Thursday, May 31, 2018

How big was the crowd?

The New York slimes has edited their report about President Trump's event in Nashville, now reporting that at least five times the number of people were in attendance, of what they first reported. In their initial story, they claimed that there were a thousand in attendance. Technically true, but those thousand had a few friends present as well. I didn't say they corrected the story did I?
The Nashville Municipal Auditorium has a capacity for events in the round of 9,700. So, I ask, was the place filled to capacity? Were there people outside who were unable to get in? Breitbart estimated the crowd at 8,000. Sizeable, but not near capacity, unless there were many extra security precautions taken that limited access.
Once again, the lame stream media seeks to deceive. These shills for communism are each hoping that they will be chosen to be the new Pravda when in all likelihood, they will be exterminated as has been done with every communist revolution. Remember, Vietnam disappeared many of the Vietcong who helped them enslave the nation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Do it, don't do it, don't care, just SHUT UP

Bradley Manning aka Chelsea, the emasculated former soldier turned pecker puffer is making the news again threatening suicide. He must not be having much success on the campaign trail. Since he was pardoned by Barry Soetoro, he has struggled to remain in the news.
If this is a publicity stunt, it's stupid. I don't believe it is though, it is just another manifestation of the serious mental illness that led him to have his nuts chopped off and his dick inverted. Regardless, he is out of the gene pool, so there is some good to this story. Sorry, Brad, you aint much of a man, but you will always be male. Aaaannnndddd your F'ed up genetics were not passed on..... Were they?

A little old time country

Monday, May 28, 2018

Short is right

History will have a field day shaming President Trump's supporters. We all know the creed that history is written by the winners. Aint so. The History books are written by the leftists. Look at what has been written about the cold war, and the rise and fall of communism. Gorbechev is the hero? To this day the people who write the history books trash President Ronald Reagan. He dared to say it, his vision was, we win, they lose. We won, so why isn't President Reagan given the god like status they convey on the stuttering clusterfuck?
What about the story of Vietnam? Even today the history, whether you want the nooks, or the music version, our soldiers are made out to be subhuman animals, or poor uneducated minorities forced to fight a war they opposed. In reality, they were our brightest and best. Highly trained, highly educated, not the unemployable riffraff portrayed by movies like Rambo.
Short is right. History will not be kind to us. They will lie about us, claim we were misled by the Rooskies, claim the campaign was smoke and mirrors and that HiLlARy would have won if not for the interference and the fact we are stupid slow uneducated deplorables.
Maybe America needs better historians.

More from Barry

The Green Beret Barry, not the ID10T won.

Thank you Brothers

There are many songs that embody the spirit of Memorial Day. This is one of my favorites.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Banned....... for his own good?

Robert Dezero is running his over sized mouth again and blasting America's President. The fading actor is partnered with Nobu Matsuhisa in a number of Nobu restaurants, and has stated matter of factly that President Trump is unwelcome in them, and that if the President were to enter any establishment where mighty mouth was, that he would get up and leave. Gee, I thought he said he wanted to punch President Trump, why the sudden yellow streak?
In any case, Nobu restaurants and Hotels are not exactly living up to their five star claims. Their one in Manila is, well, lacking.
Maybe its best the President not dine there. Might get poisoned, and not intentionally. I'm not advising folks to stay away from them, but if you decide to visit, make sure and wear a MAGA hat.
On second though, I am advising people to stay away. No point in hard earned money going to an extreme leftard with severe TARDS.

Bad timing

The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial will remain closed for the foreseeable future after cracks were discovered May 6th in the structure. Repairs were made and the Memorial reopened last Wednesday, but the cracks reappeared again within hours.
Just in time for Memorial Day weekend as we seek to pay tribute to those who gave their last full measure in defense of this country.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Something a little different

Required Public Service message

If You're-a-peon, and visiting this blog, your betters in Brussels who do all your thinking for you are requiring me to let you know that evil google is monitoring your activity on the internet.
Jusat to be clear, you are also being watched by the KGB, CIA, NSA, FBI, and the Clinton Global Initiative who funnel bribes from Brussels, concealed as donations to the coffers of Worthless Willie and HiLlARy because you are prpbably here to try to influence the 2018 elections which should be a cake walk for the democrats because President Trump is Eeeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiilllll. (did I spell that right?)
In any case, If you didn't think they knew you were looking at porn, they knew you were looking at porn, and they'd rather you look at porn than the rantings of a conservative redneck.
Now back to our regularly scheduled BS.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Foo Who?

