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Second round coming

No, not the second wave of Wuhan flu courtesy of Communist China, the second round of empty shelves in Venezuela like stores.
I was in Dillons tonight. They had no chicken. Other meats were lower than usual, they were running low
We, every one of us, has basic needs. We need food, we need shelter, we need drinkable water. To achieve those needs we all, or at least most of us, have had jobs.
When you look at a job and evaluate whether it is critical or not, you also need to consider the impact on jobs you consider critical.
For example, Goodyear Tire is shut down over the Chinese lung crud. Those tires are critical. everything you get from the store is delivered at least part of the way by truck. Truck tires wear out. We can't go far on rims. Trucks need fuel. They need places to eat, rest, shower and relax. For many of them there is no home just around the corner.
Our food supply is in disarray. Typically Americans eat out close to 50% of the time. Restaurant food is packaged differently from Supermarket food. We cannot make the switch from one to the other, it is simply impossible.
Now, to top it off, Tyson has had to close some of its processing plants. While I don' like the idea of getting food packaged by people who may be sick, the simple fact is that many of them go to work while they have the flu every year.
Yup, we're all gonna die. Again. So get ready for round two of mass panic.

Tin Man

Monday, April 27, 2020

Leather And Lace

we already have a guaranteed minimum income

Nazi Pelosi, the senile witch of the west is wanting a national guaranteed minimum income. It already exists. No one can prevent you from earning zero dollars this year. In fact, governors like Nusiance, Cujo, Half Whitmer and a number of others want otherwise productive people to earn that in 2020.
Not good enough for you? Invest in things like green energy and you can vaporize that into a serious loss. At least on paper.
What I propose is we increase that number by 100% for 2021 and another 100% in 2023. (0X100=0x 100= gasp, zero)
Now, if you want to make more money, here are some simple tips. 1. Vote out of office as soon as possible, any and all elected officials who signed stay at home orders. 2. Get a job. 3. Work hard. 4. Look for a promotion or a better job. Repeat as often as necessary and if step one isn't doable this year, move immediately to another state and step two..
We have far too many people who won't work. It is time to end welfare and create a jobs training program. There are very few people who can't do something. My former banker was put in a wheel chair when he had a tumor removed form his spine. He changed careers, he'd been a teacher, and continued to be a productive member of society. He worked harder getting to the bank than most people do in an eight hour shift.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

And just like that its GONE

Evil Google, host of this blog,has deleted the 1993 clip of Larry King where Tara Reade's mother called in and spoke to the host. They have also renumbered the episodes so it appears nothing is amiss.
Is anyone surprised? It would not surprise me in the least to find out that the Communist News Parody Network is in cahoots with  google to do this.
I didn't like it when they pulled the false accusations with Kavanaugh. The roasting was a deliberate attempt to smear his name and drive him from public service.
I don't like that we are getting 27 year old accusations on Biden. They should have been public 26 years ago at the latest. There is convincing evidence this was hushed up back then.
We also have a mountain of evidence that Creepy Joe has not changed his ways from then to now. The people in the donk establishment have seen this and fully know what they are unleashing on America. Then again, we have a long list of perverted Presidents. Slick Willie and back, LBJ, JFK, FDR, Biden fits in like a democrat at a Klan meeting.
I'm more concerned about his dementia. Okay, okay, he acts more and more like a democrat every day, careful, he might try to drink the bleachbit.

All I Need Is A Miracle

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Christians can't worship in Drive through church, but Satanics get the call to prayer broadcast like Minneapolis is shitholistan

The Idiot Mayor of Minneapolis Minnesota has granted a permit for the Satanic Temples to broadcast their call to prayer. If a Christian Church were to broadcast a call to worship in this manner, they would be in Court before the last note played. For that matter, Christian worshipers in Mississippi were ticketed for going to a drive in service.
Is that bad enough? Add this to the mix, home schooling is also under attack. I don't know the percentages, but I wold be willing to bet that the majority of home schoolers are Christian parents who are fed up with the public schools systems.
Right now our public schools are shut down thanks to the over reaction to the Wuhan Flu. Those kids are either getting zilch, or a form of home schooling. We should use this opportunity to implement a permanent fix, close the public schools for good. No, not wanting to make teachers obsolete, just diversify the operations. Let the public school teachers set up home schooling operations. Teach the kids in their basement, garage, or family room. Set a nominal class size of twenty kids and a tuition of $5,000 per kid. That is an easy $100K for each teacher, BUT they would need to supply materials from that. The teachers could tailor their hours to fit the schedules of their clients. Parents would be expected to deliver the kids to the home accompanied by their lunch and supplies for recess.
Take us back to the days of the one room school house. Not good enough for you? Your parents actually learned a thing or two back then.

