot had some eye candy in it, and the thought struck me, how many of San Franfreakshow's cheerleaders are really guys in drag?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mongo want

Alabama joins six brother states in offering the Gadsden flag on vehicle tags. I'm so hoping Kansas follows suit. I don't feel up to moving to Oklahoma, and I can't speak sheep.

What a Crock

The Wall St cheat sheet published a list of the ten states most dependent on the feral government. Proving that you can make numbers say anything, their list includes Arizona, New Mexico, West Virgina, and Alabama. Their compilation covers every thing from South Dakota's Military bases and hand outs to the Indians, to the costs of failing to maintain the border in Arizona.
Yes, Arizona has a lot of federal lands, as do many western states, but does that really make the state dependent? maybe the government should divest itself of those properties, sell to private individuals who are U.S. citizens, and pay down the debt.
Federal dependency is real, but those are not the measure of it. rather the number of people who collect a check for nothing is the true measure. Start with California, their congress critters alone will keep them at the top of the list. Next examine Michigan where Detoilet now houses thousands of imported Terrorists in waiting from The Carbombistan regions of hell. Same for Chiraq, except theirs are lazy scum from the southern states.
RONA, return on net investment is the key. Are people receiving a pay check or a hand out? There is a huge difference. With out the federal bribe system, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, and most of southern California would turn into one huge riot. Now  that's dependence.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back page news

I just learned that supporters of late dictator Hugo Chavez now have a computer font that mimics his handwriting.
Big deal, we've had a font for years that mimics O'bozo's, it's called wingdings.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The Washington resident who occasionally vacations in Kansas defeated challenger and Kansas resident, Milton Wolf. I guess we are stuck with commie lite for another six years. Unless of course,  the communist party choice prevails in November. Hold your nose and pull the lever, communism from within is about to destroy us.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Got robbed

The last eight days have been rough. I came down sick on Sunday, slowly declined through Wednesday, went to the doctor on Thursday and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I have been on the couch not wanting to move the whole week.
Saturday, it got worse, LOTS worse. A friend who was covering for me called and needed parts from my truck.
I went out at noon, and got home an hour later. At four, I got up to try eating, (first time in a week). There was a box of ammo on the counter, and I decided to stick it in the gun room. When I walked in, I WAS FLOORED! Many empty slots in a once full rack. Six M-4 style rifles, several with high end optics, two AR pistols, and six other pistols including both my 45's were taken.
I am 100% certain who took them. I had a falling out with a roommate who had been a friend for years back in June. Right after, I changed the locks to the gun room and garage. He moved on July 1st.
We had a further falling out when he came back for his dog kennel. He left some anchors laying all over the yard and I hit one with my mower. We exchanged texts and it got nasty from his end. He told me that as a Christian I had to forgive him. Sorry, forgiveness comes with repentance.
I thought it was over. He has a well earned reputation for vengeful acts. I'm told he has slashed tires and killed pets according to some sources.
My house can be observed from a road a half mile west. He likely watched me leave and, knowing I would be gone at least an hour, rushed over.
When I built the room, it was just storage, so it had only a passage lock. When I moved the guns, I put in a deadbolt, but didn't redrill the frame.  Because of that it could be tickled open with a knife. Only he would know that. NO ONE  but he and I knew that. Less than 20 people know the location, and what is in it. Kinda makes for a real small pool.
I had a pistol sitting on a shelf right outside the gun room. It was not touched.
After the sheriff was done, I fixed the problem. I also put the overlooked gun in the gun room. On Monday, it too was gone. He came back on Sunday while I was at church. I am looking for his new residence.
The detectives want to look elsewhere. I have tried to get them to focus. While they are chasing windmills, he is getting away with fifteen weapons. I will pursue him to the ends of the earth.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

why indeed

Five members of a Turkish family have a mutation that forces them to walk on all fours much like an ape. One would think the family would obtain wheel chairs for them. I guess in islame you let people suffer. My guess? Inbreeding. Muslims like to keep it in the family.
Yea, I'm an ass.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SCOTUS should reverse this without comment, or....

