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Flirtin' with Disaster

Doc flew over

To kick off the start of the 2019 football season, Kansas State has gotten Doc, one of only two still flying B-29 bombers for a fly over.
I was out working in my yard when I heard the noise of a multi engine prop coming in. When I turned to look, it was a B-29 in all it's regal splendor.
Doc is the second B-29 to be returned to flight status. The work was completed in Wichita, and it joins Fifi in honoring our WW2 veterans.
I couldn't give two shits about college football anymore. Since our universities are churning out socialist justice whores instead of educated leaders, they can all go rot in hell.

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Another RBG scare for the left

Skelator is in the news yet again. The evil that seems not to age was reported to have undergone treatment for pancreatic cancer. Whole Foods biggest customer, Michael Moore had a near melt down over this.With luck, after Ruth kicks the bucket, and President Trump appoints a conservative to replace her, he will go on a hunger strike until her replacement also dies. it's Okay, he has enough blubber to last him a century plus.
We are approaching critical mass in this country. Possibly the only reason we are not in a civil war is that fighting it would require the leftards to get out of mom's basement.
I hold no hope for this country. Th left has become too vocal, too aggressive, too confrontational. They do not listen to reason, and most believe the lies spoon fed them by the enimedia.
They are not alone. Through out the world, people who have rejected GOD also struggle with hte same rationale, that they are to be the saviors of the planet.
Oh, well, RBG may die tomorrow, or she may hold out another decade. When she dies, I will mourn. There is little joy in knowing that a soul is destined for hell for eternity, and given her support for infanticide, I seriously doubt she knows loves and fears the One True GOD.
So sad.

The boys are back in town

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Another blow for obamunism

As I mentioned yesterday, the deal with Guatemala remains in limbo until their congress approves it. Guatemala held national elections. On one side they had Sandra Torres  who was heavily backed by George Soros. Nancy P. Lousy even went down to show support for her leftist globalist campaign. The other candidate was Alejandro Giammattei, who, while supportive of the deal also wants more concessions from the U.S.
Knowing that San Fran Nan got her ass handed to her is icing on the cake. May it be a prelude to the coming elections here now that people are fully aware of what a leftard congress would do.
Here's to Barry's much desired Coke becoming even harder to obtain.

I m Not In Love

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Guatemala has Obama judges?

Okay, I can't find the link now, but earlier I was researching about the Trump administration's deal with Guatemala to accept refugees from Honduras and El Salvador and found an article reporting that a Judge there had blocked the deal.
Apparently it will require approval from their congress which is in recess for the summer. Until then, the flow will continue unabated, and likely long after.
The Northern triangle, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have been hell holes for a long time. They are a narrow section of path on drug route to the United States. Shutting down our border will help curb that flow and force the cartels to look elsewhere. That will still spell disaster for the innocent people in those countries. The starving rats will look to strip bare those regions before heading to new pastures.
What is really needed is a solution to America's drug problem. You might say that there is no Constitutional authority for drug enforcement. There is Constitutional authority for control of imports though, and none of these drugs are native to the United States. Even the "native" marijuana is crap. The stronger weed is all hybrid from plants grown in Mexico and Central America, but the plant is native to Central Asia. Marijuana became illegal in the United States thanks to an international agreement in 1925 regarding the trade of Indian hemp. This led to the Marihuana tax act in 1937.
But, Barry Soetoro needs his regular fix of coke, so there.
What is the answer to our drug problem? Saudi Arabia, China and Indonesia execute smugglers and often users. Maybe we should consider placing the drug mules we catch coming over the border in front of a firing wall.
At any rate, our drug users fuel the problems the poor people in Central America are enduring. Sticking those poor people who flee in liberal bastions is not fair, they are still stuck in the presence of the problem they are trying to get away from.
Fix the problems here so they can have a better life there, or start a trade program where we send the families of people convicted of drug crimes to El Salvador while keeping any who are hard working migrants here. That would also help Mexico since the drug route would stay south.

Smooth Operator

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think twice about supporting a guy who is fueling hate in this country

What a grand message, take it to heart.
Those words were spoken by Joaquin Castro on MSNBC about his decision to dox people who had made contributions to President Trump's reelection campaign.
So, who is fueling hate? Clearly Joaquin Castro is. He want people to be afraid to make campaign donations to a President who has done more for ethnic and minority workers that Teh Won. let's face it, when Barry caused the shut down of many businesses through his ill advised policies which sent jobs and businesses overseas, the black community took the worst hit.
Any one who reads Don Surber regularly knows how the turn around happening in America is creating jobs for blacks, Latinos, and yes, us deplorable white folks.
The donks have zilch to run on. okay, a hand full of despairing liberals have taken their meltdowns public by killing people, and getting all the anti Trump rhetoric off the television would probably get them to calm down, but so would a nice video game and a lullabye.
So, think twice about supporting a guy or gal who is fueling hate in this country. Support only conservatives, real conservatives who love this great nation, and tell the lib commies to pack their bags and head to Venezuela.

Here Comes The Rain Again

Yet another loony

This time in Missouri. The good news is this nut job was shut down before he got to rampaging. How? A good guy with a gun held him at gun point until the Police arrived.
The commonality is too striking. Another young adult. Nothing on race, but probably white. We are becoming so demonized by the leftist lies that our children who know no god fear no punishment. We are becoming a godless nation, and GOD is watching and shaking his head. My how we have fallen.
I have no doubt that within 24 hours we will discover that he is a left leaning kid full of despair.
For now, just thank GOD for lives saved today.

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Can't Fight This Feeling

Just a though

What has 4 letters
Sometimes has 9 letters
But never has five letters.

Think about it and get back to me.

Have you noticed?

With nearly every one of the mass shootings in recent years stretching back into Barry's term, The leftists have immediately jumped up screaming that it was some kind of right wing idiot creating mayhem?

Then, as the facts of the matter filter out, some times painstakingly, we find out the killer was either a mooslime or a left winger?

With the latest shootings the press gave a pulpit to the many democraps running slithering for election, yet almost none was given to the President?

Fact of the matter is more press coverage was given to the reactions of these fools than was given to the actual events surrounding the shooting. If they had dropped the political diatribe,many of the stories would have been a mere paragraph or three.
Nope, the press is all in for gun control and universal government. That is to be expected though, the Bible makes it quite clear that in the end times, one world government will rise up. Sorry to tell you though, we won't be leading it. In fact, we will be a minority barely worthy of mention.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunglasses At Night


The president of the illicit drug super highway is threatening legal action against the United States Government after yesterday's shooting in El Paso that left six Mexican citizens dead and another seven wounded. Drug violence just across the border in Cuidad Juarez and other Mexican cities claims far more lives every single day.
If the President of Mexico want to do something to actually protect his citizens, maybe closing the border permanently would be a good start. No drugs flowing north, no guns flowing south... We all know the cartels get their fully automatic weapons from the very Walmart the crazy kid shot up. /sarc
Is Obrador also going to do something to address the violence against American Anglos committed by Mexican citizens here legally, and mostly, illegally?
It is sad and disgusting that a mental midget like this, the kid, would choose to murder innocent people. Sure, he managed to harm a baker's dozen Mexicans, I'd bet most were here legally since many Mexicans cross the border daily for work and to shop.
Let Texas execute him. Let justice be swift and sure If he is still alive come July 31st 2020, justice will have failed. Maybe instead of the needle, they could lose his ass in a prison ward populated with MS-13 thugs... Body? What Body?

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