Sunday, October 31, 2010

Army's new Uniform

The latest uniform for the Army West Point football team didn't work out as well as expected. VMI defenders were able to spot the ball carrier with ease proving the futility of the ACUs. That did not keep Army in check though as they rolled to a 29-7 victory.
I still remember Bob Hope's coments at West Point where he praised their push for nonviolence, citing their defeat at the hands of Navy. Win or lose, I am proud of all three military academies even if their officers need five years of retraining to counteract four years of schooling.
Oh, and the new uniforms look sharp as needles in my book.

While I am on the subject of college football, a big congratulations to Nebraska for thrashing Mizzu. it looks like the big 12 wrap up will pit Nebraska against the Sooners. Which brings me to a question I have asked many friends from Nebraska, Since the huskers are leaving the big 12, if they win against OU, do they get to take the Sooner Schooner off their state road signs?

Clinton vows US will end sexual slavery

Sexual slavery is a real and serious problem. Women the world over are kidnapped, or sold into slavery. Girls as young as nine are forced to become prostitutes, mistresses, or wives, not only against their will, but in many cases beyond their knowledge. Some of these children have no clue what it means to sleep with someone.
Robbed of innocence, robbed of their childhood, and often handed a death sentence. That is the life they are subjected to.
How many thousands of women are brought to the United States each year and forced into service? The numbers would shock you. But it is not only here. In some of the poorest places, girls are treated like toys as well.
Islam is one of the worst offenders. Saudi Arabia imports people to be house servants, and many of them are raped and forced to be sex toys of their arab masters. That is the arabs who are not interested in mainly boys. In Africa, girls from non muslim households are carted off and sold at auction. Their life becomes on of rape and degradation at the hands of Mohammed's pedophiles.

We will not ever end the sex slave business. We can make an impact though. Mandatory death should be the sentence for slave traffickers. a tall tree, a short rope, and a chance to dance on air.
Every pimp, every madam (including Box-o-rocks) should be hung.
When local police bust a whore house, or prostitution ring, the johns should be given something that Viagra won't counter. Something that makes their noodle as dead as spaghetti. That won;t solve the problem, but by driving it deeper, we can curb it immensely.
Clinton, keep fighting. Put a fork in every pervert out there including Chelsea's father. Put one in Bill while you are at it too.

My predictions for Tuesday

Much as I want to see a clean sweep, I do not expect it. Americans are too lackluster right now. Folks were fired up a few months ago, but things are slowing down as the election psycho err cycle draws to a close. tuesday will see the opening rounds of the 2012 election though, and bet they won't be pretty.
Republicans will take the house. No doubt in my mind. Voter fraud will play in a few areas, but many of hte new democrats will become one term wonders. Heck,man folks already wonder why they voted for the idiot in the first place.
The senate will not flip. Democrats will maintain ther lead there, and the two dependents will continue to vote with them. Expect that all to change in 2012 when the 2006 crap gets handed their pink slips enmass.
I expect Reid will fall. Chuck the schmuck will become senate majority misleader and keep the donks on the wrong path. Thats a good thing. he is a coruptocrat through and through. he will not change. he will pursue Barry's communist agenda, will continuely butt heads with house republicans. Two years of grid lock. It will be tough, but our economy will begin to rebound.
Expect a lot of fillabusters in the next two years. Every time a donk thinks about straying from the pen for a bipartisan bill, they will be brow beaten back into the fold.
The dems can console themselve with one thought, at least they won't lose the White House. Even if the house investigaes the kenyan commie, the senate will not impeach him no matter what.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

AG Six working for his base

Seems Mount Hope Cemetery is in a bit of a financial mess. Steven Six has stepped in, some say too early to forestall a financial crisis.
Give him a break, he is only looking out for the only block of Kansas voters to vote a straight democrat ticket every election. he needs to protect his base.
Good work Steve, Next Tuesday, we deep six your ass.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Had a weird dream

This has to be one of the strangest. I dreamt I died. Every one who knew me came to the funeral. not to mourn, just to make sure I was dead. My exwives were sitting in hte front row. When the minister got up and began the eulogy, telling what a wonderful person I had been, my first ex turned to the other and said, "One of us better go check the casket, I think we are at the wrong funeral."

Been under the weather the last week, and have not felt much like posting. Apros to any who missed me. There is a new indoor range in Junction City, go get some practice.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

One for K-state fans

If its 6:01 in Manhattan, what time is it in Lawrence? 59 to 7.