Arizona douche bag Joe Wood has wrongly received a reprieve from the 9th circus. He is demanding to know the source and  content of the cocktail that will rid society of him. The liar err lawyer should be made to execute him. Strap a couple pounds  of c4 around his neck, bury them together in a concrete room, and give him 48 hours to decide whether to shoot him, stab him, strangle him,  or just wait out the time and die with him.
UPDATE: SCOTUS reversed it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Florida father of the year

So, you walk in on some one molesting your child, what do you do? One Florida father had a good idea when he found an 18 year old pervert molesting his eleven year old son. Raymond Frolander got about one tenth the ass whooping he had coming.
He survived.  I guess, if you are the dad, you might not want a death on your conscience.  None the less, society is the loser.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dirty stinking criminal

There are a lot of criminals who get called that, but here is one to whom it applies. Do I feel sorry for them? Hell no! Not Mesac, not the other prisoners. Too bad our wimpy justice system won't allow for an old-fashioned GI bath. Complete with toilet brushes.  USED toilet brushes.
That guy deserves the death penalty. If he has to rot on death row for twenty years, let him go without bathing then.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

far away but close to home

The news this morning featured a tidbit about the legal sale of pot in Washington state. One of the first people to buy was from Kansas. I was half listening when they said the names, and I went "holy shit! I know them! Sarah was good friends with my son when they were kids. Her sister, and my oldest were very close. Sarah worked at a place in Aggieville the last time I saw her.
I sometimes suspect she was really conceived in 1950, but the embryo was kept frozen for 40 years. She is that kind of person, a free spirt, and with a good heart. I hope they enjoyed it.
I have nothing against people who smoke pot. Legalization is a states rights issue. The only say the feds should have is on importation. Hard drugs are another issue, but Marijuana is a common weed, and should be treated like any other plant.
We have been fighting the "war on drugs" for decades. If they were serious about winning, like the war on terror, they should fight it at its source, not on our streets.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

What should I say?

I was making lunch today when I got a text, "Can you talk?
What would you reply?
A. Yes....... But not now.
B. Yes, I learned to talk when I was 1 and haven't shut up since.
C. Holy shit! I'be been married so l long, I've forgotten how!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Not dead yet

It has been hectic the last couple of weeks. I've been too busy with getting ready for court. Nothing special,  just my work comp. We went to the house where I fell. They have not fixed the stairs,  just put the step back, pounded the nails back and added two more. I would have replaced the stairs completely.  Just sayin...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bad humor

So this guy is getting into his fifties, and is worried about his libido. He goes to his doctor, and tells him that he is concerned that he might start losing his drive.
The doctor asks him, "how often do you and your wife have sex?"
"Well," he says, "me and the wife get together, three, maybe four times a week."
"Is that every thing?" asks the MD.
"Well." he says, "there's a widow woman from the church, I do repairs for her, and I go visit her three, four times a week."
"Is that every thing?" asks the MD.
"Well." he says, "there's a whore house across town, I visit there three, four times a week."
 "Is that every thing?" asks the MD.
"Well." he says, "I go down to the bars in the seedy part of town and pick up bar flies three, four times a week."
Doc says, " Fella, you need to get a grip on yourself."
"Three four times a week!"
Which brings me to this.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Heba Said, a reporter for The Shorthorn at University of Texas at Arlington is claiming she was targeted for her muslim hijab while covering the Texas Republican Party's annual convention. I might be wrong, but this sounds like purest BULLSHIT to me. One, maybe two people there who were uncomfortable? that might happen, especially given how the ROPMA has conducted themselves this millenium. (or the last one for that matter.)
My sniffer smells taquia, and Jason Sicko at yahoo is buying it hook lie and stinker.
But lets assume for a few minutes that the folks there in Texas really did act like that toward her, are they justified? Well, lets start with the actions of mainstream muslims in Israel, There it has been common place for women to carry bombs onto buses, and into malls and shopping centers.
We could also consider the actions of boko Haran in Africa, or ISIS in Iraq. but you might say, those people are not Americans who are doing all that koran sanctioned actions.
That is true, we have had people from all over America who have gone to Africa and the middle east and joined terror groups, and we have kids who have attacked such events as the Boston Marathon.
Lets also not forget that another muslim student from a Big 12 school blew himself to smitherines  a few years back. Not blaming the Big12 mind you, or any other university, just crediting muslims, that's all. Seeing as to how I was NOT at their convention, its likely that there was no one present with that much distrust of the satanists.
A convention like that has plenty of press. If there was anything to her claims, there would be masses of video clips on CNN, (p)msnbc, and NPR showing the world how evil those republicans are. Whats that I hear? Crickets? Heba Lie? My bet is she is being a good little mooslime, and doing her taquia.
Could be wrong, bet I aint.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And here is how we do it

Communist party hopeful, and liar extraordinaire Hillary Rodent Clinton today said, in remarks about the ousting of Eric cantor, "The answer is not to throw out of work and deport the 11 million immigrants who are contributing already to our economy," Clinton said. "The answer is to grow our economy and create more jobs."
Well, DUH! we figured that out a dozen decades ago. How we do it though needs to be relearned by each new generation, and that is, Keep democrats and their minions in the minority in both houses of congress, and AWAY from the Oval Office.
Clinton, as most liars do, wants to reshape the picture to fit her desires. The voters are not angry about immigration, only ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Only idiots would embrace an outsider and let them take a job meant for established locals. Guess that pretty much describes how she got elected in New York.
We created jobs when the dems were a minority in congress, even with her rat bastard erection with ears husband in the oral office. We created jobs with a RINO named Bush there as well, until the scum in the republican party started acting like democrats, and spending like them, and people were dumb enough to buy the lie that democraps would cut change things.
Lets not lose site of what 2014 is about, a lousy republican is better than a stellar democrat, but a libertarian minded small government type is the best choice.

