Friday, April 30, 2010

On the Hutaree Militia

I am still on the fence. Kinda that is. A bullhauller I know regularly travels through that area. He knows many of the neighbors of these guys, and in the opinions he has related to me, these guys are harmless. A little nutty maybe, you would have to be to sit and talk about killing a cop, and then laugh and joke, unless you are totally not serious.
A lot of people, in fact every one who is sane, no longer trusts our government. A lot of people are trying to decide what they will do in the event that our government goes over the edge. We think it cannot happen here, but it has happened elsewhere in the past. From Nazi Germany to Hungary, when totalitarian regimes gain power, it does not take long for otherwise normal every day ordinary cops to turn into brutal thugish cretins. If you think it is not so, you are delusional. Tests have proven that joe averages can go from opposing torture to gleefully torturing subjects in a matter of a day or less. All that is needed is to convince the subject torturer that the person they are helping to interogate has comitted some heinour other world type crime. University research has shown this.
The Judge is presently deciding whether to keep these guys locked up. If youo do not believe our own government can go rogue, think again. Ruby Ridge happened under George HW Bush's watch. He was supposed to be the type of prez a conservative could trust. In the end it was proven Weaver was framed. His only true crime was failing to make a court appearance, and that after the date was fucked up by everyone from his liar err lawyer to the probate assigned to him. Therefore his wife was a murder victim. Check out the rules of engagement the FBI used, and see if you want to trust the Gov.
The second example is Waco. Koresh had some full autos, but, they were also licensed gun dealers. They were an odd mix to be sure, and maybe some real crimes happened before the ATF came knocking like jack booted thugs. What is certain is that the gov reacted in absolutely the wrong way. They had an informant inside the compound. Oddly, Koresh knew who exactly he was. Koresh also had regular habits. He could have been arrested on any of his regular excursions out of the compound. To be sure, he was a child molester. They were indeed a sex cult, and something needed to be done. Make no mistake, I do not condone his actions. Instead of what was needed though, we got carnage! His victims became our victims. Women who fell under his influence, little children, and dupes bought his BS. The government played into his hands, and the dupes and victims who stayed with him died.
I am not attempting to defend in any way Tim McVey. He was a terrorist pure and simple. he murdered innocents, and two wrongs do not make a right. Had he gone out and killed Janet Reno, or the leader of the ATF team that assualted Waco, I might feel a little sympathy. I would still vote to convict him though, we have a court system for dealing with that. yes it is broke, that the FBI agent who murdered Vicki Weaver was not tried, and sentenced to death by firing squad is proof that our system is broke. We still have a supposed voice in our government. It may just be that Chicago politics is the law of the land, in which case its past time to revolt, but I do not believe that to be the case. As long as we the people have a say in our government, there is no reason to carry out a revolt.
That does not mean that we should not be prepared to take back our government. If the day comes, it wll be too late to prepare then.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I thought liberals wanted to save the whales

But here they are again with their dumb ideas. It seems they think they are smarter then parents. I agree child obesity is a problem. It is a public problem when those kids grow up to be useless couch potatoes on the public dime demanding public dollars to pay for their high health costs. I guess death panels might not be so bad after all.
The real solution is for parents to become real parents. We are in a fast lane life style anymore. Both parents work, and at the end of the day they are tired. The time that they have to give to their kids is often not quality time. Thats a tragedy, and part of the problem. Instead of being parents, that roll has been delegated to Craptoon network and Spongebob (does anybody but druggies really watch?) Squarepants. when I was a kid, we had cartoons from 4 to 4:30, a program themed toward older kids from 4:30 to 5. Lassie, Sheriff of Cochise, Rifleman, and a slew of others. Star trek was also popular. By 5:30 it was news time, with gameshows at 6:30, and adult stuff at 7.
Enter the era of cable, and suddenly it became brat babysitter all night long. Children today are not athletic. Sure some are, but by and large, they are addicted to their games, I-pods, and attempting a sedentary life style. Yes its bad, yes it needs to change, but that change should be the responsibility of parents, not big bother.
Oos, sorry, meant big brother.
California is such a mess that they should not be attempting ANYTHING! They need to get their state and local money situation in order ASAP. this continued BS will simply continue to drive people out of the state.
Hey, CD, when you leave, make sure to switch the light off.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wily Coyote is dead