Hold On

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

If I'd Been The One

Understanding BSL-4

The lab from which the Wuhan Flu aka covid-19 escaped was China's premier bio containment facility. Touted as a state of the art facility, it opened in 2015. Wuhan has had  various BSL labs since 1956. Too bad Live Science is wrong, The Chicom facility could NOT handle it. Apparently, their quality control for BSL is about the same as their quality control for toys, tools and other stuff we foolishly buy from our economic enemy.
How does a BSL laboratory work? Certainly there are numerous controls and standards which have to be met in order to work on some of the most dangerous contagions on the planet. There are indeed standards. Whether China met those, or not is questionable. There are around fifty facilities in the world listed as BSL-4 facilities. There are more than 1350 BSL-3 facilities in the United States alone.
Bio Safety Labs are expected to be able to contain the pathogens. A wide variety of methods are used to assure containment.
First, it is a sealed building. This is not going to be a WalMart style structure where you can just walk in the door. It will have high level security and most likely it will have barriers to prevent a vehicle attack. The entire structure would need to be contained in a single uninterrupted shell. The walls would have to be securely sealed to the roof and floor. Imagine a deep diving submersible stuck on land. Now, envision it being the size of a major hospital.
Second, it will need to be strongly built. Any structure like that would need to be able to withstand a tornado, a hurricane or an earth quake.It would also need to be built to be fire proof, bomb proof, and idiot proof. Clearly the one at Wuhan was not.
Entry would need to be controlled. Not just an ID check system, but an air lock system. If that BSL studies animal pathogens, subject animals and feed would need to be brought in periodically. Their entry would also need to be extra secure. That means every path in would need to have multiple doors and each door would need to be sealed.
The lab would need to be depressurized. Not much, but enough that positive air flow would always be in, never out.
Inside the lab, every area would need to be equally sealed from the next space to prevent cross contamination.
The lab would need a disposal area as well. Every bit of waste generated in the building would have to be incinerated, every drop of fluid boiled beyond the point where any pathogen could survive. Some of the vents in the ocean floor are boiling hot from the magma present at them. Those vents contain bacteria. That kind of hot.
BSL-4 is for dealing with the worst pathogens. Smallpox, Foot and Mouth to name two obvious ones.
In doing reading these last few weeks, I have learned a bit about these places. Some pathogens are considered too dangerous to handle even in BSL-4. Those pathogens get broken down and strings of DNA paired with other strings to create a less dangerous variety, one that is less deadly, but can produce a cure that would work for the more dangerous virus.
Basically, a virus is factored several ways. those include level of danger, ease of spread, mutation, robustness of the pathogen to name four. Most DNA has been mapped. Scientists know a lot about what the DNA does, so what makes a particular one tick. If they fond one that is very robust, they may want to look for something that will attack it's shell, so they might graft that string onto something that is a mild one to look for a way to compromise it's spread.
One thing I have noticed is that the scientific community tends to share information between labs. No one is working in a bubble, several facilities may be doing the same thing at the same time.
There are two sides to the research, medical and military. The medical side looks for cures. The military side is looking to make the stuff that obliterates humanity when ordered. The U.S. has nailed several military agents posing as medical researchers. Those folks had ties to the Wuhan lab. From everything I can see, it poses as a medical facility when in reality it is a military one.
I know I am not alone in my opinion, China needs to be cut off from all American schools, and if foreign universities want to take them, we should sever our ties to them as well.
For that matter, we should take the fool who wrote the pile of BS for live science and send them to Wuhan as well.

Sad News

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Donald Reed Herring, elder brother of Elizabeth Warren. Mr Herring passed away from complications of the Corona virus. His untimely demise at the young age of 86 highlights how this Wuhan virus targets blacks and indigenous peoples. Simply being the brother of a faux Indian placed him in a high risk category.
can some one please alert Rachel Dolezal? She may be in imminent danger as well from this contagion as well.

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Take My Breath Away

LA Times sez the real victims here are the bats

Thanks to pretzel logic, the folks at the Times are claiming the worst hit victims of the Wuhan flu are the Bats.
Okay, so that means the virus is not the original virus that is known to infect the Horseshoe bats of China. I agree with that, I believe the virus is an adaptation engineered in a lab in China for unknown purposes.
I also agree the virus could jump species since it has relation to the virus which is known to infect the bats, and it could possibly be far worse, possibly even lead to extinction of the little buggers.
The worst hit though are still the ding bats who continue to elect demonicRATS to congress, the legislatures and governor's offices across America.
Suicide is brainless. You can't undo the changes.
Vote em out 2020.