Just more BS

So I saw a story on Yahoo tonight, "The O.J.Simpson story 20 years Later, where are they now." Well. I'm no expert in these matters, but I'm guessing that Nichole and her waiter friend, Ronald Goldman, are still dead. O.J. is still not on death row either. Johnnie Cockroach has met his maker as well. whether he has explained his miscarriage of justice to the satisfaction of Nichole and Ron is not known.
Last but not least, the race card is dead, and while it is still some times played, it has a stench about it that says LOOSER!

One down

Immigration sell out Eric Cantor has been smashed in the Virginia primary. After the Senate amnesty bill stalled in the House, rumors began to circulate that plans were afoot to slide it through after the primary season had passed for those who might be vulnerable. People who care about this country sat up and took notice. Amnesty is a hot bed issue, one that burns very deep.
I realize that many illegals are good people, and that their goal in coming here is to have a better life. I do not begrudge them that. I want immigration reform. What I want though and what the communists want are two entirely different things. I want our southern border sealed as a start. We have enough natives who hate our country, why add more?
There is a message in here for establishment republicans, listen to the people and not the big money donors. People who donate a million bucks to your campaign are nice, but they only cast one vote. If you want to win as a republican, you need to have more live voters, the rat bastard commies already have all the dead ones.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Need a lyft?

Ass grass or gas was the motto through much of the seventies. Hitch hiking was common, and many people would think nothing of picking up a total stranger. Times are different. We know a little more about what is going on in the world, less about our neighbors, and live in fear of government, strangers, the UN, and Russia (again!) Thanks to over reaching government, most of the poor have vehicles. Its those who are trying to have a job and make a difference in the world who are often without, or struggling.
Two guys, Logan Green, and John Zimmer came up with a new concept using social media to match people going some where with people needing a lift. Nothing breaks a budget faster than cab fare, especially when the cabbies like to take the ultra scenic route. It doesn't always happen, but the notion has been common for so long that it has been featured in films since Clint Eastwood was a B rate actor in Cougan's Bluff. The idea has its merits. Instead of hanging your thumb and hoping the next car is not piloted by a Ted Bundy type, you interact via modern social means and hook up for a ride, and an exchange, usually of cash.
The idea is not new by any means. When I was undergoing surgery, and unable to drive, I relied on the assistance of many friends who took a little time to get me where I needed to be. In return, I paid for the gas. I also pay it forward and help friends who need rides.
Some cities and states are not up with the idea though. Cease and desist orders have gone out in Miami, and Los Angeles as well as Virginia. I understand having concerns. Dead bodies strewn along stretches of highway aint a  good thing, but I seriously doubt that lyft will generate a serial killer. There is no anonamity. You can be sure the cop who ticketed Juan Arango violated Facebook's terms of service, or he will only do it once.
We are supposed to help our fellow man. That is what so much of the Bible seeks to impart on us, Love GOD with all our heart soul and mind, and love our neighbor as our self. When a  government entity steps in and blocks such neighborly gestures, I see a problem.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Thank You

Only a hand full of the men who stormed ashore in France seventy years ago remain. Most of those heros have passed on. Next year fewer still will grace us with their presence. If you have not told them thank you, now would be a good time.
To all those men and women who served in WW2, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. May GOD bless each of you for your service. May GOD bless that service, and wipe tyranny from the earth forever.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My thoughts on open carry

First and fore most, I believe that the right to keep and bear arms means that we have a right to open carry any time, any where. The Constitution clearly reads "shall not be infringed." It does not say "shall not be infringed by the Federal Government", nor does it read "shall not be infringed by the state". To my mind, that means any infringement whether by the fuds, the state, a local group, or even an individual is unconstitutional. But what do I know, Constitutional Scholars have different opinions. What the hell is a Constitutional scholar? All they are is a trained expert in finding loop holes and making mud out of a document written in plain english. Read it for yourself, and make up your own mind.... If you have one.
Back to open carry, it should be legal any where, any time. That does not make it smart. When you open carry, you become a target. If you are an employee in a business, it may deter some of the thug wannabe's, but it may also put you at greater risk of being killed. If the business has a high cash flow,and they want it badly enough, they just might kill you to get it. Remember the Old Dirty Harry Movies? The punk went into the store specifically to steal the gun from the proprietor, a man who had shot several robbers. Yes, it was a movie script, but it happens in real life as well. Some things are better hidden. Remember Don Knotts old line, "He wants to kill me. I know he wants to kill me. He knows I know he wants to kill me, but he doesn't know that I know that he knows I know he wants to kill me, so I have the edge."
Bottom line, intel is your friend. The less the bad guys know, the better it is for you. If you have a reason to carry, you have two reasons to get a CCW, unless you are like me and don't trust the government as far as you can projectile vomit. If you want to open carry, by all means do. I implore you though, be smart about it. Have a friend or three along, and have a video recording going the second something happens. Many cops are your friend, but there are a few scared shitless trigger happy maroons on every force to be dealt with.