Not the one who chased Bugs, but somehow Gov Perry of Texas mowing one down is news. Good shootin there Gov. It appears the security detail is to protect thugs, not you!/sarc.
If the lamestream media is covering this Feb incident in an effort to alter his chances of a third term, I hope it back fires. Coyotes, like wolves, do not mix well with human society.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Partnering with Vietnam

Its a touchy subject to be sure, but Fayetteville NC's mayor has proposed a partner city with Soc Trang Vietnam. Old wounds have been reopened, animosity is unleashed.
To our soldiers who fought there, I can say you did your very best. You had to over come opposition at home, a less then supportive congress, traitors among the populace, and your own fears. In Vietnam there was gurilla insurgency, a less then suportive populace, and much more. You did what soldiers do, and won the battles. In every action where you faced a force willing to fight, you won. You are all indeed heros.
But what of Vietnam? The people there were tired of war. It had raged for decades. Both sides were corrupt, both sides lied stole, and killed. In their eyes, there was no good guy or bad guy, just two evil forces. They could not know the true evil of communism.
Several of the commenters on the article from Yahoo, made insightful statements about present day Vietnam and their attempts at a free market system and how the people there live today.
Our politicians abandoned them in 1973, but by 1984 they were seeing how bad communism as an economic system was. maybe our politicians can learn something, I doubt it. I still ove the people of Vietnam. True I did not fight there, I was too young. I believed in our effort, and especially in our soldiers. I have met many refugees from Vietnam. They are good people.
Every nation in the world has good people, make no mistake. many just have poor and evil leaders. Some times we have poor and evil leaders as well. Thankfully we have a voting booth that still works, or at least did in 2004.
For my two cents, partner with Vietnam. Our people here, today, can by economic and educational means win the fight the cowards in congress abandoned in 1973. We can yet make a statement so that 58,236 American men and women will not have died in vain, and another 1,740 missing will not be lost to history. and lest we forget, communism killed 643,000 South Vietnamese after we left.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solution for Texas

So gays who were married in Massiveclueless now want a divorce, boo frickin hoo, and Texas is telling them no. Here is a simple solution since Texas wisely enacted a constitutional ban on this abomination.
"Any marriage entered into in another state that is not in compliance with Texas law shall become null and void as soon as the recipients of said marriage take residence in the state of Texas. Said marriage shall be deemed annulled as though it never happened, and any recognition of it shall be void as well."

Ok, I'm not a liar, err lawyer, but you get the drift. If perverts want to be married, let em stay in Massiveclueless or the other sicko states where they are welcomed.
Gay is a lifestyle choice. What next? Rights for guys who are turned on by small children? The Catholic Church already says they cannot marry. (Unless they reject their priesthood). Rights for guys who like to bang dogs? No I don't mean ugly women, thats why we have alcohol. How much love gets ruined by a DUI arrest?

Its PROPERTY fer cryin out loud.

Congress wrongly attempted to enact rights for animals in 1999. It was struck down by the SCOTUS in an 8-1 decision. I abhor animal cruelty. Likewise, I think it is wrong for folks to neglect their car, or house, but property is property, and not a state's right to interfere.
To be clear, I would love to see the folks who make htese so called crush vids treated just the same way, and have a four inch spike heel in their eye socket. That is not the point. the point is where is the line where the government can tell some one how to treat property?
If it is property, it whould be up to the individual subject to mortgage and insurance requirements. Bottom line. Fido cannot vote, he is property. we have a moral responsibility to treat our animals kindly, and frankly folks who abuse animals are destroying their wealth. People who do that deserve to be shunned by society, not jailed.
If some one gets so perturbed at their cat for crapping on hte carpet they wring its neck, so be it. That should not be a crime, but if the neighbor doesn't like it, they can give the guy a cold shoulder.
SCOTUS laid narrow guidelines in their ruling. they said the law, intended to stop crush vids should have been limited to that. Again, I oppose animal cruelty, but legislation IMHO violates our rights under the constitution.

Monday, April 19, 2010

So where was Barry?