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Walking on a Thin Line

When you listen to this song, keep in mind it was written for and about our Vietnam Veterans. Young men who answered the call of our government then were rejected by society when they returned.
Vietnam was not a popular war. Wars should never be popular. When we committed to protecting South Vietnam it was a necessary one.
We had vital interests in Vietnam. It was a small country, but we were dependent on it's rubber. Today synthetics have replaced natural rubber in many things. In 1954 it was vital to our economy and to our growth. Rubber got us off the trains and into the back country. Rubber fueled the growth and the freedom express. Innovation made it obsolete by 1972 and our government abandoned the people of Vietnam and the people who fought the battles to keep it free.
We should have fought to win. We were capable and nearly did win it save for the politicians who stabbed our troops in the back. Instead, we allowed the people of Vietnam to fall into communism's net where many were slaughtered. Just like in China, Just like in Russia, just like what will happen here if we elect Sanders and his kind. Freedom is never free. Thank a Vet. They earned it for us.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

More reasons to end the Moo Goo Gia Panic

As I mentioned the other day, dairy operations cannot simply shut down during this dempanic. Right now, America's dairy operators are dumping between 2.7and 3.7 million gallons of milk per day.
Think about those numbers. That is happening because the kids are not in school. That means the kids are drinking things other than milk. Soda anyone? Other dairy products are not being consumed either. Lots of cheese is used in school cafeterias. Butter as well. The packaging requirements for a large facility vs a family home are quite different. It is not easy to make the changes needed to continue getting milk, cheese, and other products to homes rather than to kitchens, restaurants and other places that prepare mass quantities. That leaves us with excess at the farm, and a shortage in the stores. So far we are not seeing the shortage on the shelves. Doesn't mean it won't happen. The typical American consumes nearly half of their daily food intake away from the home. For some it is higher.
For example, I grab a breakfast sandwich on the way to work. I don't eat at work. Supper is at home six day out of the week. If I have shopping to do, I typically grab supper at a drive through.
Prior to the dempanic, I used to eat out two or three times a week with friends.
Dairy products are not the only thing being hit. Schools don't get their veggies in 15.25oz cans. Most families are not able to consume a number ten can of beans in a week, and with Socialist distancing, you are NOT sharing with the neighbors.
Our hospitals are not over run from the Wuhan flu.Because of the ban on elective surgery, many doctors and staff are stuck at home. That leaves patients with out care. Some surgeries deemed elective are life saving. This dempanic may very well kill off more people than it saves. On the flip side, nine months from now may see a surge in births on par with that which happened after our troops came home from WW2. Baby boom redux, here we come. That's good, more workers contributing to my retirement here in twenty years. Why couldn't this have happened sooner? I'd like to be retired in another ten. Sigh.
And those Constitutional rights? You obviously didn't need them anyhow. Time to kiss them good bye. It's a new world in the sucks.

Love in the First Degree


Facebook is relying on a “fact checker” that uses “expert opinion” from a researcher who conducted projects with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the biolab where the Chinese virus originated next to the wet market in Wuhan that got scapegoated.
Nice try liars. By now we all realize that the virus originated inside the lab. The only question unanswered is whether it was a natural virus they were working with, or one they engineered. Since we have no record of any outbreaks like this anywhere in China prior to the Moo Goo Gia Panic, I'm leaning toward them tampering.
The more they deny, the stronger is my belief they are full of crap. It is long over due for us to end all relations with China. Nixon made a big mistake. Presidents since then have compounded the problem. They have stolen our technology, stolen our jobs, and given us cheap crap in return. Time for a market adjustment, one with the only thing Chinese being carry out egg rolls... Made with American eggs.


Land-O-Lakes is introducing new packaging. Gone is the Indian woman that has graced their products for nearly 100 years. No mention is made of her removal, but North Dakota state Rep. Ruth Buffalo (D) welcomed the change in packaging, arguing the Native American woman goes “hand-in-hand with human and sex trafficking of our women and girls … by depicting Native women as sex objects.”
How does a representation of an Indian woman in traditional garb promote sex trafficking? Does  Ruth Buffalo use butter for butt lube? I don't want to know.
Land-O-Lakes has been under fire for a very long time over their logo. I guess I never saw any connection between the logo and their product. Indians didn't invent churning butter. I doubt they milked any animals. Prior to the arrival of Europeans on the continent their only domesticated animal was the dog. The mighty warrior galloping into battle is a myth. They walked everywhere they went, so while they were nomadic, they were less mobile than anything in Europe or Asia.
The only racism surrounding Land-O-Lakes products has been the constant hate heaped on them by naive American groups. Hope this puts an end to it, bet it doesn't.