Can they prove it?

The NFL is dealing with a lot of law suits. More than 300 in fact, filed by over 5000 former players. Most of it has to do with head injuries and related trauma. My question is, can they prove it?
I enjoy watching football. Hell, if this was Rome, I very likely would be at the games watching the gladiators get eaten by lions. That doesn't mean I have a high regard for the players. Many of the ones I have met around Manhattan got to college ONLY because of football. If it wasn't such a big sport, they would never have gotten on campus except maybe as custodians. I think the standards for he custodial staff are higher though.
I know these guys suffer a lot of injuries. 1/8 ton of brute mass smashing into another 1/8 ton of brute mass is an incredible amount of force, and things are gonna get broke. The select hand full who make it to the NFL may be the best, but that does not make them the brightest.
When they were playing for the NFL, they received compensation far above what the average college grad would make. Were it not for that, college programs would not draw the attention they do. Lets face it, any other program graduating a group of sixty and only having two that get jobs, is a shitty program. With college ball, its a success story.
If these former players win, what will be next, colleges? Will they eventually sue the high school that they started at? Where will it end? They made a choice. the risks were obvious, at least to those of us who chose not to participate. These former players were blinded by their quest for money and fame. They knew the risks even if they ignored them. Football has been dangerous since its beginnings. Improvements have been made over the years, but for every improvement in safety, there has been an off setting factor. Many players abuse steroids to get bigger and faster.
The only change I wold make is to require the NFL to have injured members present at the draft combine and make every wannabe speak with them about the dangers. I bet nothing would change. the kids would still think themselves invincible and we would still have a ring full of gladiators. besides, half the fun of watching is seeing Mike Vic running for his life.
Every job has its dangers. the compensation matches the risk in most cases. These guys got their check. Now they want more. Too bad. The courts need to say no.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A little local news

A neighbors high school aged son was busted earlier this week for indecent exposure. He was caught sitting on top of his parents home masturbating. He claims it is all a misunderstanding. he is in drama club, and this years summer presentation will be Fiddler on the Roof.

Not one more defenseless victim

Bloomin idiot and his bunch are all over the web since the Santa Barbara shootings of three and stabbings of three others. They are attempting to make a twitter hashtag go viral among the twits, #notonemore. I say not one more defenseless victim., We need to join his post card campaign and add those two words to every one we send in. I wonder what the tally would be if gun owners got on the band wagon and defended the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A serious WTF on illegal imigration

We have heard the stories about how deer reader has deported more illegals than any previous pResident. His propaganda arm has been working overtime to make Adolph of Africa look like the second coming of the Messiah.
Now we find out they are not deporting even the ones they catch at the border. Unless of course, Arizona is now a foreign nation. Seriously, what is wrong with this picture? Illegals captured in Texas being dumped in Phoenix? I know they hate sheriff Joe, but this is an abomination! Why don't they just take them all the way to LA and get them signed up for welfare, food stamps and section 8 housing?
The loonies are whining that these people are dumped with out so much as complete clothing, diapers and essentials for their kids. My bet is they didn't have the stuff when they got to the border in Texas, so why is it our problem?
For what they spent on tickets to fly these folks to Arizona, they could have loaded them on a B-52 and done bombing practice on Tiajuana.
Better yet, invest in a Kaiser or Gardner Denver compressor, and some large diameter pipe, and played punkin chunkin Texas style right back over the border.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Would you convert?