More then a few blogs have been asking about where the resident of the White House was Last Saturday. One report put him at a nonexistent soccor game, Here is my unconfirmable scoop.
Seems Barry was at Bethesda visiting a urologist.
After several tense minutes, the doctor finally convinced Barry that he was a true professional, and that everything he saw heard, or in any manner observed would be viewed with the strictist of professional ethics.
Whereupon, Barry dropped his pants to reveal the smallest pecker the doctor had ever seen.
The doctor let out a gasp, followed by a giggle, which eventually resulted in the poor urologist laying on the floor convulsing with laughter.
Finally Doc regained his composure, and apologised and assured Barry that he would maintain his professional dignity for the rest of the exam. "Now", he asked, "What exactly is the problem?"
Said Barry, "Its swollen."
I just hope the doc doesn't get in trouble over this, I cannot reveal my source.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good lawyer faces persecution.

Keen Umbehr faces possible discipline for exposing rampant problems inside the Topeka State run brothel. This is a guy who went from hauling garbage to law school because he was forced to by crooked politicians. Now he is under attack from the state. Folks, keep this fresh in your mind if you are a Kansan. We do not have a say in how the state court acts, but we can show our appreciation in November when they face us the voters. Its time to clean house, and by this I mean the court house if they approve any sanction on Keen.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bad descriptions? maybe.

What is a railroad woman? She has been laid all over the country, and quite often.
What are postage stamp women? You lick em stick em, and send em on their way.
What is a door knob girl? Everyone gets a turn.

Thats the kind of gal you find pumping a pole in a gentlemans club. Be serious, gentlemen avoid them places. I have been in them enough to know.
But when the times get tough, it is the one thing a lady /sarc can do to keep her ass in rubies. That or play whore to the government for welfare checks.

What do you do with a dirty cop?

Nothing seems to get the blogosphere alive like a story involving suspected police brutality. A cop dealing with an unruly subject often has a lot of issues to deal with from what harm the suspect might cause to him or others, to what the guy has already done, or is suspected of doing. Its not easy to be a cop. Typically, two types of people want to be cops. There is the law and order type, the guy who wouldn't bend the rules to save his brother, and would ticket his own mother for jaywalking. The other one is the guy on a power trip. Occasionally there is a little overlap, but not much. Since most criminals are on powertrips, the inevitable clash is set with these guys.
I'm not advocating against these type of officers. In fact, they are the ones who are best for dealing with a roudy brawl or disturbance since they are looking for a fight. The problem lies in when an officer begins to think he is the law, that he is above the law instead of a servant to the people he must deal with every day.
Not every cop is bad, and frankly every person has a measure of evil in them, cops included. At issue is the line that gets crossed, and how to deal with it.
My suggestions?
First, make the union fully responsible. If a member turns out to be a bad cop, make the union, not the city pay for the damages he does including all punative costs. MAKE THEM POLICE THEIR OWN FIRST!
Second, fully punish officers who cross the lines. Note the plural, diffrent lines deserve diffrent punishments, and varying standards. In a case where a person who posed no threat was attacked by the police, execute the cop involved, and make his union man the firing squad. In cases where a questionable decision was made involving an unruly subject, deal with it carefully. do not ignore any factors. Some thugs are great at baiting cops. I know of a pair of brothers who are past master at baiting the cops, and geting away with mayhem, and the cops know it. They also know that these brothers have fiends about with cameras to record every moment.
There are cases where the cops go after the wrong guy due to a mistake. When the cops attempt a cover up, they should be punished over and above what a civilian would receive, but only for the cover up, not necessarily for hte mistake if it was an honest attempt at law enforcement.
Third, fully punish officers who cross the line by dealing drugs, extort money, or promote vice. again, a firing squad of their buds is the best method. Oh, and execute any officer who refuses to participate in a firing squad.
We have a lot of good cops in ou nation. We have a few bad apples too, and a few too many who will defend those bad apples as if they were a good cop. Its a tough job. the bad apples make it worse, but when you have a blue line mentality, you do not see it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why are we subsidizing foreign farmers?