Dave Grohl, front man for a band I've never heard of that sang love songs to Barry the Puppet is continuing the world apology tour began in 2008.
Grohl is ashamed of our President? Gee, I was ashamed that we had a pin headed apologist leading from his behind, site of George Soros wrist iirc, for eight years, and a criminal heading the State Department and using her gloBULL foundation to accept millions in bribes from every despot who wanted to curry favors in Washington for four of those.
Of course, President Trump does seem like a massive jerk. The greedy boy just handed his salary to veterans, and his last checks went to the Department of the Interior, Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Transportation, in that order. I'd say the "jerk" has done more personally to fund our government than all the democraps in Washington.
That and he decided to walk away from the summit with Kim Jong Un.
Dave Grohl, if you truly feel that bad about how President Trump is doing, pick a communist country that you consider a success story and move there.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Reminds me of some one

Michael Rotondo got evicted... from his parent's home. The thirty year old has been living with mom and dad for the past eight years, and doesn't have a job, a working vehicle, or ambition.
Several years ago, a friend of my son got out of the Navy. He moved back in with mom and dad of course. Pretty soon, this guy was a regular at my son's house, and when my son accepted a job in North Dakota, moved up there with him.
My son spent a year there. He finally had to sit his friend down, and filled out the job applications for him. When my son and his family moved back to Kansas, they went to Wichita and lived with my ex.  The friend moved back in with his parents.
Needing help with my rentals, I stopped by several times and offered him a job. He always had an excuse to not take me up on the offers.
We have now passed the four year mark. My son is in his forth job, and buying a house. He only lived with his mom a few months before getting an apartment. His friend is still living with mom and dad.
In his defense, he is only 29, so he has a year to go..... Probably a couple decades.
Sad and a waste. His parents moved out of Manhattan and now reside a half hour out in the boonies. This kid has no driver's license, and if he ever gets one, I'll be shocked.
To make matters worse, I also know a guy who is fifty and lives with his mom. He has never moved out nor held a job.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Too much too little too late

The NFL, in a waste of time, considered a proposal to penalize teams for kneeling during the national Anthem, an idea that was derided by the antiAmerican press corps who seem unable to grasp the delicious fact that the NFL has taken a BIG monster hit as fans like me tune out and turn off.
Last year many folks who had purchased season tickets stayed home, caught because they bought prior to the protests starting, but after It became clear Colonoscopy Kraper was O-U-T!
It will be interesting to see what this years sales look like. Maybe ESPN will have to lay off a few dozen more useless pricks.
As for me, I'm getting used to drinking Coke again after nearly 30 years of downing Pepsi by the gallon. Switched away from Frito Lay chips, and Have not had a McNasty meal in a year.

Not the version I grew up with

The one I remember was Burl Ives.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Why he hasn't fired Mueller