By now every one has heard the story of Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the Christian woman in Sudan who has been sentenced to death Because her father was muslim, and she wisely rejected the satanic verses.
Because she is pregnant, she will not be hanged immediately, but instead will be allowed to give birth, then nurse the child for two years. Then she is to be hanged.
She could end this all though by renouncing her Christian faith and reverting to islame, the religion of child molestation and murder. Would you? Jesus said, that if we confess that he is lord before others, he will confess us before his Father in Heaven, but if we deny him, he will deny us. Harsh words, but in the early days of the church, many were offered the choice of converting, or being fed to lions, or other horrific deaths for the sport of the Romans. We don't know how many of the people who were offered that choice chose to renounce Christ, but we do know that many chose instead to suffer and die for him.
Hanging is not a terrible way to die, especially if the long drop method is used. It is certainly faster and less painful then some of the means employed through out the world, and far better then death from certain types of cancer.
Is any one is expecting our mooslime poser to act? Don't hold your breath.  I do not wish to see her die, but even the biggest fools in the world, the sploody dopes in Gaza, Afghanistan, and Iraq, know it is better to be dead then to live a muslim.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

For Conservatives and patriots, today is a day to honor those who gave their last full measure for this nation and for freedom every where. Freedom that is being eroded as we see our misleaders in Washington strive to implement socialism.
For liberals, today marks the unofficial start of summer. Time to break out the cooler, fill it with beer, and koolaide for the kids.
OK, that is mean, most liberals would never make koolaide. Its not that they won't drink it, or that we have offended them by a reference to Jim Jones and his cult followers.
No, the reason they would never make it is much simpler, they can't get a cup of sugar and two quarts of water in that dang package.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another whacked out killer

Its almost a repeat of the Holmes killing spree in Colorado, but this time the killer spared us the trouble of a media circus trial and long drawn out appeals and took his own life. Once again there were warning signs. Family members knew he was unstable, and the police had even been called to intervene.
Three of his victims were described as housemates whom he killed with a knife at a sorority? Right now the reports are a little confusing. Apparently this guy had a serious case of the Hawaiian clap. He was put off that the college girls taste in men did not include him. Maybe the mass murderer vib was stronger than anyone wanted to admit?
In any case, prepare for a backlash on this one. Libtards will blame the instrument that most appeals to their cause rather than the mental hell issues that he had.  Holmes, Lanza, now add Rodgers.
If a coupe of his intended victims had not been prevented from having CCW permits, there might be six fewer families mourning the loss of a loved young adult.


People who read my blog think I like guns. That is true. Some of them also think I'm a pretty good shot. Some times, I do too. When I start thinking I'm a hot shot, I take a trip to the Dakota's and visit my brothers. They usually put me in my place and soundly.
A couple weeks ago my brothers all got together in the Black Hills for the spring turkey hunt. I missed it for a number of reason. I still have trouble traveling after surgery, but also had important stuff to deal with.
My second brother bagged a turkey. No big deal,lots of guys bag one EVERY YEAR. Right? Wrong. First off, he shot it at just under 200 yards. What? shotguns shoot that far? Well, yes, but he took it with a rifle. Ok, that's different. Wait, Rifles are allowed for Turkey? In South Dakota, yes.
Ok, so how is that special? It was a head shot. Imagine if you will, how big a turkey's head is. Possibly the only animal with a smaller brain is the liberal. Proof of their having a brain has yet to surface. We are talking, a target roughly the size of a golf ball that is moving two football fields away!
So, there you have it, I am not a good shot. Hell, I may be only mediocre.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Give the illegals Oblowme Care

I have thought long and hard about the two subjects most in the news with regard to our medical treatment here in the U.S.A. And I believe I have a solution that should be acceptable for every one.
Illegals have been receiving medical care at our hospitals and Emergency Rooms for decades. In some regions they clog the system, and have even bankrupted a couple of hospitals. All because they do not have health care available to them. Our veterans on the other hand are all supposed to receive treatment from the VA at no charge. Due to Obamanomics, and the wars against muslim aggression, we have a huge increase in the number of people seeking treatment through the V.A.
Here is my solution. Lets begin with our veterans. Every Vet should be given the option of who he wants to see. They should have vouchers, or EBT cards that enable them to receive treatment from any physician and it be billed to the V.A. That would cut the back log at all the V.A. hospitals and allow vets to not have to travel for doctor visits.
As for the illegals, make them sign up for Oblowme care. No one else wants it. Every one should have a premium they have to pay, and an established plan deductible, and copay once that deductible is reached. So lets do this, $1200 monthly premium for a single, and $1150 for each additional family member. $2,000,000 yearly deductible for a single member, and $3,000,000 for a family. All amounts below that would be paid by the recipient, or his home nation, in most cases, Mexico. Once the deductible is reached, 99% copay. Lets keep em healthy, I hate pickin waterlemons.
Now, for those who are vets, and are not citizens, They, like our vets who are, deserve our respect and care. If they served a minimum of four years, or were wounded in combat, automatic citizenship. Yes, I'm serious. They put it on the line for this nation, they have earned it. It should be part of the discharge process from the military if they served honorably.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm disappointed