You read right! Money that the US governemt is borrowing from China is going into the pockets of cotton farmers in Brazil. Is that crazy? Its bad enough that they tamper with the free market and fund Americas producers, but to fund foreign competition is bad bad BAD.
I favor a free market system with one requirement, that farmers not be forced to sell below production costs. We zap companies like ome depot for short selling, lets require the buyers to ensure the farmer gets his money back, but lets end the subsidy system. paying farmers to grow cops, not grow crops, plow under grown crops, and buying excess crops is malarky, It has created nothing but problems, and has gone on so long no one know how to operate a free market system anymore.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I won the war

That was a favorite phrase of John "Jack" Agnew, a member of the unit that inspired the film The Dirty Dozen. Agnew, was a member of the 506th parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st.
He passed away aged 88. While the real life filthy thirteen were not murderers and the like, they were men of an independent spirit and they got into their fair share of trouble. Above all, though, they were heros. Seen any old vets lately? Their numbers are fading fast. Jack was one of only four remaining members of his unit when they had their reunion two months ago.
And the "other Dirty dozen?
Robert Ryan USMC
Charles Bronson USAAF Purple Heart
Telly Savalas US Army
Ernest Borgnine US Navy
Lee Marvin USMC Purple Heart
Clint Walker Merchant Marine
Robert Webber USMC
George Kennedy US Army
Richard Jaeckel US Navy
John Casavettes, Trini Lopez, Donald Sutherland, Jim Brown, Al Mancini, Ben Carruthers, Stuart Cooper, Tom Busby amd Colin Maitland were too young to serve.
Heros playing heros, passing the message that war aint purdy, and real men fight it, die in it, and sacrifice for family and country.
Go in peace Jack, you will be remembered.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our constitution has no teeth

That is why politicians walk all over it at will. A few things in the constitution need to be ammended. They won't be. Why? Because politicians want it this way.
The constitution right now has no teeth, no bite, nothing. It is up to the good graces of politicians to abide by it, and since the politicians are the ones who pick judges, it stands to reason they will never strengthen it.
What is needed is a contempt of constitution ammendment. Make it a capital offense, and make refusal of a judge to implement it also a capital offense. Politicians are no longer afraid of the voters. they have awarded themselves and their croonies an unending cut of the public treasure. Who will stop them? The courts? Not likely especially when Lawyers control the courts and the congress. The voters? Heck no, once out of office, they have unending perks and a pay check until they croak. Why would they fear the voters?
It wil take much effort on our part to right these wrongs. Vote incumbents out. Put honest folks in, and change them often as if they were cheap socks. Power corrupts, so replace em before they get rotten. rot spreads like wild fire. don't let it ever get a hold in government again.
Our nation is in decline. Only we can save it. radical change is needed to avert civil war.
BTW, why do we call it civil? intranational disputes are the worst, bloodiest most cruel of any conflicts. avoid if at all possible.

red neck joke

Old Joe was needin a little help in the bedroom so to speak, and finally went to visit the doctor.
Doc gave him a prescription for a viagra like experimental drug, and admonished him, only take em one at a time, and check back with me in three days to make sure every thing is OK.
Well, old Joe's wife was excited about the prospect of having a good roll in the hay, and since Joe was otherwise in good health, she decided to slip him two with his after dinner coffee.
Joe knew he was in real good health, and the thought of a night of honeymoon bliss excited him, so he opted for two instead of one after supper.
When Joe didn't show up on day three, doc got a little worried. By day four he was pissed, and on day five decided to take a drive out to Joes place and chew him out like he was in sunday school.
When Doc got to Joe's driveway, he saw Joe Jr hidin in the ditch. Doc pulled up and asked, "Boy, what in tarnation is goin on?"
"Doc," said the lad, "Maw is dead, paw done screwed her to death. Sissy caint walk no more on acounta her cunt is raw meat. I hurt so bad I aint shit in three days, and Paw is over yonder behind the barn chasin the lambs, sheep, and a callin here kitty kitty."

OK, that one was bad, this ones worse.