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At least One Governor gets it

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem is refusing to lock down her state. She recognizes that the Constitution is not suspended by a Virus. It is not suspended by a flood, a tornado, or any other act.
recommendations to take precautions are a wise step. Making it mandatory is not. Shut down non-essential services? Government should go first. No, I'm no thinking about the Police Fire and Ambulance services staying home, but nearly every other person paid with tax dollars should be laid off during this if it is really that serious.
Schools are closed. I'm willing to bet the teachers are getting full pay and benefits to sit home and do next to nothing. Some schools are conducting on-line classes for their students. Great, the rest should get funemployment like working stiffs had to accept during ObamAA-'s magical misery tour.
Not every one is as dumb as our betters are. Some people accept that they are going to get this biological weapon. I know I likely will. I have a very weak defense to pulmonary infections, but like a house with a cheezy door lock and a pitbull, it won't be staying long.
Kill me? Maybe, but I am not elderly, have not smoked in close to forty years, and don;'t have any serious underlying conditions.
Kristi Noem is smart. South Dakota is largely agricultural. Shutting down services has a long term impact. people got to eat, and food has to be planted on time. Cows don't milk themselves, feed themselves, or water themselves. If you let a cow go without milking for very long, that cow dries up. She won't give another drop until she drops her next calf. With luck, she is already pregnant. Otherwise, you are looking at a long nine months with zero production.
The economies of many of the states are nearly destroyed. it will take many months, possibly years to rebuild what we have lost.
China is to blame. It's them or ObamAA- whose deep state plant Fausi convinced every one this was a dire threat.
Maybe a co-op operation, Barry has been owned and controlled by interests not affiliated with America for his entire tenure of public service. He is not the only one though. remember back in 2000 when it was uncovered that china was fueling money to Al Gore's campaign? You can be sure China has had their hands on the controls for a very long time.
What has been the cause dejure for decades? Global warming. What was the universal solution? Send manufacturing jobs over seas. Who got those obs? China. Who wants more? China. It IS that simple.
Follow the money. China was making billions off of the United States for years. They were bilking every developed country with the help of universities. how? Those Universities got grants for "research" on climate change. Those Universities also got money from China, allegedly to educate  Chinese students here, but also grants for cooperative research.
Then we did the unthinkable, we elected President TRUMP. Right away there were charges of Russian collusion. How much was there? Exactly zip. It served as a big distraction though and kept people focused away from the real threat for three years.
No, people, I am not anti China. I am anti communist though and China's leaders are communist to the core and corrupt through and through.
President Trump picked a fight with China. It was a battle for our national survival. China took a beating, and the fight is far from over. Right now, the lead political candidate in America's communist party is a man whose son has received 1.5 billion from China. Think that won't mater if Creepy Joe wins?
Now we have our economy in ruins due to a virus that originated in China, in Wuhan, home to China's major bio research labratory. Is that a coincidence, or did China create a bug and release it on their own people? Accident? On purpose?
No matter how you slice this, We sustained a multi-trillion dollar hit from the communists. If this wasn't intentional, it was the biggest gift GOD has ever given to a people who persecute his children.
It is time to get our economy restarted. It's time to end our trade with China. It's time to make America greater than anything even President Trump imagined. We can do it as long as we remain America First.

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What a dumb ass

The navy fired Capt. Brett Crozier, C.O. of the U.S.S. Roosevelt. If you are not familiar with the details, Crozier made a port call in Vietnam. It was in the middle of the Corona Virus "Pandemic" at the time.
That is a mistake. Not a really bad one, a mistake none the less. Yes, I take the Wuhan Flu seriously. It kills people. something close to 99% of those who die from it are elderly or have serious health issues. There should be exactly ZERO of them on the Roosevelt.
So, okay, a bunch of healthy hormone driven Sailors cut loose in Vietnam and some of them got infected. Many of them will get over it with no need for hospitalization or medical intervention. Where are they at? On a floating city with some of the best medical equipment available on the planet right there with them. Cruise ships packed with old folks are being denied port calls. Why is Crozier making port in Guam?
In my estimation his men are better served remaining on the ship. Granted, I'm not a doctor. I don't play one on the internet either. facts are facts though, the Roosevelt has a 53 bed hospital with three additional ICU beds staffed by eleven medical officers and thirty corpsmen.. Yes, more than 100 Sailors tested positive for China syndrome. That does not mean all of them need to be in the hospital does it?
To top off the stupidity, Crozier sent a five page letter by an unsecure channel. Think about that gem. This fool broadcast to the world that his ship has crew sick. That readily translates to 10% of our carrier arsenal being unavailable for duty.
The Navy did the second best thing and fired Crozier. Too bad we don't have  a weather station on Pluto for him to man for his next assignment. His actions did nothing to help his crew and instead placed the people of Guam in danger. Kinda like spring breakers hauling the virus home from Florida. More importantly, his actions may embolden some crazy like lil Kimmy to do something dumb.

Waiting for a Star to Fall

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