I saw an article on yahoo titled Man might bankrupt the world and I thought "Holy shit!" the media is finally waking up to Oblowme.
That was not the case. It seems some jerk in New York got bit while riding a city bus. He is suing the City and a dozen or so entities for two undecillion dollrs. That's a two followed by 36 Barry Soetoro's err zeros.
The idiot who wrote the article for the daily beast thinks this suit would bankrupt the world. Sorry, no. New York's problems are not our problems.... Unless Bloomin idiot is promoting his madness in your neck of the woods.
So don't worry about your Gap jeans. (Is that what they call it when your ass crack is exposed?)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

American Spring

You probably won't read about it on the news, nor see it mentioned on CNN. In fact, other than a post about it at SondraK, it has pretty much not been mentioned at all on any of the blogs I read. Were it not for a friend who is very much behind this movement, I would likely not have gotten wind of it at all.
It looks though like it may have fizzled. I don't know. Some are saying the NSA shut it down, I don't think that has happened.
I do think Colonel Harry Riley set his sights a little too high though. Getting 100,000 to Washington would have been a great goal and accomplishment. Getting that number when your goal was 10 million? Not so much. I Don't know how many went. Suffice it to say, May 16 was a lousy week end for it, graduation is happening, and most conservatives are responsible parents who are there for their kids, nieces and nephews, and even the neighbors assbrat. You know, the kid who spends more time in detention the nin class, the one who they only pass on to be rid of, him.
Its hard to pick a perfect weekend for an event such as this. Most conservatives have jobs,real jobs, the kind where you gotta show up to keep it, get a pay check, and support a family. We are not like the libtards of mock-u-py who got locked out of moms basement when they moved to Central rape park.
No matter what, we still need to get the message through to the dipshits in Washington, and let them know we are not happy.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Get rich quick sceme

I have the perfect plane! I'm gonna be a millionaire!

A little weekend humor

A group of women were at a seminar on how to live in a loving relationship with your husband.

The women were asked, "How many of you love your husband?"

All the women raised their hands.

Then they were asked, "When was the last time you told your husband you loved him?"

Some women answered today, a few yesterday, and some couldn't remember.

The women were then told to take out their cell phones and text their husband:
"I love you, sweetheart."

The women were then told to exchange phones with another person, and to read aloud the text message they received, in response.

Here are some of the replies:

1.   Who the hell is this?
2.   Eh, mother of my children, are you sick or what?

3.   Yeah, and I love you too. What's up with you??

4.   What now?  Did you crash the car again?

5.   I don't understand what you mean?

6.   What the hell did you do now?

7.   ?!?

8.   Don't beat about the bush, just tell me how much you need?

9.   Am I dreaming?

10. If you don't tell me who this message is actually for, someone will die.

11. I thought we agreed you wouldn't drink during the day.

12. Your mother is coming to stay with us, isn't she??

Friday, May 16, 2014

Leave it to the professionals my ass

If you regularly check out TTAG, or other reliable news sources, you may have noticed a rash of officer involved shootings. There was an incident in Texas where Kileen SWAT executed a search warrant, and the misleader got executed instead. Entering through a window at four in the morning is a bad idea no matter who you think you are. Any law abiding citizen will think its a crook, and shoot on sight. Any druggie will think its his competition coming to steal his wares, and he too will shoot on sight.
Then there is the case near Phoenix AZ where a home owner heard a noise at 4 am and thought some one was trying to break in. He armed himself, and set out to investigate. He was shot dead with no warning by a trigger crazy cop who was supposedly searching for a robber. No "Police", No "freeze", just BOOM!
Last we have the events near Miami Florida where a bad guy robbed a convenience store. As he fled, he was caught by a flat foot, but shot his way out, fleeing in the squad car. The office survived, and shortly afterward, bozo the wannabe cop killer swapped the squad car for his grandmothers blue Volvo. The chase was on! The cops were running about like chickens with a fox in the hen house! Eventually, they got lucky and spotted the blue Volvo. Bad guy wanna be couldn't drive worth a shit though and crashed,pinning the car between a utility pole and a tree. End of story, the bad guy goes two jail? Wrong! Instead the popo surrounded the vehicle, and for reasons unknown, they opened fire. After firing fifty rounds into the vehicle,which was occupied by the dumb ass, and a person whom he had picked up at some point, peace again prevailed for a few minutes. Then all hell broke loose again! the Police, 23 officers strong, fired 377 rounds into the vehicle. The two guys inside had been alive after the first fusillade,but were stone cold dead after. No gun was found in the vehicle, and the bad guy and his friend absorbed a total of 50 rounds of hot lead.
To further prove their incompetence, the cops had the vehicle surrounded! it was a circular firing squad! Two cops got hit, and another was taken to the ER with shattered ear drums.
tell me again Bloominidiot how we should not have guns and instead trust the professionals. Couple these examples with the shooting expertise of the NYPD, and I think the cops should not be so well armed. If this is how a department acts, they lack the training to have auto loaders at all. Give them their revolvers, and two speed loaders. If they need more firepower, there are plenty of CCW holders around who can assist the local law enfarcement.
But if the officers still cannot control their raging instincts, maybe we cut them back to one round..... In a pocket.