I think we have all been wondering why the HiLlARy financed fiasco investigation has been allowed to continue. To many of us, it looks like Mule Ears should have been fired and his team of scum disbanded months ago. Rotten Rod Rosey? That guy should be on trial for treason.
Through this whole mess, from the moment Short bus special Mueller was appointed, we have all known that it was a crap sandwich. The only one who has gotten a dime from Russia has been Cankles.
Work this one out,  Russia has a warrant out for Nazi war criminal George Soros. George is and was a major backer of the slinky and of jug ears Barry. Remember the open mic incident with Medvedev? Strange bedfellows indeed! Or maybe not, they are all communists at heart. Socialism, even nazism, is just another form of totalitarianism as practiced in the USSR, China, North Korea and many other nations. Know of any success stories? me neither.
Mueller is doing exactly nothing. Yes, he indicted a bunch of Russians.... Including a company that does not exist. Now his hand has been called as that company entered a plea. That shocked me. Seriously, knowing that Russia put a lot of stock in getting Clinton elected and failed, I did not expect them to allow any entity to side with Trump. Then again, it may be chaos they want, it keeps us from interfering with them in other matters.
Remember this picture? The guy is Anthony Drexel Biddle, known as the Happiest Millionaire. The man, well past his prime, volunteered for the Marines, and helped train men for combat in WW1. he did an encore performance for WW2.
I thought about photoshopping it, but this is exactly President Trump in the Swamp, Washington D.C.
As did Biddle, President Trump is swiftly and methodically disarming them, using their strengths to his advantage, exposing their weak flank, finding the chink in their armor, forcing mistakes and capitalizing on their unforced errors.
Biddle got poked a time or three. The happenings in Washington are serious business as a win for the swamp spells death for America. Pray for President Trump that no dagger touches him, that the lies and liars be exposed. Let the Muellers and Pelosey's and every one of them show the world what kind of evil they are.
If Mueller had been fired, he'd have won. The crap we have in Congress would have taken it as their cue to unleash stupidity and would have impeached the President. As it is, with the house of tards collapsing, we have turmiol. President Trump seems to thrive on it. he ignores it and concentrates on what is real and important, letting his adversaries become mired down instead.
President Trump took the chance knowing there was nothing for them to hang on him, but also knowing that they, doing their dance in the ring, would expose more and more of the corruption that is the real threat to freedom. How much more will be exposed before this is over? What we have seen thus far is beyond staggering.

That time of year

As a kid, I can remember my mother listening to the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes. Once again, we get a little bit of a thrill as Justify has won both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, setting up a triple crown possibility.
One other thing from my childhood days, this:


Friday, May 18, 2018

Yup, C razy

President Trump is acting like no other President we have had. He started the month by telling Congress he wasn't going to spend large portions of the budgeted porkulous they passed, and he signed back last winter.
A mere twelve days ago I said he was acting like the budget was his money since he was being so tight fisted with it.
So how does he spend his own money? I guess Veterans matter more to him than his poor starving wife and malnourished son.
Thank you President Trump. You lead, now if only we had a Congress that knew how to follow your example.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vegetables defending animals for minerals

So President Trump has again referred to the MS-13 criminals as animals, and the dems have their undies in a bunch. As Sarah Sanders said, he should have used a stronger term. Most animals are far better than the MS-13 scum. Better than the dems too.
As always, the communist infestation we call democrats is upset about it. Nancy P. Lousy will be calling for an impeachment vote here soon. She needs the influx of cash for her reelection campaign and the only way to get George to pony up dinero is to produce results.
If you don't get my drift, anyone who is paralyzed from the neck up is referred to as a vegetable, and that seems a fitting description for the commies in congress. And the mineral? OK, we aren't on the gold standard anymore are we. Oh well.
Maybe instead of deporting them, we should drop them a thousand miles out in the Pacific with an anchor. Bet they don't come back the way they do now.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Clinton Crime still raking in money

After the 2016 shellacking, we thought that maybe, just maybe, the Clintons would decide to disappear. It seems that hope was far fetched though as New Zealand just handed $5.5 million NZ to the crime family. That is $3.9 million in U.S. dollars.
I am hoping that Scoop nz is a spoof site, a fake news onion type parody, but searching the web, it looks to be for real.
We need to get Duluth Trading to make up a stack of their coolmax cottons with the message; I donated $5.5 million to the Clintons, and all I got was this cool tee shirt.
Sad to say, they won't get even that.