Farmer Joe got him a new rooster, and as soon as he turned it loose, that clucker was screwin everything in sight. after a few hours of continuous cackling and feathers flying, farmer Joe grabbed the rooster and said" You better slow it down, you're gonna screw yourself to death."
Well, that rooster ignored him and continued chasing everything in sight.
The next morning when farmer Joe opened the door, that rooster was laid out in the middle of the yard with buzzards circling over head.
"You sorry son of a bitch" he screamed, "I told you youd screw yurself to death!"
The rooster opened one eye, then said "Shush, their coming down."

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Knob

A woman visited a plastic surgeon who told her about a new procedure called 'The Knob,' where a small knob is placed at the top of the woman's head and could be turned to tighten up her skin and produce the effect of a brand new face-lift. Of course, the woman wanted 'The Knob.' Over the course of the years, the woman tightened the knob, and the effects were wonderful, the woman remained young looking and vibrant. After fifteen years, the woman returned to the surgeon with two problems.
All these years, everything has been working just fine. 'I've had to turn the knob many times and I've always loved the results. But now I've developed two annoying problems: First, I have these terrible bags under my eyes and the knob won't get rid of them.'
The doctor looked at her closely and said, 'Those aren't bags, those are your breasts.'
She said, 'Well, I guess there's no point in asking about the goatee...'

I'll side with the mother

A Tennessee family adopted a boy from Russia. This is not a fairy tale, so there is no happy ending. the boy decided he did not like his adopted family, and according to grandma, Nancy Hansen, he became quite angry. According to the boy, the adoptive family was abusive.
Clearly this was a poor fit. no matter what the reason, it was a failure. Its not good when its an animal, even worse when its a human. This was clearly a square peg in a round hole, no matter the reason.
Foreign adoptions are the rage. Folks who cannot have kids are turning to foreign countries seeking them because the USA is a total mess when it comes to this. We do not have many, if any orphanages here whereas in places like China and Russia they are common place. Kids in these institutions have grown up without love. they live in an animalistic society where strenght and force rule. They learn to fight to live, and love is weakness. That makes it hard as hell for them. it takes a truly special person to adopt one of these kids, and wade through all the baggage. Some times, even the best intentioned, best qualified person will fail. thats life, and we are human. When a person can recognize that they are not up to hte task, that is a good thing. For Artyom Savelyev it is probably best. many kids in this situation end up being abused or killed. the orphanages are bad, death is final. I hope that Artyom finds a family that will love him unconditionally, and give him the discipline and guidance he needs to become a successful person. I also hope that Torry Hansen finds a child as well. bad as this seems, it is the best solution I see. best wishes and prayers for all involved.

Stevens to retire

This is a good news bad news sort of deal. The good news is that republicans can fillabuster any replacement, and they had better. The bad news is that Barry the worthless will be able to make a recess appointment which will be harder to undo. Of course, the recess appointment doesn't need to be voted on until 2011, so there is a chance that we can be rid of this bastard once and for all. Judicial activism needs to be stopped. We have a constitution, it does not have a pernumbra which btw, is a halo. Halos are fake, they are a delusion of hte viewer, and thats what abortion rights are, a delusion. they have not created a society where every baby is wanted, they have devalued human life more then ever.
Good bye Stevens, when next we hear about you, it will be to announce that you have met the GOD of heaven.

Stupakid OUT

Bart Stupak is calling it quits. his hope is that a moderate (read typical liberal) will have the snowballs chance in hell he now lacks due to his sell out on hellcare.
What is now needed is an ammendment to the constitution that strips all former congress critters of their retirement. Once they leave office, NO MORE! Nothing, nada, no perks no specials, when they leave office they are an ordinary citizen just like you and me.
I would also make then surrender their campaign warchest, and return it to the donors. Frankly, that should be a requirement, at the end of the campaign, all left over funds be returned to the donors on a percentage basis. I know SeeBS, and the other alphabit maroons won't like that, they see it as their funds, but tough.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Reuters Imbedded news Crew Killed in Iraq in 2007

Small detail, they were imbedded with terrorists, you know, the ones who are by definition WAR CRIMINALS. I have no feeling for these guys. They chose to accompany criminals, and its darn hard to determine if a group of thugs has an innocent in the middle of em. As for the people killed while trying to assist, get a vehicle with a large red cross on the roof, and obey the rules of engagement.
Reuters lost two reporters. the way I see it, they should lose a heck of a lot more.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Justice Stevens to retire soon.