Friday, October 22, 2010

When your last hope is a pariah

Seems all else has failed. Worthless Willie is now the poster child for what a good democrat should be. Six years ago he was the unwanted uncle. Two years ago, his name probably sunk the Hildabeast and we got stuck with Bah rack.
But now, all else has failed. Democtats cannot run on their records, People are mad as hell about Obamacare, cap and trade, and all the other BS the last four years has foisted on us. Since dems regained control of congress in 2006, we have seen the DOW plunge like an SBD Dauntless, unemployment soar like an SR 71, and congressmen dance arround the issues like a Mexican hat dancer on speed.
Bill was, without a doubt, the best democrat president since JFK. (aint sayin much. hell, aint sayin nuthin.) That would make him about #6 of 10 in my life time.
My list?
1. Reagan. hands down, no doubt!
2. GW Bush. Sure he was too much a fiscal liberal, but he believed in defence and even now acts like a true leader.
3. George HW Bush. His one mistake was allowing a tax increase.
4. Ford. he had the guts to step in after Nixon. he did what was right in tough times.
5. Nixon. Worst republican in many decades. he deserted the people of Vietnam. He implemented price freezes and a host of other bad ideas, and he got caught with his hand in the democrats drawers. Still beter then a good dem by far though.
6 Worthless Willie. he should get a medal for all the ugly women he messed with. especially the Hildabeast!
7. JFK. At least he had the balls to stand up to the ruskies, something no dem since has had.
8. LBJ. Saddled us with the grate society. destroyed black families and culture and made them dependents of the government for decades just to buy votes. he did more harm to blacks then the KKK ever could.
9. Carter. For nearly thirty years, I believe it would be impossible for a worse person to be elected president.
10. Barry Obama. This worthless asshat is beyond words, but I'll try. He has no clue how to lead, how to negotiate, or even how to think on his feet. he has done almost as much harm to the black community as Johnsons great society. The afirmative action president is so unqualified that questions regarding his citizenship are immaterial. He knows nothing about the constitution, nothing about government, economics, or ethics. He belongs in prison, not Washington. Without voter fraud, he will be a won term wonder, but Fraud is what he is good at. The only thing from what I can tell. He is so bad that when he campaigns for a fellow dem, their ratings drop. That is why Clinton is on the trail. lets hope voters have good memories, and that sixteen classes of new voters are not deceived.
Willie, I hope your time is not entirely wasted, may you find a few ugly women to bob you knob. Just no voters to buy your crap.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A destructive congress deserves no respect from voters

Jim Abrams, Political propagandist for American Pravda Thinks that voters are not giving congress enough respect. He touts how this congress is the most productive since 1966 when a few democrats sided with republicans to pass civil rights, and Democrats enacted the grate society legislation.
Jim, first and foremost, we sent em to Washington to REPRESENT us, not lord over us. They are there to be our voice, not the voice of George Soros, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates. We don't need a sitcom called congress knows best, most of them have no clue. How many of them have held productive jobs in the last ten years? How many of them have EVER held productive jobs?
Sadly, too many congress critters are liars err lawyers. Besides being bottom feeders, they are predators, attacking those who make money, produce jobs, produce wealth, and strengthen our economy. But what would you know about that Jim? You are a reporter, another POS who contributes NOTHING to the national growth. You, like every entertainer are a leech on society. In good times, we tolerate you. We want to be entertained, and hopefully informed. You entertain, that's for sure, much like a clown, or a comedian. You are singing the praises of the most DESTRUCTIVE congress ever.
If you took a moment to examine what they have done, you wold be screaming for their removal from office. Are you paid campaign dollars to write the Bull shit you posted? If not you are stupid. You are giving them free press, and packing it with lies.
This congress is an utter failure. They Stimulated a 7% unemployment problem into a 10% one. Paid off the unions with cash for clunkers. Sunk the health insurance industry, are set to torpedo the best health care system in the world as a result. How many folks go to France for special health needs? Or Canada, or the great socialist success story Cuba? People come here for the cutting edge stuff.
You are right we did not have gridlock. Maybe if we had, they would have been forced to enact reasonable legislation. They had a majority in the house, Nancy P Lousy as screecher, a super majority in the senate, with nary a chance for a filibuster, until Massiveclueless sent a republican to fill the floaters water soaked shoes. Yet they still failed to get much of their legislation through because they wanted too much.
Did you notice the town hall meetings? That was not astroturf. Did you see the marches by conservatives on Washington? we were not bussed in by unions, or paid to be there. Yet still you and congress fail to get the message.
Nov 2 marks the end of the most destructive congress ever. Had they listened to the people, it might be different. Dems lost their majority when the spending got too out of control. Republicans changed that. Then the republicans started to act like democrats. When the dems mocked the republican spending in 2006 and 2008, people listened. What we now realize is they were saying republicans are rank amateurs in the run away spending arena.
This generation, like mine in 1980 learned a lesson. In twenty of so years, communism will make a come back, and democrats will again have too much power.
Its nice to know the unproductive part of society is happy with this congress. folks in entertainment, the ones on welfare, and all the other leeches were well fed. Now its time to clean up the mess the dems caused.
The most productive congress will be the one elected in 2012 to clean up this mess. I don't hold much hope for 2010, Barry the Bungler will have veto power. In 2012, we get a new prez, and a chance to replace a whole heap of dumb ass democrap senators. 21 anticapitalists and two dependents who caucus with them will be up for grabs. Heck, it possible even Hawaii and California could flip given how angry voters are now. Keep in mind, 2006 was the century of the democrat, and like hitlers 1000 year reich, it aint gonna last that long.
You also try to pass the buck by noting how the stimuless was passed by the previous congress, which was controled by the same bunch of thugs err democrats. Minus of course, Floater and Robert KKK Byrd, both of whom finally took advice to fuck off and die.
So in ending Jim, all I can tell you is get a clue. After that, try a real job. They are scarce right now, but as soon as dems are out of power in congress, that is sure to change.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Been Thinking

Maybe Alvin Greene is right, maybe the recession is Jim Dement's fault.