Its the Donald Trump chicken

Last night I was visiting with friends, yes I have friends, and mentioned that I'd gotten several Polish Crested chickens. I searched for a pic on my phone, and found this.
After reading the article linked to the picture, I'm even more certain this guy thinks he is Trump. He is willing to fight to protect his charges.
The chickens I got were abandoned by tenants when I evicted them. They had a strange collection, many varieties, and their ratio of roosters was two hens to one rooster. Not a healthy mix.
The Polish Crested rooster is a small guy, but he is a takes no prisoners type. He has come after me on several occasions. He doesn't have large spurs... Yet, so his attacks are as meaningful as a six month old baby's.
He defends his flock. Any one coming into his territory will be challenged.
My first two roosters were Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner. All they did all day was chase the girls and strut like they was important.
This Polish is now been christened Harvey Wienstein. I also have a black silkie. Thought about calling him Barry, but he's not nearly as spineless. Mooche seemed like a possibility, but my son made a good suggestion. I now have two Bills. The Silkie is Cosby.

Mary's veto

Been thinking long and hard about Oklahoma Governor Fallin vetoing Constitutional Carry. .... the right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall NOT be infringed. Pretty simple to understand unless you are a liberal, or a well bribed politician.
I strongly support Constitutional Carry. I also see the flip side, identifying people who should not be allowed to possess weapons such as criminals and people with serious mental issues such as HiLlARy and Bernie supporters.
One answer Would be to incorporate the permit into the standard Drivers license / state identification card. We presently do it with minors and drinking. In Kansas, the DL issued to those under 21 is flipped 90 degrees, hard to mistake it when carded at the bar.
My thoughts for weapons is to put a colored band around the license, Green for those denied the right to possess guns and red for those who have passes a course of concealed carry instruction that meets a set standard.
In order to obtain the red band, the person must complete a firearms course including a range qualification. They must also pass a background check similar to that given to candidates for police jobs.
Once that certification is obtained,that person would have an uninterruptible right to carry exactly the same as an on duty U.S. Marshall. If stopped by the police, the LEO would not be allowed to ask if they were packing nor allowed to disarm them unless the person is under indictment for a violent felony, or if the officer has witnessed the person commit a violent felony.
I would add one other thing to that, a blue band. It would denote a person who is legally allowed to carry, but has not taken any course of instruction, or has indicated to the state that they have no wish to possess a firearm.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bad fences worse neighbors

I purchased an acreage over 20 years ago. The back of the development was cut into several large tracts, mine was 26 acres. Just before closing, the seller hacked back a small chunk in the back corner for fear that it would land lock another parcel since the road made a turn. That parcel sold soon after, and was split between two guys who then built houses.
Not long after, one approached me about being allowed to graze a couple of horses on my land, and I said OK, if they put up the fences at no cost to me. They built the fences, but did not follow the property line very well. The stakes had disappeared, but I knew roughly where the lines were.
A few years later, I cut my chunk up into five lots. four five acre ones, and a six acre on the corner. Not long after, I sold two of the tracts which included the fence the neighbor had built for horses.
The guy who built on the end tract and the one who built the fence got along just fine. Both had an interest in old cars so they visited a bit and never any issues. Well, the guy who had the horses liked to drink. He went through a divorce, remarried, and managed to take a bad fall. He died soon after, and his estate sat in probate for well over two years while his children and ex-wife shredded his new wife over the property.
The property sold last week, finally, and it looks like we are about to get the neighbor that they make Investigation Discovery shows about. They had a survey done, the pins were located, and the new stakes are in to mark the boundaries. The new guy then proceeded to come on to the neighbors property and cut trees, and is telling him he is going to remove the fence which sits on the land I once owned. The drive way also encroaches on the land, so that is going to be an issue real fast. Mark, the guy who put it in, insisted it was all on his place back when he built. I had issue with it, but never spent the $2,000 to get a new survey. It did not matter, adverse possession would never be an issue.
I read a lot on the ag forums. Plenty of assholes in the world. Oh well, I've got a good camera and plenty of SDS cards.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A scary thought

Some day, one of these kids will be President.
What happened? It was not all that long ago we were sending men to the moon. Now we have kids eating Tide Pods, and now it is soaking their arms in deodorant to the point of poisoning themselves.
Maybe making the world a safer place was a mistake. Don't get too comfortable though, Russia is partnered with Iran. Either way, it looks as if our days are numbered.

Monday, May 7, 2018

He did WHAT?