New Stealth tech for the Air Force

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Should we strive to become a bilingual nation?

Uruguay President Jose Mujica thinks we should, and voiced that opinion at a meeting Monday with Barry Soetoro, leader of the Constitutional opposition party aka the democrats.
What benefit is it for a nation to be bilingual? Look at the mess they have in Canada with Quebec and the French language. Many nations are bilingual, this we must acknowledge. Saudi Arabians speak Arab and sheep. In Iran, its Persian and goat, and of course France where they also speak German.
So maybe we should be bilingual, that does not mean we should all learn Spanish. I am rusty now, but my second language is German. I have a friend with a Filipino wife. He has learned her tongue to a certain extent. Is that good enough for Mujica? My eldest nephew has had two wives, one from the Philippines, one from Russia. What language should he have learned? Why? The United States became a great nation because all people who migrated here learned English. That is until the invasion from the south kicked into high gear.
I am not hostile to our southern neighbors, I welcome those who come here to work and be responsible citizens. I want immigration reform, and a sealed border, not to keep them out, but to control who and what comes in. We don't need the overflow of gang violence from the cartels, nor do we need the flow of cocaine and meth that is flooding up from Mexico.
All I ask of those arriving, is be responsible people. No one here owes you a damned thing. Obey our laws. They are less restrictive then those of most nations. People here did not get rich by thievery or graft, this great nation was built by hard work and dedication. Because people had the opportunity to amass wealth from their efforts, they worked harder and did it. You can too. Our crime rate is lower then in the countries you left. We do not tolerate corruption among our police and politicians. Our court system has many flaws. It is still the best in the world.
The other thing a sealed border would do is protect those coming here from abuse, and the extreme dangers of a stroll through the desert. Many women arriving from Mexico face rape and exploitation. A sealed border would stop this.
I had thought to make this a post introducing a redneck bilingual phrase of the day with things like "NO, I don't want to screw your sister", or "thanks, but I can mow my own lawn". Some how though, this arrogance from the  king of ignorant and his guest needed a better answer.
While being bilingual is a good quality in a person, it is a bad practice for a nation. The USSR never united because they had too many language barriers. The same problem existed in Yugoslavia, and only the iron fist of Tito staved off the inevitable war. Czechoslovakia eventually split as well, and the divided people of Germany were drawn back together because of their language.
Language unites or divides a people. Where we have language barriers,we have strife. From the barrios of Los Angeles where Spanish is the norm, to the  projects of Chicago that have adopted Ebonics, language lines mark barriers. With a common language, we are strong. Lets not let those who seek to destroy us drive another wedge through our nation. We have too many of them now.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

What kind of person supports the Palistidiots?

Several days ago on TTAG, there was an article about an Israeli soldier having a confrontation with some palistinian yutes. A number of the commenters there were supportive of the palistidiots in their quest to anhiliate the Jews.
It blows my mind that any person could support people who do stuff like this. They have been teaching their kids to hate since the formation of Israel in 1948. People ignore that the Mandate of Palestine offered them a home land which they refused. The lands now known as Palistine, the West Bank, Gollan Heights, and Gaza Strip were one part of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The reason Israel controls them is that they kept having to kick mooslime ass.
Israel treats the pedophile worshipers as equals. they get to vote, own property, have jobs etc. Jews attempting to live in the palistinian areas do not get those rights. Heck, Jews living in any muslim controled nation are in grave danger, as are Christians.
To top it off, this is how they teach their children. In some ways I am surprised there are fewer homicide bombings in Israel. Ten years ago there were always reports of attacks by deranged men who thought they would get 72 virgins in the after life.
I say it all the time, islame is a perverted sex cult, nothing more. It is also the greatest threat to civilization of all time.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Whats wrong with breast feeding in public