The senior anticapitalist on the court anounced that he will be retiring some time during Obama's term. Lets hope that republicans pick up enough votes to fillabuster successfully any communist, socialist, progressive, or what every term you wish to use to describe these anticapitalist thugs.

BUT But but

I thought glowbull warming was going to make the sea levels rise. So where did all that water go? After its use for hydro power, and cotton production, it has got to be some where. that is almost 330 cubic miles of water. while not nearly as vast as the contents of greenland, it is still quite a chuck of water. I huess this is just another example of how Socialist Utopian societies protect the enviroment.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bad Joke for a Saturday

A cowboy rides his horse slowly into town, pulls up in front of the saloon, dismounts and ties the horse to the hitchin rail. He then walks arround behind the horse, raises it tail, and plants a kiss squarely on the old pooper then ambles into the bar.
After a bit, the bartender says, "Cowboy, we all couldn't help but notice what you did out there, would you be so kind as to tell us why?"
The cowboy replies, "I have chapped lips."
"How in thunder will kissing your horses ass help chapped lips?'
"keeps me from lickin em."

Election Theft

American Thinker has a great article on Election theft in Wisconsin. It is happening all accross our nation, and it has been going on for years. From 2000 in Florida where the communists attempted to thwart the electorial process, to Washington State where a governors election was tainted, to Minnesota where Al Franken stole the senate, its a trend sweeping the nation. Note to politicians, we ar enot blind, we are not fooled, and we will not tollerate this for long.
The roots of hte problem stem from people in lowly local positions who are corrupt. They enable other corrupt politicians in higher offices who in turn protect the local perps.
House cleaning needs to start at the presinct level. It needs to start now. We do not want a revolution in America if we can help it. Revolution brings further risks of tyranny. Look at Cuba where the dynamic head of the revolution to remove a corrupt leader was more corrupt, more despotic, more evil then the one removed. We need to move to straighten out the election procss here before a revolution becomes the only means.
Thirty one years ago I took an oath to protect the constitution of hte United States. I still take that oath seriously today.
What form should good reform take? We all have our ideas, here are mine.
A national registery of voters. When a person registers in any state, their name should go into a national database. The registration should be tied to the social security number to lessen the chances of fraud, and to tax returns when ever possible.
A state issued voter ID card that contains the persons voter ID number and a good picture. Also an electronic coding containing the data. Last item, a thumb print.
Serial numbered ballots, and accountability requirements. fake ballots are more dangerous then guns. Every presinct should have a record of the ballots it received by serial number, a list of all spoiled ballots, unused ballots, and cast ballots. That list should alwast total up, 400 hundred ballots issued, 33 spoiled, 45 unused, and 322 cast. Simple math verification traced by the voter log. All spoiled ballots should be retained as long as good ballots. A detachable claim check containing the serial number of the ballot that the voter retains. If there are any reasons to reject a ballot, a list of rejected ballots by serial number and presinct would be published including all ballots rejected as spoiled. Once published, voters would have the opportunity to challenge the rejection of their ballot. This is especially critical for absentee ballots. Some states have an arduous process for absentee ballots, especially military ones that virtually ensures that military votes are not counted.
If an absentee ballot is rejected, they must have an opportunity to show that they are correctly registered, and that the data on the ballot was their intended vote. Some stated reject ballots with out ever opening them, this happened in Minnesota. Those ballots whould also be required to be posted.
Set a reasonable standard for rejected ballots such that if more then 10% of rejected ballots are challenged, and the challenger shows that he was propperly registered, the ballot was propperly sent, and that it contains his stated intent, that the election judges involved be stripped of their privledges of working as election officials for a period of 25 years.
This would also, I hope, cut into the fraud issues. It would make tracking people who file multiple ballots easier as well. Oh, what to do with them? Execution. Voter fraud is sedition, or treason in my book.
If any one has good suggestions, please post them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Did you survive April Fools day?

Pranks abound the nation over. One I would advise to NOT attempt, Do not go into your local Lowes or Home depot, fill multiple carts, and then, once at check out look in your wallet and say "Dang, all I've got is a buck."