A lot of us were hot under the collar when President Trump signed into law the porculus supremos package. I know I was, but I also had to place trust in President Trump. Looks like the Art of the Deal just ate Chuck the Schmuck for lunch.
This is probably a Historic first, a President not spending like a kid in a candy shop? Maybe there is a reason why President Trump made billions.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

McCain says Trump should skip his funeral

I think President Trump should skip to his funeral. At the very least, show some respect and wait until the crowds disperse to piss on it for sure.
North Vietnam's air ace has been a thorn in the side for way too long. The songbird should have shut his beak years ago. Many years ago. While he has consistently run as a republican, his voting record is about as communist as that of HiLlARy or Barry Soetoro. Lets hope Arizona chooses a conservative to replace him.

What's the big deal?

Rosie O'piggo made multiple campaign donations to various communist candidates well in excess of Federal campaign limits. Miss Piggo used at least five different addresses and variations of her name to help avoid detection showing that she well knew what she was doing. It could be argued that given how fat she is, rivaling Michael Moore in raw blubber content, it takes that many places to house her ugly face.
I'd say incarcerate her for a few years, but that would bankrupt our nation. Even President Trump can't afford to feed her. Then again, a strict diet might do her some good.
Dinesh D'Souza was sentenced to 8 months in a half way house for one illegal donation, and fined $30,000. So lets send the dispicable dyke away for 40 months and make her pay $150,000.


Ok, So I've been informed that Cinco de Mayo, celebrated yesterday, is a festival for Mexicans living in the United States, to commemorate one of the Mexican Army's two victories. The other being, of course, the Alamo, and celebrating that would be suicidal at best.
Speaking of the Alamo, why did Santa Anna bring 6,000 troops to the battle?

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Cinco de Mayo

Why, if the Titanic and it's 12,000 cases of Hellmann's were lost to an iceberg on 15 April, do Mexicans living in the United States mark it's demise 20 days later?
I have heard two explanations; 1, The speed of travel in 1912 meant that word of the disaster did not reach Mexico for three weeks, and they, in their grief, assumed it had happened the day before. By the time they learned the correct day, it had become a part of Mexican culture.
2, There is actually a 20 day period of mourning which ends on May fifth and they hold a celebration similar to the way splodydopes do with kerBLAMadon or what ever their period of fasting to Satan is called.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The death of Truth

Truth is dead. While there are many things which are ultimately true, Truth as a concept has perished in our society and our society is perishing as a consequence of that. People may want to deny the  truth of gravity, but if you jump off a tall building with out a parachute, in a matter of seconds you will crash to the ground. Not happy with your sex and want to change it, no problem... The truth is that even if they castrate you and invert your penis, you will still be male though not much of a man. You will never be able to bear children, and if you change your mind, too late, you won't be able to father them either.
This isn't a rant about sexual perversion though, this is about modern media and the catastrophe we are witnessing in the world today. Over the course of the last few years, the press has been caught short on many things. We have been outright lied to so often that the media is no longer trusted, nor are they worthy of trust.
If you can't believe the things written today, what about the stuff they wrote only a few years back? Could we trust CNN in 1990, but not now even though many of the players are the same? What about Cronkite? he used to end with "And that's the way it is". We now know that many times it wasn't.
Looking back, our trust was misplaced. What about further back? Many people today do not believe the holocaust happened. Further still? How about the lies told about the origins of our own civil war? Or the truth about the origins of the Atlantic slave trade?
Ultimately, what about the origins of Man, the earth, and the presence of GOD? There are people who actually believe that the force of Star Wars exists, more still who believe the fables of so many religious teachers who co-opted Scripture and create cults.
If near instant access to information makes the lies of modern media easy to debunk, it would be just as easy to post lies debunking the truth.
Christians live by faith. People following L. Ron Hubbard have even more faith. There is evidence of the things told in Scripture. No evidence of the things told in dianetics or the book of mormon.
The media today cares little that they are caught in lies. What matters to them is undermining the pillars of truth.
Couple that with a failure of an education system, and the recipe for disaster is nearly complete. The truth is still out there. No one knows how to look anymore.