Over the last few years I have seen several stories about women who were feeding their infants in public and asked or forced to stop. Small children get hungry, and they can be demanding. There is nothing worse to hear then the cries of a small child who is in distress. If that sound doesn't bother you, maybe parenting should not be in your future. Some mothers today forgo breast feeding. for many the reason is their schedule. For others, they worry about their figure. Some just don't understand.
My first wife has a small chest. (so do two and three) I am not in to milk cows, I left the dairy farm when I graduated high school. When our first child was born, she indicated that she would breast feed. Needless to say, the comments about the kid starving flew like ducks in autumn. Our daughter did not starve. none of our kids came even close.
One time, we were entertaining friends, and the evening got late. Our daughter was on moms lap, and she was cranky.  My wife gave her a tit, and she nursed, then fell asleep.
Right in the middle though, the husband who was visiting whispered something to his wife, she whispered back, and he turned crimson.
Later I learned that he asked his wife if my wife was breast feeding. My wife, to do it,would place the child on her lap, then raise her shirt just enough so they could latch on to lunch. She kept a hand in place,and no one, not even me, got a glimpse of her boobs.
Its possible to be discreet, but when the child gets older, it becomes difficult. Toddlers like to play peekaboo. Yes, if you area jerk, and stare at a woman who is breast feeding, you may get a glimpse of her breast. If that turns you on, then fine, just remember, you are the pervert,and the problem is all inside your head.
If the site of a woman's breasts so offends you though, I have some different advice, close your eyes or turn your head.  Just because you are a jerk doesn't mean you must continuously act like one.
I was glad to read about the ad campaign  Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro are doing. though it was intended as a class project, I hope it gets fuel and more states quit denying mothers and children their right to nourish and nurture.
I Also applaud the women who posed.  That takes courage, None of them are porn stars, just mothers who love their children.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No million dollar homes but...

What would you do if you received an unsigned letter from some one complaining about how you park your car? Bill and Barbara Doughten got an unsigned letter from some one claiming to be a real estate agent who is selling million dollar homes in that area.
Well,according to the Doughtens, there are no million dollar homes in that area. But whom ever moves in will have neighbors who are worth a million I'm sure.
My suggestion to the Doughtens, put some potted plants on the driveway, wouldn't want it being wasted after all.....

Military humor

A little morning humor

A gay man, finally deciding he could no longer hide his sexuality from his parents, went over to their house, and found his mother in the kitchen cooking dinner. He sat down at the kitchen table, let out a big sigh, and said, "Mom, I have something to tell you: I'm gay."

His mother made no reply or gave any response, and the guy was about to repeat it to make sure she'd heard him, when she turned away from the pot she was stirring and said calmly, "You're gay -- doesn't that mean you put other men's penises in your mouth?"

The guy said nervously, "Uh, yeah, Mom, that's right." His mother went back to stirring the pot, then suddenly whirled around, whacked him over the head with her spoon and said, "Don't EVER complain about my cooking again!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

If you like your nuts, you can keep your nuts... Oops

Socialized hellcare strikes again! The Europeon model for Obozo care, the British NHS is the subject of tonights screw up royal.
A man in Liverpool was to receive a urological procedure. Instead, he got a vasectomy. OK, not as bad as getting castrated, but still he will no longer be able to father children.
The upside is, it could have been worse, they could have removed his brain. Heaven forbid, we have enough democrats. The down side is, the chances of a reversal are only about 40% although in-vitro fertilization is an option.  All the problems of children, none of the fun. Then again, he won't have to worry about paternity suits either.
Keep this in mind as we are forced to endure Oblowme care. We had the best medical system in the world bar none. That has changed. the problem was tort reform and insurance scamming. Neither problem was solved, and the scammers may even have it easier now.
How long until Americans will be sneaking across the pond to get their surgery?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Not so true

It seems that every day I see a vehicle or two with a bumper sticker proclaiming " Only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.
Sounds good, but.....
Last year Chiraq experienced over 500 murders. Add in a few Police shootings, and the number climbs even higher. We can argue all day, but rest assured, not all of those folks who died in the blood bath were good guys, and you can bet your bottom dollar it wasn't good guys who put the lifeless in em, even the worst ones.
Therefore, we must acknowledge that bad guys with guns also stop bad guys with guns. Some folks, especially the Mayors illegally against guns want us to believe that the only good guys with guns are the ones with badges. Not all the badge totters are good guys though, look at Los Angeles. It has got to be one of the most corrupt departments west of the Mississippi. Had to draw the line there because of New Orleans.
Last we have to account for the hand full of wannabe thugs who inadvertently end their own careers in crime by their own hand. Wish more of em would take that way out.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A little morning humor

I bought a new Chevy Avalanche and returned to the dealer yesterday because I couldn’t get the radio to work.

The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated.

‘Nelson,’ the salesman said to the radio.

The radio replied, ‘Ricky or Willie?’

‘Willie!’ he continued and ‘On The Road Again’ came from the speakers.

Then he said, ‘Ray Charles!’, and in an instant ‘Georgia On My Mind’ replaced Willie Nelson.

I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I’d say, ‘Beethoven’, I’d get beautiful classical music, and if I said, ‘Beatles’, I’d get one of their awesome songs.

Yesterday, some guy ran a red light and nearly creamed my new truck, but I swerved in time to avoid him.

I yelled, ‘Ass Hole!’

Immediately the radio responded with, “Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama

Damn I love this truck…