After all, had the republicans stayed on message, continued to cut spending, cut taxes, tossed welfare businesses under the bus, and acted like conservatives, voters would not have booted them in 2006. had that been the case, Nancy P lousy would not be screecher of the House, Barry would be a little known wash out in the Illinois senate, and we would not be burdened with TARP, Stim-u-less, cash for clunkers and the whole boondoggle we now have to cleanse Washington and the nation of.
So vote for Alvin Green. He's too dumb to be dishonest, and every bill he produces will be shorter then ten sentences, and monosyllabic to boot.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Advertising junk

I'm sure that you have seen pharmaceutical advertising in doctor's offices on everything from tissues to note pads.

This one should get First Prize, especially after reading the response at the end.......

I e-mailed it to my

Japanese doctor friend and

he e-mailed back:

"If light stay on more than 4 hour, call erectrician.

The courts approve false statements

Seems the idiots on the 9th circus have no problem with people telling lies for gain. So will they drop the oath for people testifying in their courts? Probably not, but since its ok to fib about being a decorated vet, or even being a vet, it should be no problem to lie about other stuff now.
Lawyers who defend such actions should be disbarred. They are scum.
Our vets have risked much for our country. Awards for their bravery are often lacking. We have seen that with the war on terror where so far, only one living person has been nominated for the Medal of Honor.
At the least, scumbags who make such bogus claims should be taken to the front lines and made to show they have the courage it takes to do what our soldiers and Marines do. Fast rope em into a Taliban camp with a K-Bar and a canteen, then let a predator drone film their successful display of courage and valor.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Night Football

Who do you cheer for when you want them both to lose? The San Franfreakshow 69ers vs Michael Vicks dog fight support group. If The ughles had some one other then Vick, I'd be cheering for them. Maybe since he is out with an injury it will make me lean their way, but for now, I want em both to lose.
Lets hope for an earthquake and that the whole city slides into the bay some time during the second quarter.
To make matters worse, its on Nothing But Crap, home of the latest batshit crazy attack on conservative values and George W Bush, Outlaw.

The liberal method.

The liberal agenda on firearms confiscation has received a few setbacks in recent years. their unconstitutional laws have been sacked by the courts time and again.
Their alternative strategy is to use law suits to shut down businesses that sell fire arms. In this case, a frivolous law suit.
I sympathize with Elizabeth Shirley. It is sad to lose a child, and to have it slaughtered by an angry spouse is even more horrible. Her suit should target the grandmother, the one who purchased the gun, not the dealer. It is possible granny was duped as well, and I certainly feel for her, losing a grand child and great grand child. Facts are she allowed the gun she purchased to fall into the hands of a psycho. as for Baxter Springs Pawn and Gun, I hope Shirley is made to pay their expenses, every dime, or as an alternative, make the unjust judges pay it. That liberals use the courts and lawsuits like this to destroy the gun industry is a high crime!
Kansas has a severe problem with their courts. the system is set up so that judges can be removed by vote of the people. None have ever been removed! federal judges are in worse peril even with our senate being grid locked. We need judicial reform. We need it now!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Camping in Canada

Yikes! The guy is lucky to be alive. Man I bet that hurt!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Nothing else fits to describe this ad. The global warming agiprop is so wrong. They have been outed for the farce they are. All it is is a ploy to gut the US economy and feed Communist failed systems and tin pot dictators through out the world.

Typical Dem

Stdney Carlin has been a rep for many years. She used to be likeable. Embolden by the Dem victories in 2008, her true colors are beginning to show through.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fire cat

Some body tossed a cigarette yesterday and started a grass fire near my house. After the fire fighters left, there were several flare ups. While I extinguishing one of them, one of my cats was going nuts near a piece of sheet metal. When I looked underneath, I found a batch of kittens. One was still alive. Her hair is singed, her wiskers are all gone, But she made it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Its FOD somewhere.

Pour me something tall and strong
Make it a hurricane
The Dems are insane.
Its only half past twelve,
but I don't care,
Its FOD somewhere.

Friday, October 1, 2010

What democrats do

Seems the Truman administration, the phase two of FDR conducted experiments on patients in Guatemala involving syphilis. Barry is bending over backwards to apologize. That too is a democrat trait. He had nothing to do with it, most if not all the people involved are dead, yet he some how feels he needs to apologize.
Would a Republican administration have done any different? Probably not. Most burrocraps are there from administration to administration, liberal parasites on the life blood of our nation. Like Colleges, the gov is honey for these human flies.
Was it wrong? The experiments were testing penicillin, and whether or not it could prevent infection. The subjects were criminals. If they were rapists, it was a lenient sentence. Besides, the guatamalian government knew and apparently agreed.